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4 Dropshipping Products That Will Make 6 Figures | Shopify Dropshipping Winning Products 2020

In this video, I’m going to show you four products that are about to make. Six figures are about to explode and they’re untapped. They’re not an any spy tools, unsaturated products you can sell right now in your drop shipping store to absolutely crush Q four and 2020 let’s find out, Hey, what is up it drop field here and I’m going to show you four massive products that are going to explode very soon. These stores, I’ve already made quite a lot of money from them, but they’re still on tap. There’s still a massive market out there. They’re not million dollar products, but they’re likely to make a lot of money if you capitalize very fast on them. And also I want to announce the giveaway of a full training that I did for my mentoring program, how to go from zero to over $5,000 a day with Facebook ads, with step by step instructions.

I’m going to give it away to one person in this video. If you want to win, you’ve got a comment, secrets, secrets, subscribe, hit that notification about and that light one. And I’ll pick one person from the video. And if you want to learn exactly how to grow your store from where it is right now to more than 10,000 a month profitably and consistently, I prepared a free training in the first link in the description. No fluff, I’m not going to sell you anything. It’s not a pitch. It’s a real step by step instruction training. All right, for the first product right here, you can see this little little glue or little screen fixer. It’s called a glass repair kit or glass correct or kit. And what it does, essentially it corrects glass and I think this is going to be massive specially for screens of phones.

The iPhone 11 just came out, screen protectors are massive products and this particular ad in two weeks, I told you I’m going to show you new ads, not old, about six months, a year ago, I’m gonna show real new untapped ads in two weeks that has 1.1 million viewers with a really nice engagement. And this particular one is called ultra motherliness. Here you can see the actual product page on Salesforce. They’re making around 16,000 to 32,000 a month, this store, so it’s not a huge store. They’re not making millions. It’s not a supersaturated product. It’s still a product that you can sell and anally express. If we check up a product like this one screen protectors for phone sell massively. I have a friend selling about 30 to 40,000 a month just from screen protectors. And if you look at AliExpress, eight hundred three thousand three thousand one thousand fifty thousand sixty eight thousand five thousand it’s a massive market. We look at Amazon as the same exact thing.

2000 reviews, 6,200 here in the bottom, thirteen thousand nineteen thousand so it’s a massive, massive product that people buy again and again and again. And this particular product is special because the iPhone 11 pro just came out. If somebody breaks their iPhone 11 pro screen, you bet that they’re going to pay for a repair kit or just to get them repaired somewhere. And that costs around maybe 50 to 70 Euro I had to or $70 I had to repair my phone. The screen in the front and it costs me around $50 and this particular kit costs only around 17 Euro. In this case, which for USD, that would be around $20 so this is a massive, massive bargain that you can start selling and capitalize on. This trend right now for the second product is this lint remover here and it’s from gadget cap. Gadget cap is known for just promoting a ton of products.

They test like a product a day or three products a date at this point. This particular one started a bout a week ago at 689,000 views already on this video. The engagement is low, which is they’re just probably creating multiple ads with the same video. That’s probably what they’re making or doing and this particular one is the one that they’re scaling up the most in terms of video views, so they’re getting a lot of video views for this one. If you look at gadget cap, they absolutely smash it with products. Just like this one. It’s a little lint remover that you can use for all your clothes and you can get out the lint and also for people that own pets. This is a massive product. They can just take out the little fur and that’s it and it’s not that expensive. It’s about, and I’ll pull it up here, USD again, I, and it’s taken the the out to reviewers and I’ll pull up the USD right here.

So it’s about 1799 per product, which is not that bad. And if we look at Salesforce right here, if you want to get it, the link is in the description to Salesforce. We’ll analyze the store, see how much gadget cab is making. There are no for making eight ton a ton of money. They make a million to $2 million per month testing multiple products. If you go down to the bottom to recently uploaded products, they upload a product or they upload multiple products every single day, an hour ago, an hour ago, three hours, seven hours, eight hours a day. All of these are uploaded yesterday. They all be like nine or 10 products every single day. They’re constantly testing, constantly doing more and more. Facebook got tests and this is one of the ones that is doing the best for them right now, so I think it’s going to be massive. They’re testing it very well.

When you see a successful store, they have a lot of products uploading a lot of products. Now they have a new one that’s doing well, that’s an on top one that you can take advantage of. Before we go on, I do want to congratulate Christian Darrious for winning the step-by-step special module on how to grow your Facebook ads from zero to 5,000 a month. If you’re interested in winning for this particular video, Kristin, one for the last video, if you’re interested in winning for this video kind of secrets, so describe that notification about in the like button and I’ll pick a winner for the third product. Right here are these little lights and you probably have seen this video, probably not. It’s been running about a month and it’s these little lights that you can put pretty much everywhere. I think now that in the us and Canada specifically, it’s gotta be winter, it’s gonna be massively cold and also it’s gonna be massively dark.

It’s the sun doesn’t come up for like three or four hours a day. And these slides are really good to just lighten up the whole house. The garage, a lot of people have garages in the U S it’s been running for about a month with almost a million views at this point. 904,000. The engagement is quite good, but again, they might be running the video in multiple different ads and this particular one just takes care of all the lighting right here. It’s also, um, it’s saying in the bottom room or Hasad, this slide is the best invention since sliced bread. Let’s look at the particular store. It’s called deal Golem. And this right here, the leading, universal adaptable and most versatile light. I love how they put this particular product as the best light ever, although they’re just drop shipping at. And also they put a particular TM name. I wouldn’t recommend doing ATM unless you do have a TM or a trademark.

But I do recommend branding your product. So if your particular product that you want to brand, putting a name like this, like Starbrite, it’s really good to differentiate your store from anybody else. So it’s like this one and they show the little video, they put the lights and boom, they light up and it’s going to be very dark in the U S and Canada, especially in the Northern States. It’s going to be super dark, does a great product if we go to analyze store to see how much this store is making. Let’s look at that. And this particular one is making on 3000 to 6,000 a month. So it’s not a huge, it’s not a huge store, but this particular product, they’re advertising it a lot and most of that revenue comes from that product. Again, these are untapped products that you can take massive advantage of. They’re about to trend or they’re about to explode.

Take advantage of it as much as you can for the fourth product is this little painting your dog as a paint by numbers. So you can see the person takes a picture of the dog and then the dog is basically a painting. They’re going to show it right now. I’m just going to show the video here and you can paint your dog in the canvas right there, like a picture that you just took of the dog. I think this product is going to be massive, especially going towards black Friday, cyber Monday, and then Christmas as a gift to pet lovers, pet owners. This gift is amazing. It has in about two months, so it’s been running for a little bit more as 5.3 million views. So it’s been highly scaled up there. There’s still a massive market for it, specially coming down to Christmas since you can give it as a gift.

So it’s gonna be a massive product. And also the engagement is very, very high. If we go to the product and if you want to do a product just like this one where you have to upload a product, you can either ask them to email you the product right after they buy or you can use an app like up a loader it, I’m going to pull it up right here because there’s been a lot of people interested in doing a store like this one, like a customized product store where somebody uploads a picture and then they get something customized. This is a really cool app to do that. I’m not sponsored by them, I just think it’s a great app. A bunch of my students use it to make personalized product pictures and you can see you have the, the a photo right here. Then you had the painting and you can actually paint it for Christmas to be massive.

If you go out sell stores and we click analyze store, and I’m also going to talk about products just like this one and ads and how to run products like this in the special free training. So if you’re interested in just taking your business to the next level on Shopify, take the first link in the description. This one in particular had been running for five months, 6,000 to 12,000 so again, it’s not a massive product. It is going to be a massive and they’re already scaling it up pretty fast. You can take advantage of it and start selling a product just like this one, personalized and absolutely crushing it. Dark selling products just like this one. If you’re interested in taking your Shopify dropshipping business to the next level or growing a non-existent Shopify business, I invite you to watch the link in the first, in the first link in the description, the training step-by-step training.

I’m going to show you how my students go from zero or some sales all the way up to 10 to 50,000 a month and exact step by step instructions. I’m not going to pitch you anything. There’s nothing for sale. You don’t have to pull out your card. If you’re interested in a free one on one call with me or my team, you can check the second link in the description. Schedule your free one-on-one call, talk to somebody one on one to actually get your struggles in line. See what you need to do to start scaling and growing your Shopify store and taking control of your business right now. And if you’re interested in learning how I find these particular products and how are fine any of my products and my best selling products, check out the video of Reiki. I’m going to show you the secret method to finding winning products right now and for 2020 as well. So check the video right there. Step by step instructions on how I find my videos, how you can find or how I find my Facebook ads, how I find my best, best products, and how you can do it yourself. Subscribe that notification about that leg bone of you liked it. Comment secrets down below for the giveaway and check out the free training and the first link in the description.

Best, Rafael Cintron (Your Shopify Dropshipping Mentor)

$631,810 Per Month Dropshipping With A NEW Method Shopify Dropshipping 2019/2020

In this video, I’m going to show you how this store is doing more than $600,000 a month. Drop shipping on Shopify with products that cost like $1 $5 and selling them for 80 a hundred even $200 on their store with the Clara strategy nobody is talking about and you being replicated yourself and start making as much money as them. Let’s find out, Hey, it’s, I feel here and in this video I’m going to go over how this store is absolutely smashing it. 600,000 or more every single month with products that you can go and source yourself from China, Ali express and get onto your store and sell them the way they’re doing. They have a particular theme and a particular look to their site that makes their products look very look, sure, IOUs and very high value. That’s why they can get away with selling them very, very expensive.

But before we start, make sure to schedule a call with the first thing in the description. Talk to somebody one on one, whether me or somebody on my team to actually take your business. To the next level. Don’t watch another webinar. Don’t watch another course trying to tell you how to get rich quick. Talk to somebody one on one that can actually look at your problems, see you are doing wrong in your business and actually improve and get results now in quarter four 2019 2020 and beyond. Schedule call with the first link and if you want an exclusive list of 10 winning products that I release for our mentoring program only if you comment secrets, secrets subscribing, then notification about and hit that thumbs up. I’ll pick one winner, 10 exclusive products that I released. Crime mentoring. People have paid money to be mentored by me.

You’ll get that list for free and I’ll pick one winner from this video. Let’s get onto the video right now. This is a store, it’s called Arctic Turk and you might’ve seen them. They’re running a lot of Facebook ads in this particular store. For example, it’s selling different sets of home because they’re focusing more on the home decor side. So for example, they have dining, they have rugs, they have lighting, bath here and then bedroom. If we go, for example, in the dining ones, which is one of the best sellers. If we click on analyze store here on sales source, we click on analyze store. They’re making in about a year 300,000 to $627,000 per month, absolutely insane. And they’re drop shipping. They’re using this theme called [inaudible], which I think is a theme that allows you to make your store look way more luxurious and way more high value than it actually is.

So let’s look at the demo here. So if you look at the store, the first impression is it looks like it’s custom made, right? Your, your products are all very well laid out. It has those custom, when you check it out and twists like that, then you have the join us newsletter there and then it has those little features that really, really high end websites and websites that I actually got custom made by developers. They costs thousands of dollars with these themes. You can actually get them, I don’t use it myself. I do have students, they use it very profitably and I think it’s a theme that makes the store look like really expensive and really look curious, which is actually a pretty cool, if you look here, the the images just pop like that and then it stays like that. It’s actually very luxurious. I think it’s pretty cool.

It’s a little bit expensive though, so I don’t suggest it for a beginner. I suggested if you’re already getting sales and you just want to take it up a notch a little bit more, it’s $180 if I’m not mistaken. Let’s look at the price here. Yeah, 180 bucks off of the Shopify theme store, but let’s go into the actual strategy that they’re using. You can see the best selling products, the London fork. Now let’s look at the actual London fork here and you might be thinking, Oh, these forks are all like custom made. They maybe have a supplier in the United States in the UK that makes them specially custom made for them. You can’t sell these Ali express. Right? And if you look at the product page, it does look like that. It looks like a very, very expensive fork. They’re selling it for about 23 bucks for a seven piece set and then a $19 four piece set.

And they do look very expensive. It says all it should be washed by hand to maintain the integrity of the plating. They’re putting it up as if it weren’t the most luxurious form you’ll ever use. Avoid using steamers, dishwashers, and then it sends a 100% played it seamless steel. And then on the top here, let’s go through all the things, and it doesn’t have reviews in this case, but this is their main bestseller. If you look at AliExpress and we’d go to the alley express type here, this is the fancy plates. You might just look up colored fork or um, colored fancy Ford pulls work. If you look at the colored fork, you find the exact same product and Ali express for $8 a dollar right here. You find it for a dollar and $72 26 here, find these ones for like seven bucks for a little bit more expensive.

And if you look at stainless steel and you have it right here, it’s in my surf stainless steel color fourth, we look at the exact results that appear on AliExpress. Boom, you have $1 here, a dollar a no, this one, these ones are actually more expensive. These aren’t as chipper one 43 this one is one 70 98 cents and we keep going to 60 like these forms are actually very cheap and they’re sourced from Ali express and this store is matching it, making it seem like these products are actually very, very luxurious and very just expensive. And it hits people that like that luxury in their home. People that have money. Home decor is an insanely profitable niche. One of my students doing $1 million a year with home decor absolutely crush it. So they take these products, they make them look actually the luxurious, and this isn’t a strategy that anyone, anyone teaches.

It isn’t a strategy of taking a product with a very low perceived value and then making the store a high perceived value and actually selling the product for very expensive. This store looks like it costs a ton of money. Like if you look to the main page, it’s beautiful. It looks like that and it’s all from the theme. But also they put a lot of effort into how the store looks. Obviously it’s not just input of the theme in your story is amazing. It’s actually putting effort into how the products look. For example, this one right here, it’s $219 a cost of this product. And you can see here, um, I don’t like, like here this stunning lamp even comes with a builtin note. EDM, Bluetooth speaker. Just pair your device to the lamp and play your favorite music wirelessly. They make it sound solely Julius.

So nice. And then your features, smooth touch control, wireless phone charger. And then at the bottom it says, um, it says in addition to base of the land, also has an integrated wireless charging pad. So it’s like they’re selling you an amazing product that’s super expensive. Super awesome. And then we’d go ahead and look at Ali express before we go on and make sure to schedule a call with the first link in the description. There is no joke. This call will literally change your perception on Shopify and drop shipping and everything. We have students absolutely questioning it. Like this one right here hit $8,000 7,000 euros in her second month of drop shipping with my mentoring and helping her. So this call is literally going to transform your life. Talk to somebody one on one. Don’t just watch another webinar, another scores, actually talk to somebody and get your results.

Now schedule a call with that first lane. Keep watching the video and we can look at the, let me pull up the saved ones I have here and I’ll actually pull it up. The speaker table, wireless chartered desk. This one right here, and I’ll pull up some of their products that I’ve found here. There’s one of the other products that they’re selling and then these a speaker table. This one right here. They have just the one. Yeah, there we go. For $85 on Ali express there sources yet directly from China, 80 bucks. And then they’re selling it for about $220 on their store and making it seem an extremely luxurious product that not everybody can buy it. And you might think about this store and you look at their ads and you think, Oh, this is probably custom made. I can’t get these products for myself.

Well you can, right? So it’s a new strategy. I haven’t seen that many people using it. I haven’t seen anybody teaching it for sure. It’s not any courses, not at anything. And I think it’s a very good strategy for someone that doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Somebody that doesn’t want to go and get custom products. You can get cheaper products from Ali express or from China, use an agent for it and then make your store look absolutely insanely good. So this is a great strategy. You’re gonna use products that might just be normal. They’re saturated. Everybody buys forks, everybody buys lamps. But not everybody buys high luxury high and less so. It’s absolutely insane. If you go to their ads library right here, we’re going to see some of the ads that they’re running so you can see right here. Um, they put kickstarted the fall season with a one of a kind than dining cutlery sets.

So it’s like one of a kind for your luxury. It’s very over the top and then for example it says the perfect feel on your feet. Audaciously designed that’s, that’s pretty bold. They show sleek design and it says meet the Euclid rug. Probably we’ll find Allie express for like 10 bucks and then we’d go superior designs were usable at tensile, consume responsibly meet the salt straw. So they were really, really, really good. I’m making it seem like an extremely high quality store and extremely high quality products. And they also have this speaker table, which you can find. I haven’t found this one. There’s some products that I can’t find that might be there searching it another weight, not just for somebody and China. Maybe they’re sourcing it by theirselves in the U S or in the UK. There are some products like that, but they’re best sellers, all sorts from China.

I am going to give them credit cause their store looks absolutely insanely good and makes it look extremely luxurious. And also they probably take their own images. If you look at the images, they look extremely good. Like it’s not, you know, they’re, they’re not just pulling images from Ali express with a white background, making them look really dirty and not really high quality and trying to sell it. No, they actually put a lot of effort into making the page look extremely high quality. For example, if you look at this Moonlight right here, like the picture looks very high, quality is in front of a screen there. Then you see the other side. And then with two hands, I can’t find these pictures on Ali express at all. And if you try and find them, you can’t really find images like that. You have to take these images yourself.

So make sure if you want to make your store look a lot more high quality, a lot more just better than your competition. Take the images yourself, order the product from Amazon or the try to from Ali express with express shipping and take pictures of yourself or have somebody professional, have an influencer or somebody that can take pictures. It’ll save you a lot of money in wasted ad spend that people don’t trust your site. And that’s also going to increase your ver your conversions massively right here. Beautiful picture, beautiful picture. Again, just the pictures look absolutely insane. The store is doing an amazing job and if you go through their apps or copywriting is amazing. So if it goes down here, incredibly soft, comfortable and modern betting designs will have you and everybody else wanting to get into bed. That copywriting is amazing. So make sure like really when you’re creating a Shopify store, it’s not just putting some random products from Ali express, putting some random images and hoping that it works.

That’s not everybody do. You really have to go the extra mile, make your store look high end, make your store look really high quality, high value. You’re not just solving some trash, you’re selling very high quality, very good products that people can feel that quality of them. You can see this one, it’s all you can get it as well. Um, all on one day with charge all your devices while alluminating the perfect amount of light. Really when advertising your products. Think of it as if you’re really so proud of your products, you’re proud of them and you’re going to show that in the ad copy, in your ads and all of your marketing. That is the key to absolutely crushing it just like this store is doing. This store is absolutely smashing it out of the park with every single product they’re killing it. Multiple six figures are probably going to get to a million a month very quickly.

Home decor is an insanely profitable niche and niche that if you don’t really know where to go, it is a niche that can also take you to the high ticket level so you can start small and then go high ticket. That’s about it for the store. If you want the exact list of 10 winning products to sell right now and you want to know the top end products to sell in your Shopify store and specifically drop shipping, check out the video right there. Check out that video. Schedule a call with me in the or me and my team in the first link in the description. First thing in the description, click that link. Click that like button. If you liked this video, subscribe that notification bell and I’ll see you on the next one.

Facebook Ads Dynamic Creative The Ultimate Hack To Improve Your FB Ads Performance

In this video I’m going to teach you about dynamic creative Facebook ads. The new method that Facebook rolled out this year, barely anybody’s talking about it. There’s no real training on it. I’m going to teach you exactly how to test multiple ads without having to create multiple ads and how to get an edge over your competition or right now 2020 and beyond and the ultimate hack to win at Facebook ads. Let’s find out.

Hey, what is up? In this video I’m going to teach you about dynamic creative Facebook ads, which is something that I’ve gotten a lot of questions of in my channel and I’m teaching my mentoring students how to do properly. I thought it’s also worth to share it. You’re on YouTube and have you test against your current Facebook ads so you can get that extra edge and that hack to your Facebook ads right now in your drop shipping store or in any business that you have now. Before we move on. I’m happy to say that the e-comm secret mentoring program directly with me, you get mentoring to take your business to the next level is open, but you have to apply by scheduling a free call in the first link in the description right there. You can schedule a fully free no cuss call with me or my team and start mentoring directly with me and lasting.

I’m opening up the one on one call giveaway, so if you want to win a one hour call directly with me for a whole hour looking at your business, analyzing every single part of your business to improve it. Take it to the next level. Make sure to comment secrets, comments, secrets down below, subscribe, hit that notification about, I’ll be checking if you’re subscribed. I’ll pick one person from this video to have a one on one call directly with me to analyze your whole business. Take it to the next level. All right, now I’m going to show you dynamic, creative, and this is dynamic creative demo right here. I’m going to show you how to actually create dynamic creative ads, that I’m a creative campaigns and how to analyze them and how to actually get that extra edge over everybody else. So when it comes to creating a campaign, you’re just going to go through the whole process again.

So you just create a whole new campaign here. I have a demo of it and you’re going to click either conversions or engagement. Wherever you’re going for, I suggest it’s conversions. So let’s say you do conversions and we’re going to put dynamic, creative YouTube, and I’m going to teach you how you set it up and how you do it all. So you click continue. You can either set it up as CBO, campaign budget optimization. If you don’t know what CBO is, check the link in the description. There’s a video on how to do that type of campaign. So let’s say we want to pick, um, let’s do view content. For example, just for illustration purposes. Here you will see right below where you choose your pixel. So let’s say this, the pixel, then you choose a pixel event. You will have dynamic creative, the option to turn it off on or leave it off here we’ll see provide assets such as images, headlines, and automatically generated optimized creative combinations of your assets.

So what essentially Facebook is going to do is you’re going to give it multiple videos, multiple ads, multiple headlines, descriptions, even called the action buttons. And they’re going to create variations or ads based on what you offer Facebook, maybe you say here’s three videos, test them as best as you can. Maybe Facebook is even going to choose the best video that’s gonna perform for you and they’re going to test those creatives for you in different ad variations. So lets click on right there and it’s gonna ask you to confirm that you want dynamic creative on and now you’re going to set everything else the same way. So the audience is set the same way. Let’s just leave it at that. Then we’re going to put here interested in cats. For example, just as an example, we’re just going to pick something general interested in cats.

Then in the bottom it’s just going to tell you absolutely everything, the same placements, cost caps, everything is going to be the same. When you go into the ad, this is where things change. So see the format here. Let’s pick a page. So let’s pick the new page that we’re testing on the demo. And now you’re going to see in the bottom it’s going to say primary text ad, other option, headline, ad, other option description at other option as well as in the top it’s going to say shoes up to 10 images or videos. So you can choose, let’s say you get five videos done for your particular product. Maybe you have a business where you have multiple different designs or variants of a particular product. You can get an image of each design and then put them all up in dynamic creative. So let’s say we want to put four different images in this case.

So we add image and are we going to pick all of these four images right here and they’re all going to be picked. And now those will be part of the dynamic creative app. So if we want to do four different ads, same hat light, same primary text, same description, same URL and same call to action, which you can also change. We want to do a variation for each image or each video, whatever you want to test. So you can do, for example, four images, two texts. So this is the primary text, the one that shows up on the top of your ad. And I’m just going to put a URL here so you know what I’m talking about and you can see the preview on the right side. So let’s put that there and you’ll see what I mean with different primary texts, different headlines.

The primary texts is the actual ad copy test that goes on the bottom. So let’s say I write here the best products ever and I’m going to take that out and it’s going to show up on the top. So that’s your top ad copy. Let’s wait a little bit until it shows up. Then the headline as well. So let’s say today, 50% off and see the best products ever shows up on the top today, 50% off shows up on the bottom. So you can test multiple ad copies, multiple headlines. So let’s create another option. Say the best products ever. Get yours here. So this is your first, uh, ad copy on the top, and then you put the link right there and then you create another one. Let’s say you want to test like five different ad copies. You don’t have to create a whole different ad for each ad copy.

You don’t have to go ahead and test five different ad sets, five different ads. You can just put five different ad copies right into the dynamic creative and even test at different dynamic creative for the image or video. And then a different creative for the actual ad copy. So let’s say here it’s, we’re selling out. Get yours here. Obviously think these through. Don’t write them off like this. Like actually think about the ad copy. Analyze your audience. If you want to learn how to create great ad copy, check out the video, how to create viral Facebook ads. So get yours here in the link and then you can add up to 10 right there. And then also in the headline section you can put today or sewing out for example, just as an example. And now all of those will be tested by Facebook. They’re going to pick different combinations off of those.

So maybe they’d pick image one with headline two and with primary texts or with primary texts to headline one and then even call the actions. You can change it so you can add another option. Learn more shop. Now if you have a different type of business, maybe you want to test out the different, um, call to actions right here on the bottom. The best way to do it though, this is a presentation for my mentoring program called technical optimization for Facebook ads. I make presentations like this every one or two weeks. And this one in particular is about dynamic creative and technical optimization. How to scale past 1,003 thousand per month, per day. Sorry, an ad spin and the best best practices for dynamic creative art. Two videos, two headlines, two ad copies, leave the call to action and the URL the same. So you’re testing two different videos, two different primary ad copies and then two different headlines on the bottom of your ad.

If dynamic creative is profitable over three or more days, let’s say that dynamic creative ad is giving you results is being profitable, then you can test the variations separately after. But I’m going to show you how to analyze exactly what variation is doing the best. So let’s say you put in four images, two primary texts, two T, two hotlines to call to action. What is working, what variation is doing best cause you have no idea. Facebook is just choosing random variations. Which one is actually working the best for you? And the Mo in the bottom here, I do want to emphasize if you want to make it change or you want to make the test to insisting that on a creative change, one thing, don’t start changing up two videos. The headline was changed. You got them all up because you won’t know what actually works unless you test.

Well, one thing, see the result, then test another thing. See the result. So how to analyze your results. Go to ad sets under ads. So let’s go back to the ads manager. Here. You’ll see dynamic creative demo. Go into the campaign. You have your campaigns, your ad sets, and your ads go into the campaign. Here you will have your ad set, go into breakdown on the right hand side, and then click by dynamic creative ad set. You’ll see that usually it shows up time delivery action. This where you can choose gender, country, every single thing. Action. You can choose the device, the type, the video view type, every single thing, and then you will see dynamic creative asset. Only if the campaign has spent and it’s dynamic creative campaign, it will show this. So maybe we want to see which image or which video is doing the best.

We just click on that. Now we see that we have four images that we added from before and they all have different reach, different frequency. They both got to result in this case is just a demo. It’s not actually a performing campaign, but let’s say you want to analyze which one is getting you purchases the least, which one is getting you purchases for the lowest cost, which one is performing the best, or which one is getting most of the spends. So in this case, we have four images here. These ones have all the same frequency and this one on the top is actually getting most of the reach. That could be that Facebook is analyzing that particular image or that video as the best performing video. You can also see the actual costs. So this one, the cost is pretty high and this one the causes lower.

So you want to analyze, okay, maybe this image or this video or this headline variation is the best for me. You can also check by check by text. So here you have two of the texts that we put. This one is getting all the results. There’s one hasn’t gotten any results and this one actually has spent a lot less. So if you see that one variation spent a lot less than the other one, you can test that one alone by itself. Then headline as well. This headline is getting all the results and then also call the actions descriptions. Every single thing about dynamic creative, you can just click on there, see the performance, see every single thing about it. And if you click on columns and then go ahead and do, for example, you’re running video, you want to see which headline is getting you more video views or which video is getting you more video views.

So let’s say you’re running three videos, you want to see exactly which one people are watching the most, which one is performing better for you? So back to the presentation, it’s going to show performance per variation exactly like that. Just like it’s showing performance between two ads under the same ad set. So it’s going to show it across all the variations that you have. It’s going to show you that performance and then leave at least three to four days, or at least 15 to $25 per variation to choose a winner. So let’s say you’re testing, like I said, two different videos, two different headlines, two different ad copies. Then you have all of those variations and one of them is overperforming everything else. Let it spend a least 15 to 25 or three to four days or more so that you can choose, okay, this is the best one.

This is the one that I’m going to choose and alone by itself. So then you want to take your top headline, your top text, your top image or video and test it all alone by itself in just a regular app. And then you can see right here you should find it. If you’re running at dynamic creative expense, then you should find that. If you don’t leave it down in the comments, I’m pretty sure you will find it. So that’s pretty much how you analyze your dynamic creative. This is an extra hack over everybody else. Nobody’s teaching this and this is absolutely going to crush everybody else and it’s going to push your results up as the ultimate hack. You don’t have to create a bunch of different ads of bunch of different videos. This is all right there in one single ad. You can analyze the performance and also Facebook is favoring dynamic creative moving forward.

It was just introduced a couple of weeks or a couple of months ago. Now they’re really pushing for it and everybody that uses it is going to have more performance than people that are just using regular ads. Do want to invite you to schedule a call with the first link in the description completely for free, no cost call, and if you schedule a call and you show up for the call, you get a private module from my mentoring program that I created only for my mentoree students. It will absolutely blow your mind on how to scale your business, your eCommerce store to the next level. You’ll get that completely for free. If you schedule a call right now and you show up for the call, make sure it’s scheduled right now. You don’t lose anything and let’s start crushing it. So that’s Facebook ads, dynamic creative, tests it out for yourself. Let me know how you go down in the comments.

If you want to learn how to create viral Facebook ads, how to create viral ad copy, viral videos, how to actually turn a dollar into three to $4 or more in profit. Check out the video right there. How to create viral Facebook ads. You’re going to see it right here. You can take the lessons from this video and then apply them into dynamic, creative and just absolutely blow up your results. Check the video right there. Subscribe to that notification bell. Schedule a call with me or my team down in the first link in the description. I’ll see you on the next one.

The SECRET Method To Finding Winning Products For 2020 | Shopify Dropshipping

Finding winning products to sell on your dropshipping store. It’s probably the thing that’s holding you back from actually making sales and scaling up your store to next level is a thing that holds everybody back. In this video, I’m going to teach you the secret method that I use and my students use. I’ve tested this on hundreds of people and it works every single time. I’m going to show you exactly how you can do it yourself. Find hot products, the best products to sell right now in 2019 2020 and beyond. Let’s find out if you want to build and scale your Shopify drop shipping business to win $10,000 per month or more right now. Make sure to subscribe and hit that notification about right now I teach people exactly like you how to grow and scale your store to the next level right now in 2019 2020 and beyond, so make sure to subscribe, hit that notification about and I’m happy to announce I will be giving away every single video, a special lesson that I did for my mentoring students.

How to grow your Facebook ads for drop shipping from Ciro, how to test products, how to start getting some sales all the way up to more than $10,000 per date. I will announce the winner of the past video at the end of this video. If you want to win for this video, make sure to comment secrets, comments, secrets. Somebody subscribing that notification mail. I will be checking if you want to find the top winning drop shipping products right now. You need to start modeling what’s working right now. Some spy tools, a lot of expensive programs that you might be paying for my you paying like 200 up to like 500 a month for spy tools, programs to find products. Maybe you’re hiring people to find those products for you. There might be products that have been working two months, three months, maybe six months or a year back.

You’ll want to find products that are working right now that are actually making sales and you can sell and profit from right now. The first step you need to take is to actually go into Facebook and pull up your Facebook feed, the face of homepage, and what you need for this is how to find profitable products from Facebook. You will need Facebook and an app called turbo ad finder. This was taken from the free training presentation. At the end of this video I’m going to talk about this special training that I created. So you only need Facebook and you also need this app called turbo ad finder and you will also need Facebook pixel helper. So this is the other app that you’ll need. It’s called Facebook pixel helper. It’s right here and it shows you when a page has a face of pixel and it also shows you the pixel ID, which is very crucial to here.

So when you click the turbo ad finder and you click it off, you will see a bunch of posts from your friends, maybe from your cousin, from your Facebook groups, whatever that is. If you click on it, you will only see ads. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but most of the times it works pretty well. So you’ll see an ad here and ad there ad again ad ad and you’ll see ad after ad after ad. So Facebook is showing you all the ads that are running on your Facebook feed right now. If you’re interested in something particular, let’s say you’re interested in sports, you’re interested in travel in beauty, whatever that is, you’ll probably see ads more tailored to you and your particular interests. That being said, what you’re going to do, two five drop shipping products is find ads that look like they could be drop shipped.

So this particular product, this, that shapes would in just a second skit years here, the salted corn, I know it’s a drop shipping store, but it obviously looks drop. It allow me to see what looks like a product that they’re drop shipping. Let’s go down here. Hey Soki skin. This one has a little bit of a huge brand, so probably not the best one to use. Then you have vice golf here. Let’s look at this one. And the cool thing is with this app called sales source right here, if sales were pulls up and you can get it with the LinkedIn description, if it pulls up, that means there’s a Shopify store. So in this particular one it didn’t pull up here on the side, so I’m guessing it’s not a Shopify store and it could just be something. Yeah, it’s like self-made or a custom made golf ball, so I wouldn’t go for that.

I would just go for this one. Now this is the trick that you’re going to do to make Facebook feed you products, literally give you winning products and how to find them. Right here. What you’re going to do is click the add to cart button and now you’re going to click the checkout button. So you’re going to ignore everything else. Let’s go to the checkout and we are going to do in checkout is using this little trick that I’m going to show you right here and using the Facebook pixel trick. So this particular code, you’re going to take that and copy it and I’m going to post it down in the description. You’re gonna click here and then go to inspect and then go to console. Here on the top you see where it says elements console. You’re going to click a right click and then click inspect or two clicks.

If you’re on Mac, got a call console, and in the bottom you’re going to paste that. Don’t hit enter, don’t hit anything. Where are you going to do is use Facebook pixel helper to then pull the Facebook pixel ID and you’re going to put that where it says content ID. You’re going to put it there. And then you’re going to take the price of the product 55 and 98 and put it in value. So 55 98 and then you hit enter and it’s going to say undefined. What does does is it actually activates the purchase event on any store. And if you look at the Facebook pixel helper and it’s gonna show you that a purchase has been active in it, so you pretty much on Facebook eyes, you’ve bought this product. Now what happens when you buy a product on Facebook, you get shown in more ads like it or it’s more likely to show you ads just like the product that you saw.

So we pull Facebook again and you do have to refresh every single time. Then you pull the Facebook a turbo ad finder, you’re going to see drop shipping, product drop shipping product. Again, drop shipping, product drop shipping, product drop shipping product again, again and again. You do this a couple times. Your feet will be literally full of drop shipping ads. For example, this one was a big drop shipping at this one isn’t, but still they’re showing. This one is a huge one. I showed it my top winning products video. If you want to check that out, it’s down in the description and check that video out. The top 21 products to sell this one was one of them. If you think you can do this strategy, if you think you can do this, like put a pixel code, make sure to set it up. All right, and then Facebook will feed your products.

Make sure to comment down below if you’ll do this strategy starting right now. If we go to shop now again with the same thing, the link in the ad sales source will pull up on the side. Let’s see if it pulls up and it pulls up. Now we’re going to go to add to cart, we add to cart, then we go to checkout, go to checkout, and then we can do the Facebook pixel trick again and again and again. And disclaimer, don’t do this more than like three, four times a day because Facebook is tracking how much you’re spending on Facebook and what exactly you’re doing on Facebook. So if you do it too many times they might think that it’s fake or you’re doing it wrong in some sort of ways. So not more than three to four times and only do it with ads that are actually making a lot like ads that are huge.

Cause if not, you just going to buy from people that are not really doing that well and it’s not gonna work in the Facebook feed. So do it again. Three to four times a day, not more than that, less than that. It’s okay, so you can do the pixel trick. Then what you’re going to do, which is the next step to this is look at the stores that you just visited. Let’s see this Reed’s simpler and let’s look at shop now. Before we move on, I want to congratulate John Calderon right here. If you’re using name, if it’s that you won the Ciro to 10,000 a day special module. If you want to win for this video, make sure to comment secrets, secrets down below. Subscribe at that notification bell and that liked bun. I’ll be checking you might be the winner for this particular video we’re going to do is from the turbo ad finder from the ads that you’re finding on Facebook.

Now you’re doing the pixel trick. You’re getting a lot of ads. You’re going to use this application called Salesforce. You’re going to click analyze store and then analyze. Store is going to tell you how much a store makes, what the products are, the best sellers, what kind of a theme the store has. You can get this software down in the description and three months ago, I mean this is probably a new domain, not a new store, but in three months we’re making 121,000 to 243,000 per month, which is huge. They’re absolutely crushing. Now, where you’re going to do is not really look at the best selling products. The best sellers are good. They’re selling a lot for this particular store, but they might be a little bit saturated. The might not be running well for you. Where you’re going to do is look at the recently uploaded products down at the bottom.

This one says 24 days ago, 25 25 days ago, a month ago, a month ago. That is where I found amazing untapped products from huge stores that are doing really well. Then we go into the recently launch and we find products that might be super untapped and just new products that are launching in the market. Do you find those? They’re the new products that this store that’s doing a hundred thousand a month, they just launched them. It’s a high probability that they’re going to be really good products. Another trick if you want to do it is to actually go into the Facebook page and link these two together. So let’s go to the ads library. Let’s click on the ad cyber here, go to ad library and what we do is we go to Salesforce and we look at recently uploaded products and if one of those recently uploaded products is in the Facebook ads library, which are going to do right now as library, and then we click on filter by, I’m in France right now, we can click United States and right now we’ll try to find, these are only five ads or 15 ads running for this particular product.

But if we see a connection from Salesforce, untapped recently uploaded products and they’re also testing them on Facebook, that’s a product that you need to get on and it’s the gravy train to start selling because there’s a connection between a product they just uploaded and also a product, but they’re also advertising on Facebook. That’s why I say motto, what works. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. If you see somebody doing really well on Salesforce, got a Facebook ads library. If you find a connection that’s a massive product that you should be selling. Now that you know that Facebook pixel trick and how to find untapped products that could be doing amazing right now and recently uploaded as well. If you want to take this to next level, I’ve created this training right here, how beginners like you are making 10,000 to 50,000 but a three-step drop shipping system.

People are absolutely loving this free training. It’s made me when 12,000 a day. The lessons that I’m teaching you right now, I took the first link that in the description for this training and if you want to schedule a free one on one call with me or somebody in my team to see if you can get mentored directly by me and get results, amazing results in your Shopify drop shipping store, 10,000 a month, 50,000 per month. We have students doing 150 grand a month. If you’re interested in mentoring directly from me, take the second link in the description to schedule a free one on one call with me or my team, and you can actually talk to somebody one on one, schedule a call, check the free training that in the first link in the description. And last thing, if you want to learn the top 21 products, a full list of 21 products that you need to sell right now. Check out the video right there. There’s going to be a video right there and it says top 21 products assault right now. Make sure to subscribe, hit that notification belts, schedule a call with my team. Check that first training down in the description and click that like button. If you enjoyed this video, go click the 21 winning products and I will see you in the next one.

See you on the next one,


Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right.

You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click the “New Post” button, and tell us why you’re here.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog?
  • Because it will help you focus you own ideas about your blog and what you’d like to do with it.

The post can be short or long, a personal intro to your life or a bloggy mission statement, a manifesto for the future or a simple outline of your the types of things you hope to publish.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

You’re not locked into any of this; one of the wonderful things about blogs is how they constantly evolve as we learn, grow, and interact with one another — but it’s good to know where and why you started, and articulating your goals may just give you a few other post ideas.

Can’t think how to get started? Just write the first thing that pops into your head. Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing we love, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. Anne makes a great point — just start writing, and worry about editing it later.

When you’re ready to publish, give your post three to five tags that describe your blog’s focus — writing, photography, fiction, parenting, food, cars, movies, sports, whatever. These tags will help others who care about your topics find you in the Reader. Make sure one of the tags is “zerotohero,” so other new bloggers can find you, too.