People Are Making Millions With Shopify – $90 Million Shopify Dropshipping Success Story

Imagine starting a small Shopify store and maybe it’s just you. Maybe it’s a team, two to three people. You go really confident in it. You don’t really know if it’s going to be a small little project or a big, big business. You’re very confident in it, so you start, you start running some ads. You make it as beautiful and as appealing as possible. You make your pages, you optimize absolutely everything. You start getting a sale here and there. Maybe one day it’s not so good, not so profitable. The next day you start making money. Next month you start making money. You start slowly going through the steps. Maybe it doesn’t go as you planned, but you start going. You build a brand out of it. You build a company. Maybe you hire one more person to help you and you slowly build it out. The first couple of years it’s a little bit slow

Essentially a company that started from scratch, from just an idea that this guy right here is surfer, got an idea to make a sunglass brand from a friend and he built it on Shopify, sort of building out the store, got a little team, started running some ads and started slowly getting some sales until now and 2019 they sold 70% of the company, not the entire company for matey million dollars surfers, Pacific beach sunglass brand blenders acquired by Italian giant and $90 million. Insane. Those are an insane story and an amazing case study for the entire Shopify community to just show what’s possible and the cool thing about it also, and not cool but relevant to you, is that they didn’t start off making a ton of money in the beginning. The brand was actually started in 2011 by this guy chase Fisher, which is a longtime surfer.

That’s why he was able to basically know the audience, know the brand, know the people that he was advertising to. They launched in 2011 and only recently exploded. Their ads actually started converting massively. They started scaling up in 2016 when they got their first million dollar a year at one point $3 million in sales. Then the company absolutely explode it into more tight seven figures. Then they expect to hit $42 million this year, 2019 and now they sold for valuation of 70% for $90 million. Re leaving that remaining 30% of Fisher. What this means is that the guy sold part of his company, but he’s still is the CEO. He still owns the company that he built from scratch and now he’s $90 million. Richard, it’s absolutely amazing and also it’s something really cool. That Fisher set right here. You can go from selling seven pairs to 700 pairs overnight, but it’s not an overnight success.

Working on a brand, working on a company, this big doesn’t happen really fast, but it can be like that. If you keep trying, you commit to your brand and commit to your store and you build a team, you keep going and build. Some ads, you build more ad to get better and better every single day. Then you have that overnight success after years of building your brand. So then they went from like 6,000 to 40,000 units per month. And now the acquisition has been in the works since may. So I’ve been, it’s been working on since months now. It’s finally been finalized. It’s from a company called Safa low, which is just an absolute giant in e-commerce in Italy. And now the guy’s just an absolute millionaire. Shopify created a millionaire from scratch because he committed and built a brand. And you can do the exact same thing.

This isn’t a dream. This isn’t some hype that everybody’s saying, get into this business, get into Shopify. Shopify dropshipping is amazing. Make some money. It’s not a scheme. It’s a real business that you can build a profitable company, a massive brand that you can then sell for millions of dollars. This is the company right here. Blenders, eyewear. They essentially now sell any type of eyewear product, sunglasses. They even sell, um, prescription glasses. Actually, you can see all the colors here. They have these amazing colors. Amazing designs and that’s also why they were able to do so well with Facebook ads, their face Scouts and just absolutely amazing. It’s because they have these clever designs, these clever colors that look really well when they’re shown in an ad. They have these purchasers right here really go. They also have a blog there and you can shop and the website actually looks really cool.

They’re making millions of dollars per month. This the website and now they’re worth $90 million. Hey, if you’re enjoying this video so far and you’re looking to build a profitable Shopify business in 2020 and beyond, make sure to comment, automate, automate down below. I’m doing a special giveaway of a training that takes you from zero all the way up to $5,000 per day with your Shopify business. I teach people how to build automated and profitable Shopify. Vesta says, make sure to click automate, comment, automate that in the comments. Subscribe, hit that notification mail and click that like button. If you’re enjoying this video. Another company that you may know as well that did the exact same thing, build a brand, sold it for millions of dollars, is MVMT. They got acquired for $100 million in 2018 building a brand from scratch and this one was drop ship like they started drop shipping these watches from China, Shopify drop shipping.

Then they built a legitimate companies, started importing everything, becoming a solid brand. Then they became just a multimillion dollar company, so for $100 million, absolutely insane story. Again, they started from scratch. That’s the beauty of this. You can also create this brand appeal by using a theme like for example, the prestigious theme. It’s 180 bucks, so it does cost you a little bit. What I recommend is, for example, getting some sales first on your niche or general drop shipping store drop shipping is just the best way to start. Start something, start a physical product business, get some sales here and there and be able to test multiple products. Then when you have a category, just like this student right here who’s doing about a thousand dollars a day and then again this student right here, he’s doing almost a thousand dollars a day. Both my students that I’ve taught them how to go from basically general selling niche products here and there, all the way up to building a legitimate brand where people come back again and again and again and one great theme to do it is with prestige.

You can basically take a product from AliExpress. AliExpress is obviously going to go off a little bit in July, 2020 he packet is going away, so you do need other services, which I talk about in the video. It’s going to pop up here, Ali express alternatives, but it’s a great way to just start, just start something, pick a product that you can start advertising may, maybe you’ll get a professional theme like that. Build a Shopify store. You can build it with multiple kinds of products. It doesn’t have to be a particular brand. Once you start getting sales, then you build a brand off of the products that are working just like those two students and you can get there very, very fast and just like blenders who can go from basically getting a little bit of profit, maybe a hundred $200 a day, $10,000 a month, over a hundred thousand dollars a month, and then multiple seven figures and then potentially once you have that brand, you have that brand loyalty.

You have a lot of customers that keep coming back. Maybe you already have that product in physical stores. Then you can go and sell the brand for multiple millions of dollars leg these companies have been able to do. That’s it. Go ahead and get started with your brand right now, whether that’s drop shipping or just a general Shopify store. If you want to learn how to build your brand properly with the right strategy and see how we can help you become one of those students that’s doing $1,000 a day, $10,000 a month, even a hundred thousand dollars a month, made sure to schedule a strategy session with the first link data description scheduled a free strategy session with either me or somebody on my team to see your business right now. See where you’re struggling, see what you’re doing right now in your business, how you can improve it, and then how you can scale it up massively and how we can help you do it as well. If you want to start on, highly recommend you watch this video right here. Do not start Shopify until you watch. This is super, super helpful for anybody looking to start a Shopify store. Build a Shopify business. Make sure to click that video right there. Watch it down below. Comment down in the comments. Automate, automate to build your automated Shopify business. Subscribe. Hit that notification about a, like the video if you liked it. I’m Rafael Cintron from Rafael Cintron Review and I’ll see you in the next one.

Find Winning Products In SECONDS with CEO of Ecomhunt (Product Research for Shopify Products)

Rafael: (00:00)
In this video, we’re going to find winning drop shipping products in seconds with Monica on our founder of e-comm hunt on the best pipe, those out there for drop shipping. Let’s get started. I have so much stuff to give you guys and tell you both features that we have only come out and he’s built so many great features and I’m sure that most of them you’re not even using them and that’s a shame. So let’s start and let’s dig inside

Mordechai: (00:23)
and before we start this amazing video, you’re going to be blown away by the strategies. Make sure to comment, automate, automate down in the comments below. If you want to win an exclusive list of 21 winning products reserved only for private members, if you want to win that, anyone, I have a chance to win our giveaway. Comment, automate down below, subscribe, hit that notification bell and let’s get on to the video.

Rafael: (00:47)
Awesome. Let’s go right now. Here is the [inaudible] dot com dashboard. When you log in, you go into ECOMOG. How would somebody that, like for example, they get an [inaudible] account, are they going to eat from a trial? Maybe how should they use it and when they look at a product, how should they actually see that problem? First of all is you can see here a fairly is a page user. As I can see that you have access to all of the product and information. Once you’re here you can see that we have webinars and tutorials right here we have this winner clubs. Basically when you reach $5,000 in sales using products on eCommerce, we give a free tee shirts. So it’s a really good, a good thing to motivate our users into getting more sales. Now if you can, you can see here we have these filters.

Rafael: (01:32)
It’s basically search filters that you can easily sort the products in a different way. So for example, now we are only seeing the new products first and go through all their product when he’s called down. And you also have these olders in here so he can sort the page by olders and you received the most orders, products and the low. Yeah. In list. And here you have the all the categories. We have a lot of categories, products with over a thousand of products in the website. And here you have the ranch lands, seven days as far as the days. And here we can type anything you like and find products related to your niche. Sorry if you’re going for a niche. Um, if you scroll down, we can see many products. All of these products are proven to sell. We don’t want to share with you products that didn’t prove themselves on the market.

Rafael: (02:24)
And the reason is because it’s already hard enough to test products online. You don’t want to try new products. If you’re a beginner, you want to try frogs that are already working and collect a few sales from them or a lot they’ll, let’s scroll down here. You can see many products. I’m looking for a blog that will pop out. Um, for example, this one right here. Let’s, so the reason I picked this product is because you can already, you can immediately see this eye-catching image. Louise, this weird, what is it is it’s a drum where we’re drum, you see that he multiple products. So if you buy this drum you will get those sticks and bags. So it makes it look like a perceived value product. It looks like you’re getting a lot for, not much will in a second receive the price and you see these yoga women with the CBI and it looks really good and it will probably make you stop when you scroll on Facebook and this is what we want to do when we’re testing a product.

Rafael: (03:21)
Then you can see here this a sad widow bellow button. It’s a really cool button that we did with the Burleigh guys. It’s basically importing the product directly from eco man to your store and as soon as you get a sale they will also be able to fulfill your orders. So it’s a really a no brainer. It’s free. I strongly advise that here on the top of the page we have JECA Ching. Jackie Chang is a, is it a shark deck that we invented? It’s like the, the, the, the mascot of uh, the coffee come on behind jacket chin. We have a real person is alive consultant. You can send a message about anything related to drop shipping and it would give you advice about targeting, testing or your product page or just if you were your story if you’d like. So this is Jack, it’s refer a page users and then here we have a description of the product.

Rafael: (04:15)
Now you said that many people ask about it. Like should I just copy what it yeah and put it on the store. The answer is Nope, don’t do this. The copy here is just an example of a structure. We build the structure for you. We show you how you should write your, your, your product description to get more sales or just to get sales basically. So if you’re watching this description, read it and rewrite it on your product pages at brought a bit down here, you can see the sending price. This is the average price stores online are selling these products for what is just doing the same price. Somebody for example, like a beginner. Yeah. For a beginner, even not a beginner, even advanced seller. I personally like to start really low. Okay? So if the, if the costs are not expresses a $43, I would price it on my store for a 59 maybe even if it’s a low profit and start, but it will give you, uh, you’ll be confident about your skills and ads because you will be motivated, you will get sales.

Rafael: (05:17)
And I think that this is the most important part. When you’re starting to drop ship online, you want to, you want to build this confidence that you actually know what you’re doing. So if you start ship, you can get those sales and your pixel will start to build itself and you have more data. And yeah, that’s, that’s pretty much my way of doing stuff. So beginners and advanced users drop shippers should definitely use this strategy to build up their Facebook accounts and airway of something we call saturation inspector. A lot of users are asking about it. They’re not sure. Like what is this? And the answer to this feature is quite simple. So we build this software behind the saturation inspector that is simply searching on the web. So it’s going to Google and it types in the keywords of the product and then it searches for Shopify stores that are selling the same product.

Rafael: (06:12)
So for example, here we were able to find 63 stores that are selling the same product. Got it. Now the market is huge. So obviously if you see anything below a hundred or even 200 stores that are selling the product, it’s still not a saturated product. But I will definitely recommend to go for stores up to a hundred stores that are selling this product. So anything below this would be, would be a go to product in your eyes. Is there like really such thing as saturation? Cause I get that question a lot and it’s, it’s got a difficult to answer. Should somebody like not touch a product? Does it get to that point or should you just, if you see a product that’s selling hard, proven in the market, then you test it in your store. What’s your view on that? Well I have this a funny role.

Rafael: (06:59)
It’s basically if you go to the store and you can easily find those products, it’s a saturated product, but as long as you don’t see on a, any shop out there, it’s probably a product that can still sell online. This is this pretty much what I think about saturation. Uh, all thought that you can still sell even products that are already under stores. If you do like your creatives or try to go for new markets or for example, a product could be really good at States, but in Israel for example, no one knows about it because no one actually tried to sell it to them. So I’ll try new markets and I believe that almost any product can be a winner product. Again, even if it was saturated in this section right here, what we can see is the links. You can see all the links related to this product.

Rafael: (07:50)
For example, we have AliExpress supplier, we have Alibaba supplier with Amazon, eBay. We also bring you a store that actually selling this product as an example. And we also have the Facebook ads of this product. So if you click here, it will take you to Facebook and you won’t be able to see the actual ad that now is doing good on Facebook. Maybe you can see the engagement of these ad. We can see it’s like it’s really, it’s going viral as we speak. Um, if you click this picture right here, you will be able to see us three weeks ago, three weeks ago. You can see like 3 million views. It’s really crushing in on a web. See that people are really fired up about this product. So this is definitely winning product. Gotcha. I would go now invest it right now. It’s a really good product.

Rafael: (08:40)
What do you say for example, because there’s a lot of people have this question, should I just take the same targeting, same video that I find on here and just test it right out? No, no, you don’t want to do that. This could risk your account. This could lead you into a lot of problems and probably will not get any sales. Okay. You need to come up with the videos of your own pictures that you should usually you can use an express pictures would be fine. A trick that we like to do is to a new row the pictures. Okay, change the, yeah, so you should take a picture and I’ll express a new mirror. It, it will look different. It’s the same product but still looks different. So this is a nice trick that we like to do about videos. In most cases we just pay someone else to do it.

Rafael: (09:24)
But sometimes we order the product and go for a simple video. For example, unboxing videos do really good on Facebook. Um, show the product in action. Usually for products that are really easy to shoot, you know, some products are a bit more complicated. This one should be really easy. You know, it’s just someone playing it. It should be real simple. Um, so we have a video from YouTube of someone showing this product. Then right here we have the targeting that we suggest. Don’t simply copy paste the targeting. The only reason we give you targeting is to give you some kind of an idea of what you should actually target. So you can see here we went for meditation and musician. So these do targeting is like most of them are really related to this product because it’s a meditation kind of product and at the same time it’s people that love play instruments that we probably buy this product.

Rafael: (10:22)
So for example, a drummer or a piano player or a guitar player, they will probably be the right target for this. But you also want them to be into meditation. So try to combine it maybe with the yoga or a, I dunno, magazines about yoga or brands. Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly. Oh, let’s grow down a bit more here. We have Instagram influencers. We’re giving for every product on the website, Instagram influencers that aren’t related to the nature of the product. So you can simply click on the name of the influencer, sending a message and try to hook a deal with them to get more exposure on Instagram. And some shout outs and I don’t know if you guys do this strategy, just make sure you don’t overpay for this kind of stuff because sometimes people charge like $1,000. Yeah. It’s not worth it. So make sure you’re not getting scammed here.

Rafael: (11:22)
Um, I can see ’em. Yeah, there are so many young principals. Um, here we add eBay’s statistics. So eBay statistics is basically the same concept as the saturated inspector. It’s going to eBay typing those keywords of the product and pulling out all of the products from eBay that are currently selling the same product. And then it’s doing this calculation over the last 30 days on how much sales you made. So you can see here that he was kind of bad for a long time and then it starts to pick up every day sale. They got sales every day here. It’s not a lot, but it still says organic sales on eBay. Yeah, the same trend as the Facebook ad video. It could be a really good product. Yeah. Yeah. So also you mentioned something really cool here because I found out that when a product goes viral on Facebook, it impacts everything around it.

Rafael: (12:20)
So if you upload the same product on eBay, you will get organic sales without doing anything because people will see the product and then they go to eBay, say like, Hey, maybe I can find a cheaper. And they do the same thing on Google. So if you have a store and you see a product here that is recently going viral, I always suggest you do Google ads, shopping ads. You would get a lot of sales without doing anything cheap sales. I agree. So here we have the same thing with Ali express. We’re doing the same thing where sending to Ali express those keywords and we get back the listing and how many items were purchased in the last 30 days and see her not much. Is that bending on unexpressed for this product? Now notice is as far as, so yeah, it has 46 and total earnings, $6,000 so I think it’s enough of profit.

Rafael: (13:09)
You can still sell this product. And this is good news. Actually, I don’t like seeing a lot of say too much. I don’t like to see too much because maybe it’s one person that now is crushing it and he’s making all the sales. So this one is good news for me. So here you can see real Byron’s live views from Ali express so you can actually see what people are thinking about this product. And if you scroll a bit more, you can see more related product to the same category and just keep sliding here and finding more products that are related. And that’s pretty much it. We’re now working on more features and more stuff that will be added to this page. And one of them is you, I don’t know if you remember we asked you for 10 tips. I know. Yeah. So real building this picture that we show up right here in this empty space, it would be tips from a successful drop shippers.

Rafael: (14:04)
So expect to see our fire really soon on the product pages we’re seeing more often. All right. That’s about it for e-comm hunt. Thank you so much for being on my channel then, and thank you for inviting me here, Israel. That’s it. Start finding winning products starting right now, and if you want to check out the software yourself, link is in the description right there. Sign up for ECOM hunt, and if you want to learn about the top 10 winning products to sell right now on top of these, check out a video that’s going to be suggested right here. Just click on that video, subscribe that notification about, and we’ll see you on the next one. Bye bye.

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Complete Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2020 – How to Create a Profitable Shopify Store from Scratch (Rafael Cintron Review)

Rafael Cintron from Rafael Cintron Review and Automated Dropshipping Presents: Complete Shopify Tutorial for 2020

It seems that lately, every single week and month, a new guru pops up on the Shopify niche, on the Shopify industry and pulls out a course that basically teaches the same thing that a month before another girl was teaching on another course. And then you see those again and again and again. It’s kind of a funny phenomenon, but it’s not funny for you if you keep buying the same thing over and over again just from different people. What I want to do in this video is be the difference in those gurus and be the difference in your courses. And I want to give you a full complete Shopify tutorial from beginning setting up your store to then setting up ads to getting sales for your store, all from scratch, step-by-step taught in this complete Shopify course video for free. Let’s go. Hey, it’s Rafelson Tron here. I teach people just like you, how to build a profitable Shopify business without any fluff, all step-by-step action strategies.

So if you’re interested in that, make sure to subscribe, hit that notification bell. And if you’re interested in scheduling a free strategy session with either me or somebody in my team to help your business and see how we can 10 exit as soon as possible. Check the first link in the description throughout this course, this free tutorial for Shopify. All right, so the first thing we’re going to do is go to or you can find the link below in the description. You’re going to click start free trial and just enter your business here. So we’re going to put free course which is the one that I chose for this particular trial. And then it’s going to say start your free 14 day free trial, put in a password or whatever password you want, and then your store name, so for your store name does, doesn’t really matter as to what name you give it.

It’s more of just the name that is going to appear on your Shopify dashboard. So if you want to change it later on, if you want to build a brand out of your store later or not really sure what to sell, it’s completely okay to put another type of store so we can just put free core store here and it should be available and it should be available and to create the store. And I was going to take us to our dashboard on Shopify. We’re going to sign up. So tied, they’re creating your store and this is what I love about Shopify. They actually create the store for you and they make everything. You just have to put in your information, put it in your products and everything. The store is ready to go, they’re creating it for us and we’re going to see right here and now we’re going to set up the actual account.

So you have to tell a little bit about yourself. So you can just put please choose one. I’m just playing around. And then in the current revenue you can just put zero USD or whatever country you are. It’s going to show your currency. You can just put zero or maybe up to 5,000 click next and then putting your information. I’m going to skip a second here to put in my address and everything and now the store is created. It says your trial has started. Get ready to sell online. Try these tips to get started and so on. What we’re going to do first is we’re going to open up the store and choose a plan. Let’s do this from the beginning just because the store does have a password and if you don’t select a plan from the beginning, it’s not going to let you actually open the store at all.

So we click here, select the plan, and then in the bottom we’re going to select basic. Unless you’re doing more than 10 20,000 per month, I do not recommend Shopify plus advanced Shopify. And so I understand basic one, choose this plan and they’re going to ask us for payment information. So we’re going to take $29 every 30 days, add a credit card, I’m going to add my details, and then you’re going to click start plan. It’s going to not bill you anything Ciro until your 14th day on the trial. Then it’s going to start billing 29 per month and now it’s easy. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to click here on online store and take out the password of our store and go to preferences on online store and then click on the password section which is going to load and just a little bit here it says online passwords, password online store is password protected.

Take that out, save it and now we can see the actual store. If we go to the store, it basically says nothing just free core stored on my Shopify image with text overlay and just a bunch of random collections on there that we haven’t made yet. What I would recommend for anybody thinking about starting a Shopify store or just thinking about starting an eCommerce business in general is start with products or with niches that people buy. A lot of. For example, the parenting niche is one that I love because you can market to parents. You’re not marketing to kids, you’re marketing to parents that they buy things for their kids. For example, we’ve had multiple six figure stores where we sell toys for kids, baby products, products for the home home decor. So anybody that is a parent is in a stable family, maybe they’re married, they have one or two kids.

That is a great, great audience to sell to and you can sell so many products, especially products that they buy again and again and again. Now as a holiday season, it’s getting cold, so we can definitely sell Christmas products as well as winter and snow products. So let’s focus this particular store to the kits niche. We’re actually going to go into the kits nation and sell products like that. The first thing that I want to do is first look for products, then start customizing the store and making everything really pretty. So in order to find the products that we’re going to start advertising, what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to come hunt. ECOMOG is a great software and we’ve actually been together in their offices making videos and doing amazing things in their offices is a product research software and if you register with the link below, you’ll get the discounted price.

In this case, I’m just going to log in here and find my products that I’m potentially going to sell. Since we said we’re going to sell toys and parenting products, what we can click on as click on category and then we can go buy toys or toys and hobbies right here and then we can find the best products for us. So we have this walking led dinosaur toy. We have this wireless portable handheld loose with microphone, which can be great for a gift for Christmas. For example, we also have the Slideaway toy cleanup storage container. This product is actually great to sell right now we have 3d cute maze tongue drum. This one actually, this shoe grip is selling extremely well for us. That’s actually a great product, portable for folding stool. So you can see all of these products they’ve been posted about a month, maybe two, three weeks ago for this particular niche.

And you can look at any products like that. What we can also do is go to a tool called sales source, which I absolutely love. And we can find products for that specific niche as well as analyze other stores that are selling really well in our niche. So what you can do to find stores that are doing really well, for example, is go through here, the Dani come hunt. You can actually look at the actual stores that are selling these products. So let’s say for example, there’s walking led dinosaur tour. We can click on, show me the money, and then we can see the all the page here. You can sell with Oberlo. Oberlo is an app that we’re going to install a bit later on to import your products, your Shopify store, and take care of the fulfillment. So what I can do right here is click on store selling this item right here on e-com hunt.

And then it’s gonna, uh, send me to a store that’s selling this particular item on their store and they’re probably doing really, really well. So now we have a store here that is selling a product that we want to sell in our category, in our niche. What we have to do here is find out if this store is made on Shopify. So we can click this little application that I liked here, it’s called what runs and we can find out if the stores want to Shopify. In this case the web framework is bootstrap. So there’s actually a custom made store. It doesn’t have Shopify on it. So unfortunately we can’t analyze it. But let’s try to look for another store on here. For example, this tree cube maze, let’s see if we can find a Shopify store out of it. Go to store selling this item and we’re going to try to find this one’s simple horn and it is on Shopify.

You can see peg split, one of the apps that we have as well as sales source is popping up here on the right hand side. And we can click on that. And analyze how much the store is actually making. You want to do this with multiple products across different softwares. Try to find different stores that are selling these items. So for example, we can find this toy pig as well and then go to the store selling this and then we can try to do this. The exact same thing. Go on Salesforce. So you’re for how much they’re selling it or I’m seeing exactly how much they’re making from this particular product. In this case, Oh, this store is doing really well. Simple horn is making 31,000 to 62,000 per month. So actually this is a great store despite on this why I love using spy tools.

And now here I can see the best selling product. So actually they’re selling the same lace Patty and this floating ball shooting game led ankle skip ball, which is about a month ago. They uploaded it. So this is great. Why spy tools can be really useful is because you can actually check what products are the best sellers as well as what products got uploaded the fastest. So this one actually got uploaded five days ago and it says floating ball shooting game. Let’s look at that. There’s aren’t gone up like five days ago and it’s one of their best sellers. So that’s a great, great choice there. We can add that to the store or we can wait a little bit because it might be a product that Facebook isn’t super compliant with. They might not like the fact that it’s a game. We have other products on here as well and we have the products here.

So what we’re going to do now is we’re going to download Oberlo for our store in order to import the products onto our store. It’s really the easiest way to import them. You also have other apps like April, I’m going to show you right here, I’m going to show you the other apps. You have E-Pro low, you have hyper skew and you also have the other app called CJ drop shipping. But CJ drop shipping hasn’t been that good to students lately, so I’m not gonna like really shout them out. Ebro is great because you can add it to your Shopify store, straight from Shopify and actually import products into your store, which I’m going to show you right now. And now there’s two ways to access any single app on the Shopify store. You can either go to apps here on the left hand side and click this and the Shopify app store, and then you’ll find that basically Oberlo now is owned by Shopify, so it’s the most suggested app on here when you go to the app section, so you can either use Oberlo, I like using E-Pro because it’s faster.

They have up to five to eight days delivery and you can also import straight from EA from April onto your Shopify store. So it’s actually a download. This one. Let’s add the app or going to put the login name here, free course, Shopify free, free core and we’re going to put that right here and I’m going to click login and it’s going to log on to our store and then connect the app to our store and directly be added to there. I don’t want to show you just the easy way to do it, which is the old way, the old two to three years ago, I want to show you the new tools and new softwares that are out there so you can have the biggest chance of success in 2020 and beyond. Now just some BS that’s going to make people not really get any results over April integrates with the following advantages.

Click next here and then invitation code. You don’t really need one, so just start right there and it’s going to take you to this page. You can either contact the direct sourcing agent or the person that’s working on sourcing Sonny right here or you can import an Allie product. Remember the products that we saw before this shooting game and then also the one that’s doing really well does skip ball. So I’m going to actually choose those two because this one has been added five days ago. It’s already a best seller on a store doing about 50 K a month and this one is skip ball. It’s at about a month ago. So it’s still fresh and it’s also a toy that we can add for our store. So we’re going to take those two, look them up on Ali express and we can go here. I’ll and type in shooting game, floating ball shooting game, see what we can find.

And from Ali express we are going to import them into April and then from April onto our store. So let’s type in shooting game here and let’s see if we can find it. And it’s not that easy. So let’s see. Do you mean flotation ball shooting game? Let’s see if that one gets a something. So it isn’t actually pulling up. Let’s go to the product page and see what we can find here. You can also use this app and I’m not entirely sure if I have downloaded, but it’s Allie. Let me see if I had it downloaded here. It’s called here. Allie Hunter. Okay. So we actually, if we use Ali Hunter, you can find the supplier. Sometimes it doesn’t work. That’s why I’m kind of not super confident in it. But let’s see a trial that functions on Holly Hunter app. So actually I have a Shopify store now.

So let’s go to the Ali Hunter Shopify store, which they just added apparently. So it’s 11 reviews free, seven day trial. Let’s try it out. I didn’t know they had a Shopify app. It just has 11 reviews. So it might be a new app. I didn’t know they added that. They just had this extension that usually tells you the supplier, but in this case it’s not telling us. The suppliers are saying go and download the app. So let’s see if the app actually works. If it lets us find a supplier for this particular product. So let’s go to the app here. Just five seconds. We load your screen and then the product that we found is this particular one, simple horn floating ball shooting game and how else can we call this like floating ball party, floating ball should game. And then we’re going to take a free trial of the 1999 per month.

I’m probably going to cancel this right after I make this video, but let’s see. And we take the free trial, start free trial for seven days and then 1990 and then this flotation floating ball shooting game. Let’s add it to the, to the app and see if we can find it. So actually it couldn’t find any sellers for this product. So another thing that you can do to find any AliExpress suppliers is actually download the image that you find there. So let’s say it says floating ball shooting game, or download these images that are here. For example, what we can do is do a reverse image search. This is what we do and we can’t find the supplier for a particular product. We do reverse image search by tin I [inaudible] dot com going to post the link down. I’m going to post all of these links, but you can just paste or upload the picture here.

So I’m going to upload this picture of soon. We can find it. Let’s see, I, let’s try to find an ally expressive flyer, maybe Alibaba supplier zero results. Okay. And then we’re going to try to find this one. Okay. And two results. Ambassador games. A massive game. So actually this supplier for this product might be a little bit harder to source, so we’re not going to stick to that one right now. What I’m gonna do is stick to the skip ball to the skip ball right here. And this one should be, it should be pretty good ankle skip bop. Let’s look it up on AliExpress. We should find it here and let’s see if we can find this particular product and just as a winning product that I can find here. Okay, so it’s this product, 83 orders, 12 orders, 20 orders doesn’t have that many orders on Shopify.

700 okay. 700 rolled ball swing ball toy is 764 that’s actually a pretty good and the other ones just don’t seem to have orders. So let’s click on that 764 and you can use this tool called Peck scholar and actually check how many orders it’s getting on a day by day. So this one is selling seven three it’s all 50 few days ago, then 12 and nine it’s not selling that much, but let’s say we’re selling this particular product. Let’s add it to our store. I just want to show you how to do that. You can take the AliExpress express URL, put it here, import it, and now in port success and I was going to be imported to your store. All you have to do now is actually work on the product description and you can go to the import list right here and it’s going to be there.

What I suggest for the names of your products is always try to be branded, always try to be something branded. You don’t have to have a brand store right now, but this one for example, it’s a rope ball that you can jump over with your foot and it’s for kids. So I would say maybe I’m the crazy jumper or something like that, like a name about uh, let’s say a crazy jumper, easy jumper, active jumper, maybe active jumper, active jumper, kids ankle, skip, jump rope and that’s out there on their Kip jump rope. And then we’re going to put a tag just here. I like doing this for the bestsellers category, putting a tag called best that actually works really well. Then prices. What we’re going to do is the actual shipping is $5 from me pro. The cost is going to be five so that’s a total price of $10 for actually getting the product itself.

So we’re going to put another higher price in order to get some profit out of this. And now just to make the process easier, I’m going to go sharing just my computer, not my actual camera and computer. You will see my camera at the outro of this video. I hope you’re enjoying this video. Comment down below or like this video, if you’re enjoying it, let’s keep going with the tutorial. So now that I know that it’s costing me $10 what I’m going to do is change the price here. Let’s start testing on around 24 99 all of them. So I’m just going to change it to 24 99 24 99 24 nine nine compare. We’re going to put at let’s say 39 99 you don’t want to put it too high because people are going to see right through that. People are going to see that you’re just overcharging on a product or just making a fake price on there.

So that’s perfect. The description, actually this why I like April as well. They actually pull up the whole description with all of the images and everything and all of the um, the returns policy, the actual shipping information, everything is pulled up from Ali express and not just like Oberlo where it puts around them description like this one. We can get rid of that. What I would recommend for product descriptions is either looking at your competitors, what they are doing with their product description or actually hiring somebody to help you with the product description. So let’s look at the exact product, which is this one led flash ankle ball, and then the product description for them, it’s images spin around skipping ankle led flashing images. All right. Durable and safe and specification. So actually this seems to be the exact same product that they are selling. Yeah, it

Speaker 2: (17:49)
seems to be the exact same product. So that’s pretty funny right there. They’re selling the same product so we can actually push this to Shopify. What I recommend is just push it to Shopify. Then we can deal with the actual, um, with the product itself. So let’s go with the Shopify and now if we go to the product section here, we can see that the product has already added here and now we can go to view and we view the particular page. So here is the page active jumper, kids ankle, skip, jump rope. Here we have the description. So it’s actually pretty good. The description included the images on below. So although it is a rough description order to get a better description, I’ll definitely try to hire somebody from Upwork. I love going to Upwork and actually basically for everything, I love going to Upwork.

Speaker 2: (18:34)
You can even do product research on there. You can do product description, you can type it out there and find somebody really easily to write your product descriptions. Maybe five, $10. It’s just the easiest way. I don’t recommend you trying to learn it all and trying to build a product description like three hours. Just hire somebody. For example, you can put here from the Philippines location, Philippines highly recommend you do this and you can find somebody for maybe $5 an hour or $5 an hour, $14 an hour product description expert has made $10,000 in a platform. Hire somebody like this and you can definitely get it done pretty quickly. Once that’s done, now our product is ready to almost ready to be advertised. Not really. We’re going to build out the store better first and obviously clean up the images here so I looked a lot better.

Speaker 2: (19:21)
So let’s go to the store and let’s just actively import more products because we only have one and we want to look like a legitimate brand. So I’m just going to type in on AliExpress and type toys. We’re going to upload a lot of these products, so let’s say this one actually sold a lot for us. This is not actually, it’s a great product. It’s a is jump jumping ferry or flying ferry and actually sold really well for us last January, like last year of January. So it’s actually a great product to go for. You can take this link and then go to eat polo and imported there. So import Ali product is imported here. Import, import success import list. And now we can have it here and I, we can do flying ferry, uh, infrared, no, uh, amazing flying fairy, flying ferry, amazing Christmas doll. And then price, I’m just going to put it, it’s cost six.

Speaker 2: (20:23)
Then the shipping costs is one 53. So we’re going to put those in 1999. It should be fine. And then you can do this for every single product that you have. And we’re going to just make this really quickly because I don’t want to stay here for two hours, but now that you have the product here, you can just push the Shopify, it’ll be on Shopify. And now that product as well will be on the product section here. If you load it again. And now we’re going to have two products. So we’re going to do it for a few products. So let’s just type in on AliExpress toys. I’m not going to just upload them really quickly. Toys. And then I like this application, um, from Oberlo actually Oberlo tells you if there is a packet or not, although there’s some controversy going through with the packet for 2020 it’s probably going to die out or be super expensive.

Speaker 2: (21:10)
You still want to make sure that the supplier has each packet just to be sure that the product is going to be legitimate. So you can also click on this little thing and it’s going to import from E-Pro low, really, really easy. That’s why I like the app. It’s super easy to import products here and you can import, import, import successfully, imported successfully, and we can just import all of these products. Go to Tupelo. We have an import list of 11 and we can just push all of these. Just make sure to fix up the actual names, fix up the prices, fix up everything. Of course, the Shopify versus Shopify. And then we’re going to take those products and make them into collections. So I said we’re going to sell kids toys, the parents, we’re going to take all these products and put them in different collections.

Speaker 2: (22:02)
And then we’re going to keep doing the push to Shopify here. And I’m just going to go to Shopify and show you how you create collection. So you’ve got a products, then collections, you’re going to create a collection here. What I would recommend is dividing them up in either seasons. So you can do for winter, for summer, for autumn, or you can do by category like baby boys, girls, parents. So for example, you can do different categories or you can just do best-sellers, um, co kitchen, home cleaning garden and so on. Different categories. So what I’m going to do here is just two boys and then I’m going to put product tag is equal. Automated product tag is equal to boy, boy. And now every single product that I add with the tag boy, so let’s say I go to my products.

Speaker 2: (22:52)
Yeah. And I find one that I have here and I click on, let’s say this one and I put boy in the tax here. Boy. Now this product is going to be shown on the collection boys and now this party is going to show in the collections because I’d put the tag as boys, right? So now that, now that that’s done, let’s create other collections. So we got boys, let’s do girls. So tagging is equal to girl girls. Click save. Then we’re going to do a collection for parents, which we’re going to do create collection, which maybe we can sell wine covers or wine bottles. Um, something really pretty for Christmas and for winter. So parents parent, and then we’re gonna do babies and tag his baby. Then we’re going to do babies. All right, now we’ve got the product sold, collections done. Now we’re going to go to online store and actually put these on our store.

Speaker 2: (23:53)
So why don’t we go to our store and it’s just a free core It’s just going to show catalog and then all of this. Now there’s going to be a product on here that we added because the feature collection, it says bestsellers, but now we’re going to do is we’re going to actually add the navigation on the top and change the main menu. The main menu is this top section here, home and catalog. What I’m going to do there is just add menu items. So boys and I’m going to put boys, uh, actually no, I’m going to put collections, boys add and then I’m going to do girls or four girls actually is better for girls. And then I’m going to have girls collections ad and then this one I’m going to edit it and put four boys just because it looks a little bit better, a little more professional. And then I’m going to do for babies down here and I’m going to do baby

Speaker 3: (24:47)

Speaker 2: (24:47)
add. And now for parents or parents, I don’t know, do parents here, parents tell you about collection and now that’s done menu items. What I was suggested is adding another menu item, which is contact. But we’re going to first, before we do that, we’re going to create a contact page. So let’s just put these and remove catalog from here and then we’ve got that done and now what do we go to our store? It’s going to say home for boys, for girls, for babies, for parents, which looks really a lot more professional and better than putting just catalog on there. Now we’re going to do is create a contact page or contact form. We’re going to go to pages here, add a page and we’re going to go put contact us and then this one is easy, just put templates, suffix, page, dot contact, and then you can go to view page and it’s just going to be a contact form page and then then we’re going to go to navigation, go to main menu, add a menu item, contact us

Speaker 2: (25:52)
and contact. Whoops, contact us. There we go. Pages contact us, and then we got that. Now we’re going to add a tracking page for all our orders, for the products that we’re going to start selling. Obviously we’re going to start getting sales and orders. We need to be able to track these orders properly. The best way to do it is by going to apps here and this is the Shopify store. And then go to an app called Trackify. Oh, sorry. Uh, an app called AfterShip. Not try. Defies right here after ship and click on that and then click add app. And I’m just going to add that really quick. It’s going to ask you for your email and your password. It’s going to install the app onto our store. And I’m just going to clean up all of these pages here. It looks a little bit crazy.

Speaker 2: (26:46)
Well here we go. And there we go. Welcome to AfterShip and here we go. Brand name. Um, let’s actually name our brand something. Um, for, for parenting, for kids, let’s just say mid like happy, happy minis or Christmas meanings or cold mini snow minis. I would do like mini, mini snowmen. Mini snowmen could do pretty well. So let’s just try a mini snowmen and the store website. We don’t have a full on website yet, but you can just put this one free course, uh, stored on my and I’ll put that there. And then monthly shipment. This store must be a URL. Oh, it must have the HTTP thing on the beginning. So,

Speaker 3: (27:33)

Speaker 2: (27:34)
there we go. And monthly shipment. Um, um, in the beginning you’re just going to put less than 1000, cause that’s not where you’re going to have. Then the sub domain for your tracking page, I would do mini snowmen. The name of your brand dot [inaudible] dot com let’s go. And now we’re going to go to the actual Patriots. So now we have the AfterShip account on the backend. We’re going after ship and this is where you’re going to have all of the information for tracking. So start 14 day free trial. There’s a little bit, um, it takes a little bit of time to upload all of these apps to the, to the store. So let couriers to use. Okay, this is important. Now we’re going to, all of these four are enable USBs, ups, FedEx, DHL, all of these are enabled. What you need to check is the ones that are disabled. So for example, there’s going to be a lot of different um, shipping sources that you use. For example, a packet, it’s called EMS, China EMS E packet. You can choose that for other services like CJ drop shipping. And we can enable that. CJ packet is another one.

Speaker 2: (28:38)
CJ packet right here. We’re going to enable that for other services like E-Pro low. Let’s see what we can find here. Again, find it there and let’s filter by country, country. And then let’s put China and see all the services that China pay. Paul, um, eat quick and you make sure to ask your agent or whoever you’re sourcing from the exact services that they use, you have seed packet and a lot of different suppliers use different couriers. So just make sure that you choose the right one. If you’re advertising to Europe, make sure to use the right one because it’s very important for customers to track their orders. So now that we have at least E packet and Elise CJ packet, we can choose the other ones later, start tracking. And now we can do the tracking page and add a tracking page. So Oh actually this, uh, this tracking page already added, so I’m going to check there. Your tracking page URL is mini snowmen. That after patient I am tracking page and that’s what I was going to look like. So track order status but the tracking number and then track. So what we’re going to do with this page is actually take this URL here, copy that, and then go to our navigation online store navigation. And then in the main menu, I’m going to put that at the end. So track my order and then put the link there

Speaker 2: (30:02)
bomb. And we’re going to add that there. And we’re going to add that actually to the beginning of the menu. We want to make sure that people trust our website. We’ve seen that even website that don’t look that good. If we had the track my order page, it creates a lot of trust. So we’re going to create that and now it’s going to look a lot, lot better when we pull this up

truck. My order for boys, for girls, for babies, for parents, contact us. And it’s going to look amazing. Now we’re going to actually work on the store itself. So we’re going to look at the front end. You can click on online store, then go to the actual theme. You can use different themes. You can use it. The view theme, the Brooklyn theme. There’s a lot of other ones. The free ones, I would just suggest you start with free. So you can start with like the Butte. You can start with Brooklyn. Brooklyn is actually a pretty good one. So you’re going to add this one to the theme library or you can do um, another one paid ones like prestigious

Speaker 2: (30:54)
turbo Shoptimize. There’s so many paid ones, but you can click here. Oh, actually you have to make the [inaudible] the theme live first of all. So Brooklyn actions publish, publish, and then click on customize. And now we’re going to customize the homepage. So here we have the homepage, we have the brand collection lists, feature collection. So when the header, what I want to do is in the beginning I do want to have a at least a hero banner here.

So for the logo you’ll want to get a logo from like fiber. You can get one for maybe five or $10, you can go to

Speaker 2: (31:33)
um, and then click Shopify logo and you’ll get one for this are 2010, 15 bucks, five bucks, five, $10, $10 easy. You can get an easy logo. And then for the homepage logo, what I would recommend is exploring free images and going with kids here cause it’s our niche. And then doing like for example, this one, there’s a great image, it’s cold outside. So let’s select that. And actually no, that’s the homepage logo, right? Hmm. Well let’s go back here and actually it’s a slide show, the one that we’re going to change now, the homepage, they’ll go my bad there, the slide number one, that’s where we’re going to change, explore free theme, free images, then kids and then we’re going to go there and I was going to change the whole thing. Okay. So like that.

Speaker 3: (32:32)

Speaker 2: (32:34)
and now it’s going to have this image there. The other image, we can actually take this one and remove that. We don’t need it there. So you can click save anytime here. Free core store. In this case we’re going to just call it instead of free core store. Um, in the text on the top, we can put free shipping, free shipping on all orders

Speaker 2: (33:01)
and you can just give free shipping to everybody. That’s what I suggest in the beginning. Just put free shipping to everybody and then hope it’s a logo. You can keep it to your brand name and that should be it. Text on the top. Okay. Now the rich tax on the second section here, I would suggest just taking that, I would just remove that section collection list. I would do three collections. For example. We were talking about the boys. Let’s do girls. No, let’s do boys this one. Then let’s do collection number two. Let’s do girls and collection number three. Let’s do babies and now that’s done. Let’s do the feature collection. That one. We’re going to do the bestsellers. So we’re going to actually remove the collection on the homepage. And actually let’s put it here, just a collection of parents cause we’re gonna sell to parents and also to kids. So boys, girls, babies, feature collection can be parents for all your family needs and that’s going to change non perfect. And then newsletter section. Just take that out. It’s not necessary. Perfect. All right, so save that. And now our store is going to look a lot better for the slideshow here. I definitely recommend you change up these uh, an introductory hero banner. What I would suggest here is family now are from our family,

Speaker 2: (34:26)
from our family to your family. Perfect. And I want to align that center. Cool. And now the slide number two, pick another free image. Kids low tomorrow and I’m going to do this one, that, that looks really good cause it’s for Christmas. It’s now and then when it comes to the actual test, I’m going to do enjoy your Christmas. Enjoy your holidays from the, we said mini snowmen team. All right, amazing. No save. Now our store is going to look a lot better. So if you want to go back, do you just have to click on the Shopify logo here?

Speaker 3: (35:21)

Speaker 2: (35:23)
And then our store is actually going to look a lot better. So it’s looking better. All we have to do is the collections, so it can a lot better. Now let’s work on legal pages. So legal pages are extremely important. Where you’re going to do is go to settings and then click on legal and they go to refund policy. Create from template. I’ve got a privacy policy created from template terms of service create from template and shipping policy will be from a direct supplier. So this is basically from your supplier when it comes to the shipping options, shipping everything. So we’re shipping with April right now most of our products, what I would recommend is um, messaging, the, the main contact here, but most of the orders are going to be shipped within set five to eight days. You don’t need to add this to the, to the menu, so we can just leave it there. But these are really important. We’re going to save those. And then what we’re going to do here is actually create pages out of these. So we’re going to take this page and we’re going to go to the online store section here and click on pages. And these pages aren’t atomistically connected, which is kind of annoying. But if for example you can click here and this one was a returns policy

Speaker 2: (36:41)
save that weren’t going to take this template and put privacy policy.

Speaker 3: (36:46)

Speaker 2: (36:48)
And make sure to change the name of your store and everything. Obviously bossy, create a new one. Uh, put a here privacy policy. So then we’re going to put another one. And this is terms of service from service copy and then we’re going to create another page, terms of service. And I’ve got all those pages, all those pages. We’re going to put them in the footer of menu of our stores. So we’re going to look at all my store navigation, footer menu, a new page, a shipping, no returns, net returns. It just turns policy. Uh, add the item, turns a service, no terms, terms of terms of service or we go. And then the last one, privacy policy. And then again we’re going to put the tracking page, some privacy. And also we’re going to put the tracking page. So track my order track. Uh, no, no, it has to be the specific link from AfterShip. Yeah, copy. And then put it here

Speaker 2: (38:22)
and then link, oops, that would start my order. And then put that as the first one. It’s really important for everything and you’re going to save that. And now we’re going to have a tr a full footer menu on the bottom as well. So it’s going to be here on the bottom. You’re gonna have all of that. Let’s say that out. And now what we’re going to do is we’re going to actually add more products to these collections. So what you want to do is import around 15 to 20 products to your store just so the store doesn’t look terrible and it doesn’t look very low quality and like a scam. You want to make sure that your store looks good, make sure that you add the tags to add the products to your collections. And I’m just going to add one girl product. When baby product on board product and then three parent products,

Speaker 3: (39:08)

Speaker 2: (39:13)
I saved that.

Speaker 3: (39:15)

Speaker 2: (39:18)
And now we should have a nice collection on the center. Girls, baby’s beautiful. Now all your family needs, this is the parents one. So I’m just going to put here, parents obviously make it to the paycheck. You’re actually doing parents so that good on another product.

Speaker 3: (39:40)

Speaker 2: (39:41)
parents [inaudible] so that and then uh, let’s see this one parent

Speaker 2: (39:55)
and save that on the main page. So now we know that parents is our main page. So now we have here for all your fan leanings, you have the products here, you have the collection lists here and it looks awesome. Now when it comes to the name of your store, the actual domain that you’re going to use, you’re going to go to online store there, you’re going to go to domains and this is where you’re going to buy the actual name of your store. So we said that we want to call it a mini snowmen. So buy a new domain. We’re going to type in here minis. Noman and save. It’s actually available and it’s available. So we’re going to buy it.

Speaker 3: (40:30)
Okay. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (40:49)
and now that we bought it, we need to confirm and verify our email address. So our email is over here. [inaudible] recording charge approved and it should send us, there we go. Verification required. Please verify your domain. You have to do this fast as possible because if not your domain it will be inactive.

Speaker 3: (41:08)

Speaker 2: (41:10)
Prove your domain. It’s going to take a little bit [inaudible] and I was going to say your name, your email and everything and just verify the information here with Shopify and your contact information has been verified and it should not say a recent email anymore. Sorry. Verified.

Speaker 3: (41:31)

Speaker 2: (41:31)
Okay. So it’s probably a little bit too, a little bit of time to do that. What I recommend is adding forwarding email address has they have info and sales as default. What I recommend is adding one called care at your domain because this really helps in um, getting your customers to care like you, you show them that you care. It’s important to put that care email. And also depending on your name, what it is, you can put and then just put free core store here and now we have multiple emails there and these emails are not G suite so you cannot answer from these emails, but it’s, it’s pretty good to have the email for you in order for anybody to contact you. They can just contact that email. So what I would recommend now that we have our domain, we should be able to see mini my name’s perfect. From our family to your family. Now we’re going to change the actual name of the store. You go to settings general here on the top, mini snowmen

Speaker 3: (42:34)

Speaker 2: (42:39)
and that’s a lot better. Mini snowmen for, I’m finally with your family. All your family needs and it looks really, really good there. So now let’s actually, now that we’ve set up all the store itself, it’s looking good. It’s looking a lot better. Now we’re going to go to a product page. We’re going to actually work on the product itself. So we said we are going to advertise this active jumper, kids ankle skip rope. So let’s work on the actual product page. The first thing that I would work on the product page is the images is the most important thing. And also most people that are going to see our images or our pages are going to be on mobile. If you want, you can get this mobile. Um, it’s called a mobile simulator or something like that. It’s going to show you how the product looks when somebody goes in through their phone. So the first thing they see is this image. It doesn’t look that good, it doesn’t look professional, it looks kind of weird. The background is kind of weird. And this year right here, it looks pretty good color. It goes to red, blue, yellow, pink. So it looks pretty solid and it’s defaulting to green. Then it’s going to say children led jumping rope. This, these numbers, we have to get rid of description.

Speaker 2: (43:49)
Okay, so this definitely needs some work. The images are just too big. So what we’re gonna do is work on that. Now, what I’m going to do here is go to here and take this one out. And what I’m going to do is I always want to start a product description with looking to or a question to the persons. For example, looking to look up. It doesn’t, let me edit this. There’s an image or, well, let me edit it for some reason. Let me try it now. Now it’s going to let me edit. Okay. Looking to,

Speaker 3: (44:23)

Speaker 2: (44:28)
Okay, so let me delete everything. So I have to delete this manually here and then I’m going to do looking to have more fun. I’m looking to have more and better fun or looking for a better looking for a better play time solution for your kids and we’re going to put that large here and what heading two or heading one actually play a time solution for your kids.

Speaker 3: (45:09)

Speaker 2: (45:12)
That right? Like that. And then the description and itself, I mean it’s not that bad here. Features premium quality, easy to play included. Then it’s going to tell us the actual pictures here. I think there’s too many pictures on here. So this one is like, again, there’s one, it’s pretty cool there. There’s one is also pretty cool. There’s one is actually really nice. So what I I would do is, for example, I would take this and put it as the owl. I want to take one of these and put them as variant images. So I want to take this pink one for example, that looks a little bit more legitimate, like this look a lot better and I want to take it and post it to the variant image of the pink. And I want to take an image like this one looks a lot better and I want to change that for the variant. And also the green one is the default one. So I want to change it for another one that looks a little bit more legit. Um, I want to change it to this one cause that’s the main variant image that you’re going to see when you hit the product page.

Speaker 3: (46:16)

Speaker 2: (46:17)
Yeah. So there we go. See now it looks a lot better than the actual, um, the, the first picture itself looks a lot better. The description tilt. It looks really weird here, so I definitely want to fix that up. I, yeah, I don’t know why this description is looking so weird. Um, so I’m gonna just take these images and take them out here and I’m going to the description that just looks way too weird. So I’m going to change this all up and delete all of that. And now I have the clean slate here of the description. What I can do is either hire somebody like I was talking about or let’s do looking for a better play time solution or a child. Oh, do heading number one. Yeah, there we go. Um, introducing, it’s a great way to do it. Introducing our amazing active jumper ankle skip road for kids. I want to do a little bit bigger heading three

Speaker 2: (47:27)
for kids and then I want to do an image or a little video. What I can do is for videos, what I recommend is both doing them on Facebook ads, but as well as having videos on your product page is going to help a lot. Who I recommend for doing video is is either getting somebody on fiber to do it. For example, we have some people that do it here. You can just look up drop shipping video and actually find somebody very easily to make you a drop shipping video or you use a more professional service like bands of ads and use that service right here and they can make you a pretty good video. So I’m going to pull up one of the videos that they did for us. She’s going to pull it up real quick. I have the email from them [inaudible] I’m going to try and find it here. One second. Let me try and find the video. Okay, so here’s the veto that they prepare for me and it was for this a drawing board thing

Speaker 4: (48:33)

Speaker 2: (48:38)
and that’s a chairman on play, a normal, speedier.

Speaker 2: (49:17)
So you can see that’s pretty cool. I mean they add text to the bottom and it looks good in general. While you can do this, just download it straight from your email. And this video costs me $77. Yeah, one day delivery is $77. You can get three day delivery or you can get a split test pack, which is actually a lot better in three days. We’ll have two videos for you so you can test up against each other. And that’s a pretty cool company. I like it in general. Let’s just take this video as an example. I know it’s not the same product, but just for simplicity sake, you can insert the video by going to the, um, actually the best way to insert a video honestly is by uploading it to YouTube. So for example, if we go to YouTube here and we click on, actually let’s go to, um, yeah, let’s go to

Speaker 2: (50:03)
Now that we’re on YouTube, let’s go to this particular page. All you have to do is click upload video here on the top. And you can see that my videos are suggested. They’re exploring YouTube studio, select file, create a YouTube video, kids lie drawing board. It’s easy as a way to really upload a particular video to a product page. Now you can see it’s uploading. 17 seconds left. You can name it whatever you want. You’re not going to publish this, you’re not going to post on YouTube or anything. Make sure it’s no, it’s not made for kids. 0% process. Now we’re going to go next video elements. You don’t need a special thumbnail, you don’t need a special anything. Click next and you can click on unlisted. You can leave the video unlisted on YouTube, click done. The video will be ready in just a second video processing. So once it’s processed is going to show up here. So we’re going to wait for that to process and actually show up. And our videos should be done any minute now so it isn’t showing up here. Let’s wait just one or two minutes or what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to this section right here with chest show, HTML Bob, and we’re going to click that and then we’re going to go to the bottom here and we’re going to click here. So it’s really hard to put a video on the product page. Instead of just uploading it straight to YouTube. What you can do is upload straight to YouTube. And then once this pulls up, I’m not entirely sure why it’s not showing here.

Speaker 2: (51:35)
Should it be showing? There we go. Now we take the video and we click here and we actually go watch the video. Make sure it’s all good, it uploaded properly. Okay, I bought a property and now we’re gonna click on share. We’re going to click on share here and then you’re going to click on embed and then you’re going to take the whole video and post this code here. Be careful with this postcode here. And now click on here and now your video has been added here so you can change those particular name. You can put like um, for example the name, uh, amazing drawing board drawing board from tiny snowmen.

Speaker 2: (52:26)
Say that and it’ll be changed there. Or you can also do a Jiff Jiff video. You can go to oops. Make sure to save it always in case you actually to click out maker, you can make a pretty cool Jeff here. And now another to make a Jif, you have the patriarchy. So you can just click and obviously we’ll work on this. Um, make the page a little bit better. We have the video here, we have the images, obviously finish how the description and then it’s going to be done. The last thing that we’re going to do on the particular store before actually creating any ads is going to be adding reviews. So the best app to do this, we can go to the Shopify app store and download. Luke’s is definitely the best app to do this. Luke’s right here and while it’s out here, Luke’s photo reviews, it’s nine 99 per month, but it is worth it. You can add that up. Install. And now we’re going to take the basic one always like basic.

Speaker 2: (53:41)
And now what you’re going to do with all your products is actively import from Luke’s to your store. So let’s go here and you’re going to have this little bookmark on your, um, on your page. It’s called input to Luke’s and you can actually get that with the app. Once it loads, I’ll show you where it is instead of this count, skip import reviews. And then here we go. One click import from Ali express. Would that here, now we have import to Luke’s and now what we’re gonna do is every single time we have a product that we want to advertise, let’s say it is this, um, we want to advertise the active jumper. Do you remember where we had at Ali express? See if I can find it. I think I lost it. Um, jump rope. It was a skip, skip jump rope or what was the name of the product? Let me pull it up real quick here. Ankle skip, jump rope, ankle, skip rope, skip ball. Okay, here we go. Found that. And let’s go to the ones with the most orders. And obviously the most reviews. This one and now we’re going to do is click import to Luke’s. It’s going to say select the reviews from mini snowmen. Click active jumper FiveStars up. You can click all countries to English and then bad import. Arrive super fast. A little more than two weeks were spat. Fairly import, satisfied, import, absolutely love these things. Super sturdy and is very nice. Import

Speaker 3: (55:22)

Speaker 2: (55:23)
perfect. What do you want to import as five or more cool and useful toy? Very interesting. Door import. Important.

Speaker 2: (55:35)
Perfect. Yeah. Never. Never. When something says parcel or seller or somewhere in Russia, just rejected. So just a description. Arrive in 10 days now, 33 it’s much jump road super or the seller. Yeah, this makes some sense. Interesting. Ting is kids adore and not good. Geneal is too, it’s these reviews are just too simple. Okay, perfect. 33 days is too much. 33 days is too much input collected. And now when we go to the product page, we will see that the product has the reviews on the bottom. It has a 10 reviews here and when you click down, it has all of the reviews on the bottom. So now we have a product description, our product is ready and we can start making ads. But before we do that, we have to go settings

and actually enable our payment processors. So you’re going to go through payment providers and you’re going to go to Shopify payments and complete the accounts set up. Although Shopify payments and PayPal do hold your payments. Once you start making a lot of money, you will have some issues with tracking numbers and so on. They are the easiest ones to get started. There are better processors. If you’re already making 2030 grand a month, just feel free to message me or join one of my programs and we’ll give you access to the, to the private, um, private processors. But here, like the best ones to use are just Shopify payments and pay ball. In this case, I’m not going to do any of them and you just can, in this case you can just do both Shopify payments, PayPal, click complete account setup and now they’re going to be set up and here in the bottom you can dismiss these tips, get rid of that.

And are you going to have the total sessions for today? Payout schedule, bookmark your store so you can actually book market whenever you want to load it and now we’re ready to start advertising to that particular skip rope product. The store is ready tracking page, the menu is here, tracking my order. It’s all good and good and we’re ready to start some apps before we start ads. One thing I forgot, click on apps and then download one app called lucky orange. It is essential for when you’re analyzing your traffic from Facebook and you’re starting to get some sales and traffic from Facebook. It’s very important to analyze the traffic. So lucky orange helps you see heat maps. It lets you see recordings, so if you’re getting a bunch of clicks, nobody’s buying, you can check lucky orange to see if there’s anything wrong with the site and you can just add the app seven day free trial at $10 a month and it’s really easy.

It lets you see every single person that goes to your website, lets you see what they do on the website, where they click, where they click off, and absolutely everything that you need to understand from your store, from your potential customers, absolutely everything. So I definitely recommend this app I use on every single one of my stores, so it’s definitely a really, really helpful. All right, so here we have our product which is the active jumper kids angle, skip rope, and obviously you work on a better description of the video. We have the images here. We have a video that we can use right here for the Facebook ads. So we have this really short video here and they’re skimping skipping on the thing, skipping on the rope. All right, are we going to use, we’re going to use this particular one for Facebook ad right here and we’re going to go to our Facebook ads account.

If you do not currently have a Facebook ads account, what I would suggest is going to business that it is really it. It’s necessary that you have a business account on Facebook. Here. We have two. We have one of our main ones and then we have the one from my wife. So what you can do is go to this page, business. Yeah, this is not and if you do not see an account here or a business manager, you can click create business manager. You will create your business manager and then you will have an ad account. Then you can go to the business settings and then the business manager here you will, in the business settings, you will have people, partners, pages, ads, accounts. Here we have my wife ad accounts here. We have one of this accounts, but you’ll usually not have any ad accounts inside here.

I do not recommend using your personal Facebook ads account. A lot of people may make this mistake. They start using their personal account thinking, Oh, it’s going to be okay. I’m just going to use this account, and then it gets banned into their profile, gets blacklisted. It brings a whole lot of problems. So what’s what I suggest is getting a Facebook business manager. Then creating a Facebook ad account. You can create a, here you create a new ad account right here or request access to an ad account, which you won’t have created a new ad account, but we’ve already created this. When you go to open ads manager, you will have it right here, so you have the complete ad account. Also, you will have in here the data sources, pixels, big souls as a section where you create your, your actual pixel. You can create ad and then create a new pixel. In this case we can put mini mini snowmen, which is the name of our store. Many man, Oh man, pixel. Copy that and now we’re going to set up the pixel and we click here and this ID is the most important one that the idea that we have here, I’m going to login to the store. So many [inaudible] and let’s type in free core store, which is the email that we used in the beginning. Okay. [inaudible]

and then your password and on the backend of your store. What you’re gonna do is you’re going to take that ID copy of the clipboard and you’re going to go to your store and then click on online store and then from online store go to preferences here in the bottom preferences. And then in preferences you’re going to post it here where it says Facebook pixel ID. You’re going to copy it right there, paste, and then you’re going to click save. So now all of the traffic that goes to this particular pixel, which is the one that we’re going to use from now on for the mini snowmen is going to be tracked on Shopify. Shopify tracks is automatically, so if you have visits add to cart checkouts purchases, this is all going to be tracked under this Facebook pixel. Also make sure that the pixel is added to your ads account.

So what you’re gonna do is click add accounts, add assets, and actually no click pixels at assets pixels. Make sure this is this pixel, add assets, add accounts, account for modules in this case ad and it’s going to be added. So now you’re going to have your ads accounts and your pixel is all connected, all good and connected ads, accounts, pages. Also here, if you do not have a page, you have to create a page and then create a new page. You need a new page for your business. So just create a new page. And what I suggest is doing a brand, do it. For example, mini snowmen, choose a category brand, great page, and then what I suggest is getting some likes on the page, so not run Facebook ads from a page that doesn’t have any lights, doesn’t have any posts. What I suggest is taking your page and running a little ad and I’ll show you the type of ad that you’re going to do here.

Or you can view the page. I would suggest posting maybe three to four pictures or products or videos, whatever it is on the page, just so it looks legitimate. I’ve seen a lot of people that run ads from pages that have absolutely no posts on them. They look super scammy, super sketchy. Obviously no one is going to buy from that page. So you want to add a profile picture, you want to add a cover and you also want to create a Facebook ad, four page likes, so you can do and create a new campaign and click engagement [inaudible] and you’re going to actually create a page likes campaign and engagement campaign for page likes. So it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is maybe put it at five to $10 a day so it doesn’t have to be that much and it’s very easy to set up.

And then when you have clicks and a likes on your page and around, I would say 20 to 50 likes in the beginning. And if you want to get a reasonable amount of likes where it’s going to help with your conversions, I would get up to 200 likes on your page. It won’t be that expensive if you target worldwide, if you target all the packet countries, maybe it’s going to be one like for 5 cents. So you’re going to get a hundred likes for on $5 it’s worth it. It’s going to be good social proof for your account. Now we’re going to create an actual ad with our product and the act of jumper kids rope right here and we’re going to create the ad start over and we’re going to create, create new campaign conversions. Always go for conversions and let’s start with purchase purchases. Ankle, skip rope, [inaudible] and then campaign budget optimization.

I’m moving forward to 2020 this is going to be required, so if it is not required yet, take it off for your first campaign. If it is required, started at around $25 you can start a campaign at 25 set. The ad account is going to ask you where you’re, where you’re in, not in France right now, so that’s a little bit strange, but I’m in Ukraine, us dollars, Europe, Kia continuum and I’m going to set up my business manager here. Select the pixel. The big seller we’re going to select is the mini snowmen. There was no activity yet, so it’s going to show all in red and all weird, but it’s normal. There’s no activity,

Speaker 2: (01:05:18)
there’s no sales, there’s nothing. What are you going to do is choose purchase from now on mini snowmen and then create your audience. So for a particular product, what I recommend always is choosing brands about the product. So in this case we’re selling to a kids product to parents. So what we can do is type in on Google kids brands, best or best kids brands in the world, best kids clothes, best kids, clothing, website, baby clothes brand. Let’s type in best it toy brands and we have Lego, Mattel, baby Einstein and Tendo. So we can put those on and actually go to here detailed targeting. Click Mattel. And what’s the size of that? Give us. It’s 38 million people so it’s a little bit insane. Always take out this little tick here, expand your audience, take that out. Now it’s 1.1 million. So that’s was actually a really solid one.

Speaker 2: (01:06:14)
I recommend staying within that range. Always target 23 plus. They tend to have more money. 65 location. It’s in France. So I don’t want to target France, I want to target the United States and I want to target Canada as well. And if you want to know the E packet clean list, you can check it down in the description. So it is e-commerce or could clean the countries you need to target are here. They’re all from me and they’re the best countries that we have targeted in our campaigns. You can use it for yourself and all you have to do is take all of these countries, click copy and click add locations in bulk. Select countries, match locations at 30 locations. And there we go. 17 million. So it’s too big. Let’s narrow down by another brand. Let’s look at, um, leapfrog is a pretty good brand.

Speaker 2: (01:07:12)
And now we have an audience of 260,000. So that’s a little bit too big. Let’s put more brands down there so it doesn’t have to be that small little tykes. Let’s see how they’ll give us. It’s good. I want to hit a million, at least play mobile. And then we go 2.6 million. That’s pretty good. Now placements, always go with Facebook and Instagram feeds. Take on messenger, take out audience network, take out Instagram, explore Facebook, right column, video feeds marketplace, take out stories and they go in stream, always test with a Facebook and Instagram feeds. Always they got an article. And then lowest cost bid strategists have a cost control. This is more advanced, so I’ve talked about this in the, in the videos, but it is a little bit too advanced for people that are really doing well. So I talk about it in my, in my programs basically.

Speaker 2: (01:08:07)
And then schedule, run my ad continuously starting today. We click continue and now we’re going to create the actual ad. So what you’re going to do is let’s pull up here the name mini snowmen and then we’re going to do ankle skip rope. Always name your ads just to make sure that they’re organized. You’re going to take the face of page many snowmen. Okay. Single image or video. We’re going to add our video that we have, upload video. And we have the video here. No, uh, let me see where I put this recent. There we go. And we’re going to download that. And here we have multiple options for adding ad copies on the top. What I would recommend is in the beginning, try adding around two ad copies and two headlines. It helps you test multiple things. If you have different angles that you want to test, that’s also good.

Speaker 2: (01:09:04)
The best thing to do right now is to add, start with a question. So always either start with a question or start with a review. We’ve done some ads where we either put a review, and you can do this by going to joy pixels. Uh, it’s an, it’s a Chrome extension, joy pixels right here, emoji keyboard. And I have it here and it has all the emojis that you would want. So what we do is we go to here and we put emoji pixels and I look for a star and I click one, two, three, four, five, five stars, whoops. And it didn’t, it didn’t actually add them. So I’m going to add them here. One, two, three, four, five, copy, five stars. I bought this and you can add it like that. I bought this for my daughter last month and she hasn’t been bored since. I highly recommend mini snowmans to anyone, especially parents with um, parents. What’s a problem here? So it’s parents with children that are really bored and they want to do a bunch of stuff. So you just buy them a jump rope. So we can say parents with an uncontrollable no parents with, with uh, with children.

Speaker 2: (01:10:46)
We want to sell this to children all around eight. No, let’s, let’s do, especially parents with energy filled children. That’s a good way to put it. Energy filled children. Okay. And you can say get yours here and then emoji again and you can put a little arrow, uh, sorry. No, you can put a finger and, but this one and then get your senior pup. And what you can do now is, this is a really long URL is just too long for what it is. So what we’re going to do is take that and we’re going to go to online store navigation and then URL redirects create your own redirect redirect from and we direct to no actually re redirect from is. Where we put this redacted from is uh, we’re gonna put jump and now mini it’s

Speaker 2: (01:12:01)
There we go. Okay. So many is going to send us to this page so we can just put slash jump on the ad and it looks a lot cleaner. And also for the video, try doing customize the video and do crop. And I would do one on one, one on one videos tend to be the best ply changes. And here in another text you can start with a question. So have an energy, it’ll child [inaudible] introducing the mini snowmen ankle jump rope. The best way to keep your children active and entertaining. C U Y more than 25,000 parents trust us. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (01:13:07)
and then the same little, Nope. Yup. The link. And then you can put just two in there. Yeah. So that I would do those two texts and then I would do headlines, um, EPR, child busy for hours. And then I would also do call to action. Usually. Um, we do learn more. No, sorry, shop now. We do shop now. Um, and then in the other one you can do, okay. Mmm. You can take the five here and do my child. [inaudible] doesn’t stop using it. Reviews like that work really well, especially on our ads. They do really, really well. And now for the website urologist put many and here we go. Alright, so the first ad is ever created and that’s some good ad copy

for you for you to take. And they can customize video change the thumbnail. I would suggest getting a custom thumbnail or just get it from the video. But I would honestly try to get a custom one from a graphic designer. You can do this on fiber from five, $10 and then you would have a nice graphic there. Yeah, this very nicely done. Confirm. And now it’s going to ask you for your payment method for your account. You put in your payment method and once your ads get approved, they’re going to start spending and you’re going to start getting results on your ads. Now that’s it for the Facebook ads section. Now for the store, how are you going to actually take care of the results that you get? Once we start getting sales, you will see them here are total sales. You’ll see other results here and then the payouts.

Now in the apps for fulfillment, you can use E-Pro low or you can just take your orders and here you will see all of the orders that you have. You can also export these orders manually to send them to your drop shipping agent or your supplier. And if you use an app like lucky orange, you can also analyze the traffic that you’ll start getting from Facebook to see what you can fix, see what you can be doing wrong with your particular store. Now that I showed you how to create your store, how to create your ads and essentially start getting sales. The most important thing of this whole training tutorial of this whole Shopify journey is to actually figure it all out as you go. If your product doesn’t get sales, find out why. Maybe your ads aren’t converting. Test new ads. Maybe your product page isn’t getting people through the site well enough.

That’s why we have apps for analytics like lucky orange, maybe our price prices too high, lower the price, try testing prices. Audience targeting, tries testing different audiences on Facebook and see which one could work the best. Maybe change up the ad, copy the ad video and so on and so on. There’s so many factors that can make a campaign work and can make your ads a work or not that you need to test them and change them around. Subscribe to a channel. Stay updated to all the 2020 and beyond. New content strategies. I’m posting videos here two to three times every single week to update you on all my strategies. Everything that you need to build a successful Shopify dropship misses made sure to subscribe and I want to ask you this important question. Do you want a predictable Shopify system that generates more than 10,000 per month in profit, not just in sales.

There’s a lot of people out there that are saying, Oh, I make ten thousand twenty thousand a hundred thousand a month, but they don’t actually generate any profit. What have you could have a profit, predictable, profitable Shopify system that requires only one hour per day of work. This system will basically allow you to generate more profitable sales and customers, not have to learn everything yourself, just like you learn in this entire training, be profitable and consistent longterm, which is the goal here. Like I told you what, we’re trying to build a brand. We’re trying to be profitable longterm and automate the business and enjoy lemon to teach you how to do all of that. Just like all my clients right here at Sean, $1,000 a day, Monty, $1,000 a week Evo over here at $10,000 a month bogged than a hundred thousand dollars in 21 days. I’m multiple of these students doing $10,000 a month, $1,000 days, $10,000 days, even a hundred thousand dollars a month and so and so on.

Are you going to be my next dream client? Are you going to be the next person that gets results with this business? The three types of clients that I work with is clients. I want more profitable sales and customers, people that don’t want to learn everything themselves and people that want to automate their business and actually enjoy life and live a life of freedom. That’s the purpose of getting in business in the first place. Here’s how the process works. Who is this for is for business owners or non eCommerce entrepreneurs and investors who want an extra automated income stream. Maybe you were already starting a business outside of e-commerce. Maybe you have multiple businesses, maybe you have a nine to five job, just some you know you’re interested in business and you have a side hustle and you want to turn it into a real business.

Either a Shopify store owner or a drop shipper who’s currently in business making some sales. Maybe you’re making money here and there and you want to 10 X, take it to the next level. Owners of general stores, niche stores and one product, eCommerce stores, any type of Shopify store and people, most importantly, people who are committed to their business and freedom in life and they understand that they need to have skin in the game. They need to put effort, they need to put work into this and they need to be able to know that it’s going to take a lot of work. It’s longterm effort as longterm work, but it’s going to pay off 10 times, even a hundred times. Who is is not for people who just dream of starting like the idea of having a business. People will make excuses and complain. If you just make excuses about everything, then obviously my system isn’t going to work for you.

People are stuck in information gathering mode, are not really prepared to take action and get results if you’re prepared day. Gotcha. You’re prepared to do this and actually get results. This definitely for you and people who are not serious about growing their business by another K $1 million to their sales is definitely not for you. The better the fit, the better the results. I’m looking for win-wins. I’m looking for you to get results and for us to get an amazing case study, so I’m going to offer you today a full personal custom tailored one-on-one strategy session to you for no cost at all. It’s completely for free. It’s a strategy session like I talked about in the beginning of the video. This is where we really begin to figure out what you want and how to make it happen, how to get those goals in eCommerce and Shopify, what you want to do with your Shopify business, how you want to run it, where you want to be on what freedom you want to achieve in your life.

We make that happen the fastest time possible with this completely custom tailored strategy session. There’s a real strategy session, not a sales call, it’s one-on-one. We there, me or somebody in my team, we go through your whole process, see how we can improve it and see how you can 10 X your business. Warning time is a factor and this opportunity will not be open too long. Remember, we are people, we’re trying to help as many people as possible, but the time slots for you to book a strategy session are limited. So if you’re doing our book right now, you might not be able to book for the next couple of weeks. Make sure to do it right now. After this video. Go below right now and click to apply. Click that first link in the description, automate, drop shipping out, Tom, mate, drop automate, drop automated drop go below right now to a first thing in the description.

Schedule your one-on-one strategy call with either me or somebody on my team and let’s take your business to the next. All right, that’s it for that massive Shopify amazing chorus for free. You don’t need to pay 300 500 bucks for this entire course. Now you know everything to create a profitable Shopify store from scratch. If you want to learn exactly how to 10 extra business, take your business to the next level. Make sure to click that first link in the description. Schedule a strategy session with me or somebody on my team to help you with your business and tell our strategies to implement it to your store and Tenex at 2020 and beyond. Let’s get you results. Let’s get you sales. Go check that first thing in the description, like the video. Subscribe. Hit that notification bell and I will see you in the next

Do NOT Start a Shopify Store… Until You Watch This (Shopify Dropshipping 2020)

Do not start a Shopify store until you watch this. You’ve been worn in the Shopify drop shipping industry in this niche. There’s a lot of confusion. A lot of people are telling you many different things. You’re being overloaded by so much information, courses and webinars. When in reality, all you need to do is focus on this. Three main things that I’m going to talk about in this video. If you want to learn exactly how to build an automated drop shipping business that makes 10,000 of the 50,000 per month and only requires two hours per day, check the first link in the description for the full case study step by step training, and if you want the chance to win a full one-on-one call directly with me, make sure to comment secrets down in the comments below. Comments, secrets, subscribe, hit that notification bell. I will be checking.

Now. The first main thing that people are telling you out there is that the product is everything. If you have a winning product, you’re going to win. In reality, the product is not everything. People are always competing against products that are saturated or maybe they come up in a spy tool. You find that you’re like, yes, I found my next product, but 20,000 other people are subscribed to that spike tool so they all see it. I’m going to show you right here, this example which I showed in the past video. It’s a canine projectile video ad and another video ad right here for a pet bed. Two products are extremely saturated. This pet seatbelt and this pet bed at which I’m going to show a right here, this little pet vet. You might’ve even tried some of these products and they were super saturated part to sell, but these people tried it in a different angle.

Your angle is the most important thing to actually get sales and results, not your product. The product is important. It’s important. I give out free winning products here on the channel if you’re interested in those, subscribe, but those are not the main thing. The main thing is how you actually advertise. So let’s go into the first video into this canine seatbelt. And here you’re going to see this special seatbelt is saving thousands of lives, keeps SOG relax and free from harm. And in the bottom, if you read the ad copy, it’s basically saying, last week I was in a terrible accident. My car was totaled and my dog Sam was in the back seat. So when I was starting with a little story not about the product police officer who came to the scene told us from the speed that we were traveling and we crashed the dog.

If it weren’t for that seatbelt that they had on that video, the, for example, the seatbelt that their advertising mirror, the dog would have just flown out of the car and basically died. So what they’re telling you with the seatbelt is this seatbelt, save a dog’s life from a car crash. They’re not trying to sell you a seatbelt. They’re trying to sell you. The life of the dog is saying, here, I urge you to get the seatbelt for your pop today and stop waiting for the worst to happen. They’re not selling you a seatbelt. They’re not selling your product, you’re selling you your dog’s life, and if you’re a dog owner, this video is going to absolute restaurant. You resonate with you and in about a month they’ve gone 3.2 million views, massive and just absolutely scaled this product like crazy, this little seatbelt. A lot of people are trying to sell the same exact product.

They sell it with a story, they sell it, telling you if you don’t buy this, you’re going to happen. The same thing that happened to me. I was in a car crash. My dog almost died and your dog is probably going to die if you do not buy the seatbelt. That is one angle right there. The second angle, which is the pet bed, you see how the video starts stress. Sean’s dog size span for up to two years, three years. This bed is designed to ease stress and calm. Your dog were assaulting and better sleep, full relaxation, and then it goes into an overall health and happiness for your dogs. If you have a dog, this emotional journey that they’re taking you through, Hey, if you don’t buy this bed, your dog will suffer stress and we’ll be able to not live as long as it would with this bet.

So where essentially what they’re selling you is the life long of the dog. What they’re telling you here is a stress shortens a dog. So life, what you’re doing with this bed is elongating that life and making your dog live longer, provide better sleep and longer life span to your furry kids. This video, again, in about a month, 1.1 million views, massive engagement, really, really solid results. If you have a product that’s saturated, but you’re able to create an angle where that seems like a story or you’re able to create a very emotional ad that gets people watching and looking at the whole video and feeling emotionally and site like they need this product right now, it’s not just something that they buy for 20 bucks. They’re buying a dog’s life or something better for their life, their kids, whatever it is. If you get them that emotional state, you’re able to sell them.

Absolutely. Any product regardless of being saturated at being a winning product or anything else. Before I move on, I just wanted to let you know that I’m here in Tel Aviv, Israel in this beautiful view here and I’m here cause I’m meeting econ hunt. The founders of econ hunt is a product research tool for drop shippers. We’re going to be masterminding about how to help you guys find better products, find products that you can advertise and actually start getting massive results on. If you want to learn everything that I learned here from the founders of econ hot and that we master mind together and make sure to subscribe, hit that notification bell and if you want to automate your business from a to C, take the first thing in the description, the full training, how to automate your business and work less and less. The second main thing is if you’re doing Facebook ads or any sort of social for media advertising for your product or for your store, your video has to be your main focus.

Yeah, a bad copy could be good. The whole angle of it could be really good, but the video should be what you invest the most time and money on since a brand called blend jet right here, which you probably know what it is when you look at their videos to really know that they’re very professional. People appreciate when a video takes a long time to make or it’s very professional looking or it’s very well edited. If you look at some of their videos, for example, we’re going to play this one right here and they put all those fruits inside blender. They keep putting and putting and putting and then they put the gift, perfect gift for everyone, and this was mainly per Christmas. They’re also selling towards Christmas crushes eyes cleans itself on boom, boom, and then it USB rechargeable. So it’s showing all the features in a really well nice percent of video and joy smoothies at work and then puts a smoothie, make protein, shakes up the gym, and they do this with all of their videos.

They make them very professional, they edit them really well. They make sure that they show both an amateur way of showing the product like they showed just regular people using the blender in different types of situations as well as making it look very pretty and professional. So when you’re creating your video, I highly suggest you order the product to your home and make an amateur video or at least make parts of the video be amateur clips or integrate them into your video because that is going to help a lot in making you seem very different and make you seem like you’re an actual legitimate brat. You have the product there and you’re able to take videos of it. If you just take videos from somebody else and you still steal clips, it’s probably not going to do that well on Facebook. It’s probably going to die down once you get some some results on it.

If you look at the other types of videos here, they have, it’s basically the same one with different thumbnails and different scroll stoppers. I’m trying to find one that’s actually quite different and we’ll look at this one. For example. See this one? They put just the caps. So we’re testing multiple videos here in different angles. So in the other one they were just putting the fruits inside. This one, they’re actually putting the caps on top. So really focusing on making videos that are eye-catching, pushing you onto watch what the product is, watch what the product does and really pull you into watching their particular product. And they also have one more video that I want to check out here and I can’t find it here, but it’s one of these. So if you look at all their ads, they have so many, and this one starts with like looking for the perfect fit.

Boom. They start out with a blend jet and then they put all the things. So they really focused on changing the clips and the videos, making the videos with very professional, different aspects of the product, different features of the product, showing that off very professionally with really good editing. So if you were looking at what should I invest on, should I just do like a bunch of really good ad copy? Should I hire a copywriter? Should I get a better image for my video? Better pictures do video. If you have a solid video plus a good ad copy, a good angle like I talked about in the first thing that you have to focus on, you have a solid winner at right there for the third main thing. Don’t try to learn and do all yourself outsource and automate as much as possible. I teach my students how to build an automated drop shipping business that they can hire out and actually get contractors to help them so they don’t have to actually learn other technical details and everything.

If you go to Upwork, for example, and you’re trying to find a product researcher, it can be extremely affordable to find somebody to help you do the things that you need to do for your business. For example, web research, Facebook and keyword research right here, $4 an hour from the Philippines. There’s absolutely massive talent there that you can essentially hire out for Shopify product, Lister researcher, $4 an hour, a hundred percent job success. We can hire somebody like this for around 50 $40 to find you a massive list of products that you can then look at, see which one you can create a nice video off of and then start advertising instead of spending hours and hours and literally hundreds of hours on spy tools, looking at different things to find products or going to different videos. Instead, just go ahead and hire somebody for a couple of hours. They’ll find some solid videos and now or some solid products and now you have something to start getting success.

Start applying these three main things. The first one, your product is not as important. Your angle is the second one, your video is the most important thing and third one. Don’t try to learn it all yourself. Automate and outsource as much as possible. You will be able to shortcut your process in learning and getting results and absolutely grow your Vista 10,000 a month, 50,000 a month as fast as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about my strategies and how I teach my students to build an automated business like they don’t have to work on for more than two hours a day and they can make 10,000 of the 50,000 a month. Check out the second link in the description to book a free strategy session that we can help you analyze your prem business. And it is a real strategy. We’re going to look at your business, everything that you worked on, things that you’ve done in the past, and how to actually build it, the proper strategy for you to start getting results and start being successful.

Check the second link. Book a free strategy session with us right now. And if you want to learn how to build an automated business from a to C, I taught that in an exclusive live training. You can check the live right there. Check the live training, click that video right there. It’s about 45 minutes long. You’ll get all of my strategies to help automate your business. Make 10 K months while working less, less. So, check out the video right now. Comments, secrets down in the comments. Subscribe is that notification about, and I’ll see you in the next one.

1 Hour Dropshipping 1 Hour Per Day $10K Month Fully Automated Shopify Dropshipping Store

One hour drop shipping, how to build a Shopify drop shipping business that generates you consistently when 10,000 per month while working one to two hours per day, completely automated, systemized, so you can enjoy the freedom that a business is supposed to give you in the first place. Let’s find out. Hey, it’s Rockfield center. I’m here. By the end of this video, you will know exactly how to build a 10,000 per month business that’s also automated and systemized so you don’t have to work on a 10 to 12 hours a day and just give yourself a headache, learning other processes in the business, building the business, just like my student right here who crushed $10,000 his first month with the exact strategy that I’m going to teach you today. This strategy is going to be taken from the longer training on Tuesday. Today is Sunday. Next Tuesday I will do a step by step training on how to automate your drop shipping business to absolutely take it to a next level, $10,000 a month, $100,000 a month without having to work so much on it.

Make sure you don’t miss that special training this Tuesday. Make sure to click the first link down in the description to not miss it. Sign up for that and be there with me live. And if you want to win a one on one call directly with me, I give one out every single video of secrets, secrets down below. Subscribe. Hit that notification bell and let’s see if you win the car. The truth is in Shopify, drop shipping. Most dropshippers and most people, especially people like you, are probably obsessed with the latest Facebook ad future. The next Beck’s targeting option, the next winning product. I give out winning products every single weekend, every single month. Winning niches as well. If you’re interested in those, subscribe, hit that notification bell. But those don’t make your business. Don’t. Those alone aren’t going to take your business to like 10 X, right? And everybody’s obsessed over that as well as obsessed over hypes or one product drop, shipping, simplified, drop shipping, all these hypes that keep coming up in the drop shipping world.

People jump on them, they think they’re going to make a bunch of money. Oh, they’re a little bit disappointed. Okay, let me look for the next trend. Let me look for, Oh, what that grew is saying, what that person is saying. And they’re obsessed over hundreds and thousands of just shiny objects again and again, but they completely ignore how truly successful business owners are really grow and scale their businesses. People that make millions of dollars feel that make billions, how they grow and scale their businesses, they completely forget that and they just go for the next trend for the next thing. And millionaires and billionaires ignore what everybody else is doing. And in reality, all they’re doing is like putting more complexity into their business. Just putting more and more complexity, spending more time looking for winning products, getting this list of winning products and this list of winning products and it’s all again and again and again putting more and more complexity into their business and into their personal life.

And the truth is there’s only through two things that you need to be successful in this business. And really any business just like this one. The first one is expertise first and product research. And then in advertising you need to be able to identify and look for winning products that you can sell on your drop shipping store or products that have potential. They don’t have to be really trendy products that you’re trying to catch on a general store. They might be just a niche store, but you do need that eye of catching, Oh, this product is going to have potential, this product is going to be good and also how to market those products, how to create Facebook ads that make money, how to scale those Facebook ads, how to actually create videos that convert and all those skills necessary to put all that system together and also a well oiled machine.

The Shopify store to help you convert the traffic from ads that’s coming in into customers again and again and again. That’s all you need. Expertise, skills, and then the actual system because it comes down to this. If you don’t have the skills to consistently pay money consistently pay Facebook, Instagram, Google, whoever you’re paying for ads to make money back and skill that way to actually scale paying and getting the money back. Then you really don’t have a business. You can do it organically. It’s going to take you a long, long time. You can make your first maybe a thousand $2,000 and then that’s it. Now you have to do ads. Any of you don’t have those skills or don’t have somebody that has those skills and they really don’t have a business. You just have a high paying hobby or just trying this thing out and it’s not really a successful or consistent business that’s going to take care of you in the longterm.

Now let’s get down to the actual strategy. Let’s get down to business and show you exactly how you can grow your business and your Shopify drop shipping store without spending thousands of hours learning every detail and working inside your business. I see people, especially here in the drop shipping community, they’re all learning about so many different things and you have to learn about this and this and this, and it takes time. It’s normal. It’s a new skill. It’s a new business. You’re creating something extremely complex. One of the hardest things to do in the world is to actually start a successful business, but these are the only two things that matter. If you want to shortcut that process and you want to get there 10 times as fast as if you would by yourself. The first thing is hiring drop shipping experts, hiring people that already know what they’re doing, that they can replicate what they do to your business as well.

This doesn’t have to cost you 10 a hundred thousand dollars. This can be affordable, especially for people that are really dedicated and committed into their business. And the second thing is having a highly optimized customer system. I hope you’re enjoying this new approach and this new system to generate profits through a job shipping store. If you want to accelerate your growth and take your business to the next level, let’s hop on a free free car, free one-on-one call with either me or somebody in my team. Check the second link in the description and schedule your call. Click on that link, schedule a call and you’ll be able to talk to me directly or somebody in my team to see how we can help you take your business to the next level. Again, it’s free, not a free sales pitch in disguise. Make sure to check it right now.

This would be your Shopify store, obviously gets traffic. Converse it into customers again and again and again. No, not making the income you want right now and I’m making the money you want with your business. Let me ask you this. How much time did you spend last week learning about drop shipping and advertising and winning products, watching this winning product, video, watching YouTube videos, maybe my YouTube videos right here. You’re watching and spending a lot of time learning and learning and learning. Most people, it’s an insane amount of time. If you can relate to this, if you spent an insane, incredible amount of time watching you do videos, learning, watching courses, webinars, comment down below. Tell me how insane that time is and how much time you spend actually doing it every single day, every week, every month. How much is your, would it be to just hire an expert to do it for you?

Again, it can be affordable. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. You can just hire somebody to do the process for you and actually build the business for you. You see it in the drop shipping business. It’s very easy to get distracted by all the shiny objects, all the trends, everything that pops up and you see this person saying this strategy and Oh, let me try it, and this person says here, or if you do this 10 times your win and so many different things and they’re all like hitting you, hitting you, hitting you, but the raw reality is a hiring experts and optimizing your store are really the only two things that matter. If you want to shortcut that process and you want to ignore the noise focus or something and actually make a very profitable, very fast business, just like my student again right here, I’m going to pop him up 10,000 the first month.

Those are the only two things that matter. The rainmakers in the Shopify drop shipping game that people are absolutely make it rain. They make a lot of money. They have truly seven-figure profits and making millions of dollars again and again. Truly grow wealth, profit days. That would be your profit months. Those people have a systematic company approach. This is what I’m going to talk about right now and what I’m going to talk about more in detail on Tuesday. It’s a company approach. It’s not one man show. It’s not hustle, grind, it’s company system. Build a system that chunks out money, a formula that chunks out money for generating customers and they know that real business owners don’t rely on only themselves. If you do, you’re really not going to get as far as you would with a team or with the system. Jeff Bezos 111 point $3 billion. It needs no introduction from Amazon.

He doesn’t spend time in the core of his business doing the things that are mundane. You have to do again and again. He doesn’t learn about different fulfillment little tasks that you have to do. He hires people for that. He hires people for doing the website and putting different things on the website, improving the algorithm so people can buy better on the website. It’s all hiring people, hiring experts. He knows how to structure that and make a team in order to do that. Richard Branson the same thing. He doesn’t spend time creating airplanes. He his time systemizing the company so the airplanes can fly again and again. 5.1 billion. Same thing with Elon Musk, 23.7 billion. Again, it needs no introduction. He doesn’t spend time building spaceships, he doesn’t spend time building. He hires engineers, super talented people to do it for him. Build a system, people work for him and all comes up together into building the actual machine that is Tesla, space X, solar city and so on.

There’s two key processes. There’s hiring, drop shipping experts and they’re just managing a team and being the supervisor. Those are the only things that you need to focus and I’m going to leave it there. If you want to learn the rest of the training and you want to see the end of the strategy and exactly how you can replicate it yourself and replicate the systematic company approach to it and not actually spend time in the business of spend time on it and systemize an automated. Make sure you watch on Tuesday the training. If you’re watching this after Tuesday, make sure to watch the replay with the first link in the description below. One thing that also needs systemizing and automating is fulfillment and shipping products to your customer. In the last video, I discussed the three best Allie express alternatives. If you want to know exactly which they are and how to ship your products to your customers in less than seven days, check out the video right there. Check that video right there. Alternatives to Allie express in 2020 how you can crush your competition ship faster, get better customer service. If you want to win a call with me, kind of secrets down in the comments below, subscribe to the channel, hit that notification about, and I will see you in the next one.

Aliexpress Is DONE! Top Aliexpress Alternatives for Shopify Dropshipping in 2020

In this video, I’m going to show you the top AliExpress alternatives for Shopify drop shipping in 2020 so you can ship to your customers in less than 10 days, sometimes even seven days if it’s to the USA international, literally wherever you want. You can ship in less than 10 days with quality product checks and you can actually build a real automated brand that grows and scales with good customers, happy feedback, and just a better business. Let’s find out. Hey, it’s Raphael Cintron here. I teach people just like you, how to build a successful Shopify drop shipping automated business that grows and grows every single time. In this video, we’re going to discuss Ali express alternatives so you can stop with the lunch shipping time, stop with the broken products, the bad business, the banned ad accounts, and you can actually build a real sustainable business. If you want to learn how to do that step by step strategy videos, make sure to subscribe, hit that notification bell.

I teach you exactly how to do that on this YouTube channel two times every single week. Before we start, I do want to invite you to the special live training that I’m doing here on YouTube. Next week I’m doing a special live automated drop shipping, how to build a drop shipping business that only requires you one to two hours a day of work and makes consistently $10,000 a month with a case study of one of my students was able to grow to 10,000 his first month drop shipping using the strategy. If you want to sign up for that free live training goes to the first link in the description. You can sign up. They’re just putting in your email. We’ll send you an email right before we get started. Make sure you stay until the end of this video. At the end, I’m going to show you a special winning product that’s absolutely crushing right now and you can sell right now with the exact marketing.

Add an angle that I’m going to show you and make a lot of money with it. For the first alternative to alley express drop shipping, it’s called hyper skew. I personally know the owner. I’m not paid by Harper SKU. I’m not an affiliate type or skew. And if you go to any of these tools in the description, they are not affiliate links. They’re real links. So this one, it says a few clicks away from a successful drop shipping business. I’ve worked directly with them in a lot of my students. I’ve also worked with them and it’s a guide that has made millions and millions of dollars with fulfillment and eCommerce in general. In China we’ve taught a few times and it’s a great grid system. You can ship and tracked international delivery in less than seven days. Sometimes it takes even less to do that. Usually it’ll be around seven days.

And with the death of each packet coming up, maybe July or June, he packet is not gonna be as it is right now. Ali express is really not gonna be as it is right now. This is a great solution to use. You can find also products faster. Disclaimer, they don’t have a ton of products on there just because they don’t have you know volume yet. So if you go right now, this video is probably not going to go viral or anything. So the volume that they have of people isn’t as much right now. So some of the products you will have to request them and when you request a product they can give you a quote in about two to three hours. So you don’t have to wait like three days for a quote. You’d have to wait three days to source a product. Like other tools.

These actually source very, very fast and they can get your product very good. Also pretty cheap offers. So although on Ali express you can find some products that are maybe less quality, less trustworthy and cheaper. These guys actually provide quality and they provide also the offer there. The price is pretty good. I’m not saying I’m not working with them in any way. I just said it’s a really pretty a pretty good one. You can also do a 60 day free trial so it’s completely for free for 60 days and then you can get started and like I’m just going to explain here, then go to get started and you can create your account right here. We’ll clear it in an account and now that you’re in the backend of hyper secure right here, if you create a new account, you’ll be in this backend here, have your available balance, who can add the balance to pay for your orders.

Here in the section here, you have the orders, so you have all your orders here, you can fulfill them directly here and you can also pay for them in bulk. So you can pay for multiple orders if you want and are, for example, mentoring with me or have a connection with me, I can also connect you to their direct fulfillment contact so you can have the direct contact with them and you can just do it manually with a spreadsheet. Just send them an export sheet of their Shopify orders, send that to them and they’ll take care of it or just do it automatically. Here, you can hire a VA to pay the orders again and again. You can also do other express sourcing, so you can just put the Allie express URL, save it, and they’ll source it in a couple of hours or in less than one day.

And also you can search the products on here. They have quite a lot of products on here. A lot of them are quite known and a little bit saturated. It’s all the products they have here. I’m just going to look for, for example, like a posture corrector. Let’s see. That’s the one that pops to mind right now. We’re just going to pop it up here and now we’ll try to find here on, it’s loading right now, but it’ll pop up. And you can also do the delivery here. When it’s popping up. New products, you can do delivery under seven days, seven to 14 days, and at 14 days and above, I wouldn’t recommend going above 14 days. Just do it like seven to 14 days or less than seven days if it’s possible. They do have some warehouses in other places. So while this loads, I’m just gonna pop this back up here on this sheet and pull it up here on this tab.

And then also other things is the shipping calculators. So you can actually um, check all the companies that they have or their shipping with. I hope you’re enjoying these Allie express alternatives. I have a giveaway for you in this video. If you comments secrets, secrets down in the comments, subscribe, hit that notification about, I will be checking. I’m giving away a one on one call directly with me for around 30 minutes to look at everything, look at your store and look at your ads, absolutely anything that you need and take your business to the next level. Come in secrets subscribing that notification bell for free one-on-one costs. And you can use the United States of America here. Provide Wheeler tents like a, this is in grams. So you will do, for example, like a thousand grams, like one kilo, which is like 2.5 pounds or so. And you can see all the prices here.

So free shipping right here, three to five days and they also use the packet but it is quite you can you just use the free shipping oversee warehouse, so they actually have warehouses all over the world. They have in the U S they have in Europe, China and so on and they can ship pretty quickly. Now done with hyper secure, we can go into CJ drop shipping this. The other tool, a lot of people talk about it but I think it’s a great one. We’re using it for a new test store that we’re doing right now, which is going to be part of the automated drop shipping webinar or the automated shipping training. In sign up with the first link in the description, you can click source and this is the main website. You can click source and you’ll be taken to this page. Then you can go and sign in right here and we’ll sign it really quickly and once you sign in, you can go to my CJ right here and you can click on the top of my CJ and click on there and then you’ll have your basically your drop shipping center.

It’s kind of like going to the express drop shipping center and then you’ll have the activators source that you have and this is the new store. We just started ads today’s or it’s supposed to get a lot of orders coming up today. It’s going to be part of a case study. You can also go to sourcing here and sores any type of products so you can start a sourcing request. These sins, seizure drop shipping does have a lot of people. It can take up to two to three days for it to be sourced, but it’s still faster than a lot of the tools out there. You also have your videos, your inventory, all of the end. You can also connect with Amazon FBA, which is pretty cool. And custom packaging, which is great if you’re trying to build a brand. For example, you can get a custom bogs, a customization logo, which is pretty cool for products that you’d do on just you’re trying to make a better brand than a better brand image, so these are just great for that.

A separate bag. You can do the custom shoe cover. For example, if you do a custom card for the, for just the shipping, like shipping it with the product you want to put your brand name. Let’s say it’s like econ secrets. We put the brand name right there and the price is pretty cheap. It’s 10 cents per just putting the name of the brand, which is pretty cheap and also helps in just creating a better brand image, creating repeat purchases, helping your customers identify with your brand and grow with you as well. Now the third one that I want to show you is you drop you. This is the third. That’s, that’s why I’m recommending it. Now you can sign up for free right here and just create your registration and when you sign in or sign up here, you’ll be taken to this page where it says connect your store so you can just connect your store, but the Shopify domain, the Shopify name, and then you’ll be able to get all the orders exported on here.

So the cool thing about all these apps is they’re all automated. You can connect them just to your Shopify store. Once you get an order and send directly to the system, you can just order it here. It’s just like Oberlo, but obviously it’s going to chip a lot, lot faster. You have your products, your orders here, and also requesting a new product, which usually takes, it takes a few days. Yeah, it’ll take around three to four days, maybe even a week if there is a lot of sourcing requests or just the product isn’t as easily find-able as normal. I really want to emphasize leaving AliExpress for an alley express alternatives. I just show you the top three that I recommend. There’s a lot of them out there. There’s a lot of them that are a little bit scammy. There’s a lot of them that are real and they can actually send to your customers.

What I recommend is don’t trust any Alex vessel alternative, not even the ones that I just showed you. That’s true. Once you get a recommendation or you see a special tool that can allow you to ship faster, do test orders. What we do is we do around seven to 10 test orders and then wait around a week or two, see if they deliver and if they do and they actually promised that they would do in about seven days and they actually deliver in about seven days, then we start putting it to the store. I see a lot of people using an Alix wrestled turnovers. They fulfill around a hundred orders and they’re all taken like a month or two months together because the actual processor isn’t reliable at all or some universe that’s it’s good, but it’s actually not that good. So I actually recommend testing all of them and at least entertain the fact that you have to use an Ali express alternative if you like.

Using Ali express. If you like using your drop shipping agent, that’s great, but using an automated process like this one, Josh showing agents are great as well. But using an automated system like this where it just chunks out orders and orders and you just hire a VA to show them how to do it and they can do it and you automated the whole process, the whole business, it’s going to make your business better. It’s going to help you grow, it’s going to make the quality of your products and the shipping a lot, lot better. Now I want to show you the winning product that I promise is this little canine pulling strip or safety strip right there. It’s called Paul safe seatbelt and you can look at it and also one thing that I want to talk about is the ad copy on this. This particular ad caught my attention because of the ad copy.

It says last week I was in a terrible accident and my daughter was in the back seat. The car was totaled. Basically it just crashed all over. Both the person and the dog were okay, but here’s the thing. The police officer told her that the dog didn’t have this particular seatbelt. The dog would’ve just flown out of the car and probably died. They’re not trying to sell just a seatbelt or just a little strap for your dog. They’re actually trying to sell a dog’s life, which is, I thought in this ad was absolutely insane that they do it this way. With this particular angle would save Sam’s life. Was this doc seatbelts been proven to assist the worst car crashes like other models which are made from shady materials. It’s illegal to have a dog unrestrained like that by a right now and don’t be an irresponsible pet owner.

I think it’s an amazing product as well as an amazing marketing angle where you’re not just selling some pet seatbelt. You’re not just selling some $20 product. You’re selling life, you’re selling a dog’s life or dock safety, which I thought was an amazing product as well as marketing angle to show you now that you know the AliExpress alternatives and the winning product. If you want to take your business to the next level and absolutely explode your results, get to $10,000 a month, $100,000 a month like so. My students are hitting with an automated drop shipping business and helping automate the whole process so you don’t have to work as much. Make sure to schedule a call down in the second link in the description. The first link is to register for the free training next week on Wednesday. The second call is to schedule a call directly with us with the econ secrets team so we can help you take your business to the next level.

Talk about the exact strategy that you need and then talk about what you can do to build your business and grow it absolutely fast and make sure to check the first link. Then the second link, schedule a call with us, and if you want to learn the top 21 drop shipping niches for 2020 so you can know all of the products and all the niches that are going to trend and sell as much as possible. Check the video right there. I’m going to put a video right in this screen right here and check that video with top 21 drop shipping niches in 2020 subscribe. Hit that notice notification bell and comments. Secrets down below for a special one on one call with me.

TOP 21 DROPSHIPPING NICHES IN 2020 – Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, we’re going to talk about the top 21 missions for drop shipping in 2020 so you can prepare, make as much money as possible the whole year and beyond and the best niches, an example products for you to sell right now. Let’s find out.

it’s Rafael Cintron here. I teach people just like you how to grow a Shopify drop shipping business, one 10,000 per month or more. We have multiple students getting to that level, even the 100,000 a month level. If you want step-by-step free strategies here on my channel, all you have to do is subscribe it, that notification bell and if you want an exclusive list of products that I prepared for my mentoring students and exclusive exclusive list of winning products for you to sell near drop shipping store and you want that completely for free comment secrets, comments, secrets down in comments, subscribe that notification bell and I’ll pick one winner from this video. Then make sure you stay until the end of this video. I have an absolutely massive surprise gift for you. If you stay until the end and watch the whole list of niches and then watch until the end for that special surprise.

The first niche that we’re going to go into is pet cat and dog toys. If we look at this product for example, in 2019 this year it went absolutely crazy, is a dog suction toy, a bunch of people advertising on Facebook and they make, they made a lot of money from it. This one in particular make three, 3,531 orders and this other product, which is an advanced smart ball, although it’s not drop shipping, it made around $509,000. You can see it there. Um, it’s in Spanish, but you see it to $509,000. Now in July of 2019 and it is a Kickstarter. So that means that these projects and these pet toys are beginning to become absolutely massive. And in 2020 I’m going to see multiple, multiple of these stories just getting bigger and bigger. If you look up the cat toy on Ali express, the searches are massive.

There’s so many different toys. This one eighteen thousand nine thousand nine thousand eight thousand there are so many to choose from. That’s going to be a massive niche to come in. 2020 the second niche for 2020 customized jewelry and customized accessories and gifts. If we look at this one, this particular product here has sold mine 2000 quarters and it’s a customizable necklace and there’s hundreds of these on AliExpress and selling all over the world. This particular one called Macon this store is salads and a little personalized gifts or little love explosion of pictures and their store. In about a year it’s gone up to 320,000 all the way up to 640,000 per month. This year, 2019 2020 is going to be year of trying to be different from the competition, trying to promote products that are not as saturated as all the other ones. These are a great, this is a great niche to go into.

If you want be different from your competition and you want to have an endless supply of new products, you can just customize them and make them your own. Basically make them yours. Customizable products, just like this one. If you look up on LA express, there’s hundreds of these customizable jewelry, customizable accessories or you can just look up with private suppliers that can make it. You can even get your own designer to make custom designs for people. It’s going to be a massive one to come. Third niche is home decor and accessories, specifically high, low cost, high perceived value accessories for the home and home decor. This one in particular, if you search on AliExpress called stainless steel fork, all of these products have like seven thousand two thousand one thousand six hundred and one brand called Arctic Tre has made an absolute rushing up products for home decor. They sell these little dining products and just home decor in general.

Really fancy, just really high perceived value products that the cost isn’t that high. Be check out the case study that I did on them. You can check it out right here or down in the description. They’re making almost a million dollars every single month selling products just like this one, like this little Burton lamp or a speaker table, prom desk lamp, especial plate collections, and just absolutely crushing it right here for me in 96,000 to $992,000 a month with home decor. It’s going to be a massive niche this year. They’ve absolutely crushed it. 2020 it’s going to be the next level of this. The fourth massive niche for 2020 it’s going to be reusable and environmentally friendly products this year. These reusable bags, you can see your 8,000 sells, eight thousand seven thousand and these ones in particular, we actually sold a lot of them. Mild students sold a lot of them, so these are massive, massive products that you can sell and they’re going to be much more popular.

Much, many people are going to have that environmental awareness, specially with companies like for ocean that they literally take plastic from the oceans. They build products like this jewelry right here and we’re going to show you right here this little, and they name it after animal stuff they saved from the ocean, like the jealous of jellyfish recent. This particular store is making millions of dollars every single month with product like this or environmentally friendly. They help people that want to contribute to the environment. They want to make the earth better so it doesn’t and 20 it’s going to be a huge year, especially in terms of politics, in terms of making the world a better place. So I think these products are going to be massive and based on our research and the results that some companies got in 2019 it’s going to be an absolute absolute niche to get into for 2020 the next massive niche is going to be phone accessories and just fallen cases in general every single year, phone accessories and phone cases, specially with releases of new phones.

This year we had the iPhone 11 iPhone 11 pro. They’re going to be massive phones that are already very massive. They’re going to continue to be in the hands of pretty much everybody. They people go like crazy when they’re buying this product and they buy multiple cases for it. So cases like this one and the great thing I love about phone accessories, it just accessories in North in general is that you can choose them by season and sell them by holiday. So this one in particular is for Christmas. It already has 27,000 orders, which is insane. I would say for Christmas it might be a little too tight, free to sell right now, depending on when you’re watching this video, but much other holidays like Valentine’s day, you have mother’s day, father’s day, you have Halloween. Later on you have Thanksgiving, you have multiple holidays throughout the year that you can take advantage of to sell these products.

If you want to commit to a brand of cases, you can definitely do that. for example, has been doing it for about four years. They sell all these beautiful cases and these are all this iPhone 11 I believe, iPhone 11 pro and they sell it basically any type of case that you want. They make around 1.3 to two point $6 million every single month with cases, with cases only for phones. They take advantage of that thread of that trend and every single trend that comes out on your phone, Apple release, a new phone, Samsung released Sydney font, they are there to capitalize on that money and sell eight ton of cases. The next niche on our list is garden supplies and garden products. In general, 2019 Southern arrives have products like this one that made your 5,000 orders. They went absolutely crazy on Facebook ads and products like this that are for making your garden better and making your home garden more beautiful.

They grew absolutely crazy in 2019 and 2020 it’s going to be another year of products like this one that are not super expensive. You can get it from alley express around $9 or from your own fulfillment center and you can sell them from 25 or $30 and make a really good buck from them. Garden supplies more people and more people are getting into buying a house, buying a garden, improving the garden, making it more beautiful, and if you’ll allow it for them to use one of your gadgets, one of your products like this one that helps improve the garden, it’s going to be a massive win for you. If you’re enjoying this video so far and are going to promote one of the niches that I already talked about, make sure to schedule a free one-on-one call, either me or somebody in my team with the first link in the description.

Schedule a call and talk to somebody one-on-one about the strategy that you need to grow your eCommerce business in the next couple of years and the month to come talk to somebody. Either me, somebody in my team, let’s absolutely crush it. Build a strategy for you. The next niche on our list is mobile game accessories and gaming accessories in general. This one. For example, these blue light glasses absolutely blew up in 2018 2020 gaining around 10,000 sales, seven thousand five thousand five thousand just again and again and again. And these are absolutely crazy on Facebook ads. There’s a lot of new games coming up in 2020 very famous games like stranger things, mobile games coming up. So products like this one as well as product like this one that focus on the phone accessory aspect that I was talking about. So that’s too niche. Just combined phone accessories plus mobile gaming or gaming accessories together.

Products like this could be massive [inaudible] 20 especially if you target people that are interested in those new games that are coming out during the year. The next niche on our list, or should I say next category is smart home products or smart dispensers, smart products for the home and kitchen products like this one, which is the automatic water pump right here and you can see essentially how it works. You basically, it’s like going to a mall or going to an airport where they have automatic water, automatic soap coming out. They absolutely blew up right here in 2019 5,000 orders on this one. If you look at this one as an automatic soap dispenser, 1,600 and still students of mine for example, are selling these products consistently right now in 2019 2020 it’s going to be the next level products that make your home smarter, that make it easier for you to do things that are mundane or you do them every single day.

It’s great to sell to people, especially now every single year there’s a new product, just like this one for example, we’re going to play it here like these beautiful smart dispensers. You can put your hand under it and just get that soap right there without actually these products. We would sell it right now and they’re going to sell massively in 2020 the next niche on our list is sewing actual sewing 2018 and 19 Solarize of this massive product. 7,000 orders here and it’s not a cheap one. It helps you so easier and it’s a little machine that helps you. So, and also we saw another sewer afoot that you’ve put on your sewing machine and it helps you. So, and this is a great niche for people that are very, very passionate about sewing, especially older people that you can sell these products to. They’re willing to spend a lot of money, especially if they’re retired.

They have a lot of time in the day making a store or a niche full store about sewing or just about retirement life, maybe senior living. Could it be a massive winner for you selling products? Just like this one you can see right here and it has a lot of orders and there’s also a lot of other products that you can sell. For example, this particular store has this one as well, 3,800 and it’s a whole sewing kit. So you can also sell kits for sewing. It’s a massive niche to sell in the coming months and in the coming year. Niche number 10 on our list, travel accessories and travel gadgets. 2019 saw the rise of this little mini re fulfillable perfume bottle just like this one and you’ve probably tried to sell these yourself. They were going absolutely crazy on Facebook, especially Instagram, Instagram influencers. Some of my students sold them as well.

This one in particular has 5,000 orders right here and why is it a good product to start off? 2020 is because people start planning their vacations months in advance so maybe the vacation is coming up in summer around autumn, around August or October before their vacation. They start planning for it now. They also have that new year vacationy feeling where, okay, where am I going to this year? What new countries am I going to visit and what new experiences am I going to do? If you start helping them to prepare for those vacations, it’s going to be a massive niche to get into and also you can just combine it with other niches, maybe sell in a general store. You don’t necessarily have to do only travel, although it’s a great one to go for next year. The next niche on our list is car and driving equipment 2019 and 2018 this particular product sold a lot, those little two sided rotatable car blind spot and I’m going to just play here the video really quick and you have these little two.

You put them on your car and it can help you see your blind spot and see all over the car. Now one of the massive trends that is coming up in 2020 there’s an article in Forbes run about a month ago, seven biggest technology trends up 2021 of them is going to be autonomous driving specially with companies like Tesla, which is an awesome company. Of course I can drive for you. They have that autopilot mode. People are going to need some sort of gadget or some little equipment or accessories for their car to help them drive you a little bit safer or even entertain them while they drive. Products like this one are going to be huge. I’m going to help with that trend of, Oh my car is going to be autopilot. I need some products to buy for it. You can really go into that height.

Most of the money that’s made in drop shipping, it’s from hypes and jumping on hikes so it’s going to be massive for you. The next niche on our list is going to be lights and light accessories. Just like this particular product that absolutely blew up in 2019 24,000 orders of this little thing. I know it’s a cheap product, but it’s a little selfie light. These products are just blowing up again and again and again. 2020 is going to see very different variations and also other gadgets and products that look like these ones. They’re also going to become absolutely massive if you’re selling any sort of type of photography lights, anything that has to do with making a better studio. If you’re selling to people that make videos like me, videographers, bill lager first, it’s going to be a massive niche to get into the next niche, sunglasses and anything wearable that you can actually put on your face and check through an ad, how it looks on your face.

You might think. How, can you check how it looks, sort of an ad on social media? Well, Facebook is actually pulling out air, uh, augmented reality AR ads that basically you can look at the ad and put the product on you, but it’s on you kind of, so you can see here the sunglasses. You can actually look how do you look with the product on. You can also do makeup through any sort of, anything on your face, any wearable, anything that you put on your face or your head. We can actually look at how you look at it on the ad here. She takes a picture, Oh, I like these sunglasses. I’m going to buy them. So thanks to these types of ads, these products, specially sunglasses, that it’s very easy to just see how they fit your face, how they look, anything that you put under your nose, whatever on the face, it’s going to be a massive product specially for these ads.

I know it’s a massive market. There’s a lot of big companies that you can go to to sunglasses, specifically luxury brands. There’s still space for little companies and little teams to actually make money in this space. And another niche on top of that, like on the augmented reality, sunglasses, wearables is this one, the wearable jewelry on your face that you can actually put on your face, just like these ones. I’ve seen them running quite a lot. There’s a lot of students that are running them and doing really well, so it’s a massive niche as well. With the augmented reality ads you can see other than look on your face and it’s also just a pretty product to put on and it’s really good to advertise with either images or video. It’s really impactful product. It’s a scroll stopper. Essentially. You see a girl like this on an ad on Facebook and you’re going to stop.

You’re going to think, what is this? I’m going to check this out. Especially when girls see another girl wearing it, they’re gonna think, Oh wow, this looks really cool. I’m going to get it. And it’s pretty cheap. You can sell these for like 10 15 bucks or sell bundles of them. Any type of wearables for the face. Like I said, it’s going to be really easy with augmented reality ads on Facebook before we keep bulldozing through this list. If you’re enjoying this and you’re enjoying my value in the video that I’m giving to you, make sure to schedule a free one on one call with the first link in the description. Talk to somebody one-on-one like me or somebody in my team to help your business grow in the months to come, specially in 2020 absolutely. Crush it. Get $10,000 a month just like my students are doing this one in particular right here, crushed $10,000 in our third month of mentoring with me.

Check that link out. Talk to somebody one on one and let’s grow your business. Then next niche on our list is going to be toothbrushes and teeth cleaning products. Just like this one. This particular one just blew up. A lot of people, even my own students were selling this at massive levels. 50,000 a month, seven thousand seventy thousand dollars a month throughout 2019 this one has, well 1000 152 orders. This particular product right here, and it doesn’t load here, but it’s this little automatic toothbrush that you put on your mouth as well as this court, less toothbrush hangers. You can actually put your toothbrush here, so any sort of teeth, accessories, anything that has to do with toothbrushes, cleaning your mouth, there’s going to be a massive niche to go into. There’s already a lot of sales and a lot of products that’s sold, so as a 19 there’s going to be even more that are going to sell in 2028 this is a trend that’s going to keep growing and grew up.

The next niche, it’s kids’ education or products that help a kid learn how to grow and learn how to improve motor skills and basically become a good teenager or good [inaudible] products. Like this one, for example, we sold one in $50,000 worth of this little pencil grip that helps little students learn how to write and products like these. For example, so 14,714 orders. I wouldn’t recommend selling a product like this one if it was from 2018 2019 but now there’s going to be products just like it. There’s also a drawing board that students can learn how to draw better and there’s more and more products coming out just like this. Ones that are going to be huge. Remember when you’re selling to and selling to babies or little preschoolers, you’re selling to parents, so you have to focus on the benefits of the product and also what problems does it solve.

Maybe it’s going to be your kid is the first one’s going to learn how to write properly. Maybe it’s your kid having trouble with writing properly or developing motor skills and products like this one. They’re not super expensive. For example, $3 for three pieces. It’s a product that you can buy to accelerate the learning of your children for nation number 18 baby sleep accessories or baby accessories in general. If we look at this product right here, sleeping bags, that absolutely blew up. Now in 2019 obviously now it’s winter. It’s not going to be winter anymore and the rest of the year. So products like this one for example is a baby sofa absoultley crushing at 1,258 orders and there’s a lot of variations to this product as well. So the baby niche, it’s a massive niche that it’s going to keep growing and growing. More people are going to have babies, more people are going to have products for babies and when stores like babies R us or huge retail stores sort of went bankrupt.

They didn’t exist anymore. It’s time for babies stores to grow online. If you want to sell products like this one, I have one student doing more than 10,000 a month exclusively at baby products. It’s a massive niche to get into as well. The next niche unicorns, you heard it right? One of my students built a 5,000 per month or even 10,000 per month store of unicorn accessories and unicorn little pets and little plush shoes, just like these ones that have absolutely huge order volumes, eight thousand seven thousand five hundred six thousand five thousand just huge, huge, huge. Especially for birthdays and special location. If a little girl loves unicorns, so she likes these little mythical creatures that it’s going to be a massive thing to sell. These products sell really, really well and if you narrow it down on this focus, I wouldn’t say it wouldn’t be your main story. Your main source should be focused on other products or maybe you’re selling like children’s Biotics exclusively and then you add those onto our son.

It could be really valuable for you to solve products for unicorns or any sort of mythical creature plus sheets just like this one that’s sell a lot. And who’s number 20 pet cleaning supplies. Pet cleaning accessories, just like this little pet litter Matt or cat litter mat. It absolutely crushed it this year, 2019 with 8,000 orders on this little mat and products just like this one, like if a product like this can do so many orders and grow massively, imagine what other products can do. This also ties into the cat toys, pet toys, but this is more of cat cleaning, home cleaning accessories and supplies. So a store like this of selling all types of pet products or focusing on tours and cleaning supplies is huge for you. Now the last one needs number 21 is faith products, religious products, just like these ones right here, specially print on demand products and accessories.

One of my students is selling to one particular religion. He’s making like 65,000 a month just from that store selling religious. But I just like this one can be massive and it doesn’t have to be one particular religion. There’s multiple of them. So if you are a practic, uh, or you practice that religion, then obviously that would make sense to sell from that religion where you consult to one that you don’t practice as, as long as you make sure that you do the market research and you understand their desires and what sort of things they like around the home, what accessories they wear, what sort of clothes they wear, and everything about those particular people. That’s it for the massive list of 21 different niches that you can sell in 2020 if you enjoy this list, make sure to subscribe, hit that notification bell and smash that.

Thumbs up. One common secrets down below for that special list of products. And if you want to take your Shopify drop shipping business to the next level and you made it this far in the video, make sure to check the links in the description. The first billing schedule a one on one call with me or my team to build a strategy to take your store to the next level. Also in the second link is a special step by step training, 45 minutes long, no fluff, real step-by-step training that you can follow and take your business to the next level. Now if you want to learn the exact strategies that are used to find the top niches, top products to sell on my stories and my students’ stores, check out the video right there. Finding 10 products in 10 minutes, 10 winning products in just 10 minutes. Check the video right there. Check a book, links in the description for other videos, and subscribe to our channel. Hit that notification button that thumbs up if you enjoyed it, click those videos. Get a call in the first link and I will see you on the next one. Thanks for staying all this way with.


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[Case Study] $0 to $10K A Month Dropshipping SATURATED Products Shopify Dropshipping 2020

Today, I’m going to show you how my own student went from zero all the way up to 10,000 per month in less than three months all the way up to even one K days right now on her store selling saturated products in an unsaturated market. I’m going to teach you the entire strategy so you can replicate it yourself in your own store and take it to the next level. Let’s find out, Hey, I’m Raphael st try and here I teach people just like you, how to build up a successful Shopify drop shipping business in any niche and in any country. If you want to learn exactly step by step how to grow your business, make sure to subscribe, hit that notification bell and I’m giving away a free step-by-step course from zero all the way up to 5,000 a day on Facebook ads research for a few students if you want to win that special course comments, secrets, secrets in the comments, subscribing that notification about and that thumbs up button and lasting.

If you want an opportunity to schedule a free one on one call with an expert, either me or somebody in my team to take your business to the next level, stay until the end of this video, we will see the opportunity or you can click the first link that in the description to schedule your free call. Now let’s go into, here’s what you’ll learn in this video, how to grow a Shopify store. It’s one in $10,000 per month with saturated products, selling products that you might’ve seen already. They’re running on Facebook ads. You’re seeing them again, again and again, and you know what those products are, but how to launch that store, those products in an unsaturated market without even speaking the language of that market. This particular student does speak the language of the market, so it gives her a particular advantage over everybody else.

You don’t even have to speak the language. So if you only know English or you only know like English and Spanish, that doesn’t really need to force you back from doing the strategy and also how to scale your store with Facebook ads and look alike audiences plus a broad audience trick that I’m going to show you right now. So here’s what this can do. This particular student now in October, so this is fresh information for you to consume. She had 10,000 euros, which is around 11,000 to $12,000 so it’s even more than 12,000 and you can see we made it October goal reach. Thank you. Rafelson Tron and this was in my private mentoring group, absolutely crush it. And now the other day she actually reached $1,000 a day, not a thousand euros, but still $1,000 a day. Thanks a million for help with scaling. I’m going to teach you exactly what I’m teaching her.

I was the more condensed, the step by step strategy. So how you can grow a 10,000 plus niche Shopify store, take a niche that you’re already passionate about. So this is not dealing with a general store testing, whatever kind of products is more of a creating a niche store, something that you’re passionate about, something that you already know, there’s an audience for it. And then look for products that have already sold a lot. You can look on Ali express products that have sold Leslie a thousand or more orders and products that are generally saturated. You find it on Facebook ads, maybe even on Google, they’re generally saturated. People have already known about it or they’re promoting it across multiple platforms. Look for a market where there is enough room to scale, but also high GDP per capita that people actually make money or expected GDP.

In just a second, I’m going to show you the expected GDP in 2023 which is very, you know, it’s in the next three to four years. It’s going to be very relevant to this video in Europe specifically. And then the last thing, if you already know the language, that’s perfect. So if you know German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, um, no region, uh, Scandinavian languages are also really good, which we’re going to talk about it, then you don’t need to hire somebody to actually know the language or to translate for you. So it’s perfect. You have an advantage. But if you don’t know the language, you don’t need that to stop you. You can actually hire people or just translate your store by using a special app that I’m going to show you. So when it comes to choosing your country, which I’m going to talk here, what country to choose, you do need to look at scale, like how many people that are in the country.

Cause you can pick a really small country like Luxembourg for example. That’s a lot of people that are very high earners. Like the average GDP per person is very high, but it’s also a very small country. So what I would recommend you do is stick to countries that have a GDP of around thirty five thousand forty thousand or more per year. If you look at some countries like for example Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey over down here, Albinia Belgrade, although they’re great countries, great people. There’s people that have a lot of money there. The average person is not as affluent as other countries, like the Scandinavian ones which is 84,000 expected 60 1050 3000 Franz right here for the three 62,000 England, obviously 53,000 and then Spain 48 and Portugal around 40 expected, so this is actually a great graph that explains how wealth is distributed around Europe, which is the main area or main regional area that we’re going to focus on.

We mainly focus on us UK or us, UK, Canada, Australia, Australia and New Zealand. Also really, really good there. Obviously English, English, but if you are from Australia, you are from New Zealand or even if you are from another country and you want to focus exclusively on the Australia and New Zealand market. That’s a really great potential or a really great opportunity to scale there. There’s not as much competition. And there’s also a lot of people with a lot of money now which countries to choose the best results. Best is also far from me and my own students have been Germany or other German speakers as well as Italy. Once students absolutely crushing in Italy, France, Scandinavian countries. So the top five or the top four, I should say, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The top four countries over there. And then Spain and Portugal would be the next one.

I had one student that tried both Italy and Spain and Italy, crushed Spain, but I also know people that are selling really well in Spain. So eh, those are the top ones. Do not, it does not have to be in Europe, so not necessarily in Europe, but you can choose a country like Australia, New Zealand, or even the Latin American countries. I personally have a friend who does around 12,000 to 50,000 a month in Brazil only. So he owned these ELLs to Brazil. And I also know another one doing like 8,000 a day selling Overland America in Spanish. So there’s also that potential. Europe tends to be the better one. But you can also have that potential outside of Europe as well as if it’s easy to outsource and translate in case you don’t speak the language. So for example, if you were to translate it to Portuguese, there’s likely less people speak Portuguese than they speak, for example, French, which there’s like over 20 countries that speak French and so on.

So if you’re not really sure what country to pick, you can just go with the list right here. Or even Australia, New Zealand, or you can choose by a GDP per capita or you can go with one that’s easy to translate Spanish. Super easy to translate it. You can just hire somebody from Latin America, Scandinavian countries, a little bit harder. France, super easy, Italian, a little bit harder. You have to pick from one particular country, German, super easy as well. Know how to launch and unsaturated market stores. So how to actually launch and how to get to that point of 10,000 a month, which the student right here did. So either speak the language or you can hire people to help you with translating everything and also make sure the store is properly translated. You can use to translate your store. This app called the week lot, and I’m going to pull it up here on and I’m going to show you how to hire people on Upwork, but this one is translate your Shopify store as really good and we’ve tried it and it’s free to install.

There are some charges later on, some monthly charges, but this one in particular can let you just translate the whole store into the particular language that you’re selling. So let’s say you want to sell it to France and you want to focus on the French market, you can just translate it to French and you’re selling a France pretty easily. So it’s, it doesn’t have to be as hard as all as I’m getting people from Upwork that either speak the language and do that specific thing. So you can either hire somebody, for example, let’s say it’s a product description or Shopify product description. Or you can either type it right there and Shopify product description right there, look them, look for them, and then narrow down into people that only speak French. So you’re going to do filters and then you do other languages and you can do French here, French.

And now you find people that have private description experience through Prague descriptions. And then, um, also no French. So this one in particular is from Rich’s, she has 10,000 plus that I don’t have to be from France. They can be from other countries that do speak friends. So that’s why I’m saying if the language is more world-known there’s more people that speak it, it’s easier to outsource. A German is a little bit harder. Um, Spanish, it’s easier cause you have Latin America. But for example, let’s say it’s like, uh, something like Norwegian that might be a little bit harder. Right? So if you’re doing like a new regional language, there’s a few of them but they charge a lot higher cause it’s only Norway. So it just depends on how hard it is to actually hire somebody from there or even go deeper than that and hire somebody in Facebook ads, for example, Facebook ads and you can go there and then you can do filter and for example, somebody that speaks German.

Anyone you just type in or location Germany or languages German and here you go from people from Germany that can speak German or write ads in German for you. That last thing you can do is also hire a translator so you can actually go ahead and do a translation and you can just do the ads yourself through the product description as yourself and just hire a translator strategy. Translate everything into that language. There is song so it doesn’t have to be as hard. You don’t have to be born there. There’s ways to do it. Now the other thing that I do want to talk about is understand the country and the country’s philosophy. Don’t just go at it blindly. Different countries have different ways of living, different ways of doing business. Some countries are more capitalists, some countries are more socialists, so it depends the type of country that you’re advertising in.

Make sure you understand the philosophy. Don’t just think, Oh, if it works in the U S it’s going to work in France, probably not going to happen. You do have to understand what the country is, how it works, how the whole business structure is, and then you can go and absolutely crushed in that country. Now how to scale with lookalikes and market domination. Before I move on, I do want to congratulate Julius Varco Lewis for winning the free course from the past video. If you want to win a full step by step course kind of secrets, subscribe to that notification mail and that thumbs up. Once you have 200 sales or 200 of particular conversion event, you can start lookalike audiences and then scale with volume. So essentially if you have 200 clicks you can start a lookalike off of view content. 200 add to cart, started looking like from add to cart, 200 purchases and so on.

And also scale throughout the country. So the lookalikes don’t perform for you. Try to relate a broader interest. So let’s say in a country where you’re going from, let’s say it’s France right here, you’re going for very specific niche interests and you’ve burned them out. You already, there’s, there’s not really any more room to scale in your niche. You can go for broader interests or another one would just be going for a broad audience like going France 21 to 50 and men, right? So like men 21 to 50 and France, that would be like a very broad audience. But since you’re scaling in one country, specific grade, it can work really, really well. And this is the way to do it. This is how you do a look alike audience. So you actually choose your select here and you can also do multiple look alike audiences that you can test.

And you can check here one, two, three, even eight audiences here. Facebook allows you to do multiple audiences in the same ad set. So it’s not like you have to do one ad set or like temporary 20 per day for each audience. You’re gonna actually combine them into the same one. Now that’s it for now. Go make $10,000 per month in unsaturated markets. Go ahead and crush it. And if you want a free one on one exclusive call, but either me or somebody in my team, you want to sit down with somebody and talk to them about your struggles. Ask questions, get the exact strategy that takes my students from zero all the way up to 10,000 per month and know exactly how to scale your store right now. Check the first link in the description, the first link right there in the description. Go ahead and schedule your call.

The spots are limited, so if there’s no spots, please wait one or two days and also apply really well for the call. There’s an application form. We don’t take everybody, so make sure to apply. If you do get taken and we’ll get on a free, fully free call. There’s no sales. Fits in the skies is not a fake call. It’s a real call, real value. We’re going to teach you the exact strategy to scale your store. Go schedule a call, comments, secrets down below. Subscribe to that notification though for an exclusive module, and if you want to see me finding 10 winning products in 10 minutes with all the strategies possible, check out the video right there. I released it a couple of days ago and it’s doing super well. 10 winning products in 10 minutes, watch me find them. Check out the video right there, comment secrets. Subscribe to that notification about that. Thumbs up if you love this video and schedule a call with the first link in the description.


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In this video, I’m going to show you 22 products that are absolutely crushing it on Shopify and you need to sell to make money in 2019 let’s find out.

Hey, what is up? It’s Rafael Cintron Ecom Secrets here and I’m super, super excited for this video because today is my 22nd birthday. So for my birthday I’m giving you guys 22 winning Shopify products to sell on your store. Most of these products are making when $100,000 every single month. Some of them are million dollar products that are running right now in a bunch of Shopify stores. And you can model and you can sell yourself. And as always in every video we give out a free one on one consulting call directly with me to review your store, review your add, whatever you want me to do. All you have to do is comment secrets down in the comments below. And if you add happy birthday to that, I’ll give you a call as well as a free for Shopify course for you to dominate Shopify in 2019 so common secrets and add happy birthday to it.

Subscribe to this channel and hit that notification bell and you’ll be entered to win. Also, before we start, I want to congratulate this particular student who has made 400 400,000 in just five months of coaching. Started from zero, started with me in my private inner circle, started learning from my strategies, from my mentoring and now has made almost half a million dollars and now he’s at the point where he’s making like $10,000 every single day. Absolutely crushing it. I heavily congratulate him and he’s one of my best success stories. Five months, almost half a million dollars from [inaudible]. If you want to check out the inner circle program, that program with [inaudible] mentoring privately from me, check it out in the second link down in the description. So the first product that I want to show you, this is really cool stretch, right compression shirt and you might think, Oh, this is a branded product. It says stress rape TM right there.

Well it’s not really branded, it’s just a general store that kind of built their own brand and their own trademark art out of it. And I think this product is absolutely insane. You can see here the video, it’s a compression shirt. We’ll go a little bit into it tones. Your body corrects your posture, so the posture corrector, that was a massive product. This includes that into this particular product as well as obviously people want to be fit for summer. They want to be fit for now. That beach body, this is a great way to obtain it without obviously doing exercise which nobody wants to do so you can see here and makes you look better. Pretty much in any outfit makes mixer posture look a lot better and it’s just a great, great product. Honestly, in my opinion it has 13 million views in about a month with insane engagement over here and if you go to the actual website [inaudible] express, we’ll analyze the site and see exactly how much you’re making.

So right here you can see it’s selling for 29 95 they don’t even have a small size, which is pretty interesting. We can go to analyze store with a tool called sales source and we can see exactly how much this particular store is making for this particular store. What I would target is either interests of people that are interested in fitness or personalities about fitness, like dr Oz, Oprah, or any shows that have to do with health and fitness as well as bodybuilding or anything that has to do with just getting in better shape and that beach body, beach, uh, bodybuilders, et cetera. So let’s see, the Shopify store, it was created seven months ago and already they’re making $287,000 to $574,000 per month in seven months. There’s a million multi-multi million dollar store over the course of the year in just seven months. Absolutely insane. And they’re best sellers as you can see in the bottom is that stretch, right?

Men’s compression shirt. They also have like tactical waterproof pants and just a bunch of tactical products, which I thought was really cool. If you want to go ahead and sky card they’re absolutely crushing it with this product. So the second one that I want to show you right here is a self adhesive caulk strip. And you might have not seen that product. It’s like a little strip that you cover sink and bathroom gaps in. It’s just something that people pay a lot of money for. It solves a worldwide problem that people have to pay a lot of money for those little gaps and those little spaces in their bathroom and their home to be covered. So this product pretty much takes care of that very easily. You can just buy it and add it there. So you can see in the bottom it has 274,000 views in about two months.

It’s not a huge product, but I see a lot, a lot of potential on it. That’s why I’m promoting it to you guys or I’m sharing it with you guys because I see a lot of um, potential in this because it solves a problem that people pay a lot of money for. People pay plumbers a lot of money for this product and people pay professionals a lot of money to cover a solution that can be done in about, um, and we’ll see the actual page. We’ll see how much the store is making for $30, right? For $30 you can pretty much solve a massive problem that a lot of people have. We’ll go into analyze store here on Salesforce and for this product I would target people interested in plumbing, people interested in home improvement and brands like home Depot, Lowe’s, just brands about home improvement and people that are homeowners as well.

Anything that has to do with like homeowners would let in about three months are making 125,000 to join her $46,000 every single month. This is, I’m showing you a million dollar products. This is insane and you can see that they started like three months ago. This is absolutely ridiculous. If you go to Salesforce, you can essentially check the whole site out. It’s absolutely insane. Third product that I want to show you is a solar powered bird fountain. You might’ve seen it, you might not, if you’re not interested in birds or pets or whatever, you probably have not seen it. And we’ll check the actual picture, how to make your own bird fountain. So this is something that is very, very niche, like people that are interested in birds or bird washing or creating, creating your own bird, um, garden. It’s very, very niche, but it’s also very passionate.

People are very interested in this. People are interested in birdwatching, are going to love this. And you can see that it has 249,000 views in about a month. Not huge again, but a lot of potential to exploit in this niche. So I definitely think it’s a winning product for that particular niche. If you don’t have a niche in that store or you don’t have any general stores or anything, you can still sell this product as an offshoot, like kind of as an offshoot, trendy product for that particular niche. So let’s go to the actual website and we’ll click the Bitly link right there. And this is a product that I would really target. Anything that has to do with birdwatching or bird brands, I would even target like pet food brands like PetSmart, Petco, pet bar, all those and then narrow down by like birds or birdwatching just so it makes sense for people to be understood in a pet brand.

And then also a bird or bird watching kind of similar inches. So we can see a nicely 11 in about two months or making 3000 to $7,000 a month, which is great for beginners if you’ve never made any money on Shopify making three thousand seven thousand after two months after finding this product is actually pretty good. So I wanted to share it with you guys. Now the fourth product I want to show you is this portable AC and heating mug, which is absolutely insane. He has blown up on Facebook. This mug is actually like an air conditioner, just like, like it says right here and it’s a really, really cool product. I was interested in buying it and then I was like, wait, this is probably drop ship. So I did some more research on it. And you know, obviously it’s structured. So you can see right here it shows off the mug and in about two weeks, two weeks, not two months, two weeks, they’ve had 4.4 million views with a massive just ridiculous engagement on your, and if we go to the Billy link, we can see that it’s selling for 37 99 and it’s clearly your Shopify store selling like this drop ship product.

They do have really good descriptions. The store looks really nice. So it’s actually the story that they put a lot of effort into and we’ll see how much you’re making. And we can go to Salesforce right here, click analyze store. For this particular product. I would just target people interested in like outdoor sports or hiking or camping because that’s really the demographic or the actual interest that they’re exploiting, which is like hiking, just people that want to be outside, especially now in summer and they’re wanting this thing. So two months ago they’re making 30,000 to $65,000 per month in just two months, which I think it’s absolutely insane. So if you want to go ahead and sell a product that is selling a lot and has a lot of potential to scale as well because this audience is massive, it also applies to anything that has to do with kids.

Like if you target parents, you can also sell it to kids, um, that you know, the would the angle that Hey, your kids are going to to vacation or the kids are going to summer camp with this product. There’ll be able to have um, cold water all the time or hot food all the time. So it’s really, really good for them not. The next part I gonna show you is this magic fishing net, which is the fifth product. And we’re going to look a little bit into the, um, the product itself. So you can see that you just throw the fishing net out there and you can pull all of these fish right there. So this is a very niche product for fishing. It’s easy to target though. Fishing is really, really easy to target on Facebook. You can just target fishing and then a bunch of fishing brands and you’ll definitely hit if your target fishing brand fishing and then either like a professional fish guy or a professional fishermen, then you can really hit that, that a demographic that interests audience very well.

In about a month they have 2.1 million views with really, really good engagement. And then if we go to the actual site, we’re going to analyze the store and just see the store right here. So they have uh, you know, clearly a Shopify store being drop shipped and they explained the product very, very well on the site. And as I said, I would really just do a lot of research. If you’ve never heard about any fishing brands or you’ve never sold a fishing product, I would research a lot into fishing brands. So let’s say after four months or making forty five thousand ninety thousand dollars every single month, it’s absolutely insane in four months or almost at a hundred thousand a month. Crazy, crazy results. When you find a very solid product and you can see that this store is actually a general store, like gadget cap doesn’t have anything to do with fishing or anything. They just found a product with an audience that works on Facebook and they use exploited and are making a ridiculous amount of money.

So if we go to the next product, to the distinguished nerd, uh, this website, I’ve actually talked about it a lot, they have a lot of winning products and if you want to go ahead and spy on them, it’s great. It’s a great store to spy on. So let’s see this actual product. So it’s like an ice cream maker, a little ice cream maker, and it’s very easy to target. Like if you target people interested in ice cream brands and then your target people interested in like food network cooking channels or pretty much like cooking magazines, you can really hit the spot on that audience very well. So you can see that in just two months as 2.1 million views, which is awesome. And then very, very good engagement. We’ll go to the actual website and then we can see that it’s selling for about $59 and 95 cents very, very solid website, build out really good images, just they put a lot of effort into it and this website in particular, they put a lot of effort into their products and into their marketing.

They’re making a ridiculous amount of money. We’ll go here on Salesforce and see how much they’re actually making. So we’ll go into analyze, store on sales source and see how much money these people are making. Again, I would target ice cream brands with people interested in cooking channels or cooking magazines. And then the distinguished created about four years ago, so it’s a solid side with a lot of authority and a lot of build out and they’re making about a hundred a hundred thousand to $200,000 per month over multiple products. This is not just the only winning product that they have. They have multiple of them. That’s why I suggest you really check out their page and just analyze. It takes product that I want to show you is a self-inflating pump, so you can see here you can just add it to any pretty much like any thing that needs to be inflated and just added on there.

And it’s a massive worldwide problem that a lot of people struggle with, which is like tires specially if you target people interested in like car repair brands or just people interested in cars that have cars interested in car loans, things like that, they would be really interested in. This product is something that people pay a lot of money for and that people travel a long time for as well. If you live in like a remote village or something or Motown, you need to go to the main city and go to the main like gas station and then get your tires filled up. So this product really solves that problem during our 56,000 views and about three months. As I said, these products might not be viral or might not be massive, but they’re winning and they fit a need in the market very, very well.

So we’ll go to the actual website right here. We’ll analyze the store, both y’all, so I can’t, it’s selling for a pretty expensive price at $90 and you can see they’re selling it all over the world. So EU, UK, a U, U S as always, ride them top of main countries pretty much, or the top main regions. And then we’ll go into analyze store. As I said, I would target people interested in car repair or car brands and then domain creation five months and look into that. Look at that number. Dot. $891,000 to one point almost 8 million per month. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Honestly, like this is insane, and that’s one of their top products that they launched not that long ago. The launch it well three months ago, so it’s absolutely insane. They started five months ago. Now they’re almost like like, wow, this is crazy.

$2 million per month. Oh my God. Wow. Yeah. I share with you guys the best stuff. This is awesome. Great story to spy on and just an amazing product. All right. The seven product that I want to show you is this carbon tractable curtain and it’s a great product for summer specialty. So it’s not like worldwide, um, at all times because you know, in the winter, like here in Sweden for example, in the winter there’s like no sun, so you can’t really use it during the winter. But now in summer, since it’s may and it’s going to be summer right now, it’s a really, really good product for you to sell and exploit in the next three to four months. As they’re doing very, very clearly in about a month, they’ve done about 4 million views very, very well with a lot of engagement. And we’ll check out the actual product page and see what they’re doing with the product page.

And you can see, obviously it’s a Shopify store selling this particular product and this a product that really solves a massive problem. I remember my mom, when we were growing up, she would buy like 10 of those trying to cover up the the window just so the sun wouldn’t get in and wouldn’t heat up the car. So this is a massive, massive problem. Let’s go into analyze store and for this I would really, it’s really hard to target. So I would just target people interested in general gadget brands like as seen on TV and gadget unbox therapy and then now down by car brands. So we can see domain creation about six months ago making sixty seven thousand two hundred and thirty four thousand dollars per month. So they essentially taken a massive, massive problem around the market and around the world and solved it with a really convenient and good product. As I talk about always the Quito winning product is solving a massive universal problem.

Really simple, easy to buy solution. The next product I’m going to show you is intelligent, convenient. He’d set a ceiling machine and actually this is not the main product of this particular website. Surf road. They actually making like I think $1 million a month or so, but this is not the main website, the main product. They actually launch it like two months ago. But I still think it solves a massive problem that still needs to be exploited beyond what they’d done so far. So it basically heat seals, everything. Like here you can see, Oh I can just heat, so anything I don’t need any special like clips or anything to just seal it. So here you can see they have about half a million views in about two months. But this is mainly based off of a watch of, of our Facebook watch page, not off of an ad.

And you can see the engagement is kind of low on this, but if we go to their particular website, this is one of their top products. And if we go to sales source, analyze the store, we’ll see that they’re making a ridiculous amount of money. So we’ll go into this, Oh there’s actually eight different store like wall, let they have two stores, I think a surf road and then world deco and yeah, just the one that’s three months ago and 123 to join a 46,000 so they’re making a lot of money on this particular store. In about three months, which is insane. This is probably one of their newest stores. They mainly probably created one big store a lot more months ago or a lot years ago. And now this is the one that’s like kind of an offshoot off of those with a bunch of their winning products.

But it’s a great product to be exploited in my personal opinion. And it’s a product that solves a problem that people are willing to solve for about 30 bucks. It’s probably going to show you is this easy to install? Um, like gardening tool cutter thing. I dunno what this particular thing is called, but I think it’s a great winning product for people, especially now in summer that are interested in gardening. So something like this, if your target people interested in gardening or home improvement tools, home improvement brands like Caterpillar or just home Depot and Lowe’s, there’s a great product that actually solves a massive, massive problem. So let’s go over the video a little bit. And you can see here in about two weeks it has half more than half a million views with really good engagement. So we’ll go into a little bit. Yeah. So if like it’s saying, right, the massive problem is that there’s a lot of tools out there that one are very expensive.

As I know these probably are like maybe a thousand $2,000 for these gardening tools and sometimes they don’t even work that well. This one solves that problem. We can go into the price. So compare $1,000 tool that doesn’t work that well with a $30 tool, right? So that’s why it’s, it’s really, really like profitable right now and it’s uh, getting that potential and, um, growth in the market. So we can see that if we analyze the store, we can go into it. As I said, gardening, interested in home improvement brands or just gardening brands in general or, uh, pretty much like garden. Anything that has to do with garden magazines, TV shows, anything like that. And before sales sold source loads in about a year to making 22,000 to $44,000 per month. Not massive, but they’re exploring a very, very interesting niche to make about $30,000 a month, which is pretty solid income for one of these products.

All right, now time for a massive massive winner. This knee joint support paths with the traditional Hazel club, which is a great store that I love to look at and it’s an amazing store. It’s making a ridiculous amount of money. So you can see right here, this knee pads right here. You can essentially like protect your knee and help you support your knees and just walk better in life in general. And then we can go, we can see that it has 6.6 million views in about a month and then we can go to the actual order page and if they’re selling for about 90 bucks, which is pretty expensive, this product, you can get it for like 30 so the margin on it is very, very good and the targeting is not really that hard, like the targeting for this product. You can basically do anything that has to do with like big magazine, like health magazines or joint pain magazines, arthritis magazines.

And then just narrowed down by people that are either frequent travelers or people that just move a lot and like outdoor sports, outdoor interests like camping, camping, hiking, and things have to do with like outdoor activities. So we’ll go into Hazel club and about two months are making eighty two thousand two hundred and sixty four thousand dollars per month with multiple products. I’m not really sure if this is their main bestseller. We can check on the bottom. No, so it’s actually not their main bestseller, but that particular product has gone pretty viral and it has a lot of sales. I would definitely recommend that you promoted just because it solves a problem, which is like joint pain and people that want to do things outside, want to do outdoor activities, but they can’t really, that’s why I recommend targeting both outdoor activities or camping and hiking and then people interested in magazines that have to do with health or recovery or pretty much like physical therapy, like people that have to go to a doctor to actually get their needs check.

This is a product. I solved that problem. They’re eat very well. All right. The 10th product that I want to show you is this measuring instrument, which is very interesting. When I first saw it, I didn’t really understand what it does and most people that are seeing this ad, they don’t understand what it does, but it’s catchy. That’s what it’s really good. It basically stops you from scrolling and makes you watch the video. So you can see the video here. You can actually measure things like with that little tool they use to measure things, but very quickly and much, much easier than with the other tool or with any construction tools. Really. So this has about 143,000 views in just a month. Not huge again, but it’s a product that has not been exploited that well honestly, and I saw it in my feet. I thought it would be really interesting to show it to you guys.

And then in the bottom, if you go to their website, we’ll analyze the store and then see that it’s solid for like $35 and the description is really, really good. All these stores have really, really good descriptions. They show the product, they feature it pretty well and they do a great job at that. So we’ll go in and analyze the store to see how much you’re actually making with this particular product. For this they’re targeting is a little bit hard. What I would go for is just people interested in construction and home improvement. Honestly combining those two, this is what that tool fits and solves a problem and then once you make a bunch of money off that then you can expand with look alike. So in the beginning they’re making four months, you know, and just four months are making 44,000 to $89,000 with this product.

Definitely recommend you check them out and you just analyze this product. Go ahead and look for it on how they express is definitely one that I think has a lot of potential and not a lot of people are going to be interested in selling it just because they think, Oh this is just for like construction people. I’m not going to sell this. And then at the leaves space to people that actually sell it and then they can make like 50 grand a month off of it. Right now that we talked about the first top 10 products that are going to go into the other 12 to make the last 22 and I don’t want to keep you here for like three hours. So we’re going to go quickly throw them out. I’m just going to show you the product and then you can do a little bit more research into it.

So just to do you the favor, I’m just going to show you the product. So the 11th product here, this little tripod for um, for phones. So now a lot of these products aren’t really like viral or super, super big winners, but I see a lot of potential behind them and a lot of people promoting them profitably, which is why I’m sharing them with you. So you can see here this little tripod, you know this, it solves a problem, which people don’t really want to buy a big tripod like the one I’m using right now for their phone. And they also want to make videos with their phone. So this fits that really, really well. And if we go to the actual video, it has 257,000 views since Thursday and today’s Monday, so like four days as a quarter million views, which is pretty insane. And if we go to the website, we can analyze the store, see how much money they’re making.

So you’re selling for $30 it doesn’t even have a reviews, which is pretty crazy that it doesn’t even have reviews and it’s selling, let’s see how much money this store is actually making. So for this, I would particularly target just people that have iPhones or are logging in to Facebook through I-phones and they’re like something like engage shoppers or something general like that. Just three months, seventeen thousand thirty five thousand so it’s a solid product, right? It’s not massive. It’s not viral, it’s not a seven for your product, but it’s definitely something that you can make a lot of money off of. So the second one that I want to show you is the smart cloud. It’s like a product that you might look at and you’re like, Oh, whatever. Like the smart cloud, what the, what is that? So you can see here add a magic 20 room with this floating lamp.

I thought it was really cool. Not that many people selling it, but this particular store, travel tip is a multimillion dollar store and they’re testing this product, which I saw that testing ad and they had multiple ad copies of it, multiple videos of this product. So I’m thinking that they think that it’s a winner. That’s why I’m sharing with you just because it could be a winner in four days at 10,000 views. So really not at all like not much, many views, but it’s still a product that has a lot of potential and since they’re testing it, they have a massive team of researchers and a lot of money. That’s why I’m thinking it could be a solid product. You can just check it out later on. Bottom number 13 this spacious hanging where three retreat. When I saw this ad, I was really captured by just like the human aspect of it.

There were so many people on the ad and it was featuring that product that I was like, Oh, let me just check it out, let me see the ad. It really stopped me from scrolling. It doesn’t have that many views. Again, 23,000 just from Fridays, so in about three days, two and a half days. And then it’s a really cool product that you can just, they have that privacy and hear in the comment, you can see, which I had a cottage like this. I love the privacy it provides and so on. And this video is like 40 minutes long. I’m not really sure why this is so long. If it ends up to a minute. So might be a glitch, might be just them trying to get like longer video views. I’m not really sure about that. And if we go to the actual, um, like video here, you can just see how the product works and how it helps and it doesn’t really solve any problem.

It’s just something cool that people might buy for vacation. So that’s why I wanted to share with you. So let’s go to the next one. This really cool a kettle that you can pretty much like put water in and boil it very, very quickly. Kettles, I drink a lot of tea and I drink a lot of coffee and this is like really a problem when you’re traveling. So if you would target people interested in like tea or tea brands, me, I’m interested in those and then your target people that are frequent travelers me and interested in that so you would definitely hit me very, very well and you would hit people like me. So I thought it was a product worth promoting and worth sharing with you guys. So if you go to the ashore website, it’s again there’s a website called bolt Gigi deals, which they’re making a lot of money as I should pull that up.

And the kettle is selling for about $70 70 it’s a bit high for this product in my opinion, but so they prove it out. This is the one that was making like 1.7 million combined with a bunch of products. What I suggest to you and some that I do a lot is just spying on really big stores and not really looking at the bestseller, but looking at the recently launched any, if you look to the Facebook ads library, you can just go to to see their ads and then check at the recently launched products. So you can just see the recently launched products or recently launched ads for our particular Facebook page. That’s where the money is because that’s what they’re testing. That’s what they’re researching. That’s what they’re creating many, many creators for. That’s where the money. So the next one that I want to show you right here is this skin spot removal or tattoo removal with laser.

Actually I think for tattoos, this is a very, very good angle. People are interested in like tattoo removal or the two brands and then you know, they want to actually remove the tattoo. You can see here, um, we’ll see a little bit of the video so you can use, use it very safely and you can remove and you can also remove like a lot of like um, spots on your face, spots, your hands, things you don’t want to be on your body. You can also move them 211,000 views and about two weeks. So not massive, but still pretty solid. And we’ll analyze the stores, see how much they’re making. This page looks really, really professional. A lot of very good creatives and they’re actually telling you, Hey, if you don’t have PayPal, click on the pay by debit or credit card. So down there, so they tell you how to buy it.

Pretty much. [inaudible] I haven’t seen that much. People like a store telling you, Oh, if you want to buy this, you actually have to click here and then if you don’t have a card, click here. So that was pretty cool. Let’s go into analyze the store, see how much money they’re making and for this particular product. Yeah, as I said, I would just target people interested in that too. Removal or skin creams, and then domain creation, six months, 15,000 to 30,000 per month. So not a massive seven-figure product, but still a very, very profitable and promotable product. All right, product number 16. So multi-functional pants rack, you can see here, they’re actually like putting a bunch of clothes into these racks and then put them on like racks and racks on racks. All right, so you can see that it has in about two weeks, almost a million views with a pretty long engagement.

What I’m seeing is that there’s actually a Facebook watch page, not an advertiser, but still, I think it’s a cool product. Let’s go to the actual page, pink pink sign in for 20 bucks and let’s see how much money they’re actually making with this particular product. And for this, I would target people interested in, um, I would do like JC penny bed, bath and beyond just products that have to do with this. And you can’t really target that well with it. But as you can see, they’re making about 50,000 to a hundred thousand dollars every single month. [inaudible] validate probably they started the shop. Um, yeah on March. So let some two months ago. That’s why it says invalid date. So in less than two months are absolutely destroying it with this and yeah, the ad is like two weeks old. So yeah, that’s a great story. Great product, making a lot of money off of it.

So the second product that I want to show you is this diamond drill sharpening tool. Really, really cool tool. Then understand that in the beginning as most of these products, but that’s a really cool, you can just sharpen the drill right here and you can see that this is mainly for like home improvement people interested again in construction. That’s what I would target people interested in home Depot, Lowe’s, just anything that has to do with construction tools. It was on Wednesdays, so about five days ago, 347,000 views. Again, engagement is low because it’s a watch page, but I still think is a really, really cool tool for you to use. And it’s pretty easy to target. As long as you target people interested in home improvement, home Depot, improvement towards improvement brands, then you should be very, very good. So next product, which is a solid one, is this ultra light packable down jacket.

And this one is from real and add a 6.5 million views in about two weeks, two weeks, six point million, 605 million views. So that with a pretty good engagement on here. So you can see that jacket is like pretty much like small and then you can like tie it in it very, very fast. So for summer, this isn’t a product that will be massive. Obviously it’s going to be summer, it’s going to be hot. But like I see it doing really, really well once like August, September starts. So if you wanna start kinda preparing for that section, point of that section of the year and you want to start making a lot of money for like Q4 quarter four of the year. This is a good product to have in your arsenal. They have a pretty solid store here. We can see it. It’s called during a peak, no hyper owl, hyper Alto shop.

If that’s not a general store, I don’t know what is it’s selling for 40 bucks. So they’re probably getting it for like 10 15 bucks. They don’t even bother with like, like their own influencers is probably just taking off of Allie express, which okay, it’s fine. And then in validate 50 to 100,000 per month in validate probably means that they made it like less than three months ago. So yeah, they’re Ollie six figure per year income in a very short time. That’s why I recommend this particular product. Product number 19, I think is this. Um, like it doesn’t really have a name. It’s just an AB roller, like a fitness thing. And now that it’s summer, I see it’s selling very, very well. As you can see it, you know, they’re utilizing a pretty attractive girl. Try and get people to stop and watch the video and then they’re having about two months ago, they have 257,000 views with a very good engagement and you can see the product.

It’s like, you know, it’s, it has that slight um, central, uh, taste to it. It has a slight like angle to it and you can see that, you know, they’re basically solving a problem of people having to go to the gym, get fit like us normal people. And then you can just essentially like shortcut that process. And if we go to the store, [inaudible] dot com we can see that day they have a pretty solid, it’s mainly just targeted at women. So I’m going to take back that comment that I said I like central angle because actually targeted towards women, not men at all. It has like very feminine colors, very feminine feel to it. So they just actually want people to relate to the woman that’s using the product. Pretty good angle. Very, very good marketing tactic. And if we go to Salesforce to check out and just for targeting, I would do ’em.

You can see they’re making a hundred thousand to $200,000 a month. Went to the beautify team, which is just the regular like free Shopify team making a crazy amount of money for targeting. I would do people interested in fitness, people interested in just regular fitness brands and then also more general, um, gym brands. So people are interested in gyms as well as people interested in fitness and just targeting women only from around. I would do like 21, 23 all the way to like 40. Now make it too large but also make it pretty targeted. So apart from that, I also want to show you this adjustable t-shirt. Um, Steyer, like it lets you like, I’ll just show you the smart video here so you can prevent wrinkles, you can let it, um, you can have it tucked all the time so it won’t untuck and this is something, there’s a brand called UNTUCKit, which is a huge multimillion dollar bland brand that sells shirts that don’t untuck.

So there’s a massive problem that a lot of people are willing to spend money on. They’ve salted for just regular shirts. So right here you can see that the shirt stays flat, it stays very, very good. And now they’re kind of comparing that. So in that part of the clip that was really, really good. Like that part of the clip was amazing. Here you can see one with a soft problem and one person with the unsolved problem and then the Ansel problem kind of looking at them with jealousy. So it creates a sense of emotional feeling where the person is like, okay, I want to buy this just so I look cooler than my coworkers. So you can see it has 47,000 views since Friday. Not a massive product, but just a product that saw saws a really, really good problem. I’m trying to get men 25 to like 45 other, no, 25 to like 60.

And then just people, um, in professional job titles like, um, like businessmen and just people that have very, very title, very, very high titles that they have to go in a suit and have to go and like really good shirts every single day to work or just target people interested in like luxury suit brands, luxury apparel brands. Just, you know, men that are professional having money to buy these kinds of shirts, these kinds of suits. Before we go on, I do want to congratulate Simo Shui Seymour Shui by saying your name wrong. I’m really sorry. If you want to win a car with me, calming secrets and happy birthday down below, subscribe to this channel and hit that notification bell and that’s it. And you’ll be ready to win a call with me. The next product that I want to show you, even though it barely has an abused since Friday, football fiveK with about 50 lights, not much, but it’s a cool product that I thought would be worth mentioning in this video.

So it’s kind of a trash can that you just put your hand over and then it pops up and you can just put the trash very, very easily on there. I see this store being like a very new store, probably a beginner selling it, but this product, I haven’t seen it that much being advertised or in spied tall. I think it’s a pretty cool product as of just a few views, right? They’re probably running like a video view campaign to create a look alike off of Facebook ads and then read target that or just run conversion ads off of that. But I think it’s a cool product worth mentioning in this video. Another cool product, this green grass bread. I’ve seen this before running and I hadn’t seen it for a couple of months. That’s why I thought, okay, maybe it’s not a winning product anymore, but I saw it pop again in about a week.

It does a 1.1 million views and it’s just basically it makes your lawn look better now for the summer. It’s actually a great product. People are home. Um, some people are on vacation so they have a lot more time to do gardening for this particular product. I would just target people interested in gardening, interest in like home Depot, home improvement brands and yeah, if you go to the actual store, it’s a pretty solid store selling this particular product and as you can see it’s like a massive um, image right there telling him for like 25 bucks. Very, very detailed and descriptive, um, part to the website or just page to the website. And if we look at how much money they’re actually making, we’ll let Salesforce load. And as I said, people interested in gardening, people interested in home improvement and just general like gardens and people that want to make a garden, they’re not making that much.

6,000 to $12,000 and validate probably have started the shop like a month ago. So it’s still making a pretty significant amount of money. I would recommend just checking the product out and seeing its potential. Next product I want to show you is a telescope, kind of like a NASA inspired scope. I think it’s really, really cool. And as 4.5 million views in about four months with a really decent engagement. So it’s probably an ad running and you can see like they’re kind of, the first part of the video is pretty just like somebody opening the telescope and kind of then looking into it. This is, this is really, really cool. Like this is a product that if you would like to look out, if you like a telescope brands, if you just like exploration brands, national geographic, animal planet, things like that. There’s a product that is like really interesting and really cool to look at.

So you can see here it’s like looking at way, way, way. Were you like NASA inspired telescope. I think it was pretty really cool. Something that’s worth advertising. If you can make your own video and buy it on Valley express or have Amazon make your own video of you looking into amazingly long distances and that would be pretty cool. And if we go to the actual store, have to check out the page, we can see how it’s selling for 50 bucks. They even have like this horrify or fake countdown timer. And then all of these images right here explaining the product really well. I liked the name weekly shark. It’s like every week they have a different deal or like deal shark kind of. They’re looking for it for deals, for your guidance for you. And if we look on sales stores, they’re making 73,000, $247,000 per month in six months.

So that proves that this product is selling really, really well. And the last, the 22nd last but not least product is this, um, like kind of construction tool sort of. It’s really, really cool. It lets you build out pretty much anything that you want with your own sock. So I thought it was really cool and it’s a video that has 50,000 views and about a month and not that great engagement probably watch page. I’m just showing it to you because I think it’s a wow factor product and it doesn’t really solve a massive problem. It’s just something that if somebody is interested in construction or DIY, they would really like this product and they would like to buy it. And if we go to the store, we’ll check out that Billy link down in the ad and then we’ll see that it’s selling for about $30 and it’s a pretty solid store.

It’s called super idea works. So it’s a very, very general store. I’m definitely worth like checking into it and analyzing it. I would, as I said, I would target people interested in DIY construction tools, home improvement, just people interested in that end. If you go to a, they are actually making a lot of money, like half a million to 1.1 million per month in about six months. So this store is absolutely crushing it. I would check them out. I would check the best selling products, which you can see in the bottom. Um, Oh, we recently uploaded products. We can’t really see the bestsellers. Yeah, they blocked out the best sellers page. They don’t have a best sales page, but that’s cool. We can just see the ones that they’ve recently uploaded and spy on them and just see the products that they’re testing right now. That’s it for these 20 to 22 winning products. Again, if you want to win a consulting call for this video, comments, secrets, and happy birthday down below, subscribe. Hit that bell button. And if you want to learn how to make $30,000 $30,000 per month, how my students in my coaching program went from zero to $30,000 a month. Check out the video right here. Click that video right here. How to make $30,000 in just three months, $30,000 per month in just three months in your first three months. Drop shipping from one of my students. Absolutely

crushing it.

Dropshipping in 2020 Everything You Need to Know (Shopify Dropshipping 2019-2020)

In this video I’m going to teach you exactly what you need to know to be successful in 2020 drop shipping and what are the changes that are coming and how to stay ahead of your competition and actually win next year and in the years to come. I’m here in Tbilisi, Georgia. There’s amazing view. Let’s get into a video right now.

Hey, what is up? It’s Rafael Cintron here and like I said in this video, I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do in 2020 it’s right around the corner and you’re probably thinking, is drop shipping going to die or do we need to be successful? What do we need to be ahead of the competition in this video that’s going to clear up all of those doubts. I’m going to teach you exactly the steps by steps that you need to follow to be truly successful and start making a ton of money next year and in the years to come. But before we start, as always, make sure to click personally into description, to schedule a free call with me or my team. We don’t have a course to give you. We don’t have a stupid webinar that goes on for three hours and does it teach you anything?

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We actually want to talk to you one on one. Help me figure out exactly what you need to do moving forward to get the best success possible on your business and analyze what you’ve been doing wrong so we can improve it later on and make sure to schedule a call right now and comments, secrets, secrets down below. Subscribe to the channel, hit that notification now and that thumbs up button if you want to win an exclusive list of 10 winning products that I prepared for my mentoring program, people that pay a lot of money to get a mentor directly by me, I give them a list of 10 winning products that I’m myself, I’m advertising. If you want that list and you want to win that list for this video, comment secrets, hit that subscribe button, that notification about that, thumbs up and I’ll choose a winner.

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Drop shipping in 2020 how to build a sustainable profitable business. A lot of people have been coming up. All these gurus have been just putting out a bunch of videos and they all have contradicting strategy. So you’re probably a little bit confused. Should I go general store? Should I go niche store? Should I do a one product store? Should I use click funnels? Should I do Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram influencers? There’s so many questions out there and just by the students that I get, I know there’s a lot of confusion. A lot of students just don’t know what to do at all and there’s a lot of confusion. I want to stop that confusion right now and how to build a sustainable, profitable business. Do not expect quick and easy results. That’s just not going to happen. That was back in 2016 back in 2017 now it is a competitive business.

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A lot of people get into drop shipping. They think they’re going to make a bunch of money very quickly. They don’t and they quit. That is the majority of people. So even though it is a very competitive business right now, there is still that cycle of people that get into it. They expect results in two weeks. They don’t get it and they quit. Just like any other business agency, consulting, whatever you want to do, there’s always going to be people that enter the market, go out for a month, it doesn’t work. They go out and I leave space for people that are actually committed to getting results and true profit. So it is a competitive business. People are catching on. They kind of know what this whole drop shipping or getting those products from China. We get some customers on our stores that ask us before they even buy, they ask us, is this going to come from China because I ordered from somebody else.

I don’t want the same experience. So we did that. We get that people are catching on to the fiscal model. Maybe they’ve gone already a product from China that sucked or took like two months together or was even a scam. They didn’t get their product at all and now they’re kind of skeptical about buying. So people are catching on. It’s very important to look very trustworthy. All these fatty countdown timers, all these family pages that you build in 20 seconds do not work anymore because people know, okay, this might be like that other ones that I ordered from last week and they might screw me. This stuff, niching down and building a brand is going to be the best way that you need to stand out and create a profitable business. A lot of people are just creating a general store. They’re scaling that up and they’re just doing general store general search down, so general store, but the real way to do it is brand one product store and scaling that as much as possible or just building a niche, one brand, like really a very, very strong brand.
One of my students do about 50 to 60,000 a month in an extremely competitive niche. The ways of beating everybody, the way’s profitable every single time. The way he’s building all his competition is he has a very strong brand and just like I talked about in my last video, you can’t start there. You can’t start with a niche. You can’t start with a brand and say, Oh, this the thing that I’m going to do and commit to it 100% because you don’t know if that’s going to work. So I recommend going general niche and then build a brand. So you do have to start general. Just don’t expect your general store to be super profitable all the time. Like I have one buddy, he’s doing about 300 department a thousand a month on Shopify with a general store and now he’s already built his brand. His brand is through about 40 to 50 grand a month and he knows he’s going to transition from the general store, his efforts and his money from the general store to the brand and scaling the brand because it is a more longterm basis.

0: (05:16)
You will have a lot of more brand equity, a lot of people returning customers, a lot more leverage to beat everybody else than if you’d just have a general store. You’re competing on price, you’re competing on the next trend, on a brand you’re competing on. This is the product that we love. We understand their audience, we know exactly what they need and we’re going to beat everybody else as soon as they’re consistent. Move on to a drop shipping agent or fulfillment service. I’ve talked about fulfillment services here on the channel. I don’t want to promote any specific one because there have some that being quite a disappointment because I don’t want to promote any fulfillment services at the moment. The best route that you should go for is a Chinese drop shipping agent that has been the best for any student for anything they beat.

They are very reliable. They will take payments in bulk so you can pay them after let’s say a hundred orders. You can pay them, let’s say a thousand or $10,000 you can pay them, they’ll ship all those orders and be very reliable and you can build a relationship with them really, really well. Eventually to get the drop shipping agent as soon as possible. If you want to know exactly how to get one and check out the link down in the description, you really should move from general store shipping in three weeks to brand shipping in two to five days or as as long as 10 days. But that’s kind of the the timeframe that you should shipped with it. So the next one here, finding profitable products, a product that provides value to your customer creates a sense of FOMO, fear of missing out or solves a massive problem.

This is going to be the main thing for finding products. It’s not going to be the next hype you one, it’s not going to be the next one that’s like, Oh, this is a wild product I need to buy now. That worked a lot, but for now you really need to provide value with your products. If your customer goes to your page and it’s just another spammy product and they’re spanning page, they’re not going to buy it for you, not matter if the product is cool or if it’s a new trend, it’s a new height. You will have to either solve a massive problem, solve a problem that that customer is experiencing on a day by day basis basis and they really want to solve that or it creates a sense of fear of missing out. A lot of people are buying on this. It is creating that trend and people want to jump on it as soon as possible as well as just providing value.

0: (07:27)
Like why would people buy that product? You need to provide value in exchange for their money. That is the best way to get them to buy higher margin products with a higher perceived value and are not easily found as the local retail shops. So I’ve seen a lot of people promoting products that people can find anywhere. They can go to Walmart, they can go to target, they can go anywhere and buy it. You really need to stand out from that and make that sense of you can’t find this in stores or very limited because that is very important for selling online. If somebody can go 10 minutes to their local shop, get it right now and buy it for cheaper. You really have no leverage against somebody that can do that. The way to do that is to find products that are really not accessible to anybody, only online and only to specific stores and also with a higher perceived value.

0: (08:14)
So now just some cheap products that they can get for 10 50 bucks, no something that really looks like it costs what you put in that cost and also higher margin products are going to be easier to sell. I see a lot of people selling like eight $10 products free plus shipping is, it’s not dead but it is a very hard business model to make work right now and there’s a lot of competition to make it work. I would not recommend is going free shipping from now. Really I would not recommend it. I would go for higher margin products, 30 40 or even a hundred dollars margin. That would be the best route to go for. I suggest starting small to 20 to $30 price all the way up to 50 is a great way to learn marketing, learn how to scale a product properly and then go up and scale with more price.

0: (09:03)
And the last thing, niching down and understanding an audience. So what I was talking about from my last video is that you really need to understand your audience, understand your problems. One of the brands, so we talked about co rail makes products for only cyclists or sell products for only cyclist. People that cycle a lot on their bicycles and they really know what that audience is constantly looking for. The ad products that fit that audience solves a problem for that audience that audience is constantly looking for and they can’t find it in local retail shops. They beat everybody else, every other general store that has tried to compete against them because they know the niche, they know the brand. So that’s why I say you start off general and you start off testing. Then you find a niche that you love or that you’re really passionate about or that you have a lot of data proven that it is a good niche to scale on and then you brand that and you absolutely crush your competition from there.

0: (09:53)
Now for traffic sources and ads, Facebook ads are getting more expensive by the way, by the date, the way to beat it is one being better at ads being better at creatives themselves, ad copy videos, images and technical testing. We’ve been doing a lot of technicals testing with CBO, cost caps, cost Scouts is one of the metrics that you can choose or one of the bidding options that you can choose on Facebook, there’s bid cap, target cost and lowest costs. I suggest trying out cost cow. Some students in my mentoring program have been trying it out very profitably and have been getting a lot of sales below their break even point by and cost caps as well as dynamic creative and different bidding strategies. So the way to really beat somebody at Facebook now that Facebook is taking control with CBO, they’re trying to take control off of the advertiser and into their platform until their algorithm.

0: (10:42)
You really need to create ads that stand out. Creative testing is going to be key for anybody. You need to beat other people at creative. You need to have better videos. You need to have better ad copy. Those days of pudding, just two random lines and then the link I really got. There’s way too many competition. There’s way too many people doing that. You need to send out. You really need to think your ad copy through. What is that audience thinking all the time, that audience that you’re selling, that product, what kind of value can you show to your at what product does a problem solve? Talk about it in the ad copy test, multiple ad copies, multiple videos will still images so you really stand out from the crowd. That is just doing those drop shipping style ads and also testing out the different technical tests. I suggest you start out with CBO learning CBO really, really well and doing cost scaps different bidding options. So you understand the platform really, really well. If you want to know Facebook ads and how to create viral Facebook ads, check the link down below. There’s a video on that as well.

0: (11:41)
The second way is Google ads and higher intense traffic people are price hopping a lot and much more now than before. So if they find, let’s say a product on your store or on another store, they’re gonna go to Google and they’re going to type the name of that product on Google and see if they can find a cheaper or see if they can find it from more reliable source. So if you’re running a product on Facebook, it just makes sense to run it on Google because one, you’re going to get people that are already searching for that product on Google already. They’re already searching for that product already searching for keywords related to that product. So you’ll get those people as well as you’ll get the people that come from your face to guys. They look up your brands or they look up your product online and that’s the first thing that pops up.

0: (12:23)
You get the sale from there. That happens a lot, especially for my students that have brands. They look up the brand name or the brand products, brand reviews, and then they find the first Google ad that pops up is them with their product. They buy it off of that. They get a cost per purchase of like 20 cents because they’re coming from Facebook getting re-targeted. It’s not technically your targeting, but it is then going from your Facebook ad to your Google ad and then buying from there. So that’s definitely something that you need to know and the place to go for that is Google is definitely recommends you start looking into Google ads and what to do in the platform. And the third thing is Instagram influencers and fueling organic growth through Instagram giveaways and Facebook groups as well. And my mentoring program, I’m teaching them a lot about organically because a lot of students, they come in and they haven’t very low budget, so I teach them as well as organic traffic.

0: (13:11)
One of the students is absolutely blowing up on Instagram. He’s doing giveaways of very small products, not really that much. Costs of the product for him and his giveaways blow up because of the high perceived value. So if you can get a product like it doesn’t cost that much and you can put a higher perceived value like 30 $40 and doing a giveaway on Instagram, getting people hyped up, getting people to comment, add their friends onto the account, you can really blow up an account for easily Facebook groups as well with creating your own Facebook group, getting an image of yourself and I’ll be your brand in another focus group. That helps a lot in getting people to buy from you as well. I’m getting an edge over your competition. Selling a product that is digital, a digital product as well as your physical product or a complimentary live improving product helps a lot.

0: (13:56)
There’s a lot of people this and one of the ones that’s doing it very profitably and I’ll show you right here. Um, I saved it here and I’ll show you right now. It’s called twice the and you can check them out. They’re a very, very good brand and they’re selling visa, little training bands, these resistance pants, but they also sell an accelerator, a seven day accelerator in a 30 day speed train systems. They are absolutely blowing up on Facebook ads. If you check them on Facebook and we’ll go back to twice the this particular ad is doing insanely well in 10 months, I think it’s been running. It’s been running for 11 months at this point and it has 10 million views with huge engagement right here and it’s just absolutely going crazy. You can see this little bands and when you go to a particular website you have both the bands but also the digital product, adding a digital product, whatever that is.

0: (14:50)
That’s why understanding audience and understanding your niche, it’s going to be key for anybody that wants to be their competition. Just succeed with everybody else. If you know your audience, if you know what they’re looking for, if you know the digital products that they’re looking for, you can combine that in a bundle with your physical dropshipping products and just absolutely beat everybody else because you have that edge of not everybody else who’s going to do that digital product as well. And that creates a higher perceived value. Again, it’s going to help you a lot. So for example, they have 30 day, um, faster training, then run faster within seven days and then activate fast Twitch plus muscles with the, with the resistance bands, then you have correct speed ladders, how to jump higher sports. Physical workouts are absolutely killing it with this. And they have, uh, won a scholarship full ride finest.

0: (15:38)
So they have a college scholarship. Find it right. So people that use, think about what are people using your product for and what kinds of people are using our products. So for this one in particular is for people that want to be faster, they want to be, um, this one, let’s go back. So this is for people that want to be faster, they want to be better athletes. They want to essentially perform better at the gym or perform better at their sport. What else do they need? For example, they sell them how to get a caller’s college scholarship, how to train faster workouts on how to train faster. It’s not that hard to create a course that small, right? So if you want to create a course that’s like $1,000 $2,000 where you’re selling really, really high mentoring program, it’s going to take you ages.

0: (16:18)
I know personally, creating a course takes an insane amount of time, but if you’re creating like a seven day course and selling it for 2030 bucks, it doesn’t take you that much time. It might take you maybe a week to create it and now you have an extra product, an extra bundle that’s going to be everybody else selling the same stupid thing. So if you’re selling a product that’s saturated, sell it with a bundle. I have one of my students that selling resistance are products just like these ones and he’s selling a training on that. People buy the bundle, it creates a higher perceived value than everybody else. So selling digital products definitely key example as digital products can be eBooks, digital guides, mini courses, cheat sheets. You can even send them a PDF on how to train better, how to be better athletes, better people.

0: (16:57)
If you want to sell something like for beauty, you can put a guide on 10 tips on how to get better makeup or you can create a course on it. If you’re a girl and you want to do the makeup on yourself, create a course on it, hire somebody to create a course on it. Just there’s so many options to create it, to do a course on top of your physical one, it’s going to help you a lot and lean on with the digital product as well. And then upsold, adopt, drop shipping product. So if you have like a seven day training, you can create ads to the seven day training, get their email, give them, maybe even give it for free, like give the Sunday accelerator for free and then sell them the product on the back of that so that that could be also another angle that you can use.

0: (17:35)
Definitely recommend you get into that because it is changing the game a lot. Selling a digital plus each physical right now scaling into a real distance. Hiring a team is definitely a big one. You can hire one with or online jobs stuff. E H definitely for hiring Filipino people are great and also systemizing product research launch and creative testing process. I definitely recommend you start getting people from product research. That’s going to be one of your biggest time sinks and it’s really easy to outsource. Like if you look at Upwork, there’s a lot of people that do product research. If you go to and we kill it here at product research and we tied that in and we look for that. There’s going to be a lot of people available for this particular position. I give my students my own product researchers and who to use for about research, but there’s a lot of good ones.

0: (18:24)
Shopify product description expert. Um, let’s see this one. Web research, eCommerce, eCommerce product and category description writer, data entry specialist, uh, Amazon product and FBA. Amazon product research by the description of web content, probably research, there’s a lot of them. There’s a lot of people here that don’t charge that much. This one is a bit ridiculous but let’s say 16 per hour, 11 per hour, 12 per hour. And you can really find really good people for not that expensive. I recommend you outsource that one as soon as possible. It is joint. Thank you. Eight ton. A ton of time and it is easily outsourced and systemize to scale to a really good business. And how are you going to beat everybody else? Is systemizing the process, systemizing your product launch. Like for example, we don’t spend, let’s say like 10 12 hours launching a product. You have somebody looking for the product.

0: (19:12)
We have somebody importing the product and then creating the infrastructure for the product. I then go in and create the ad copy. We have somebody creating a video and it takes us maybe an hour or an hour and a half of our time to actually launch a product. We have a team in place to do that when we systemize everything, so as long as you, as you start getting to five thousand six thousand a month in profit, systemize, create a launch process, creative testing process where you know exactly what’s needed to put where and you can launch very, very easily. That’s a way to stay ahead of the competition and then using tools and systems like a Sana, blocking your calendar specific word times and having a product success manager. That is something that’s key. I heavily recommended, if you look at my calendar, you really do need to have things blocked off and I’ll load my calendar here just so you know what I’m talking about.

0: (19:58)
And then as sauna is a great tool that I use for task management. You’ve got things you need to do during the day. Don’t think you’re like having a nine to five and you need to do the to do lists. But it is a great, great to do lists that you can follow and you can untick things. You can put due dates to. For example, here I pulled up my econ secrets mentoring to do list and you can put it, for example, I need to do a YouTube video. For example, today you’re doing video filming and then I can put down here I need to order three videos for drop shipping, order three videos for drop shipping. And then you can put here drop shipping. And then you could put, let’s say hire a new product researcher, hire new product researcher, and then you can put due dates.

0: (20:37)
So September, maybe I need to do it by Friday and then also assign it to somebody. So if there’s somebody else in your team and this particular one is just a demo, I’m not showing you the real one cause I don’t want to the names of everybody, but you can sign um, assigned people and also put marked for today and Mark upcoming Mark for later. You can put subtasks on them. So if it’s hire new PR, it can be trained new training for product researcher. So you can do sub task on it. I definitely recommend you get them. They didn’t pay me for this. They have a free plan. It’s absolutely for free. So it says upgrade here is the free account, but there’s really no cost to it. And they didn’t pay me anything. I just really liked the tool. And also on the calendar, on Google calendar, you will see here that my days are packed.

0: (21:18)
So for example, when I wake up in the morning, there’s research and development. I wake up later on because right now I’m in Tbilisi, Georgia and it’s like 7:00 PM here and it’s like 11:00 AM in the U S so I wake up a little bit later and then I go to bed maybe at 2:00 AM or something. And there’s always things to do at my calendar. So for example, from here from six 30 to eight 30, I’m filming a YouTube video, which is what I’m doing now. And then we have mentoring content that I’m going later, checking on my Facebook groups and then [inaudible] students. So I have a call with a student right there and then net tomorrow it’s going to be research and development. So researching for um, either of my drop shipping sores, all my consulting business, one of the two I’m going to do research on that.

0: (21:58)
It’s all drop shipping work from two to five. I’m going to do three hours of shipping work on our stores, maybe. Um, launching new products, hiring somebody for the drop shipping work. The specific ones go into Asana. The overall ones go into the calendar. So I know exactly what I need to do. At what point in the day and if somebody says, Hey, can you ask, can you ask me some questions tomorrow? Where can I get on a call with you? They have to fit in to this. So then it’s a make a Facebook page or post. And then in the bottom it says publish you two videos. I’m going to publish these videos tomorrow when you’re watching this mentoring content. Again, mentoring content, I’m hitting mentoring content really hard. So now it’s, it’s one of those times in the year where I’m really improving content and updating all the things for our mentoring program.

0: (22:40)
So again, Friday drop, shipping work, and then the same thing next week I have all these things that I need to do and on Sundays I take my day off with my wife date, so I’m not going to do anything during that day. So just check some messages from the mentoring program, film, YouTube video and it’s all real restructured and really, you know, to the, to the hour what I am doing and every single day because if not I would go insane and all my businesses would go bankrupt if I didn’t have this. But I didn’t know exactly what I needed to do at every single time. And I highly recommend you do it as all I’m asking up there really keeps you on track of everything and they’re both free, free, free freeze. So the last thing is finding supplementary products to upsell, ensuring customer satisfaction. You can even run an ad for post-purchase.

0: (23:24)
So if somebody buys from your store, you can run an ad after they buy saying, Hey, are you satisfied with our product or satisfied with the purchase, satisfied the customer experience. Can you fill out the survey you got serve me to people. I do this with my mentoring. When people join and like a month later I send a survey to fill out and see if they’re satisfied with the program. That helps a lot. You know, products for the same thing. You signed up pain, can you leave us a review on Luke’s and also fill out the survey to tell us, you know, don’t make it too long. Like make it easy for people to do so you know what’s wrong with your process. Maybe it took too long to get them, maybe your customer support sucked. So now you know directly from the customer what sucks and what DNA or what you can improve on.

0: (24:03)
And then nailing down into products to be the top destination for anybody that wants it. So if you want to be the top destination, if you want to be everybody else, you really need to have an edge over everybody else. And if somebody is looking for that product, somebody who’s looking for your brand, for your niche, for something in your niche, you are the destination to go to. So now what you do next, 2020 is going to be the year of Reiser’s and quitter. So drop shipping is getting more and more competitive, but at the same time, more people are throwing into towels and more people are getting into it and they don’t get results in three weeks that they really just quit and they throw in the towel and it’s just like any other business, there’s going to be more competition. But the ones that stick with it for the long term are gonna win.

0: (24:43)
And also something that I did not mention, I didn’t want to show other case studies here. For example, lens ball is one that I’ve talked about a lot and then nine months sober. So when it comes to branding your store and creating, um, just domination in that market domination and the niche isn’t going to get you to 100,000 a month level. This particular store, nine months sober is absolutely dominating baby niche crushing everybody else. They’re making 100,000 a month or more. This is what you need to do. You need to first create a general store test, then find your niche. Absolutely hone in on a niche, not give up on that niche after you’re 100% sure of it and just it. These particular ones are launching a lot of products and these products or products, other people are trying to get, trying to launch, trying to get profitable ender and nail Eddy, everybody else cause they’re focused on that niche.

0: (25:30)
They do research every day. Try to learn about the niche as much as the camp like really just master your niche, master your audience, figure out their problems, figure out their why. Figure out exactly why they buy our products. What does their life look like on a daily day, day by day basis. I go 100% into this because those are gonna put you at every competition. We’re ready. I copy is going to be 10 times easier to write it if you understand what kind of person is going to beat it. So make sure to go through just your niche and just analyzing. Absolutely killing everybody. They’re crushing it on sales stores. It shows they’re making 96,000, 293,000 per month on the baby niche, which is an insanely competitive one. You’re questioning everybody and absolutely beating them because they now have down on it and a mastering it and also the lens fall one.

0: (26:15)
You can also create very personalized products are not personalized, um, just customized for new products in the market that don’t exist. So when you really know your audience like these last fall, they really know photographers and what they want or what they need. They’ve created this last fall for photographers. I’ve talked about them a few times so you can create amazing pictures with it and they crush everybody else in the photography niche just because they understand the audience so well. They create products that that audience is looking for and they do videos, they do that, our ads better. Just everything for those audience, for that audience, for those particular photographers that are looking for a better product to improve their photography lens fault makes that lens ball provides that because they just understand the audience better than everybody else. So understanding of the brand, understanding your audience, having faster shipping times, creating a sense of trust and safety in your store and your brand is going to be the weight to beat everybody else.
There’s no easy way. You’re not going to make money in two weeks. You’re not going to make a ton of money in a month. You are going to make a lot of money. If you stick to that niche, you stick to a brand, you absolutely master it. You can get to a level of ninety seven thousand two hundred ninety four thousand per month for sure. You can get into a level if you first do the process that you need to start. So master your niche, become number one in your industry. And the last thing is schedule a call right now with me or my team. Go to the first link in the description and schedule a call right now. We want to help you one-on-one. Take your business to the next level. It’s not some random course that doesn’t teach you anything. There’s a lot of new courses popping up every single day and they disappear in two to three months because they don’t work. They don’t get results. W talking one on one to somebody gets results. So make sure to schedule a call right now and we’ll call. And lastly, if you want to learn how to turn $1,000 into more than a hundred thousand dollars per month, check out. Got video right here. Check out this video right here. How to turn it into $1,000 drive shipping into more than a hundred thousand dollars per month. Check it out right now. Subscribe to that notification about that. Thumbs up, come see, but go up and schedule a call right down in the first place.