How to Find the Right Shopify Dropshipping Mentor? 5 Must-Know Attributes

Starting an e-commerce business on Shopify is a unique journey for all those new to the E-commerce business and do not have much experience setting up online stores. Most beginners need inspiration from a mentor.

Successful entrepreneurs need to put a lot of effort into the mix to achieve their goals. A good mentor helps these entrepreneurs to avoid the common mistakes beginners make, take the chances that the beginners usually miss, and achieve progress quicker.

In this blog, we will look at some steps to find the right Shopify mentor for you and how Rafael Cintron is the best dropshipping mentor to learn from.

How Should A Mentor Look Like?

There are some qualities that a mentor needs to possess. For a start, you can start looking for these qualities in people whose work you admire. A great mentor will have the following attributes:

1. They should have a successful track record in the dropshipping business

Make sure that the person you are following is doing well in the dropshipping business. After all, it’s their example that you will be taking as an inspiration.

2. They should be passionate about their dropshipping business

The person you are considering for mentorship should be passionate about the work that they do. They should be genuinely invested in their business.

3. They should have genuine insight into dropshipping

The person you are considering for mentorship should possess technical knowledge about the nuances of dropshipping. E-commerce can be a complicated platform, and people with knowledge about that platform can be beneficial.

4. They Should Be A Good Communicator

A good mentor is someone who can transfer their knowledge to you. This task requires communication between you and your mentor. A mentor that isn’t considerate about the questions you ask them or the pressing problems is unhelpful for mentorship.

5. They Should Have Experience Mentoring People

Another essential quality of being a mentor is experience. You need to ensure that the person you are considering for mentorship has mentored people in the past and knows how to teach people the ABCs of dropshipping.

Rafael Cintron checks all the above boxes and is the best mentor for dropshipping on E-commerce platforms. Consider subscribing to his YouTube channel to start your journey!

How to Approach People for Mentorship?

The best way to reach out to people for mentorship is directly contacting them through their email or other communication forms that they have provided to their followers. You can make a list of brief questions that you expect an answer to, along with your case on why you want to learn from them.

Be conscious about the time constraints as entrepreneurs are generally very busy and are already conversing with other people. Keep your case concise enough to be understood by them and provide details about you so they can get some context.

Once you get a mentor, maintain your relationship with them. When it comes to mentorship, the relationship isn’t precisely between a master and a student; instead, it’s between a person who has more experience and a beginner.

Their job is to act as a guide for you to achieve your goals.

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