CORONAVIRUS AND DROPSHIPPING: How to Find US Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Shopify Store in 2020

The Chinese Corona virus keeps growing a lot more. People are getting infected and in multiple parts of the world, especially China who is currently in quarantine and workers are not allowed to go back to their factories, to the manufacturers until a couple more days after Chinese new year. So it is going to affect the whole e-commerce world. Shopify drop shipping, everybody getting products from China, selling them anywhere else. It is going to affect our business even slightly. So I want to keep you updated and also I want to show you how to find product suppliers in the United States and all over the world so that you’ve do not have to rely on China exclusively. I want you to build a better business with faster shipping, better products, and also have options if things like this happen in China and we deal with a lot of delays, you can also use the U S suppliers and a lot of options that you can use to find them and build a better Shopify store.

Let’s find out now before we start, I’m bringing back the Shopify storage giveaway, so make sure to comment down below. Automate, automate and teach people how to automate their Shopify business. Subscribe if that notification about, and I like one if you want to participate in getting a full free Shopify store built for you and optimize to get sales and I’m happy to announce the free one on one strategy calls with me and my team directly. Yes, I am taking calls myself. Evie are interested in working with a mentor and a guide to help you scale and automate your store to six figures and beyond. They should have stayed until the end of the video and click that second link in the description to schedule a strategy call with me or my team. All right, so first of all, the update on the [inaudible] virus. As you can see here, 6,000 people have been infected.

So the last time I made a video it was around a thousand something, 2000 and I was jumped up pretty high. Also, there’s been more and more people dying from this and a lot more countries, almost 20 countries at this point, a couple of Europe, Dubai, us and Canada, all over Asia and Australia. So a lot of people all over the world are spreading this virus, especially if people are coming from China. When it comes to concerns of getting the virus or spreading the virus through your products. Let’s say you sell product from China and the person gets the product and opens it, they are not going to get the virus. The red shirt research says they basically can only last in that package. The virus can only last in the package for a couple of hours, maximum two to three days. Even if the person that packaged that in China is infected so they cough, sneeze or whatever into the package, they send it over to United States.

It can only last two to three days and it won’t ship that fast. So don’t worry about giving your customers the virus. That’s not going to happen. But there are some concerns out there of customers that are worried that that would happen. I would suggest just inform, educate your customers that that isn’t the case and that viruses only live a couple of hours on the package. Now when it comes to the about delays about people getting back to work in China and about delaying the actual opening of the factories and so on. As you can see here, my private agents supplier, I’ve been working with him for more than a year in China is basically saying, Hey, just saw your bit about Corona virus. First of all, it cannot live on the package for more than a date. So you’re sure that even Chinese people are aware of that. And also the only problem that he sees is the migration.

Migration basically means when people come back from Chinese new year and from being with their families, they might get this virus and carry it through. So there are going to be a lot of checkpoints throughout that point throughout getting to the actual factories, getting back to work, a lot of check points, a lot of delays and just people having a hard trouble to get back to work. So there might be other slight delays coming, but it should be all normal around February 10 which is when factories reopen. So you shouldn’t have any issues going forward through there. But I’m still going to show you these suppliers that you should use for us in order to avoid this whole thing. Now for the first way to find us and international suppliers, it’s really easy. It’s going here to AliExpress and usually how we find Chinese suppliers through AliExpress, but we’re going to do it with us international supplier, so if you are in the United States, Canada or any country surrounding that area or close to North America, when you’ll look for a product, let’s say you’re selling a dog bed for example, you’re going to type in dark bed on AliExpress.

It will show you all of the products in that particular keyword, so obviously all of the different dog beds that are available, and then there’s going to be this option of chips from shipped from this country and you’re going to click on ship from and then it’s going to show you United States, Turkey and China. So you can pick exactly from what countries you want the product to come from. It doesn’t have to be China. It can be, for example, in this case United States, all you have to do is click on the United States and it’ll show you all the suppliers that are available to ship from the United States to the United States. So it’ll show you all the ALEKS for suppliers that have warehouses, have products available in the United States. You can then ship them to your customers in the U S and Canada and so on, and you can just click on it.

Obviously that will have less orders. Typically there will be a little bit more expensive just because it is a us base or U S warehouse and they have the products in the U S it’s going to cost a little bit more, but there are a lot of them here that have a lot of orders. For example, this one is selling mostly from China and coming from China. Now that there is this problem, you can just click on ships from the United States and it will ship to the U S and very, very quickly in around four to seven days right here. So to actually ship via U PS and the shipping is a little bit more expensive. The product cost is going to be a little bit more, but now that we have this virus problem, then just going to help shipping from the U S making sure customers are happy. You might spend a little bit more, you might have to hassle a little bit more, but it is worth it for the success of your Shopify store.

So basically do this with any product that you like. Just type in the actual product that you want. So let’s say you’re selling like a snoring clip or something like that. There is this little snoring polit for people to stop snoring. You can just click on ships from and then put United States and I will show you only warehouses or manufacturers or suppliers that have possibility of shipping from the U S it also shows Turkey here, which is pretty interesting. Also Turkey and if you’re in Europe, for example, right now, I mean Greece, so I can change my location using a VPN here and I can just reload it. If you’re anywhere in Europe or anywhere around the world, you can just type in again ships from reset and it will show you all of the countries that it’s available to ship from. So in this case, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Germany, Turkey, and obviously China.

So if you’re in Europe, it’s going to show all these countries all these different possibilities. So you can definitely do it. If you’re not in Europe and you want to use a European supplier, I have to do is get a VPN or a proxy and just change it to like you’re in Europe. And then if you want to ship from the U S or Canada, do the exact same thing, show that you’re in the U S or Canada and then pick us from the shifts from, and you can find a lot of products on AliExpress that ship from the United States to the United States very, very quickly. Now, the second way, a more reliable way of finding us suppliers and really professional us suppliers is by using sail who you can get an account. There is a $67 payment per year to join sail mu and when you basically we can do is get an account and on suppliers you can look for, for example, like I was typing in, let’s type in product and then do dog a bed here and do a search here, do a search for this product.

And then we do a search for a dog bed. Let’s say that’s what I’m selling here. They’re going to basically put all of the different products that show up when you put dog beds. So it’s just sewing a lot of different products. I’m not sure why this search, um, is pulling up dog shirts. So let’s just type in suppliers and do dog bed again or dog on the suppliers part. It’s a little bit hard to use, a little bit complicated, but you’ll find very, very high quality suppliers and it tells you from where they shipped. So here the Chinese flag China from here in the U S flag, the United States. And what you can do is go to the actual supplier page and it doesn’t work like AliExpress where you can just import the product and use Oberlo or you Prolo to just import it and sell it straight away.

You do have to contact the supplier directly and set up a drop ship base agreement between you to then set up the drop shipping connection and then you can start selling their product. So it’s very professional. You do have to go through a lot of steps. The very entry is very high, but if you’re serious about your business, if you don’t want to scale up your products with more quality, it’s better shipping. Just really us made products then it’s going to be a lot better for you. In the long term you’re going to crush everybody else just selling cheap stuff from China and although it’s harder to get into, it’s harder to get to be structuring agreements. It is a lot better for you long term, so if you want to get into it, it basically tells you what supplier type they are. So usually just look for drop shippers on the system, on sale, do look for manufacturers or suppliers here that are dropshippers and then contact them, contact.

And then I would recommend if you are in the U S called them, call them up and say, Hey I am John and I want to sell your products on my drop shipping website. I’m looking to form a drop shipping agreement. Am looking to build a relationship between us. They tell you, okay these are the products that I have available, these are the prices. And then you can set up the integration with them. This is way more professional. It takes a lot more time to get a rolling and like it says here typically replies within three business days so it save more time. There’s a lot better quality, a lot better products that you can ship to your customers. So if you want to do it that way. And also it tells you how many years have been in business sale, who actually checks all of the suppliers for you.

So they vet and they make sure I build legitimate. And also some of these suppliers require a tax ID or an LLC. So this would only apply for us entrepreneurs, Canadian intrepreneurs that are more serious and they want to scale up really high. Then you can use some of these suppliers. Some just start off by working with you directly without any LLC, without any tax ID. So they make it easier for you. But if you, let’s say are looking to scale up your products and really build more quality, build a much more quality store, you can go on here, suppliers. And then let’s say you’re selling yoga products, just search on yoga, look for the suppliers on here, call them, tell them you want to build a drop shipping, uh, agreement or relationship. And then you can start selling their products on your store. This one sells from Poland, so also European suppliers, us like this one through a yoga LLC.

And usually the products will be either stuck in the U S or even made in the U S so the quality will be a lot, lot higher. Go and start finding your us or international supplier. If you want to go more in depth and you actually mouth my direct help and my guidance to help you find the best suppliers and obviously scale and automate your Shopify store in 2020 and beyond. Make sure to schedule a strategy call with the second link in the description I do take calls myself so you can talk to me directly. We can see if you’re a good fit to work with us directly and it will obviously tell you the details about it. Only schedule a call if you are serious about your business and you want to actually invest in a mentor and get somebody to help you scale and automate your business as much as possible.

Make sure to comment, automate down below to participate in our free giveaway. And if you want to learn more about how to scale and automate your store, make sure to watch this video right here. What I show you how mana one of my students was able to grow from zero all the way up to 20,000 per month with her Shopify store. And my mentoring and my training. So make sure to check it out right there. Schedule a strategy session with the second link in the description, like the video if you liked it, and I will see you on the next one.

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