ONE-DAY SHIPPING for SHOPIFY IN 2020 How to Use Shipbob for Shopify Store Aliexpress Alternative (Rafael Cintron Review)

How to ship your products in one to two days and compete with the big guys, Amazon, those billion dollar brands that are competing against you online, how you can compete against them, build a massive brand loyalty, brand satisfaction, and build a multimillion dollar business by shipping your products extremely quickly and completely destroy your competition. Let’s find out. Hey, it’s Rafael Cintron here in this video you’re going to learn one software that I’ve been using since 2016 to actually ship products in one to two days. In some countries internationally, you can ship three to four days. This is the next level of eCommerce. How to take your business from doing okay, making maybe six figures up to the seven figures shipping and seven to 10 days all the way up to a massive, very successful brand shipping in two to three days and just completely destroy your competition everywhere.

There’s nobody that can compete with you. If you send orders, add that speed and before I show you how to do it, I want to remind you that in 2020 I’m giving away a full Shopify store to one lucky winner. If you want to be part of that giveaway and wind that store and make sure to comment down below. Automate. We teach people how to automate their Shopify business. Come in, automate, subscribe, hit that notification bell and that like button and I’ll choose somebody in the next two weeks. Also, I’m happy to announce that the free one-on-one consult for my automated drop shipping program is open. If you want to find out more and automate your business, take your business to the next level, stay until the end of the video to find out. I’ll write the service that you need for this is called ship up here.

I created an account to show you how to set everything up and how it works is called ship bop and if you go to their main page basically says offer two day shipping with a mother eCommerce fulfillment provider and they basically store your product, students send them products and then they ship them out to your customers very easily. This is kind of a next level. Once you have your business doing really well with drop shipping with your fulfillment agent with everything, they didn’t want to take it up a notch or you have a winning product that’s making you five figures, six figures, and you want to take it up to the next level, then you can send it over to ship up and just completely dominate your market for that particular product. Just some proof that I’ve been using them for years at this point.

It’s not some software that paid me a bunch of money for this video. They didn’t even pay me anything. I’m not getting any compensation from this video, but in 2016 you can see here it says Rockville central and I was messaging Luke was, which was their sales guy or their sales rep back then, doesn’t even work for them anymore. Here you can see Friday, July, 2016 three and a half years ago, we were doing our a thousand shipments per month, per month. So basically a thousand orders per month of a supplement. I remember when we were selling brain enhancing supplements around three and a half years ago, and here I’m saying like I’ll be using Shopify as the eCommerce platform. Didn’t know that much about Shopify. It was one of my businesses. And then we’ll start shipping starting November 16 and November, 2016 and here’s another email from the same thread here.

Shipbob inquiry, July 15 2016 from the look, the same guy. Thank you for contacting me ship Bob. Our packages range thought it. So this is the first time that I found out about them. We’ve been using them since then and it’s kind of a software that really is for people that are already making money on how to scale it. That’s why I don’t talk too much about it. Since a lot of beginners watch my content, I don’t want to tell you, Hey, go and buy a bunch of products from a supplier, send them to chip bop because you don’t have the skills yet to do that. But if you do, Shabaab is a great option. Where you can do is set up a very easy account. You can basically set it up as an app on your Shopify store here. It’s called Shopbop and you just connect it to your Shopify store pretty easy.

So our Shopify store is connected to this, to this dummy account, and we can click ice. We’ll find a product here. So we have the, I am N-type anti-skid ice grip or tool, and we can basically just click on it and choose that one. And now it’s right there. So quantity descent, I can pick a hundred or 200 or 500 whatever I’m going to send. And in order to buy these particular products, you can either go directly to the supplier that you already have for the product which you’re selling or I recommend going to Ali Baba. So this is what we did for one of our last stores that we recently took to 10,000 a month and profit and it’s absolutely crushing it. I’m going to make a case study for that store in the next couple of weeks. Here you can see that we ordered around, this was around a hundred orders of our particular product for 2,500 Euro and you basically pay 50% upfront, 50% after you get the product.

So we paid 2,500 year old before we got the product. Then we paid 2,500 euros more and it was basically to sell for a Christmas special and also a black Friday special. So all you have to do is click here on the product that you’re looking for. Maybe your style, like a phone case, let’s say iPhone 11 phone case right here, and it’ll show you different suppliers and it basically works as you order in bulk, you order a lot of these products, you send them over to ship up and basically ship up those arrests, they warehousing for you, and then in order to ship them and just to tell you how much it costs and it costs you a lot less to order a lot more products. So here for example, if you’re ordering maybe one product from Ali express, it’s maybe $2 here. If you’re ordering 10 it’s $1 50 if you’re ordering more than 500 it’s $1 37 so it really benefits you in ordering bigger.

Like I said, that this has to be for a proven product that you already have. Then you go to Alibaba, order a ton of them, then you send them over to ship up. Bob can then ship them and I’ll show you the shipping times here. So basically it’s that general transit time. If you want expended it. That’s when you can ship in two to four business days, domestic and in four to 12 business days. So you can ship in four days internationally. That’s insane. That’s basically the same as Amazon. Amazon can ship overnight or maybe in one or two days. Here you can ship in two to three days, which is insane. You can build such a huge brand loyalty by just shipping in a couple of days and you can do it by using ship bop. Obviously it’s going to cost you a little bit more. And then in the bottom you can see here for us shipments on a one pound, one pound, it’s eh, it’s pretty big.

So you’re not going to have over that. And then if you want priority, they can ship in one to three business days. So if you order on Tuesday, they can ship it all the way on Wednesday or Thursday, which is huge. Nobody is doing that in the drop shipping industry. Then here you can fill out basically everything that you need to send your package over to ship up. Also here you can see your pricing. So, for example, if you have here and here you can see your maps, the maps, um, of Shabaab and those Sones or Shabaab, that’s not really relevant. And then here you can see like destination country, we put domestic and the units of measurement, we put ounces standard, and then here you can see all what it takes you to ship those products. So for example, one to eight ounces, which is what most of your products will wait, what that, that’s what they’re going to weight is basically going to cost you $5 five, five, five here at six, six and 16 to 16.

You can just hire a VA to do it for you in that way. And also con, uh, control your inventory here. So once the package arrives at Shabaab, then you will have all of the products here on the back end of Shabaab. So you can send that over. And here you can see all the inventory. Obviously it says on hand zero because they don’t have them there. But we can also add products and since it’s sinked to our Shopify store, it’s super easy to add any product or just send products over to them. Go ahead and take your business to the next level which ship up. If you’re interested in automating your Shopify business and taking it to the absolute next level and getting real results. Like my student Dylan right here, $10,000 per month. A guy that didn’t know anything about drop shipping of a Shopify was able to make 10,000 per month with my help with our automated drop shipping program is my flagship program into my life’s work.

If you’re interested in that, make sure to go to the link down in the description and schedule a free call with me or somebody in my team is completed for free. You can go on the call, find out if the program is right for you, only schedule a session. If you’re really serious about your business and you’re looking to work with me and my team, if you just want to talk to me, have a conversation with me. The Facebook group is down in the description as well. You can ask for advice, Shopify store review, whatever you need. You can go to Facebook group if you’re serious, go and schedule a strategy session, and if you want to find out the top 20 winning products to sell in 2020 make sure to click that video right there. Top 20 products for 2020 that you can sell right now and make money out of. Make sure to subscribe if that notification bell, that light button, if you enjoy this video and I will see you in the next one.

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