Complete Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2020 – How to Create a Profitable Shopify Store from Scratch (Rafael Cintron Review)

Rafael Cintron from Rafael Cintron Review and Automated Dropshipping Presents: Complete Shopify Tutorial for 2020

It seems that lately, every single week and month, a new guru pops up on the Shopify niche, on the Shopify industry and pulls out a course that basically teaches the same thing that a month before another girl was teaching on another course. And then you see those again and again and again. It’s kind of a funny phenomenon, but it’s not funny for you if you keep buying the same thing over and over again just from different people. What I want to do in this video is be the difference in those gurus and be the difference in your courses. And I want to give you a full complete Shopify tutorial from beginning setting up your store to then setting up ads to getting sales for your store, all from scratch, step-by-step taught in this complete Shopify course video for free. Let’s go. Hey, it’s Rafelson Tron here. I teach people just like you, how to build a profitable Shopify business without any fluff, all step-by-step action strategies.

So if you’re interested in that, make sure to subscribe, hit that notification bell. And if you’re interested in scheduling a free strategy session with either me or somebody in my team to help your business and see how we can 10 exit as soon as possible. Check the first link in the description throughout this course, this free tutorial for Shopify. All right, so the first thing we’re going to do is go to or you can find the link below in the description. You’re going to click start free trial and just enter your business here. So we’re going to put free course which is the one that I chose for this particular trial. And then it’s going to say start your free 14 day free trial, put in a password or whatever password you want, and then your store name, so for your store name does, doesn’t really matter as to what name you give it.

It’s more of just the name that is going to appear on your Shopify dashboard. So if you want to change it later on, if you want to build a brand out of your store later or not really sure what to sell, it’s completely okay to put another type of store so we can just put free core store here and it should be available and it should be available and to create the store. And I was going to take us to our dashboard on Shopify. We’re going to sign up. So tied, they’re creating your store and this is what I love about Shopify. They actually create the store for you and they make everything. You just have to put in your information, put it in your products and everything. The store is ready to go, they’re creating it for us and we’re going to see right here and now we’re going to set up the actual account.

So you have to tell a little bit about yourself. So you can just put please choose one. I’m just playing around. And then in the current revenue you can just put zero USD or whatever country you are. It’s going to show your currency. You can just put zero or maybe up to 5,000 click next and then putting your information. I’m going to skip a second here to put in my address and everything and now the store is created. It says your trial has started. Get ready to sell online. Try these tips to get started and so on. What we’re going to do first is we’re going to open up the store and choose a plan. Let’s do this from the beginning just because the store does have a password and if you don’t select a plan from the beginning, it’s not going to let you actually open the store at all.

So we click here, select the plan, and then in the bottom we’re going to select basic. Unless you’re doing more than 10 20,000 per month, I do not recommend Shopify plus advanced Shopify. And so I understand basic one, choose this plan and they’re going to ask us for payment information. So we’re going to take $29 every 30 days, add a credit card, I’m going to add my details, and then you’re going to click start plan. It’s going to not bill you anything Ciro until your 14th day on the trial. Then it’s going to start billing 29 per month and now it’s easy. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to click here on online store and take out the password of our store and go to preferences on online store and then click on the password section which is going to load and just a little bit here it says online passwords, password online store is password protected.

Take that out, save it and now we can see the actual store. If we go to the store, it basically says nothing just free core stored on my Shopify image with text overlay and just a bunch of random collections on there that we haven’t made yet. What I would recommend for anybody thinking about starting a Shopify store or just thinking about starting an eCommerce business in general is start with products or with niches that people buy. A lot of. For example, the parenting niche is one that I love because you can market to parents. You’re not marketing to kids, you’re marketing to parents that they buy things for their kids. For example, we’ve had multiple six figure stores where we sell toys for kids, baby products, products for the home home decor. So anybody that is a parent is in a stable family, maybe they’re married, they have one or two kids.

That is a great, great audience to sell to and you can sell so many products, especially products that they buy again and again and again. Now as a holiday season, it’s getting cold, so we can definitely sell Christmas products as well as winter and snow products. So let’s focus this particular store to the kits niche. We’re actually going to go into the kits nation and sell products like that. The first thing that I want to do is first look for products, then start customizing the store and making everything really pretty. So in order to find the products that we’re going to start advertising, what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to come hunt. ECOMOG is a great software and we’ve actually been together in their offices making videos and doing amazing things in their offices is a product research software and if you register with the link below, you’ll get the discounted price.

In this case, I’m just going to log in here and find my products that I’m potentially going to sell. Since we said we’re going to sell toys and parenting products, what we can click on as click on category and then we can go buy toys or toys and hobbies right here and then we can find the best products for us. So we have this walking led dinosaur toy. We have this wireless portable handheld loose with microphone, which can be great for a gift for Christmas. For example, we also have the Slideaway toy cleanup storage container. This product is actually great to sell right now we have 3d cute maze tongue drum. This one actually, this shoe grip is selling extremely well for us. That’s actually a great product, portable for folding stool. So you can see all of these products they’ve been posted about a month, maybe two, three weeks ago for this particular niche.

And you can look at any products like that. What we can also do is go to a tool called sales source, which I absolutely love. And we can find products for that specific niche as well as analyze other stores that are selling really well in our niche. So what you can do to find stores that are doing really well, for example, is go through here, the Dani come hunt. You can actually look at the actual stores that are selling these products. So let’s say for example, there’s walking led dinosaur tour. We can click on, show me the money, and then we can see the all the page here. You can sell with Oberlo. Oberlo is an app that we’re going to install a bit later on to import your products, your Shopify store, and take care of the fulfillment. So what I can do right here is click on store selling this item right here on e-com hunt.

And then it’s gonna, uh, send me to a store that’s selling this particular item on their store and they’re probably doing really, really well. So now we have a store here that is selling a product that we want to sell in our category, in our niche. What we have to do here is find out if this store is made on Shopify. So we can click this little application that I liked here, it’s called what runs and we can find out if the stores want to Shopify. In this case the web framework is bootstrap. So there’s actually a custom made store. It doesn’t have Shopify on it. So unfortunately we can’t analyze it. But let’s try to look for another store on here. For example, this tree cube maze, let’s see if we can find a Shopify store out of it. Go to store selling this item and we’re going to try to find this one’s simple horn and it is on Shopify.

You can see peg split, one of the apps that we have as well as sales source is popping up here on the right hand side. And we can click on that. And analyze how much the store is actually making. You want to do this with multiple products across different softwares. Try to find different stores that are selling these items. So for example, we can find this toy pig as well and then go to the store selling this and then we can try to do this. The exact same thing. Go on Salesforce. So you’re for how much they’re selling it or I’m seeing exactly how much they’re making from this particular product. In this case, Oh, this store is doing really well. Simple horn is making 31,000 to 62,000 per month. So actually this is a great store despite on this why I love using spy tools.

And now here I can see the best selling product. So actually they’re selling the same lace Patty and this floating ball shooting game led ankle skip ball, which is about a month ago. They uploaded it. So this is great. Why spy tools can be really useful is because you can actually check what products are the best sellers as well as what products got uploaded the fastest. So this one actually got uploaded five days ago and it says floating ball shooting game. Let’s look at that. There’s aren’t gone up like five days ago and it’s one of their best sellers. So that’s a great, great choice there. We can add that to the store or we can wait a little bit because it might be a product that Facebook isn’t super compliant with. They might not like the fact that it’s a game. We have other products on here as well and we have the products here.

So what we’re going to do now is we’re going to download Oberlo for our store in order to import the products onto our store. It’s really the easiest way to import them. You also have other apps like April, I’m going to show you right here, I’m going to show you the other apps. You have E-Pro low, you have hyper skew and you also have the other app called CJ drop shipping. But CJ drop shipping hasn’t been that good to students lately, so I’m not gonna like really shout them out. Ebro is great because you can add it to your Shopify store, straight from Shopify and actually import products into your store, which I’m going to show you right now. And now there’s two ways to access any single app on the Shopify store. You can either go to apps here on the left hand side and click this and the Shopify app store, and then you’ll find that basically Oberlo now is owned by Shopify, so it’s the most suggested app on here when you go to the app section, so you can either use Oberlo, I like using E-Pro because it’s faster.

They have up to five to eight days delivery and you can also import straight from EA from April onto your Shopify store. So it’s actually a download. This one. Let’s add the app or going to put the login name here, free course, Shopify free, free core and we’re going to put that right here and I’m going to click login and it’s going to log on to our store and then connect the app to our store and directly be added to there. I don’t want to show you just the easy way to do it, which is the old way, the old two to three years ago, I want to show you the new tools and new softwares that are out there so you can have the biggest chance of success in 2020 and beyond. Now just some BS that’s going to make people not really get any results over April integrates with the following advantages.

Click next here and then invitation code. You don’t really need one, so just start right there and it’s going to take you to this page. You can either contact the direct sourcing agent or the person that’s working on sourcing Sonny right here or you can import an Allie product. Remember the products that we saw before this shooting game and then also the one that’s doing really well does skip ball. So I’m going to actually choose those two because this one has been added five days ago. It’s already a best seller on a store doing about 50 K a month and this one is skip ball. It’s at about a month ago. So it’s still fresh and it’s also a toy that we can add for our store. So we’re going to take those two, look them up on Ali express and we can go here. I’ll and type in shooting game, floating ball shooting game, see what we can find.

And from Ali express we are going to import them into April and then from April onto our store. So let’s type in shooting game here and let’s see if we can find it. And it’s not that easy. So let’s see. Do you mean flotation ball shooting game? Let’s see if that one gets a something. So it isn’t actually pulling up. Let’s go to the product page and see what we can find here. You can also use this app and I’m not entirely sure if I have downloaded, but it’s Allie. Let me see if I had it downloaded here. It’s called here. Allie Hunter. Okay. So we actually, if we use Ali Hunter, you can find the supplier. Sometimes it doesn’t work. That’s why I’m kind of not super confident in it. But let’s see a trial that functions on Holly Hunter app. So actually I have a Shopify store now.

So let’s go to the Ali Hunter Shopify store, which they just added apparently. So it’s 11 reviews free, seven day trial. Let’s try it out. I didn’t know they had a Shopify app. It just has 11 reviews. So it might be a new app. I didn’t know they added that. They just had this extension that usually tells you the supplier, but in this case it’s not telling us. The suppliers are saying go and download the app. So let’s see if the app actually works. If it lets us find a supplier for this particular product. So let’s go to the app here. Just five seconds. We load your screen and then the product that we found is this particular one, simple horn floating ball shooting game and how else can we call this like floating ball party, floating ball should game. And then we’re going to take a free trial of the 1999 per month.

I’m probably going to cancel this right after I make this video, but let’s see. And we take the free trial, start free trial for seven days and then 1990 and then this flotation floating ball shooting game. Let’s add it to the, to the app and see if we can find it. So actually it couldn’t find any sellers for this product. So another thing that you can do to find any AliExpress suppliers is actually download the image that you find there. So let’s say it says floating ball shooting game, or download these images that are here. For example, what we can do is do a reverse image search. This is what we do and we can’t find the supplier for a particular product. We do reverse image search by tin I [inaudible] dot com going to post the link down. I’m going to post all of these links, but you can just paste or upload the picture here.

So I’m going to upload this picture of soon. We can find it. Let’s see, I, let’s try to find an ally expressive flyer, maybe Alibaba supplier zero results. Okay. And then we’re going to try to find this one. Okay. And two results. Ambassador games. A massive game. So actually this supplier for this product might be a little bit harder to source, so we’re not going to stick to that one right now. What I’m gonna do is stick to the skip ball to the skip ball right here. And this one should be, it should be pretty good ankle skip bop. Let’s look it up on AliExpress. We should find it here and let’s see if we can find this particular product and just as a winning product that I can find here. Okay, so it’s this product, 83 orders, 12 orders, 20 orders doesn’t have that many orders on Shopify.

700 okay. 700 rolled ball swing ball toy is 764 that’s actually a pretty good and the other ones just don’t seem to have orders. So let’s click on that 764 and you can use this tool called Peck scholar and actually check how many orders it’s getting on a day by day. So this one is selling seven three it’s all 50 few days ago, then 12 and nine it’s not selling that much, but let’s say we’re selling this particular product. Let’s add it to our store. I just want to show you how to do that. You can take the AliExpress express URL, put it here, import it, and now in port success and I was going to be imported to your store. All you have to do now is actually work on the product description and you can go to the import list right here and it’s going to be there.

What I suggest for the names of your products is always try to be branded, always try to be something branded. You don’t have to have a brand store right now, but this one for example, it’s a rope ball that you can jump over with your foot and it’s for kids. So I would say maybe I’m the crazy jumper or something like that, like a name about uh, let’s say a crazy jumper, easy jumper, active jumper, maybe active jumper, active jumper, kids ankle, skip, jump rope and that’s out there on their Kip jump rope. And then we’re going to put a tag just here. I like doing this for the bestsellers category, putting a tag called best that actually works really well. Then prices. What we’re going to do is the actual shipping is $5 from me pro. The cost is going to be five so that’s a total price of $10 for actually getting the product itself.

So we’re going to put another higher price in order to get some profit out of this. And now just to make the process easier, I’m going to go sharing just my computer, not my actual camera and computer. You will see my camera at the outro of this video. I hope you’re enjoying this video. Comment down below or like this video, if you’re enjoying it, let’s keep going with the tutorial. So now that I know that it’s costing me $10 what I’m going to do is change the price here. Let’s start testing on around 24 99 all of them. So I’m just going to change it to 24 99 24 99 24 nine nine compare. We’re going to put at let’s say 39 99 you don’t want to put it too high because people are going to see right through that. People are going to see that you’re just overcharging on a product or just making a fake price on there.

So that’s perfect. The description, actually this why I like April as well. They actually pull up the whole description with all of the images and everything and all of the um, the returns policy, the actual shipping information, everything is pulled up from Ali express and not just like Oberlo where it puts around them description like this one. We can get rid of that. What I would recommend for product descriptions is either looking at your competitors, what they are doing with their product description or actually hiring somebody to help you with the product description. So let’s look at the exact product, which is this one led flash ankle ball, and then the product description for them, it’s images spin around skipping ankle led flashing images. All right. Durable and safe and specification. So actually this seems to be the exact same product that they are selling. Yeah, it

Speaker 2: (17:49)
seems to be the exact same product. So that’s pretty funny right there. They’re selling the same product so we can actually push this to Shopify. What I recommend is just push it to Shopify. Then we can deal with the actual, um, with the product itself. So let’s go with the Shopify and now if we go to the product section here, we can see that the product has already added here and now we can go to view and we view the particular page. So here is the page active jumper, kids ankle, skip, jump rope. Here we have the description. So it’s actually pretty good. The description included the images on below. So although it is a rough description order to get a better description, I’ll definitely try to hire somebody from Upwork. I love going to Upwork and actually basically for everything, I love going to Upwork.

Speaker 2: (18:34)
You can even do product research on there. You can do product description, you can type it out there and find somebody really easily to write your product descriptions. Maybe five, $10. It’s just the easiest way. I don’t recommend you trying to learn it all and trying to build a product description like three hours. Just hire somebody. For example, you can put here from the Philippines location, Philippines highly recommend you do this and you can find somebody for maybe $5 an hour or $5 an hour, $14 an hour product description expert has made $10,000 in a platform. Hire somebody like this and you can definitely get it done pretty quickly. Once that’s done, now our product is ready to almost ready to be advertised. Not really. We’re going to build out the store better first and obviously clean up the images here so I looked a lot better.

Speaker 2: (19:21)
So let’s go to the store and let’s just actively import more products because we only have one and we want to look like a legitimate brand. So I’m just going to type in on AliExpress and type toys. We’re going to upload a lot of these products, so let’s say this one actually sold a lot for us. This is not actually, it’s a great product. It’s a is jump jumping ferry or flying ferry and actually sold really well for us last January, like last year of January. So it’s actually a great product to go for. You can take this link and then go to eat polo and imported there. So import Ali product is imported here. Import, import success import list. And now we can have it here and I, we can do flying ferry, uh, infrared, no, uh, amazing flying fairy, flying ferry, amazing Christmas doll. And then price, I’m just going to put it, it’s cost six.

Speaker 2: (20:23)
Then the shipping costs is one 53. So we’re going to put those in 1999. It should be fine. And then you can do this for every single product that you have. And we’re going to just make this really quickly because I don’t want to stay here for two hours, but now that you have the product here, you can just push the Shopify, it’ll be on Shopify. And now that product as well will be on the product section here. If you load it again. And now we’re going to have two products. So we’re going to do it for a few products. So let’s just type in on AliExpress toys. I’m not going to just upload them really quickly. Toys. And then I like this application, um, from Oberlo actually Oberlo tells you if there is a packet or not, although there’s some controversy going through with the packet for 2020 it’s probably going to die out or be super expensive.

Speaker 2: (21:10)
You still want to make sure that the supplier has each packet just to be sure that the product is going to be legitimate. So you can also click on this little thing and it’s going to import from E-Pro low, really, really easy. That’s why I like the app. It’s super easy to import products here and you can import, import, import successfully, imported successfully, and we can just import all of these products. Go to Tupelo. We have an import list of 11 and we can just push all of these. Just make sure to fix up the actual names, fix up the prices, fix up everything. Of course, the Shopify versus Shopify. And then we’re going to take those products and make them into collections. So I said we’re going to sell kids toys, the parents, we’re going to take all these products and put them in different collections.

Speaker 2: (22:02)
And then we’re going to keep doing the push to Shopify here. And I’m just going to go to Shopify and show you how you create collection. So you’ve got a products, then collections, you’re going to create a collection here. What I would recommend is dividing them up in either seasons. So you can do for winter, for summer, for autumn, or you can do by category like baby boys, girls, parents. So for example, you can do different categories or you can just do best-sellers, um, co kitchen, home cleaning garden and so on. Different categories. So what I’m going to do here is just two boys and then I’m going to put product tag is equal. Automated product tag is equal to boy, boy. And now every single product that I add with the tag boy, so let’s say I go to my products.

Speaker 2: (22:52)
Yeah. And I find one that I have here and I click on, let’s say this one and I put boy in the tax here. Boy. Now this product is going to be shown on the collection boys and now this party is going to show in the collections because I’d put the tag as boys, right? So now that, now that that’s done, let’s create other collections. So we got boys, let’s do girls. So tagging is equal to girl girls. Click save. Then we’re going to do a collection for parents, which we’re going to do create collection, which maybe we can sell wine covers or wine bottles. Um, something really pretty for Christmas and for winter. So parents parent, and then we’re gonna do babies and tag his baby. Then we’re going to do babies. All right, now we’ve got the product sold, collections done. Now we’re going to go to online store and actually put these on our store.

Speaker 2: (23:53)
So why don’t we go to our store and it’s just a free core It’s just going to show catalog and then all of this. Now there’s going to be a product on here that we added because the feature collection, it says bestsellers, but now we’re going to do is we’re going to actually add the navigation on the top and change the main menu. The main menu is this top section here, home and catalog. What I’m going to do there is just add menu items. So boys and I’m going to put boys, uh, actually no, I’m going to put collections, boys add and then I’m going to do girls or four girls actually is better for girls. And then I’m going to have girls collections ad and then this one I’m going to edit it and put four boys just because it looks a little bit better, a little more professional. And then I’m going to do for babies down here and I’m going to do baby

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Speaker 2: (24:47)
add. And now for parents or parents, I don’t know, do parents here, parents tell you about collection and now that’s done menu items. What I was suggested is adding another menu item, which is contact. But we’re going to first, before we do that, we’re going to create a contact page. So let’s just put these and remove catalog from here and then we’ve got that done and now what do we go to our store? It’s going to say home for boys, for girls, for babies, for parents, which looks really a lot more professional and better than putting just catalog on there. Now we’re going to do is create a contact page or contact form. We’re going to go to pages here, add a page and we’re going to go put contact us and then this one is easy, just put templates, suffix, page, dot contact, and then you can go to view page and it’s just going to be a contact form page and then then we’re going to go to navigation, go to main menu, add a menu item, contact us

Speaker 2: (25:52)
and contact. Whoops, contact us. There we go. Pages contact us, and then we got that. Now we’re going to add a tracking page for all our orders, for the products that we’re going to start selling. Obviously we’re going to start getting sales and orders. We need to be able to track these orders properly. The best way to do it is by going to apps here and this is the Shopify store. And then go to an app called Trackify. Oh, sorry. Uh, an app called AfterShip. Not try. Defies right here after ship and click on that and then click add app. And I’m just going to add that really quick. It’s going to ask you for your email and your password. It’s going to install the app onto our store. And I’m just going to clean up all of these pages here. It looks a little bit crazy.

Speaker 2: (26:46)
Well here we go. And there we go. Welcome to AfterShip and here we go. Brand name. Um, let’s actually name our brand something. Um, for, for parenting, for kids, let’s just say mid like happy, happy minis or Christmas meanings or cold mini snow minis. I would do like mini, mini snowmen. Mini snowmen could do pretty well. So let’s just try a mini snowmen and the store website. We don’t have a full on website yet, but you can just put this one free course, uh, stored on my and I’ll put that there. And then monthly shipment. This store must be a URL. Oh, it must have the HTTP thing on the beginning. So,

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Speaker 2: (27:34)
there we go. And monthly shipment. Um, um, in the beginning you’re just going to put less than 1000, cause that’s not where you’re going to have. Then the sub domain for your tracking page, I would do mini snowmen. The name of your brand dot [inaudible] dot com let’s go. And now we’re going to go to the actual Patriots. So now we have the AfterShip account on the backend. We’re going after ship and this is where you’re going to have all of the information for tracking. So start 14 day free trial. There’s a little bit, um, it takes a little bit of time to upload all of these apps to the, to the store. So let couriers to use. Okay, this is important. Now we’re going to, all of these four are enable USBs, ups, FedEx, DHL, all of these are enabled. What you need to check is the ones that are disabled. So for example, there’s going to be a lot of different um, shipping sources that you use. For example, a packet, it’s called EMS, China EMS E packet. You can choose that for other services like CJ drop shipping. And we can enable that. CJ packet is another one.

Speaker 2: (28:38)
CJ packet right here. We’re going to enable that for other services like E-Pro low. Let’s see what we can find here. Again, find it there and let’s filter by country, country. And then let’s put China and see all the services that China pay. Paul, um, eat quick and you make sure to ask your agent or whoever you’re sourcing from the exact services that they use, you have seed packet and a lot of different suppliers use different couriers. So just make sure that you choose the right one. If you’re advertising to Europe, make sure to use the right one because it’s very important for customers to track their orders. So now that we have at least E packet and Elise CJ packet, we can choose the other ones later, start tracking. And now we can do the tracking page and add a tracking page. So Oh actually this, uh, this tracking page already added, so I’m going to check there. Your tracking page URL is mini snowmen. That after patient I am tracking page and that’s what I was going to look like. So track order status but the tracking number and then track. So what we’re going to do with this page is actually take this URL here, copy that, and then go to our navigation online store navigation. And then in the main menu, I’m going to put that at the end. So track my order and then put the link there

Speaker 2: (30:02)
bomb. And we’re going to add that there. And we’re going to add that actually to the beginning of the menu. We want to make sure that people trust our website. We’ve seen that even website that don’t look that good. If we had the track my order page, it creates a lot of trust. So we’re going to create that and now it’s going to look a lot, lot better when we pull this up

truck. My order for boys, for girls, for babies, for parents, contact us. And it’s going to look amazing. Now we’re going to actually work on the store itself. So we’re going to look at the front end. You can click on online store, then go to the actual theme. You can use different themes. You can use it. The view theme, the Brooklyn theme. There’s a lot of other ones. The free ones, I would just suggest you start with free. So you can start with like the Butte. You can start with Brooklyn. Brooklyn is actually a pretty good one. So you’re going to add this one to the theme library or you can do um, another one paid ones like prestigious

Speaker 2: (30:54)
turbo Shoptimize. There’s so many paid ones, but you can click here. Oh, actually you have to make the [inaudible] the theme live first of all. So Brooklyn actions publish, publish, and then click on customize. And now we’re going to customize the homepage. So here we have the homepage, we have the brand collection lists, feature collection. So when the header, what I want to do is in the beginning I do want to have a at least a hero banner here.

So for the logo you’ll want to get a logo from like fiber. You can get one for maybe five or $10, you can go to

Speaker 2: (31:33)
um, and then click Shopify logo and you’ll get one for this are 2010, 15 bucks, five bucks, five, $10, $10 easy. You can get an easy logo. And then for the homepage logo, what I would recommend is exploring free images and going with kids here cause it’s our niche. And then doing like for example, this one, there’s a great image, it’s cold outside. So let’s select that. And actually no, that’s the homepage logo, right? Hmm. Well let’s go back here and actually it’s a slide show, the one that we’re going to change now, the homepage, they’ll go my bad there, the slide number one, that’s where we’re going to change, explore free theme, free images, then kids and then we’re going to go there and I was going to change the whole thing. Okay. So like that.

Speaker 3: (32:32)

Speaker 2: (32:34)
and now it’s going to have this image there. The other image, we can actually take this one and remove that. We don’t need it there. So you can click save anytime here. Free core store. In this case we’re going to just call it instead of free core store. Um, in the text on the top, we can put free shipping, free shipping on all orders

Speaker 2: (33:01)
and you can just give free shipping to everybody. That’s what I suggest in the beginning. Just put free shipping to everybody and then hope it’s a logo. You can keep it to your brand name and that should be it. Text on the top. Okay. Now the rich tax on the second section here, I would suggest just taking that, I would just remove that section collection list. I would do three collections. For example. We were talking about the boys. Let’s do girls. No, let’s do boys this one. Then let’s do collection number two. Let’s do girls and collection number three. Let’s do babies and now that’s done. Let’s do the feature collection. That one. We’re going to do the bestsellers. So we’re going to actually remove the collection on the homepage. And actually let’s put it here, just a collection of parents cause we’re gonna sell to parents and also to kids. So boys, girls, babies, feature collection can be parents for all your family needs and that’s going to change non perfect. And then newsletter section. Just take that out. It’s not necessary. Perfect. All right, so save that. And now our store is going to look a lot better for the slideshow here. I definitely recommend you change up these uh, an introductory hero banner. What I would suggest here is family now are from our family,

Speaker 2: (34:26)
from our family to your family. Perfect. And I want to align that center. Cool. And now the slide number two, pick another free image. Kids low tomorrow and I’m going to do this one, that, that looks really good cause it’s for Christmas. It’s now and then when it comes to the actual test, I’m going to do enjoy your Christmas. Enjoy your holidays from the, we said mini snowmen team. All right, amazing. No save. Now our store is going to look a lot better. So if you want to go back, do you just have to click on the Shopify logo here?

Speaker 3: (35:21)

Speaker 2: (35:23)
And then our store is actually going to look a lot better. So it’s looking better. All we have to do is the collections, so it can a lot better. Now let’s work on legal pages. So legal pages are extremely important. Where you’re going to do is go to settings and then click on legal and they go to refund policy. Create from template. I’ve got a privacy policy created from template terms of service create from template and shipping policy will be from a direct supplier. So this is basically from your supplier when it comes to the shipping options, shipping everything. So we’re shipping with April right now most of our products, what I would recommend is um, messaging, the, the main contact here, but most of the orders are going to be shipped within set five to eight days. You don’t need to add this to the, to the menu, so we can just leave it there. But these are really important. We’re going to save those. And then what we’re going to do here is actually create pages out of these. So we’re going to take this page and we’re going to go to the online store section here and click on pages. And these pages aren’t atomistically connected, which is kind of annoying. But if for example you can click here and this one was a returns policy

Speaker 2: (36:41)
save that weren’t going to take this template and put privacy policy.

Speaker 3: (36:46)

Speaker 2: (36:48)
And make sure to change the name of your store and everything. Obviously bossy, create a new one. Uh, put a here privacy policy. So then we’re going to put another one. And this is terms of service from service copy and then we’re going to create another page, terms of service. And I’ve got all those pages, all those pages. We’re going to put them in the footer of menu of our stores. So we’re going to look at all my store navigation, footer menu, a new page, a shipping, no returns, net returns. It just turns policy. Uh, add the item, turns a service, no terms, terms of terms of service or we go. And then the last one, privacy policy. And then again we’re going to put the tracking page, some privacy. And also we’re going to put the tracking page. So track my order track. Uh, no, no, it has to be the specific link from AfterShip. Yeah, copy. And then put it here

Speaker 2: (38:22)
and then link, oops, that would start my order. And then put that as the first one. It’s really important for everything and you’re going to save that. And now we’re going to have a tr a full footer menu on the bottom as well. So it’s going to be here on the bottom. You’re gonna have all of that. Let’s say that out. And now what we’re going to do is we’re going to actually add more products to these collections. So what you want to do is import around 15 to 20 products to your store just so the store doesn’t look terrible and it doesn’t look very low quality and like a scam. You want to make sure that your store looks good, make sure that you add the tags to add the products to your collections. And I’m just going to add one girl product. When baby product on board product and then three parent products,

Speaker 3: (39:08)

Speaker 2: (39:13)
I saved that.

Speaker 3: (39:15)

Speaker 2: (39:18)
And now we should have a nice collection on the center. Girls, baby’s beautiful. Now all your family needs, this is the parents one. So I’m just going to put here, parents obviously make it to the paycheck. You’re actually doing parents so that good on another product.

Speaker 3: (39:40)

Speaker 2: (39:41)
parents [inaudible] so that and then uh, let’s see this one parent

Speaker 2: (39:55)
and save that on the main page. So now we know that parents is our main page. So now we have here for all your fan leanings, you have the products here, you have the collection lists here and it looks awesome. Now when it comes to the name of your store, the actual domain that you’re going to use, you’re going to go to online store there, you’re going to go to domains and this is where you’re going to buy the actual name of your store. So we said that we want to call it a mini snowmen. So buy a new domain. We’re going to type in here minis. Noman and save. It’s actually available and it’s available. So we’re going to buy it.

Speaker 3: (40:30)
Okay. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (40:49)
and now that we bought it, we need to confirm and verify our email address. So our email is over here. [inaudible] recording charge approved and it should send us, there we go. Verification required. Please verify your domain. You have to do this fast as possible because if not your domain it will be inactive.

Speaker 3: (41:08)

Speaker 2: (41:10)
Prove your domain. It’s going to take a little bit [inaudible] and I was going to say your name, your email and everything and just verify the information here with Shopify and your contact information has been verified and it should not say a recent email anymore. Sorry. Verified.

Speaker 3: (41:31)

Speaker 2: (41:31)
Okay. So it’s probably a little bit too, a little bit of time to do that. What I recommend is adding forwarding email address has they have info and sales as default. What I recommend is adding one called care at your domain because this really helps in um, getting your customers to care like you, you show them that you care. It’s important to put that care email. And also depending on your name, what it is, you can put and then just put free core store here and now we have multiple emails there and these emails are not G suite so you cannot answer from these emails, but it’s, it’s pretty good to have the email for you in order for anybody to contact you. They can just contact that email. So what I would recommend now that we have our domain, we should be able to see mini my name’s perfect. From our family to your family. Now we’re going to change the actual name of the store. You go to settings general here on the top, mini snowmen

Speaker 3: (42:34)

Speaker 2: (42:39)
and that’s a lot better. Mini snowmen for, I’m finally with your family. All your family needs and it looks really, really good there. So now let’s actually, now that we’ve set up all the store itself, it’s looking good. It’s looking a lot better. Now we’re going to go to a product page. We’re going to actually work on the product itself. So we said we are going to advertise this active jumper, kids ankle skip rope. So let’s work on the actual product page. The first thing that I would work on the product page is the images is the most important thing. And also most people that are going to see our images or our pages are going to be on mobile. If you want, you can get this mobile. Um, it’s called a mobile simulator or something like that. It’s going to show you how the product looks when somebody goes in through their phone. So the first thing they see is this image. It doesn’t look that good, it doesn’t look professional, it looks kind of weird. The background is kind of weird. And this year right here, it looks pretty good color. It goes to red, blue, yellow, pink. So it looks pretty solid and it’s defaulting to green. Then it’s going to say children led jumping rope. This, these numbers, we have to get rid of description.

Speaker 2: (43:49)
Okay, so this definitely needs some work. The images are just too big. So what we’re gonna do is work on that. Now, what I’m going to do here is go to here and take this one out. And what I’m going to do is I always want to start a product description with looking to or a question to the persons. For example, looking to look up. It doesn’t, let me edit this. There’s an image or, well, let me edit it for some reason. Let me try it now. Now it’s going to let me edit. Okay. Looking to,

Speaker 3: (44:23)

Speaker 2: (44:28)
Okay, so let me delete everything. So I have to delete this manually here and then I’m going to do looking to have more fun. I’m looking to have more and better fun or looking for a better looking for a better play time solution for your kids and we’re going to put that large here and what heading two or heading one actually play a time solution for your kids.

Speaker 3: (45:09)

Speaker 2: (45:12)
That right? Like that. And then the description and itself, I mean it’s not that bad here. Features premium quality, easy to play included. Then it’s going to tell us the actual pictures here. I think there’s too many pictures on here. So this one is like, again, there’s one, it’s pretty cool there. There’s one is also pretty cool. There’s one is actually really nice. So what I I would do is, for example, I would take this and put it as the owl. I want to take one of these and put them as variant images. So I want to take this pink one for example, that looks a little bit more legitimate, like this look a lot better and I want to take it and post it to the variant image of the pink. And I want to take an image like this one looks a lot better and I want to change that for the variant. And also the green one is the default one. So I want to change it for another one that looks a little bit more legit. Um, I want to change it to this one cause that’s the main variant image that you’re going to see when you hit the product page.

Speaker 3: (46:16)

Speaker 2: (46:17)
Yeah. So there we go. See now it looks a lot better than the actual, um, the, the first picture itself looks a lot better. The description tilt. It looks really weird here, so I definitely want to fix that up. I, yeah, I don’t know why this description is looking so weird. Um, so I’m gonna just take these images and take them out here and I’m going to the description that just looks way too weird. So I’m going to change this all up and delete all of that. And now I have the clean slate here of the description. What I can do is either hire somebody like I was talking about or let’s do looking for a better play time solution or a child. Oh, do heading number one. Yeah, there we go. Um, introducing, it’s a great way to do it. Introducing our amazing active jumper ankle skip road for kids. I want to do a little bit bigger heading three

Speaker 2: (47:27)
for kids and then I want to do an image or a little video. What I can do is for videos, what I recommend is both doing them on Facebook ads, but as well as having videos on your product page is going to help a lot. Who I recommend for doing video is is either getting somebody on fiber to do it. For example, we have some people that do it here. You can just look up drop shipping video and actually find somebody very easily to make you a drop shipping video or you use a more professional service like bands of ads and use that service right here and they can make you a pretty good video. So I’m going to pull up one of the videos that they did for us. She’s going to pull it up real quick. I have the email from them [inaudible] I’m going to try and find it here. One second. Let me try and find the video. Okay, so here’s the veto that they prepare for me and it was for this a drawing board thing

Speaker 4: (48:33)

Speaker 2: (48:38)
and that’s a chairman on play, a normal, speedier.

Speaker 2: (49:17)
So you can see that’s pretty cool. I mean they add text to the bottom and it looks good in general. While you can do this, just download it straight from your email. And this video costs me $77. Yeah, one day delivery is $77. You can get three day delivery or you can get a split test pack, which is actually a lot better in three days. We’ll have two videos for you so you can test up against each other. And that’s a pretty cool company. I like it in general. Let’s just take this video as an example. I know it’s not the same product, but just for simplicity sake, you can insert the video by going to the, um, actually the best way to insert a video honestly is by uploading it to YouTube. So for example, if we go to YouTube here and we click on, actually let’s go to, um, yeah, let’s go to

Speaker 2: (50:03)
Now that we’re on YouTube, let’s go to this particular page. All you have to do is click upload video here on the top. And you can see that my videos are suggested. They’re exploring YouTube studio, select file, create a YouTube video, kids lie drawing board. It’s easy as a way to really upload a particular video to a product page. Now you can see it’s uploading. 17 seconds left. You can name it whatever you want. You’re not going to publish this, you’re not going to post on YouTube or anything. Make sure it’s no, it’s not made for kids. 0% process. Now we’re going to go next video elements. You don’t need a special thumbnail, you don’t need a special anything. Click next and you can click on unlisted. You can leave the video unlisted on YouTube, click done. The video will be ready in just a second video processing. So once it’s processed is going to show up here. So we’re going to wait for that to process and actually show up. And our videos should be done any minute now so it isn’t showing up here. Let’s wait just one or two minutes or what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to this section right here with chest show, HTML Bob, and we’re going to click that and then we’re going to go to the bottom here and we’re going to click here. So it’s really hard to put a video on the product page. Instead of just uploading it straight to YouTube. What you can do is upload straight to YouTube. And then once this pulls up, I’m not entirely sure why it’s not showing here.

Speaker 2: (51:35)
Should it be showing? There we go. Now we take the video and we click here and we actually go watch the video. Make sure it’s all good, it uploaded properly. Okay, I bought a property and now we’re gonna click on share. We’re going to click on share here and then you’re going to click on embed and then you’re going to take the whole video and post this code here. Be careful with this postcode here. And now click on here and now your video has been added here so you can change those particular name. You can put like um, for example the name, uh, amazing drawing board drawing board from tiny snowmen.

Speaker 2: (52:26)
Say that and it’ll be changed there. Or you can also do a Jiff Jiff video. You can go to oops. Make sure to save it always in case you actually to click out maker, you can make a pretty cool Jeff here. And now another to make a Jif, you have the patriarchy. So you can just click and obviously we’ll work on this. Um, make the page a little bit better. We have the video here, we have the images, obviously finish how the description and then it’s going to be done. The last thing that we’re going to do on the particular store before actually creating any ads is going to be adding reviews. So the best app to do this, we can go to the Shopify app store and download. Luke’s is definitely the best app to do this. Luke’s right here and while it’s out here, Luke’s photo reviews, it’s nine 99 per month, but it is worth it. You can add that up. Install. And now we’re going to take the basic one always like basic.

Speaker 2: (53:41)
And now what you’re going to do with all your products is actively import from Luke’s to your store. So let’s go here and you’re going to have this little bookmark on your, um, on your page. It’s called input to Luke’s and you can actually get that with the app. Once it loads, I’ll show you where it is instead of this count, skip import reviews. And then here we go. One click import from Ali express. Would that here, now we have import to Luke’s and now what we’re gonna do is every single time we have a product that we want to advertise, let’s say it is this, um, we want to advertise the active jumper. Do you remember where we had at Ali express? See if I can find it. I think I lost it. Um, jump rope. It was a skip, skip jump rope or what was the name of the product? Let me pull it up real quick here. Ankle skip, jump rope, ankle, skip rope, skip ball. Okay, here we go. Found that. And let’s go to the ones with the most orders. And obviously the most reviews. This one and now we’re going to do is click import to Luke’s. It’s going to say select the reviews from mini snowmen. Click active jumper FiveStars up. You can click all countries to English and then bad import. Arrive super fast. A little more than two weeks were spat. Fairly import, satisfied, import, absolutely love these things. Super sturdy and is very nice. Import

Speaker 3: (55:22)

Speaker 2: (55:23)
perfect. What do you want to import as five or more cool and useful toy? Very interesting. Door import. Important.

Speaker 2: (55:35)
Perfect. Yeah. Never. Never. When something says parcel or seller or somewhere in Russia, just rejected. So just a description. Arrive in 10 days now, 33 it’s much jump road super or the seller. Yeah, this makes some sense. Interesting. Ting is kids adore and not good. Geneal is too, it’s these reviews are just too simple. Okay, perfect. 33 days is too much. 33 days is too much input collected. And now when we go to the product page, we will see that the product has the reviews on the bottom. It has a 10 reviews here and when you click down, it has all of the reviews on the bottom. So now we have a product description, our product is ready and we can start making ads. But before we do that, we have to go settings

and actually enable our payment processors. So you’re going to go through payment providers and you’re going to go to Shopify payments and complete the accounts set up. Although Shopify payments and PayPal do hold your payments. Once you start making a lot of money, you will have some issues with tracking numbers and so on. They are the easiest ones to get started. There are better processors. If you’re already making 2030 grand a month, just feel free to message me or join one of my programs and we’ll give you access to the, to the private, um, private processors. But here, like the best ones to use are just Shopify payments and pay ball. In this case, I’m not going to do any of them and you just can, in this case you can just do both Shopify payments, PayPal, click complete account setup and now they’re going to be set up and here in the bottom you can dismiss these tips, get rid of that.

And are you going to have the total sessions for today? Payout schedule, bookmark your store so you can actually book market whenever you want to load it and now we’re ready to start advertising to that particular skip rope product. The store is ready tracking page, the menu is here, tracking my order. It’s all good and good and we’re ready to start some apps before we start ads. One thing I forgot, click on apps and then download one app called lucky orange. It is essential for when you’re analyzing your traffic from Facebook and you’re starting to get some sales and traffic from Facebook. It’s very important to analyze the traffic. So lucky orange helps you see heat maps. It lets you see recordings, so if you’re getting a bunch of clicks, nobody’s buying, you can check lucky orange to see if there’s anything wrong with the site and you can just add the app seven day free trial at $10 a month and it’s really easy.

It lets you see every single person that goes to your website, lets you see what they do on the website, where they click, where they click off, and absolutely everything that you need to understand from your store, from your potential customers, absolutely everything. So I definitely recommend this app I use on every single one of my stores, so it’s definitely a really, really helpful. All right, so here we have our product which is the active jumper kids angle, skip rope, and obviously you work on a better description of the video. We have the images here. We have a video that we can use right here for the Facebook ads. So we have this really short video here and they’re skimping skipping on the thing, skipping on the rope. All right, are we going to use, we’re going to use this particular one for Facebook ad right here and we’re going to go to our Facebook ads account.

If you do not currently have a Facebook ads account, what I would suggest is going to business that it is really it. It’s necessary that you have a business account on Facebook. Here. We have two. We have one of our main ones and then we have the one from my wife. So what you can do is go to this page, business. Yeah, this is not and if you do not see an account here or a business manager, you can click create business manager. You will create your business manager and then you will have an ad account. Then you can go to the business settings and then the business manager here you will, in the business settings, you will have people, partners, pages, ads, accounts. Here we have my wife ad accounts here. We have one of this accounts, but you’ll usually not have any ad accounts inside here.

I do not recommend using your personal Facebook ads account. A lot of people may make this mistake. They start using their personal account thinking, Oh, it’s going to be okay. I’m just going to use this account, and then it gets banned into their profile, gets blacklisted. It brings a whole lot of problems. So what’s what I suggest is getting a Facebook business manager. Then creating a Facebook ad account. You can create a, here you create a new ad account right here or request access to an ad account, which you won’t have created a new ad account, but we’ve already created this. When you go to open ads manager, you will have it right here, so you have the complete ad account. Also, you will have in here the data sources, pixels, big souls as a section where you create your, your actual pixel. You can create ad and then create a new pixel. In this case we can put mini mini snowmen, which is the name of our store. Many man, Oh man, pixel. Copy that and now we’re going to set up the pixel and we click here and this ID is the most important one that the idea that we have here, I’m going to login to the store. So many [inaudible] and let’s type in free core store, which is the email that we used in the beginning. Okay. [inaudible]

and then your password and on the backend of your store. What you’re gonna do is you’re going to take that ID copy of the clipboard and you’re going to go to your store and then click on online store and then from online store go to preferences here in the bottom preferences. And then in preferences you’re going to post it here where it says Facebook pixel ID. You’re going to copy it right there, paste, and then you’re going to click save. So now all of the traffic that goes to this particular pixel, which is the one that we’re going to use from now on for the mini snowmen is going to be tracked on Shopify. Shopify tracks is automatically, so if you have visits add to cart checkouts purchases, this is all going to be tracked under this Facebook pixel. Also make sure that the pixel is added to your ads account.

So what you’re gonna do is click add accounts, add assets, and actually no click pixels at assets pixels. Make sure this is this pixel, add assets, add accounts, account for modules in this case ad and it’s going to be added. So now you’re going to have your ads accounts and your pixel is all connected, all good and connected ads, accounts, pages. Also here, if you do not have a page, you have to create a page and then create a new page. You need a new page for your business. So just create a new page. And what I suggest is doing a brand, do it. For example, mini snowmen, choose a category brand, great page, and then what I suggest is getting some likes on the page, so not run Facebook ads from a page that doesn’t have any lights, doesn’t have any posts. What I suggest is taking your page and running a little ad and I’ll show you the type of ad that you’re going to do here.

Or you can view the page. I would suggest posting maybe three to four pictures or products or videos, whatever it is on the page, just so it looks legitimate. I’ve seen a lot of people that run ads from pages that have absolutely no posts on them. They look super scammy, super sketchy. Obviously no one is going to buy from that page. So you want to add a profile picture, you want to add a cover and you also want to create a Facebook ad, four page likes, so you can do and create a new campaign and click engagement [inaudible] and you’re going to actually create a page likes campaign and engagement campaign for page likes. So it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is maybe put it at five to $10 a day so it doesn’t have to be that much and it’s very easy to set up.

And then when you have clicks and a likes on your page and around, I would say 20 to 50 likes in the beginning. And if you want to get a reasonable amount of likes where it’s going to help with your conversions, I would get up to 200 likes on your page. It won’t be that expensive if you target worldwide, if you target all the packet countries, maybe it’s going to be one like for 5 cents. So you’re going to get a hundred likes for on $5 it’s worth it. It’s going to be good social proof for your account. Now we’re going to create an actual ad with our product and the act of jumper kids rope right here and we’re going to create the ad start over and we’re going to create, create new campaign conversions. Always go for conversions and let’s start with purchase purchases. Ankle, skip rope, [inaudible] and then campaign budget optimization.

I’m moving forward to 2020 this is going to be required, so if it is not required yet, take it off for your first campaign. If it is required, started at around $25 you can start a campaign at 25 set. The ad account is going to ask you where you’re, where you’re in, not in France right now, so that’s a little bit strange, but I’m in Ukraine, us dollars, Europe, Kia continuum and I’m going to set up my business manager here. Select the pixel. The big seller we’re going to select is the mini snowmen. There was no activity yet, so it’s going to show all in red and all weird, but it’s normal. There’s no activity,

Speaker 2: (01:05:18)
there’s no sales, there’s nothing. What are you going to do is choose purchase from now on mini snowmen and then create your audience. So for a particular product, what I recommend always is choosing brands about the product. So in this case we’re selling to a kids product to parents. So what we can do is type in on Google kids brands, best or best kids brands in the world, best kids clothes, best kids, clothing, website, baby clothes brand. Let’s type in best it toy brands and we have Lego, Mattel, baby Einstein and Tendo. So we can put those on and actually go to here detailed targeting. Click Mattel. And what’s the size of that? Give us. It’s 38 million people so it’s a little bit insane. Always take out this little tick here, expand your audience, take that out. Now it’s 1.1 million. So that’s was actually a really solid one.

Speaker 2: (01:06:14)
I recommend staying within that range. Always target 23 plus. They tend to have more money. 65 location. It’s in France. So I don’t want to target France, I want to target the United States and I want to target Canada as well. And if you want to know the E packet clean list, you can check it down in the description. So it is e-commerce or could clean the countries you need to target are here. They’re all from me and they’re the best countries that we have targeted in our campaigns. You can use it for yourself and all you have to do is take all of these countries, click copy and click add locations in bulk. Select countries, match locations at 30 locations. And there we go. 17 million. So it’s too big. Let’s narrow down by another brand. Let’s look at, um, leapfrog is a pretty good brand.

Speaker 2: (01:07:12)
And now we have an audience of 260,000. So that’s a little bit too big. Let’s put more brands down there so it doesn’t have to be that small little tykes. Let’s see how they’ll give us. It’s good. I want to hit a million, at least play mobile. And then we go 2.6 million. That’s pretty good. Now placements, always go with Facebook and Instagram feeds. Take on messenger, take out audience network, take out Instagram, explore Facebook, right column, video feeds marketplace, take out stories and they go in stream, always test with a Facebook and Instagram feeds. Always they got an article. And then lowest cost bid strategists have a cost control. This is more advanced, so I’ve talked about this in the, in the videos, but it is a little bit too advanced for people that are really doing well. So I talk about it in my, in my programs basically.

Speaker 2: (01:08:07)
And then schedule, run my ad continuously starting today. We click continue and now we’re going to create the actual ad. So what you’re going to do is let’s pull up here the name mini snowmen and then we’re going to do ankle skip rope. Always name your ads just to make sure that they’re organized. You’re going to take the face of page many snowmen. Okay. Single image or video. We’re going to add our video that we have, upload video. And we have the video here. No, uh, let me see where I put this recent. There we go. And we’re going to download that. And here we have multiple options for adding ad copies on the top. What I would recommend is in the beginning, try adding around two ad copies and two headlines. It helps you test multiple things. If you have different angles that you want to test, that’s also good.

Speaker 2: (01:09:04)
The best thing to do right now is to add, start with a question. So always either start with a question or start with a review. We’ve done some ads where we either put a review, and you can do this by going to joy pixels. Uh, it’s an, it’s a Chrome extension, joy pixels right here, emoji keyboard. And I have it here and it has all the emojis that you would want. So what we do is we go to here and we put emoji pixels and I look for a star and I click one, two, three, four, five, five stars, whoops. And it didn’t, it didn’t actually add them. So I’m going to add them here. One, two, three, four, five, copy, five stars. I bought this and you can add it like that. I bought this for my daughter last month and she hasn’t been bored since. I highly recommend mini snowmans to anyone, especially parents with um, parents. What’s a problem here? So it’s parents with children that are really bored and they want to do a bunch of stuff. So you just buy them a jump rope. So we can say parents with an uncontrollable no parents with, with uh, with children.

Speaker 2: (01:10:46)
We want to sell this to children all around eight. No, let’s, let’s do, especially parents with energy filled children. That’s a good way to put it. Energy filled children. Okay. And you can say get yours here and then emoji again and you can put a little arrow, uh, sorry. No, you can put a finger and, but this one and then get your senior pup. And what you can do now is, this is a really long URL is just too long for what it is. So what we’re going to do is take that and we’re going to go to online store navigation and then URL redirects create your own redirect redirect from and we direct to no actually re redirect from is. Where we put this redacted from is uh, we’re gonna put jump and now mini it’s

Speaker 2: (01:12:01)
There we go. Okay. So many is going to send us to this page so we can just put slash jump on the ad and it looks a lot cleaner. And also for the video, try doing customize the video and do crop. And I would do one on one, one on one videos tend to be the best ply changes. And here in another text you can start with a question. So have an energy, it’ll child [inaudible] introducing the mini snowmen ankle jump rope. The best way to keep your children active and entertaining. C U Y more than 25,000 parents trust us. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (01:13:07)
and then the same little, Nope. Yup. The link. And then you can put just two in there. Yeah. So that I would do those two texts and then I would do headlines, um, EPR, child busy for hours. And then I would also do call to action. Usually. Um, we do learn more. No, sorry, shop now. We do shop now. Um, and then in the other one you can do, okay. Mmm. You can take the five here and do my child. [inaudible] doesn’t stop using it. Reviews like that work really well, especially on our ads. They do really, really well. And now for the website urologist put many and here we go. Alright, so the first ad is ever created and that’s some good ad copy

for you for you to take. And they can customize video change the thumbnail. I would suggest getting a custom thumbnail or just get it from the video. But I would honestly try to get a custom one from a graphic designer. You can do this on fiber from five, $10 and then you would have a nice graphic there. Yeah, this very nicely done. Confirm. And now it’s going to ask you for your payment method for your account. You put in your payment method and once your ads get approved, they’re going to start spending and you’re going to start getting results on your ads. Now that’s it for the Facebook ads section. Now for the store, how are you going to actually take care of the results that you get? Once we start getting sales, you will see them here are total sales. You’ll see other results here and then the payouts.

Now in the apps for fulfillment, you can use E-Pro low or you can just take your orders and here you will see all of the orders that you have. You can also export these orders manually to send them to your drop shipping agent or your supplier. And if you use an app like lucky orange, you can also analyze the traffic that you’ll start getting from Facebook to see what you can fix, see what you can be doing wrong with your particular store. Now that I showed you how to create your store, how to create your ads and essentially start getting sales. The most important thing of this whole training tutorial of this whole Shopify journey is to actually figure it all out as you go. If your product doesn’t get sales, find out why. Maybe your ads aren’t converting. Test new ads. Maybe your product page isn’t getting people through the site well enough.

That’s why we have apps for analytics like lucky orange, maybe our price prices too high, lower the price, try testing prices. Audience targeting, tries testing different audiences on Facebook and see which one could work the best. Maybe change up the ad, copy the ad video and so on and so on. There’s so many factors that can make a campaign work and can make your ads a work or not that you need to test them and change them around. Subscribe to a channel. Stay updated to all the 2020 and beyond. New content strategies. I’m posting videos here two to three times every single week to update you on all my strategies. Everything that you need to build a successful Shopify dropship misses made sure to subscribe and I want to ask you this important question. Do you want a predictable Shopify system that generates more than 10,000 per month in profit, not just in sales.

There’s a lot of people out there that are saying, Oh, I make ten thousand twenty thousand a hundred thousand a month, but they don’t actually generate any profit. What have you could have a profit, predictable, profitable Shopify system that requires only one hour per day of work. This system will basically allow you to generate more profitable sales and customers, not have to learn everything yourself, just like you learn in this entire training, be profitable and consistent longterm, which is the goal here. Like I told you what, we’re trying to build a brand. We’re trying to be profitable longterm and automate the business and enjoy lemon to teach you how to do all of that. Just like all my clients right here at Sean, $1,000 a day, Monty, $1,000 a week Evo over here at $10,000 a month bogged than a hundred thousand dollars in 21 days. I’m multiple of these students doing $10,000 a month, $1,000 days, $10,000 days, even a hundred thousand dollars a month and so and so on.

Are you going to be my next dream client? Are you going to be the next person that gets results with this business? The three types of clients that I work with is clients. I want more profitable sales and customers, people that don’t want to learn everything themselves and people that want to automate their business and actually enjoy life and live a life of freedom. That’s the purpose of getting in business in the first place. Here’s how the process works. Who is this for is for business owners or non eCommerce entrepreneurs and investors who want an extra automated income stream. Maybe you were already starting a business outside of e-commerce. Maybe you have multiple businesses, maybe you have a nine to five job, just some you know you’re interested in business and you have a side hustle and you want to turn it into a real business.

Either a Shopify store owner or a drop shipper who’s currently in business making some sales. Maybe you’re making money here and there and you want to 10 X, take it to the next level. Owners of general stores, niche stores and one product, eCommerce stores, any type of Shopify store and people, most importantly, people who are committed to their business and freedom in life and they understand that they need to have skin in the game. They need to put effort, they need to put work into this and they need to be able to know that it’s going to take a lot of work. It’s longterm effort as longterm work, but it’s going to pay off 10 times, even a hundred times. Who is is not for people who just dream of starting like the idea of having a business. People will make excuses and complain. If you just make excuses about everything, then obviously my system isn’t going to work for you.

People are stuck in information gathering mode, are not really prepared to take action and get results if you’re prepared day. Gotcha. You’re prepared to do this and actually get results. This definitely for you and people who are not serious about growing their business by another K $1 million to their sales is definitely not for you. The better the fit, the better the results. I’m looking for win-wins. I’m looking for you to get results and for us to get an amazing case study, so I’m going to offer you today a full personal custom tailored one-on-one strategy session to you for no cost at all. It’s completely for free. It’s a strategy session like I talked about in the beginning of the video. This is where we really begin to figure out what you want and how to make it happen, how to get those goals in eCommerce and Shopify, what you want to do with your Shopify business, how you want to run it, where you want to be on what freedom you want to achieve in your life.

We make that happen the fastest time possible with this completely custom tailored strategy session. There’s a real strategy session, not a sales call, it’s one-on-one. We there, me or somebody in my team, we go through your whole process, see how we can improve it and see how you can 10 X your business. Warning time is a factor and this opportunity will not be open too long. Remember, we are people, we’re trying to help as many people as possible, but the time slots for you to book a strategy session are limited. So if you’re doing our book right now, you might not be able to book for the next couple of weeks. Make sure to do it right now. After this video. Go below right now and click to apply. Click that first link in the description, automate, drop shipping out, Tom, mate, drop automate, drop automated drop go below right now to a first thing in the description.

Schedule your one-on-one strategy call with either me or somebody on my team and let’s take your business to the next. All right, that’s it for that massive Shopify amazing chorus for free. You don’t need to pay 300 500 bucks for this entire course. Now you know everything to create a profitable Shopify store from scratch. If you want to learn exactly how to 10 extra business, take your business to the next level. Make sure to click that first link in the description. Schedule a strategy session with me or somebody on my team to help you with your business and tell our strategies to implement it to your store and Tenex at 2020 and beyond. Let’s get you results. Let’s get you sales. Go check that first thing in the description, like the video. Subscribe. Hit that notification bell and I will see you in the next

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