Do NOT Start a Shopify Store… Until You Watch This (Shopify Dropshipping 2020)

Do not start a Shopify store until you watch this. You’ve been worn in the Shopify drop shipping industry in this niche. There’s a lot of confusion. A lot of people are telling you many different things. You’re being overloaded by so much information, courses and webinars. When in reality, all you need to do is focus on this. Three main things that I’m going to talk about in this video. If you want to learn exactly how to build an automated drop shipping business that makes 10,000 of the 50,000 per month and only requires two hours per day, check the first link in the description for the full case study step by step training, and if you want the chance to win a full one-on-one call directly with me, make sure to comment secrets down in the comments below. Comments, secrets, subscribe, hit that notification bell. I will be checking.

Now. The first main thing that people are telling you out there is that the product is everything. If you have a winning product, you’re going to win. In reality, the product is not everything. People are always competing against products that are saturated or maybe they come up in a spy tool. You find that you’re like, yes, I found my next product, but 20,000 other people are subscribed to that spike tool so they all see it. I’m going to show you right here, this example which I showed in the past video. It’s a canine projectile video ad and another video ad right here for a pet bed. Two products are extremely saturated. This pet seatbelt and this pet bed at which I’m going to show a right here, this little pet vet. You might’ve even tried some of these products and they were super saturated part to sell, but these people tried it in a different angle.

Your angle is the most important thing to actually get sales and results, not your product. The product is important. It’s important. I give out free winning products here on the channel if you’re interested in those, subscribe, but those are not the main thing. The main thing is how you actually advertise. So let’s go into the first video into this canine seatbelt. And here you’re going to see this special seatbelt is saving thousands of lives, keeps SOG relax and free from harm. And in the bottom, if you read the ad copy, it’s basically saying, last week I was in a terrible accident. My car was totaled and my dog Sam was in the back seat. So when I was starting with a little story not about the product police officer who came to the scene told us from the speed that we were traveling and we crashed the dog.

If it weren’t for that seatbelt that they had on that video, the, for example, the seatbelt that their advertising mirror, the dog would have just flown out of the car and basically died. So what they’re telling you with the seatbelt is this seatbelt, save a dog’s life from a car crash. They’re not trying to sell you a seatbelt. They’re trying to sell you. The life of the dog is saying, here, I urge you to get the seatbelt for your pop today and stop waiting for the worst to happen. They’re not selling you a seatbelt. They’re not selling your product, you’re selling you your dog’s life, and if you’re a dog owner, this video is going to absolute restaurant. You resonate with you and in about a month they’ve gone 3.2 million views, massive and just absolutely scaled this product like crazy, this little seatbelt. A lot of people are trying to sell the same exact product.

They sell it with a story, they sell it, telling you if you don’t buy this, you’re going to happen. The same thing that happened to me. I was in a car crash. My dog almost died and your dog is probably going to die if you do not buy the seatbelt. That is one angle right there. The second angle, which is the pet bed, you see how the video starts stress. Sean’s dog size span for up to two years, three years. This bed is designed to ease stress and calm. Your dog were assaulting and better sleep, full relaxation, and then it goes into an overall health and happiness for your dogs. If you have a dog, this emotional journey that they’re taking you through, Hey, if you don’t buy this bed, your dog will suffer stress and we’ll be able to not live as long as it would with this bet.

So where essentially what they’re selling you is the life long of the dog. What they’re telling you here is a stress shortens a dog. So life, what you’re doing with this bed is elongating that life and making your dog live longer, provide better sleep and longer life span to your furry kids. This video, again, in about a month, 1.1 million views, massive engagement, really, really solid results. If you have a product that’s saturated, but you’re able to create an angle where that seems like a story or you’re able to create a very emotional ad that gets people watching and looking at the whole video and feeling emotionally and site like they need this product right now, it’s not just something that they buy for 20 bucks. They’re buying a dog’s life or something better for their life, their kids, whatever it is. If you get them that emotional state, you’re able to sell them.

Absolutely. Any product regardless of being saturated at being a winning product or anything else. Before I move on, I just wanted to let you know that I’m here in Tel Aviv, Israel in this beautiful view here and I’m here cause I’m meeting econ hunt. The founders of econ hunt is a product research tool for drop shippers. We’re going to be masterminding about how to help you guys find better products, find products that you can advertise and actually start getting massive results on. If you want to learn everything that I learned here from the founders of econ hot and that we master mind together and make sure to subscribe, hit that notification bell and if you want to automate your business from a to C, take the first thing in the description, the full training, how to automate your business and work less and less. The second main thing is if you’re doing Facebook ads or any sort of social for media advertising for your product or for your store, your video has to be your main focus.

Yeah, a bad copy could be good. The whole angle of it could be really good, but the video should be what you invest the most time and money on since a brand called blend jet right here, which you probably know what it is when you look at their videos to really know that they’re very professional. People appreciate when a video takes a long time to make or it’s very professional looking or it’s very well edited. If you look at some of their videos, for example, we’re going to play this one right here and they put all those fruits inside blender. They keep putting and putting and putting and then they put the gift, perfect gift for everyone, and this was mainly per Christmas. They’re also selling towards Christmas crushes eyes cleans itself on boom, boom, and then it USB rechargeable. So it’s showing all the features in a really well nice percent of video and joy smoothies at work and then puts a smoothie, make protein, shakes up the gym, and they do this with all of their videos.

They make them very professional, they edit them really well. They make sure that they show both an amateur way of showing the product like they showed just regular people using the blender in different types of situations as well as making it look very pretty and professional. So when you’re creating your video, I highly suggest you order the product to your home and make an amateur video or at least make parts of the video be amateur clips or integrate them into your video because that is going to help a lot in making you seem very different and make you seem like you’re an actual legitimate brat. You have the product there and you’re able to take videos of it. If you just take videos from somebody else and you still steal clips, it’s probably not going to do that well on Facebook. It’s probably going to die down once you get some some results on it.

If you look at the other types of videos here, they have, it’s basically the same one with different thumbnails and different scroll stoppers. I’m trying to find one that’s actually quite different and we’ll look at this one. For example. See this one? They put just the caps. So we’re testing multiple videos here in different angles. So in the other one they were just putting the fruits inside. This one, they’re actually putting the caps on top. So really focusing on making videos that are eye-catching, pushing you onto watch what the product is, watch what the product does and really pull you into watching their particular product. And they also have one more video that I want to check out here and I can’t find it here, but it’s one of these. So if you look at all their ads, they have so many, and this one starts with like looking for the perfect fit.

Boom. They start out with a blend jet and then they put all the things. So they really focused on changing the clips and the videos, making the videos with very professional, different aspects of the product, different features of the product, showing that off very professionally with really good editing. So if you were looking at what should I invest on, should I just do like a bunch of really good ad copy? Should I hire a copywriter? Should I get a better image for my video? Better pictures do video. If you have a solid video plus a good ad copy, a good angle like I talked about in the first thing that you have to focus on, you have a solid winner at right there for the third main thing. Don’t try to learn and do all yourself outsource and automate as much as possible. I teach my students how to build an automated drop shipping business that they can hire out and actually get contractors to help them so they don’t have to actually learn other technical details and everything.

If you go to Upwork, for example, and you’re trying to find a product researcher, it can be extremely affordable to find somebody to help you do the things that you need to do for your business. For example, web research, Facebook and keyword research right here, $4 an hour from the Philippines. There’s absolutely massive talent there that you can essentially hire out for Shopify product, Lister researcher, $4 an hour, a hundred percent job success. We can hire somebody like this for around 50 $40 to find you a massive list of products that you can then look at, see which one you can create a nice video off of and then start advertising instead of spending hours and hours and literally hundreds of hours on spy tools, looking at different things to find products or going to different videos. Instead, just go ahead and hire somebody for a couple of hours. They’ll find some solid videos and now or some solid products and now you have something to start getting success.

Start applying these three main things. The first one, your product is not as important. Your angle is the second one, your video is the most important thing and third one. Don’t try to learn it all yourself. Automate and outsource as much as possible. You will be able to shortcut your process in learning and getting results and absolutely grow your Vista 10,000 a month, 50,000 a month as fast as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about my strategies and how I teach my students to build an automated business like they don’t have to work on for more than two hours a day and they can make 10,000 of the 50,000 a month. Check out the second link in the description to book a free strategy session that we can help you analyze your prem business. And it is a real strategy. We’re going to look at your business, everything that you worked on, things that you’ve done in the past, and how to actually build it, the proper strategy for you to start getting results and start being successful.

Check the second link. Book a free strategy session with us right now. And if you want to learn how to build an automated business from a to C, I taught that in an exclusive live training. You can check the live right there. Check the live training, click that video right there. It’s about 45 minutes long. You’ll get all of my strategies to help automate your business. Make 10 K months while working less, less. So, check out the video right now. Comments, secrets down in the comments. Subscribe is that notification about, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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