1 Hour Dropshipping 1 Hour Per Day $10K Month Fully Automated Shopify Dropshipping Store

One hour drop shipping, how to build a Shopify drop shipping business that generates you consistently when 10,000 per month while working one to two hours per day, completely automated, systemized, so you can enjoy the freedom that a business is supposed to give you in the first place. Let’s find out. Hey, it’s Rockfield center. I’m here. By the end of this video, you will know exactly how to build a 10,000 per month business that’s also automated and systemized so you don’t have to work on a 10 to 12 hours a day and just give yourself a headache, learning other processes in the business, building the business, just like my student right here who crushed $10,000 his first month with the exact strategy that I’m going to teach you today. This strategy is going to be taken from the longer training on Tuesday. Today is Sunday. Next Tuesday I will do a step by step training on how to automate your drop shipping business to absolutely take it to a next level, $10,000 a month, $100,000 a month without having to work so much on it.

Make sure you don’t miss that special training this Tuesday. Make sure to click the first link down in the description to not miss it. Sign up for that and be there with me live. And if you want to win a one on one call directly with me, I give one out every single video of secrets, secrets down below. Subscribe. Hit that notification bell and let’s see if you win the car. The truth is in Shopify, drop shipping. Most dropshippers and most people, especially people like you, are probably obsessed with the latest Facebook ad future. The next Beck’s targeting option, the next winning product. I give out winning products every single weekend, every single month. Winning niches as well. If you’re interested in those, subscribe, hit that notification bell. But those don’t make your business. Don’t. Those alone aren’t going to take your business to like 10 X, right? And everybody’s obsessed over that as well as obsessed over hypes or one product drop, shipping, simplified, drop shipping, all these hypes that keep coming up in the drop shipping world.

People jump on them, they think they’re going to make a bunch of money. Oh, they’re a little bit disappointed. Okay, let me look for the next trend. Let me look for, Oh, what that grew is saying, what that person is saying. And they’re obsessed over hundreds and thousands of just shiny objects again and again, but they completely ignore how truly successful business owners are really grow and scale their businesses. People that make millions of dollars feel that make billions, how they grow and scale their businesses, they completely forget that and they just go for the next trend for the next thing. And millionaires and billionaires ignore what everybody else is doing. And in reality, all they’re doing is like putting more complexity into their business. Just putting more and more complexity, spending more time looking for winning products, getting this list of winning products and this list of winning products and it’s all again and again and again putting more and more complexity into their business and into their personal life.

And the truth is there’s only through two things that you need to be successful in this business. And really any business just like this one. The first one is expertise first and product research. And then in advertising you need to be able to identify and look for winning products that you can sell on your drop shipping store or products that have potential. They don’t have to be really trendy products that you’re trying to catch on a general store. They might be just a niche store, but you do need that eye of catching, Oh, this product is going to have potential, this product is going to be good and also how to market those products, how to create Facebook ads that make money, how to scale those Facebook ads, how to actually create videos that convert and all those skills necessary to put all that system together and also a well oiled machine.

The Shopify store to help you convert the traffic from ads that’s coming in into customers again and again and again. That’s all you need. Expertise, skills, and then the actual system because it comes down to this. If you don’t have the skills to consistently pay money consistently pay Facebook, Instagram, Google, whoever you’re paying for ads to make money back and skill that way to actually scale paying and getting the money back. Then you really don’t have a business. You can do it organically. It’s going to take you a long, long time. You can make your first maybe a thousand $2,000 and then that’s it. Now you have to do ads. Any of you don’t have those skills or don’t have somebody that has those skills and they really don’t have a business. You just have a high paying hobby or just trying this thing out and it’s not really a successful or consistent business that’s going to take care of you in the longterm.

Now let’s get down to the actual strategy. Let’s get down to business and show you exactly how you can grow your business and your Shopify drop shipping store without spending thousands of hours learning every detail and working inside your business. I see people, especially here in the drop shipping community, they’re all learning about so many different things and you have to learn about this and this and this, and it takes time. It’s normal. It’s a new skill. It’s a new business. You’re creating something extremely complex. One of the hardest things to do in the world is to actually start a successful business, but these are the only two things that matter. If you want to shortcut that process and you want to get there 10 times as fast as if you would by yourself. The first thing is hiring drop shipping experts, hiring people that already know what they’re doing, that they can replicate what they do to your business as well.

This doesn’t have to cost you 10 a hundred thousand dollars. This can be affordable, especially for people that are really dedicated and committed into their business. And the second thing is having a highly optimized customer system. I hope you’re enjoying this new approach and this new system to generate profits through a job shipping store. If you want to accelerate your growth and take your business to the next level, let’s hop on a free free car, free one-on-one call with either me or somebody in my team. Check the second link in the description and schedule your call. Click on that link, schedule a call and you’ll be able to talk to me directly or somebody in my team to see how we can help you take your business to the next level. Again, it’s free, not a free sales pitch in disguise. Make sure to check it right now.

This would be your Shopify store, obviously gets traffic. Converse it into customers again and again and again. No, not making the income you want right now and I’m making the money you want with your business. Let me ask you this. How much time did you spend last week learning about drop shipping and advertising and winning products, watching this winning product, video, watching YouTube videos, maybe my YouTube videos right here. You’re watching and spending a lot of time learning and learning and learning. Most people, it’s an insane amount of time. If you can relate to this, if you spent an insane, incredible amount of time watching you do videos, learning, watching courses, webinars, comment down below. Tell me how insane that time is and how much time you spend actually doing it every single day, every week, every month. How much is your, would it be to just hire an expert to do it for you?

Again, it can be affordable. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. You can just hire somebody to do the process for you and actually build the business for you. You see it in the drop shipping business. It’s very easy to get distracted by all the shiny objects, all the trends, everything that pops up and you see this person saying this strategy and Oh, let me try it, and this person says here, or if you do this 10 times your win and so many different things and they’re all like hitting you, hitting you, hitting you, but the raw reality is a hiring experts and optimizing your store are really the only two things that matter. If you want to shortcut that process and you want to ignore the noise focus or something and actually make a very profitable, very fast business, just like my student again right here, I’m going to pop him up 10,000 the first month.

Those are the only two things that matter. The rainmakers in the Shopify drop shipping game that people are absolutely make it rain. They make a lot of money. They have truly seven-figure profits and making millions of dollars again and again. Truly grow wealth, profit days. That would be your profit months. Those people have a systematic company approach. This is what I’m going to talk about right now and what I’m going to talk about more in detail on Tuesday. It’s a company approach. It’s not one man show. It’s not hustle, grind, it’s company system. Build a system that chunks out money, a formula that chunks out money for generating customers and they know that real business owners don’t rely on only themselves. If you do, you’re really not going to get as far as you would with a team or with the system. Jeff Bezos 111 point $3 billion. It needs no introduction from Amazon.

He doesn’t spend time in the core of his business doing the things that are mundane. You have to do again and again. He doesn’t learn about different fulfillment little tasks that you have to do. He hires people for that. He hires people for doing the website and putting different things on the website, improving the algorithm so people can buy better on the website. It’s all hiring people, hiring experts. He knows how to structure that and make a team in order to do that. Richard Branson the same thing. He doesn’t spend time creating airplanes. He his time systemizing the company so the airplanes can fly again and again. 5.1 billion. Same thing with Elon Musk, 23.7 billion. Again, it needs no introduction. He doesn’t spend time building spaceships, he doesn’t spend time building. He hires engineers, super talented people to do it for him. Build a system, people work for him and all comes up together into building the actual machine that is Tesla, space X, solar city and so on.

There’s two key processes. There’s hiring, drop shipping experts and they’re just managing a team and being the supervisor. Those are the only things that you need to focus and I’m going to leave it there. If you want to learn the rest of the training and you want to see the end of the strategy and exactly how you can replicate it yourself and replicate the systematic company approach to it and not actually spend time in the business of spend time on it and systemize an automated. Make sure you watch on Tuesday the training. If you’re watching this after Tuesday, make sure to watch the replay with the first link in the description below. One thing that also needs systemizing and automating is fulfillment and shipping products to your customer. In the last video, I discussed the three best Allie express alternatives. If you want to know exactly which they are and how to ship your products to your customers in less than seven days, check out the video right there. Check that video right there. Alternatives to Allie express in 2020 how you can crush your competition ship faster, get better customer service. If you want to win a call with me, kind of secrets down in the comments below, subscribe to the channel, hit that notification about, and I will see you in the next one.

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