TOP 21 DROPSHIPPING NICHES IN 2020 – Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, we’re going to talk about the top 21 missions for drop shipping in 2020 so you can prepare, make as much money as possible the whole year and beyond and the best niches, an example products for you to sell right now. Let’s find out.

it’s Rafael Cintron here. I teach people just like you how to grow a Shopify drop shipping business, one 10,000 per month or more. We have multiple students getting to that level, even the 100,000 a month level. If you want step-by-step free strategies here on my channel, all you have to do is subscribe it, that notification bell and if you want an exclusive list of products that I prepared for my mentoring students and exclusive exclusive list of winning products for you to sell near drop shipping store and you want that completely for free comment secrets, comments, secrets down in comments, subscribe that notification bell and I’ll pick one winner from this video. Then make sure you stay until the end of this video. I have an absolutely massive surprise gift for you. If you stay until the end and watch the whole list of niches and then watch until the end for that special surprise.

The first niche that we’re going to go into is pet cat and dog toys. If we look at this product for example, in 2019 this year it went absolutely crazy, is a dog suction toy, a bunch of people advertising on Facebook and they make, they made a lot of money from it. This one in particular make three, 3,531 orders and this other product, which is an advanced smart ball, although it’s not drop shipping, it made around $509,000. You can see it there. Um, it’s in Spanish, but you see it to $509,000. Now in July of 2019 and it is a Kickstarter. So that means that these projects and these pet toys are beginning to become absolutely massive. And in 2020 I’m going to see multiple, multiple of these stories just getting bigger and bigger. If you look up the cat toy on Ali express, the searches are massive.

There’s so many different toys. This one eighteen thousand nine thousand nine thousand eight thousand there are so many to choose from. That’s going to be a massive niche to come in. 2020 the second niche for 2020 customized jewelry and customized accessories and gifts. If we look at this one, this particular product here has sold mine 2000 quarters and it’s a customizable necklace and there’s hundreds of these on AliExpress and selling all over the world. This particular one called Macon this store is salads and a little personalized gifts or little love explosion of pictures and their store. In about a year it’s gone up to 320,000 all the way up to 640,000 per month. This year, 2019 2020 is going to be year of trying to be different from the competition, trying to promote products that are not as saturated as all the other ones. These are a great, this is a great niche to go into.

If you want be different from your competition and you want to have an endless supply of new products, you can just customize them and make them your own. Basically make them yours. Customizable products, just like this one. If you look up on LA express, there’s hundreds of these customizable jewelry, customizable accessories or you can just look up with private suppliers that can make it. You can even get your own designer to make custom designs for people. It’s going to be a massive one to come. Third niche is home decor and accessories, specifically high, low cost, high perceived value accessories for the home and home decor. This one in particular, if you search on AliExpress called stainless steel fork, all of these products have like seven thousand two thousand one thousand six hundred and one brand called Arctic Tre has made an absolute rushing up products for home decor. They sell these little dining products and just home decor in general.

Really fancy, just really high perceived value products that the cost isn’t that high. Be check out the case study that I did on them. You can check it out right here or down in the description. They’re making almost a million dollars every single month selling products just like this one, like this little Burton lamp or a speaker table, prom desk lamp, especial plate collections, and just absolutely crushing it right here for me in 96,000 to $992,000 a month with home decor. It’s going to be a massive niche this year. They’ve absolutely crushed it. 2020 it’s going to be the next level of this. The fourth massive niche for 2020 it’s going to be reusable and environmentally friendly products this year. These reusable bags, you can see your 8,000 sells, eight thousand seven thousand and these ones in particular, we actually sold a lot of them. Mild students sold a lot of them, so these are massive, massive products that you can sell and they’re going to be much more popular.

Much, many people are going to have that environmental awareness, specially with companies like for ocean that they literally take plastic from the oceans. They build products like this jewelry right here and we’re going to show you right here this little, and they name it after animal stuff they saved from the ocean, like the jealous of jellyfish recent. This particular store is making millions of dollars every single month with product like this or environmentally friendly. They help people that want to contribute to the environment. They want to make the earth better so it doesn’t and 20 it’s going to be a huge year, especially in terms of politics, in terms of making the world a better place. So I think these products are going to be massive and based on our research and the results that some companies got in 2019 it’s going to be an absolute absolute niche to get into for 2020 the next massive niche is going to be phone accessories and just fallen cases in general every single year, phone accessories and phone cases, specially with releases of new phones.

This year we had the iPhone 11 iPhone 11 pro. They’re going to be massive phones that are already very massive. They’re going to continue to be in the hands of pretty much everybody. They people go like crazy when they’re buying this product and they buy multiple cases for it. So cases like this one and the great thing I love about phone accessories, it just accessories in North in general is that you can choose them by season and sell them by holiday. So this one in particular is for Christmas. It already has 27,000 orders, which is insane. I would say for Christmas it might be a little too tight, free to sell right now, depending on when you’re watching this video, but much other holidays like Valentine’s day, you have mother’s day, father’s day, you have Halloween. Later on you have Thanksgiving, you have multiple holidays throughout the year that you can take advantage of to sell these products.

If you want to commit to a brand of cases, you can definitely do that. for example, has been doing it for about four years. They sell all these beautiful cases and these are all this iPhone 11 I believe, iPhone 11 pro and they sell it basically any type of case that you want. They make around 1.3 to two point $6 million every single month with cases, with cases only for phones. They take advantage of that thread of that trend and every single trend that comes out on your phone, Apple release, a new phone, Samsung released Sydney font, they are there to capitalize on that money and sell eight ton of cases. The next niche on our list is garden supplies and garden products. In general, 2019 Southern arrives have products like this one that made your 5,000 orders. They went absolutely crazy on Facebook ads and products like this that are for making your garden better and making your home garden more beautiful.

They grew absolutely crazy in 2019 and 2020 it’s going to be another year of products like this one that are not super expensive. You can get it from alley express around $9 or from your own fulfillment center and you can sell them from 25 or $30 and make a really good buck from them. Garden supplies more people and more people are getting into buying a house, buying a garden, improving the garden, making it more beautiful, and if you’ll allow it for them to use one of your gadgets, one of your products like this one that helps improve the garden, it’s going to be a massive win for you. If you’re enjoying this video so far and are going to promote one of the niches that I already talked about, make sure to schedule a free one-on-one call, either me or somebody in my team with the first link in the description.

Schedule a call and talk to somebody one-on-one about the strategy that you need to grow your eCommerce business in the next couple of years and the month to come talk to somebody. Either me, somebody in my team, let’s absolutely crush it. Build a strategy for you. The next niche on our list is mobile game accessories and gaming accessories in general. This one. For example, these blue light glasses absolutely blew up in 2018 2020 gaining around 10,000 sales, seven thousand five thousand five thousand just again and again and again. And these are absolutely crazy on Facebook ads. There’s a lot of new games coming up in 2020 very famous games like stranger things, mobile games coming up. So products like this one as well as product like this one that focus on the phone accessory aspect that I was talking about. So that’s too niche. Just combined phone accessories plus mobile gaming or gaming accessories together.

Products like this could be massive [inaudible] 20 especially if you target people that are interested in those new games that are coming out during the year. The next niche on our list, or should I say next category is smart home products or smart dispensers, smart products for the home and kitchen products like this one, which is the automatic water pump right here and you can see essentially how it works. You basically, it’s like going to a mall or going to an airport where they have automatic water, automatic soap coming out. They absolutely blew up right here in 2019 5,000 orders on this one. If you look at this one as an automatic soap dispenser, 1,600 and still students of mine for example, are selling these products consistently right now in 2019 2020 it’s going to be the next level products that make your home smarter, that make it easier for you to do things that are mundane or you do them every single day.

It’s great to sell to people, especially now every single year there’s a new product, just like this one for example, we’re going to play it here like these beautiful smart dispensers. You can put your hand under it and just get that soap right there without actually these products. We would sell it right now and they’re going to sell massively in 2020 the next niche on our list is sewing actual sewing 2018 and 19 Solarize of this massive product. 7,000 orders here and it’s not a cheap one. It helps you so easier and it’s a little machine that helps you. So, and also we saw another sewer afoot that you’ve put on your sewing machine and it helps you. So, and this is a great niche for people that are very, very passionate about sewing, especially older people that you can sell these products to. They’re willing to spend a lot of money, especially if they’re retired.

They have a lot of time in the day making a store or a niche full store about sewing or just about retirement life, maybe senior living. Could it be a massive winner for you selling products? Just like this one you can see right here and it has a lot of orders and there’s also a lot of other products that you can sell. For example, this particular store has this one as well, 3,800 and it’s a whole sewing kit. So you can also sell kits for sewing. It’s a massive niche to sell in the coming months and in the coming year. Niche number 10 on our list, travel accessories and travel gadgets. 2019 saw the rise of this little mini re fulfillable perfume bottle just like this one and you’ve probably tried to sell these yourself. They were going absolutely crazy on Facebook, especially Instagram, Instagram influencers. Some of my students sold them as well.

This one in particular has 5,000 orders right here and why is it a good product to start off? 2020 is because people start planning their vacations months in advance so maybe the vacation is coming up in summer around autumn, around August or October before their vacation. They start planning for it now. They also have that new year vacationy feeling where, okay, where am I going to this year? What new countries am I going to visit and what new experiences am I going to do? If you start helping them to prepare for those vacations, it’s going to be a massive niche to get into and also you can just combine it with other niches, maybe sell in a general store. You don’t necessarily have to do only travel, although it’s a great one to go for next year. The next niche on our list is car and driving equipment 2019 and 2018 this particular product sold a lot, those little two sided rotatable car blind spot and I’m going to just play here the video really quick and you have these little two.

You put them on your car and it can help you see your blind spot and see all over the car. Now one of the massive trends that is coming up in 2020 there’s an article in Forbes run about a month ago, seven biggest technology trends up 2021 of them is going to be autonomous driving specially with companies like Tesla, which is an awesome company. Of course I can drive for you. They have that autopilot mode. People are going to need some sort of gadget or some little equipment or accessories for their car to help them drive you a little bit safer or even entertain them while they drive. Products like this one are going to be huge. I’m going to help with that trend of, Oh my car is going to be autopilot. I need some products to buy for it. You can really go into that height.

Most of the money that’s made in drop shipping, it’s from hypes and jumping on hikes so it’s going to be massive for you. The next niche on our list is going to be lights and light accessories. Just like this particular product that absolutely blew up in 2019 24,000 orders of this little thing. I know it’s a cheap product, but it’s a little selfie light. These products are just blowing up again and again and again. 2020 is going to see very different variations and also other gadgets and products that look like these ones. They’re also going to become absolutely massive if you’re selling any sort of type of photography lights, anything that has to do with making a better studio. If you’re selling to people that make videos like me, videographers, bill lager first, it’s going to be a massive niche to get into the next niche, sunglasses and anything wearable that you can actually put on your face and check through an ad, how it looks on your face.

You might think. How, can you check how it looks, sort of an ad on social media? Well, Facebook is actually pulling out air, uh, augmented reality AR ads that basically you can look at the ad and put the product on you, but it’s on you kind of, so you can see here the sunglasses. You can actually look how do you look with the product on. You can also do makeup through any sort of, anything on your face, any wearable, anything that you put on your face or your head. We can actually look at how you look at it on the ad here. She takes a picture, Oh, I like these sunglasses. I’m going to buy them. So thanks to these types of ads, these products, specially sunglasses, that it’s very easy to just see how they fit your face, how they look, anything that you put under your nose, whatever on the face, it’s going to be a massive product specially for these ads.

I know it’s a massive market. There’s a lot of big companies that you can go to to sunglasses, specifically luxury brands. There’s still space for little companies and little teams to actually make money in this space. And another niche on top of that, like on the augmented reality, sunglasses, wearables is this one, the wearable jewelry on your face that you can actually put on your face, just like these ones. I’ve seen them running quite a lot. There’s a lot of students that are running them and doing really well, so it’s a massive niche as well. With the augmented reality ads you can see other than look on your face and it’s also just a pretty product to put on and it’s really good to advertise with either images or video. It’s really impactful product. It’s a scroll stopper. Essentially. You see a girl like this on an ad on Facebook and you’re going to stop.

You’re going to think, what is this? I’m going to check this out. Especially when girls see another girl wearing it, they’re gonna think, Oh wow, this looks really cool. I’m going to get it. And it’s pretty cheap. You can sell these for like 10 15 bucks or sell bundles of them. Any type of wearables for the face. Like I said, it’s going to be really easy with augmented reality ads on Facebook before we keep bulldozing through this list. If you’re enjoying this and you’re enjoying my value in the video that I’m giving to you, make sure to schedule a free one on one call with the first link in the description. Talk to somebody one-on-one like me or somebody in my team to help your business grow in the months to come, specially in 2020 absolutely. Crush it. Get $10,000 a month just like my students are doing this one in particular right here, crushed $10,000 in our third month of mentoring with me.

Check that link out. Talk to somebody one on one and let’s grow your business. Then next niche on our list is going to be toothbrushes and teeth cleaning products. Just like this one. This particular one just blew up. A lot of people, even my own students were selling this at massive levels. 50,000 a month, seven thousand seventy thousand dollars a month throughout 2019 this one has, well 1000 152 orders. This particular product right here, and it doesn’t load here, but it’s this little automatic toothbrush that you put on your mouth as well as this court, less toothbrush hangers. You can actually put your toothbrush here, so any sort of teeth, accessories, anything that has to do with toothbrushes, cleaning your mouth, there’s going to be a massive niche to go into. There’s already a lot of sales and a lot of products that’s sold, so as a 19 there’s going to be even more that are going to sell in 2028 this is a trend that’s going to keep growing and grew up.

The next niche, it’s kids’ education or products that help a kid learn how to grow and learn how to improve motor skills and basically become a good teenager or good [inaudible] products. Like this one, for example, we sold one in $50,000 worth of this little pencil grip that helps little students learn how to write and products like these. For example, so 14,714 orders. I wouldn’t recommend selling a product like this one if it was from 2018 2019 but now there’s going to be products just like it. There’s also a drawing board that students can learn how to draw better and there’s more and more products coming out just like this. Ones that are going to be huge. Remember when you’re selling to and selling to babies or little preschoolers, you’re selling to parents, so you have to focus on the benefits of the product and also what problems does it solve.

Maybe it’s going to be your kid is the first one’s going to learn how to write properly. Maybe it’s your kid having trouble with writing properly or developing motor skills and products like this one. They’re not super expensive. For example, $3 for three pieces. It’s a product that you can buy to accelerate the learning of your children for nation number 18 baby sleep accessories or baby accessories in general. If we look at this product right here, sleeping bags, that absolutely blew up. Now in 2019 obviously now it’s winter. It’s not going to be winter anymore and the rest of the year. So products like this one for example is a baby sofa absoultley crushing at 1,258 orders and there’s a lot of variations to this product as well. So the baby niche, it’s a massive niche that it’s going to keep growing and growing. More people are going to have babies, more people are going to have products for babies and when stores like babies R us or huge retail stores sort of went bankrupt.

They didn’t exist anymore. It’s time for babies stores to grow online. If you want to sell products like this one, I have one student doing more than 10,000 a month exclusively at baby products. It’s a massive niche to get into as well. The next niche unicorns, you heard it right? One of my students built a 5,000 per month or even 10,000 per month store of unicorn accessories and unicorn little pets and little plush shoes, just like these ones that have absolutely huge order volumes, eight thousand seven thousand five hundred six thousand five thousand just huge, huge, huge. Especially for birthdays and special location. If a little girl loves unicorns, so she likes these little mythical creatures that it’s going to be a massive thing to sell. These products sell really, really well and if you narrow it down on this focus, I wouldn’t say it wouldn’t be your main story. Your main source should be focused on other products or maybe you’re selling like children’s Biotics exclusively and then you add those onto our son.

It could be really valuable for you to solve products for unicorns or any sort of mythical creature plus sheets just like this one that’s sell a lot. And who’s number 20 pet cleaning supplies. Pet cleaning accessories, just like this little pet litter Matt or cat litter mat. It absolutely crushed it this year, 2019 with 8,000 orders on this little mat and products just like this one, like if a product like this can do so many orders and grow massively, imagine what other products can do. This also ties into the cat toys, pet toys, but this is more of cat cleaning, home cleaning accessories and supplies. So a store like this of selling all types of pet products or focusing on tours and cleaning supplies is huge for you. Now the last one needs number 21 is faith products, religious products, just like these ones right here, specially print on demand products and accessories.

One of my students is selling to one particular religion. He’s making like 65,000 a month just from that store selling religious. But I just like this one can be massive and it doesn’t have to be one particular religion. There’s multiple of them. So if you are a practic, uh, or you practice that religion, then obviously that would make sense to sell from that religion where you consult to one that you don’t practice as, as long as you make sure that you do the market research and you understand their desires and what sort of things they like around the home, what accessories they wear, what sort of clothes they wear, and everything about those particular people. That’s it for the massive list of 21 different niches that you can sell in 2020 if you enjoy this list, make sure to subscribe, hit that notification bell and smash that.

Thumbs up. One common secrets down below for that special list of products. And if you want to take your Shopify drop shipping business to the next level and you made it this far in the video, make sure to check the links in the description. The first billing schedule a one on one call with me or my team to build a strategy to take your store to the next level. Also in the second link is a special step by step training, 45 minutes long, no fluff, real step-by-step training that you can follow and take your business to the next level. Now if you want to learn the exact strategies that are used to find the top niches, top products to sell on my stories and my students’ stores, check out the video right there. Finding 10 products in 10 minutes, 10 winning products in just 10 minutes. Check the video right there. Check a book, links in the description for other videos, and subscribe to our channel. Hit that notification button that thumbs up if you enjoyed it, click those videos. Get a call in the first link and I will see you on the next one. Thanks for staying all this way with.


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