Finding 10 Winning Products In 10 Minutes (Shopify Challenge)

In this video. I’m going to try to find as many winning products as I can in the span of 10 minutes. I’ve got my timer here, as many products as I can in 10 minutes, multiple different strategies, different tools that I’m going to show you that you can use to find products in just a couple of minutes. I’m Rockville sin trying to help people just like you grow their Shopify drop shipping business, selling products just like the ones that we’re going to find right now. If you want to grow your business to the next level, make sure to subscribe. Hit that notification about, I released amazing videos once or twice a week to help you with your business. If you want to win a special free full course that I’m giving out once every video, how to grow your business from zero all the way up to 1,002 thousand per day comment secrets in the comments.

Subscribe in that notification box and last thing before we start, I prepared a full free training, no fluff, no sales pitch on the strategy that I teach my students to get to win 10,000 all the way up to a hundred thousand per month. It’d be follow this strategy closely and you put in the work, you will be able to get those results. Check that strategy in the first link in the description. All you’ve got to put in is your email. It’s not a sales pitch. I’m not going to sell your course. Nothing. It’s a real real strategy. You can watch it and implement it right away. The first link in the description. All right. So as you can see here, I got my product link list and this is the challenge, 10 winning products in 10 minutes. I have a few tools open up in a few ways that are going to find products and I got the timer going.

So I’m going to record here on the timer and get started. And then we’re going to put the actual products into the product link list and then I’m going to share that list directly with you. So let’s get the timer started and we’ll get going right now. So the time I started nine 58 so let’s go into the product list right here. And then the first thing I’m going to do is open up Facebook cause I do want to start up with Facebook ads and at least finding an ad or some type of store that is advertising on ads. So I’m going to pull this up and I know the turbo ad finder application doesn’t work. Sometimes you just got to use it. In this case, this one, um, it seems like it could be selling but this page just looks a little bit scammy.

It says New York, New York. We’re going to click on the store just to see what the name is or what it is. Bye bye. See you. It’s probably not a legitimate store. Let’s look at sales source and see how much money they’re actually making. We’ve got 40 seconds down there. While that’s done, I’m gonna go into eat, come hunt, which is a really good tool for beginners. We’re going to try to find one right there by the category, so we’re going to go into actually not category. Let’s go into the orders. The biggest orders that we have here and now let’s go into newest first offered type. Let’s leave it at all and the range last seven days, so we’re going to put last seven days newest first. We got this resistance bands. I know these. These products actually sold really well. These resistance bands or I know one store that’s called the, let me, let me check them out.

It was like a twice the plus yeah, twice to be back on this particular store has or this funnel. This company has made around half a million or $1 million selling these little bands and there are, I’m going to pull them up here. Yeah, these little bands right here. So I know these bands sell resistance bands and then we’re going to look at a store that’s selling them. So the store is selling this item, prime and then it’s this one. And let’s look at sales source, see if they’re making any money or if they’re actually legit. And then they got a turbo theme store running here, no reviews on the bottom, which is a little bit weird. And then Salesforce here, I hope it doesn’t fail me and we’ve got a store doing 4,000 to 8,000 a month, which is pretty legitimate. Let’s go and put that as the first winning product and we’re going to put there, now let’s go for the second one.

What I can do is look at Peck. Stop. PEXA is a great account or a great spy tool that you can also use it. Let’s go to, let’s hunt here and all of these, you can get them down in the description. So we have one and work 70 minutes left. So car’s side mirrors T let’s look at that one. Or actually let’s pull it up in a new tab and I want to look up the ultimate ones on peg style. I got the drawstring Christmas gift bags a that could work electric customers had. That’s okay. It’s drained shelf. I know this fishing bucket works really well. It was on one of the ads that I saved on my face. You got socks, you pull that one up and see if I can pull it up for you. And that is a winning product right now is this keep your fishes alive and I saved that up.

I am going to still put it cause that is one that I found on PEXA and just this particular one is doing really well. They’ve got around 494,000 views and around two months. So this store is doing particularly well with this particular product. So let’s pull up the page here and let’s put that as the second winner right there. So third winner that we’re going to look at. Let’s go back to Facebook and let’s pull the Facebook ads again and let’s see what other products we can find here. And then that product that I was looking for before, which was the buy you buy you the one where we were looking at before. There’s one by UCU. Let’s go to sales stores and see if they’re actually legit. Oh, they’re making 18,030 6,000 per month. It looks pretty legitimate. The fee, the page look kind of weird.

Skin spot removal pen around seven days ago. And that is the app that their advert, that is the, the particular product that they’re advertising. So just because I see that the store is doing well, the page looks okay. Although I see the name is kind of sketchy and weird, I’m still going to add them to the winning product. So let’s put that one in there and let’s research it better later. So there’s one power need, this way to saturate this little book for kids that could work. I’m seeing bad, I’m seeing angry comments on there. So they might’ve been, uh, um, Oh wow. They’re saying it’s a fraud. I never received it. Uh, and multiple different languages saying it’s a fraud. I bought one, it came in pieces, not in English. They just, okay. Uh, okay. No. So when you see an ad like that, maybe it’s doing well, but the, the, the feedback is way too low.

So let’s move on to a new one and let’s see if we can find something else here. Seemed to reload the page while we reload the page. We can use an application called trending products, trending and this one, it’s also in the description. It lets you find really good stores that are doing well in your niche and also lets you find trending products. You’re on the top. So let’s go by category. And what I want to look at is something that we can sell for Christmas. So let’s try to find, or at least winter. Let’s see if we can find something for winter here and type in winter because winter is coming up or Christmas is coming up and we got humidifier. Uh, I wouldn’t sell Christmas clothes, but this one in particular is pretty cute. I think this is selling. Okay. Global trending. Okay. That’s not a real store.

So no, we’ve got three only on there. Let’s go back to Peck stuff. For example, I want to do another search on here because this little card side mirrors N T what is this? It’s a holder umbrella for your start meters. Give your summers clean and drive safer. Now let’s look at the product links, see how many sales they’ve gotten and they have a thousand, 170 sales, which seems pretty good and what the product actually does. Okay. Keeps your your windshield clean, which now with snow and rain during the winter, it’s actually a pretty good product. So I’m going to add that on there. That could be a really solid one to stop. So we have four and we have four minutes left. So let’s try to find another one. Um, we’re not going to look at pet style. I’m going to look at Amazon, Amazon movers and shakers is also another strategy that you can use.

What I recommend is going by a particular category like home and kitchen for example. And we’ll end. These are products that are popping up like our trending on Amazon. We’re going to try to find a good one here. See if we can find by, um, Pat, let’s see if we can find anything instead of fountain. Simple automatic fear. Oh, that’s cool. Automatic feeder. I’ve seen those before but I haven’t seen it that well and it’s now it’s trending on, on Amazon. Let’s see if on Ali express you can find it or we can find in China auto pet feeder automatic pet feeder and see we can find that one. We’ve got three minutes left there. Okay. 1,000 sold, 770. This is pet drinking, so no, um, had been drinking but drinking. This is fish feeder auto feeder. This one is $8. This one it’s 45 which is more high techie, but I would go with the less high tech just to try and get some sales there.

So let’s add that on there and let’s add it as the fifth winning product onto our list. Now let’s go back to Facebook. I do want to check because Facebook ads is where I do find my best ones. This little bed is selling quite a lot. I would still add it because it is a bed that is selling a lot. So let’s look at that deep sleep calming bed. This particular Oh and here trending products. Also, the cool thing about it is it pulls up an ad for you to watch. This one has 549,000 views, so that’s really solid and the particular store is making, let’s see how much. Just make it, I’m just going to close up all the tabs here that I have. Um, let’s look how much the store is making. 26,000 to 52,000 a month. Okay, so let’s add that as a, as a winning product as well.

And we have the total of six winning product so far. We’ve got two minutes left. Let’s see what else we can find and see. We can find another one. There’s one in particular, no mess. The makeup perfectly shaped eyeliner. Let’s see. I’ll understand souls. Oh, this one looks pretty cool. Okay. Unique girls. Let’s see how much the store is making. And you can see product research can be fun and fast, but it is quite complex and especially for a beginner, I can tell this takes a lot more time. So let’s go into that it 306,000 let’s put them up. Seven winning products. We’ve got two minutes left. Your one minute 30 on the clock. So let’s see what we can find and Papa balm on pixel two. We can find something on peg side, just the last resort. And then one thing that I do like to do a lot is I find a product that is selling a lot of AliExpress.

And then I go into the suggests that wants below. So this one could be a good one here. And let’s look at this one. I know this thing is, ah, this thing is selling really well. Let’s look. $15 1700 orders, pretty solid. $15 okay. And I think there’s product can be a really good one. I’ve seen in ads before. So we’re going to add that eight and we’ve got a minute and 40 seconds here. A minute. Only a minute. Only a minute left. You can see on the screen there, there’s only 55 seconds left. So let’s look at something else that we can sell. Trending products and just going to drop that sale stores as a last resort. Let’s look at um, new and trending products here. Product center. And we have these book, a foot baths, fantasy star, projector. This can be pretty cool. Oh, mold, trendy selling this.

That’s a really cool one. I don’t know if they’re selling a lot of it though, cause I don’t know. Turn that makes a lot of money. It’s selling drop shipping products, but I don’t know this one in particular. So we’re just going to add it and then analyze it later and then see how many we got here. We have nine so far. Let’s find fine. Last one, 18 seconds here. Um, what else can we find? What else can we find this slide? This one. And the last thing here, uh, well almost done. Almost done. And we’re going to find, I have this reusable ball and let’s add that on there. I know it’s the last last one and it’s over. Okay, whew. Okay. The timer has done 10 winning products in 10 minutes. I know they’re the last three or four are not the best products in the world, but you can see that it is possible to find products very fast and you showed you all the tools that I use.

It’s sort of the process that I do when I’m rushing to find products. I’m going to leave this product link list down in the bottom and if you enjoy this police legal light down, subscribe here. That notification about check this special special training done in the first link in the description if you want to build your Shopify drop shipping, this says now is the best time now 2020 and beyond. It’s still possible. Drop shipping is not that. There’s still a lot of possibilities to build their business up to 10,000 all the way up to a hundred thousand a month. If you do it properly, you followed the right strategy. My strategy works, check it out in the first link in the description and if you want to schedule a free one on one call with either me or somebody on my team, check the second link in the description. You can schedule a freely free one-on-one call.

It’s a real call. Talk to somebody about your struggles, about what you’ve been thinking about building with e-commerce and why you haven’t been getting there, why you haven’t gotten there yet, and then we’ll plan out the right strategy that you need to follow to get you to those goals. Talk to somebody one on one took the first thing. Secondly, and if you want to learn that top strategy that I give my students to find a winning products, just like this one, check out the video right there. That video, the secret method to finding winning products. I’m going to show you the secret method that I wasn’t showing here. I’m going to show it right there to you. So click that. If you want to learn how to find amazing winning products, spring billings and the description, subscribe, hit that notification about that like button and I’ll see you in the next one.

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