$450,000+ Dropshipping On Black Friday & Cyber Monday Weekend (Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial 2019)

In this video, I’m going to show you exactly how you can make one $450,000 in a single weekend during black Friday, cyber Monday special. Let’s find out. Hey, what is up and throw fail here. And like I said at this video, I’m going to show you exactly what you need to prepare for black Friday, cyber Monday weekend, a massive event all throughout the world, not just in the United States and for us dropshippers it’s massive. It’s a massive event. My friend Sam Jacobs, which I made a video with him about three months ago, he explained how he made when half a million dollars in that weekend alone. I’ve had students to more than $200,000 in that weekend. It’s a massive, massive weekend and we absolutely crush it every single year. During that weekend. I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to prepare for that weekend and what to do during the weekend to make as much money as humanly possible

And before we start, I do want to invite you to schedule a free one on one call with either me or somebody in my team with the first link down in the description, you can talk directly to somebody about your struggles with e-commerce, with drop shipping, what you’ve been doing wrong, and how to do it right. What’s the right strategy that you need, what you need to follow, and exactly what steps you need to get your business running profitably and scale it up consistently and have a consistent business. Making a schedule a call with that first link in the description and if you want to know how to scale your ads from zero all the way up to $3,000 a day, your Facebook ads absolutely crushed everybody else on Facebook. I’m giving away a module for my mentoring program that I prepared very recently. If you want that module, I’ll pick one person from every video.

All you have to do is comment, secrets, comment secrets down below, subscribe, hit that notification bell and I’ll pick one winner from every video to get that special module. Now on to the training right here. Cyber Monday, Christmas special training. This will be taken from a training that I’m doing for my mentoring program. Absolutely laying out the whole central Monday strategy so they can absolutely crushed. This is a video snippet of this particular training. So the one thing that I do want to discuss is the testing strategy and what you need to do to prepare. You need rapid product testing. You don’t need to test one product over two months and hope that it works. You need to be fast. There’s no room for error, there’s only a couple of weeks left until that weekend and you’ve gotta make the most of it. So what I recommend is two to three products per week.

You can do more than that if your time and your money allows for it. And you don’t have to test too much, you don’t have to put like 200 $300 into each product. Or you can do is test two to three products a week. Do four to six audiences at $10 a day, run it for about two days and that’s less than a hundred dollars to test a product. You’ll spend around 200 300 a week or even less if the product in the beginning doesn’t do at all. If you see that the cost per click is really high, people are just not click on your ads, they’re not buying anything. You can get rid of the product intestine, you’re one. What I suggest is you do dynamic, creative, dynamic creative is one of the things I talked about in my past video about leveraging the new system dynamic creative to get better results on Facebook.

And what you can do is test it, like I said to test and that video, if you want to check it out, it’s down in the description. What I recommended is do two videos, two headlines and two ad copies for each product that you’re testing. So remember you’re testing multiple products, two to three products a week, four to six audiences, ad sets per product, and those would be at $10 a day. So I forgot to add that $10 per day per ad set or an a CPO that adds up to $10 a day. If it’s for audiences that you can do a $40 CBO or you can do a $30 CPO of your more lower end budget, that’s completely fine. It’s just the speed of testing is the most important thing. Then dynamic creative, like I said, you can do two videos, two headlines, two ad copies, and if it’s profitable over three days, which is what we’re looking at.

If it’s not profitable over three days, you can move on to a new product. If it is, you can just focus on it, try to make it as best as possible and if you want to analyze the reviews of your dynamic creative, you can go ahead and do breakdown and then by dynamic creative asset and check which image, video, headline, texts, everything is doing well so you can then separate from dynamic creative into creating your best, best ad that you can possibly make. So that’s about it for that in a creative, getting enough data for lookalikes is crucial in scaling different ad angles and offers. When it comes to offers. I’m going to talk about that in a little bit. Special cyber Monday and black Friday weekend offers are the best. Those ads outperform everything. Everything else for mother’s day, for Valentine’s day, for father’s day, they outperformed every single other ad because it’s extremely relevant to that audience during that particular section of time.

So what you need to do is get as much data as possible, whether that be video views of your video traffic to your website, add to carts, purchases. So once you find a product that’s giving you some potential, you need to scale it up with cold audiences as best as possible. If you already have a product that you have data for and you have Salesforce, that’s perfect. Now, if you don’t, now you can test those two to three products a week as fast as possible. Have one that’s getting more potential, getting sales, it’s been profitable. Try to get as many purchases even if you lose a little bit of money. Even if your profit isn’t huge. If you get that data using the lookalikes for black Friday weekend is going to be absolutely massive. So let’s try to get as many out to cards, as many purchases as possible to scale that.

And then product testing speed is key. You only have a limited amount of weeks. You have tests in many products as possible to try to get a product that you can scale during that weekend. And how you’re gonna scale that is by doing the specific ads. BOGO for black Friday works absolutely. Well we do buy one get one free. And what we do is we Jack up the price of the original product. So let’s say you have a product of $30 and you want to do buy one get one free. You stack up the prize from 30 to let’s say 55 to $60 and then you’d do buy one get one free. We did that from Valentine’s day. We did it for mother’s day and now we’re doing it for black Friday and it works every single time. Well, you can also do is do we targeting and hitting your existing traffic, people that have visited your page already or have interacted with your business in some sort of way, hitting them with that special black Friday cyber Monday weekend, black Friday and cyber Monday.

It’s a huge event all over the USA and also all over the world. People literally line up to shops to buy like this. They fight over those deals and lowering prices on your products, giving sales, decking up the original price and lowering that sale price or giving by one. Get one free giving, buy one get one for 50% off and it’s going to be huge for you and it’s literally going to get people lining up light us. Obviously if you’re a small store that expects way too much, but you can definitely do a lot of damage during this particular time. So now the second thing that I do want to say is your main, your main purpose during before cyber Monday or cyber Monday weekend. And if you don’t know what cyber Monday is or you’ve never heard about it, which is not a likely cyber Monday, essentially it’s not a holiday.

It sounded like a big thing like father’s day, mother’s safe, but it is a big shopping holiday. People love to shop and Christmas is coming up so they buy everything that they need for Christmas. All those Christmas gifts, they buy them during that cyber Monday weekend. The list that I presented yesterday on the 21 winning products to sell and drop [inaudible], all of those products are, most of those products could be a Christmas gift. So if you watch that video and you’re thinking, Oh, which one of those products can I sell or can I sell during black Friday, cyber Monday, it would be one that people can give as a gift and if they can give it as a gift, then you can do a cyber Monday special in this year. It falls on December 2nd so yeah, more than a month, month and a half right now to prepare for that weekend and prepared to absolutely crushed during that weekend. Black Friday is the Friday before that, cyber Monday on the now, if you want to make sure that you smash cyber Monday weekend, you make as much money as humanly possible and make sure to schedule a free call with the first link in the description. Go ahead and schedule.

Speaker 2: (08:26)
Cool. We have students absolutely rushing at $10,000 a month, $100,000 a month. I’m here in Mentone, France in this view here and what Mike [inaudible]. My goal

is to make people just like you absolutely crush their dreams and live in places like this wherever they want in the world. In order to do that, I want to help you and I’ll help you by scheduling. Go ahead and talk to a person one-on-one, talk to me or somebody on my team tops so we crush your goals, get you to where you want to be and not wait a single more second. Schedule a call right now. I’ll see you on the call. What I also recommend is when people hit your website from those cyber Monday black Friday deals, you have backend optimization as well. Upsells, abandoned card apps, retargeting. Ready to fire for upsells. What you need is either Cipro five or sweet upsells or bold upsell. I used to recommend simplify up sell, although I do still recommend that they jacked up their prices, which isn’t the best thing in the world for beginners that you don’t have to pay like 70 bucks a month for it.

If you want to use a more uh, an option that’s cheaper or less cost, you’re going to use sweet sweet upsell and I’ll pull it up right here, sweet up sung and this one in particular, you can start a free trial and as soon as you get your first sale that’s when you pay it. So sweet upsells, you can start a free trial for 30 days. No, you just start a free trial and then you can get the first sale and then you start paying 1999 per month. It works similar to simplify, simplify. It is better performing than sweet. I just thought it was a good option to mention here as I’ve mentioned, simplify a bunch of times. Also abandoned cart apps. You need to have email retargeting, SMS retargeting with SMS bump and then retargeting on Facebook ready to fire. If you’re not doing retargeting, you need to start doing it right before cyber Monday, one to two weeks leading up to the summer.

Second, you need to absolutely crush that retargeting audience with as many cyber Monday, black Friday deals as it possibly can to make the most money possible. And one more thing CBLs and high budgets are cheap for this. In the beginning I told you to test two to three products, four to six audiences. You can do that on an ad set budgets. When it comes to scaling and it comes to scaling lookalikes specifically lookalikes from video views, add to cart purchases. They do tend to perform better on CBOs at high budgets. So what you can do, it’s less than you have one or two products that you want to scale up during this weekend. With those special offers, we can put them in a CBO by a hundred $200 a day with your top audiences that were performing from before, whether they are cold or lookalike audiences.

You can put them all in one CPO of a hundred $200 a day and just absolutely crush it, and you can also do technical optimization like cost caps and manual bidding. If you want to know a little bit more about those, you can schedule a call with the first thing in the description for free. We’ll talk more about that because that is a little bit more advanced then for YouTube, now get ready to absolutely blast and crush cyber Monday, black Friday weekend. If you want to know what products you need to sell during that entire weekend so you can make one 405 $30,000 in a single weekend, which is insane. Check out the video right here. I put top 21 products to salad right now. Check it out right there. Click that video and you’ll see the top products. Schedule a free call with the first thing in the description. Subscribe to the channel. Hit that notification bell. Hit that like button. If you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you in the next one.

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