How I Went From $0 To $100K A Month Dropshipping: 3 Tweaks That Made Me Profitable (Rafael Cintron Review)

In this video, I’m going to teach you exactly how I went from Ciro and just completely failing at drop shipping all the way to over a hundred thousand per month and teaching a lot of people how to do it. I’m going to teach you three simple Twix tweaks that you can do to your Shopify drop shipping business right now to take it where you are right now and scale it up to more than 10,000 a month up to potentially when a hundred thousand per month one here in Italy. Let’s find out. All right. Like I said in this video I’m going to teach you the three top tweaks for my drop shipping store and just my drop shipping career in general that I’ve taught my students that up skyrocketed them from basically Ciro struggling a lot, not getting any sales to getting profitable, consistent sales that they can then replicate again and again.

Gonna go into my computer, but before we start, make sure to watch the new free training that I prepared just for you and for all the econ secrets community. It’s a free, completely free training for about 40 45 minutes. It teaches you the exact system that I teach my students so you can put it into your business and skyrocketed the exact step by step instructions, no BS, not going to teach you a course. It’s a real training. Check it out from the first link in the description and if you want to schedule a call and mentor directly with me, if you can check the second link and schedule a free call and alas thing. If you want to win a exclusive module that I created for our mentoring program on how to scale your ads from zero from nothing to over $5,000 a day, I’m giving it away to one lucky viewer today.

If you want to be about your comment secrets, secrets in the comments below, subscribe, hit that notification about in that like Bunce mashup, like bunk. Now pick one person. It might be you this video. Now let’s get on to the three tweaks to profits. Part of my drop shipping education series that I’m going to do here on YouTube. So what these do is they take people from zero, not making any money right here. This depressing serial orders, [inaudible] money on Shopify view to then making, for example, like this one Adam made in about a week, hit three point $63,000 and $1,000 in a day. Another student right here, $1,000 in a day, again from zero and then another student again from zero to 10,000 in six days and in less than a week. So that’s what these two weeks can do and what they can do for you. The first one, stop selling whatever will make me money.

I hear this so many times, so many students come with that mindset that gift me, what products I can sell, what can make me money? I don’t care what it is. I don’t care what brand I’m going to build. I don’t care what store I’m going to build, I just want to make money or just selling straight up trash. I’ve seen people set up a Shopify store and they’re really sounding a product that not even themselves would buy, like they wouldn’t buy it. Nobody in their family would buy it. None of their friends would buy it and they start selling it and they ask, why am I not getting sales? Why am I not profitable on Facebook ads if this is how you should do it? Okay. John stripping is not that easy. It’s not that easy anymore. More than that. And also you can’t go into into the business with the mindset that I’ll just sell whatever makes me money.

You have to actually pick a product that you at least have some experience in either some expertise, like you know the niche, you know the industry, you know a little bit about the product or some sort of experience. Like let’s say you like the outdoors. You’re like camping, like hunting, camping products, outdoor products, products that have to do with what you do in your life. Those tend to be really good niches to get into. One of my students make about 12 to 15,000 a month right now. She got into a niche that she liked. She has those things around our home, started selling it, absolutely crushed it and she knows her market. So I’ve seen people start selling whatever they want. I’ve seen guys that are like 21 years old selling makeup and they have no idea about makeup just because they think it’s going to sell.

You can go in and with that mindset anymore, you’re going to fail it. You go into it with that mindset, at least pick something that you’re at least passionate it or you have some experience. Maybe you do that type of hobby, whatever it is, and then combine it with something that’s profitable, do not distinct because of product looks cool that it’s going to suck. It’s not. A lot of people come into it with a mindset of, Oh this looks cool, I like this product. It’s really cool. It looks shiny, it’s gonna sell. No, it has to actually either solve a problem or be a wow factor product. So if your product doesn’t solve any problem, doesn’t solve any problem, like it isn’t a clear thing that people have pain or suffer with and then your product solves that or it isn’t a thing where it’s a wow factor product that you buy it because Oh I can miss out.

That FOMO effect is not there. The products is not going to sell. That’s the first week start selling products that actually sell and that you have some sort of experience. It’s going to help you a lot. The second tweak to profits don’t only launch one ad or one audience. I’ve been refining this. I’m basically teaching students and mentoring students and seeing what the results were by testing just one ad or students that were testing like for six ads and the process that goes for us is sometimes we’ll start with like eight different ads for products and six of them will be bad and then two ads of those eight that we tested are the ones that crush it. So you go into it with like one ad, one audience. I’ve seen people test the product with like $10 for two days. One audience, one ad.

It doesn’t work on Facebook and they think, Oh, the products doesn’t work. Job shooting doesn’t work. No, I mean it’s volatile. Some things don’t work. Some things work. That’s what you need to test. Multiple things. If budget is low, it’s like really, really tight where you can just test like $3 a day. Don’t go into Facebook ads yet. Build up some organic traffic. If you want to learn organic, you can check the link in the description. I teach you exactly how to start getting your first thousand $2,000 in sales organically. Highly suggest you do it. If your budget is below like $10 a day, if your budget is about $10 a day that you can allocate to Facebook ads, go through organic. Honestly, our best performing campaigns usually have between eight or 10 performing ads or eight or 10 different ads that we’ve tested before and a lot of them don’t end up working.

So the first ad that you test for a product might not work. That’s why it’s important to test multiple ads. If you have a higher budget order, multiple videos for the product order, multiple images make dynamic creative like I was talking about in one of the earlier videos that am a creative is a great way to test multiple headlines, multiple videos, and multiple images that you know exactly what things work, what things don’t, and then you have that variation so you’re not only testing one thing at a time and then once the right product is key, creatives are where you should spend 95% of your time on, right? You spend time on fulfillment, on creating your brand, on research, but creative is super important when it comes to beating everybody on Facebook and on Google, on Instagram, whatever you’re working on, your graphics, your creative, your ad creation skills that I see my students getting better at every single day. That’s something that just needs to improve every single day. Every moment you need to be learning. I’m learning and learning because Facebook now with CBO being obligatory like you need to do campaign budget optimization, they’re taking away the optimization from advertisers. We need to be better at creatives or making ads the way you do it. Just getting better at it dynamic than creating regular ads. Getting better at that and just getting massively good at creating ad creatives and ads and videos.

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We are here in Elle Duomo in Milan, Milano, Italy and I just want to remind you to schedule a call with the first link, the second link in the description and go ahead and schedule a call. If you are interested in mentoring directly from me, take your business to the next level. Subscribe to that notification bell and they Lake bun. If you’re enjoying this video and check out the new step by step training that I made just for you, take the first thing in the description how my students are making 10,000 to 50,000 a month with drop shipping. Check it out.

The third tweak that I want to give you when scaling your campaigns from scaling your ads, put 60% of your efforts, not a hundred not 10 and 60% on optimizing your backend. I see a lot of people scaling up a campaign that’s slightly profitable. They’re making maybe 10% profit and then they go from like 500 a day to 5,000 a day and then they see their shrink from 10% to like 2% I’ve seen that again and again and again and I see real scaling up to like 5,000 a day making $50 in profit, which is kind of sad. What you need to do is focus your time on your backend on upsells. I’m making more money from the actual customer that enters your page. You’re paying for that customer. You might as well have more sales from it. Email sequences, cross sells, retargeting, et cetera, to increase the order value because that is where like big companies, massive billion dollar companies, which I talk about in the free training if you want to get it.

So the first thing in the description, I talk about how upsells can take you from 2000 a month, not really that profitable to 15 20,000 a month. Massively profitable because it’s not only upping your budgets, it’s not only like finding more audiences, finding better ads, but also optimizing your backend. I see people that don’t do this at all. If you want to do upsells, you can use simplified, bold, sweet up upsell. There’s a lot of options out there for you to use. And then the last thing is improving your fulfillment and customer satisfaction by shortening, shipping and increasing quality. The way to be ahead of all the other drops, sugars, all those people doing the same exact thing is to have a better brand and also have a better customer experience. And how you do that. I since most of my top top audience has already left those videos, the ones that do watch it, which are very loyal to me.

I do want to show you a service called hyperscale. I’m going to show you right here. It’s called hyper and I talked to the CEO of hyper skew. He’s a Chinese, um, actual e-commerce drop ship or that knows about the business is not some guru making the software attempt like all those other scams out there. It’s a real software that they’re actually creating for dropshippers specifically for that. And it’s a person that has managed a lot of money and a lot of vendors from China, from the U S from all over the world. It’s hyper skew. I’m not paid by them or anything. We’re still talking about how to introduce it to my audience. I haven’t made a video on it, but it’s the one I’m using right now. A lot of students are using, it’s sort of like you dropped the CJ drop shipping but a much better solution and they can ship to the U S the UK, Canada and about eight to 10 days, which is awesome and the speed or sorry about quality of seminary is also very high.

Finding products will fill orders quicker, making customers happier. Obviously that’s the goal and like it says here, attract and stable international delivery as fast as seven days in July of 2020 when eat packet is pretty much going to die. Now the expresses get to take a downturn. It’s very important that you entertain the idea of getting another software, another service to fulfill your orders. Highly recommend hyper skew. I don’t recommend them. I’m not going to talk about them too much because I’m still talking to the owner. We’re going to do a webinar about them and all that sort of thing. But right now if you’re watching this, highly recommend you start checking them out. What to do now check the new step-by-step free training. It’s absolutely mind blowing. Students have loved it. The ones that I’ve seen already, it’s the first one, the description, it’ll teach you everything about my system, how I take stores from 500 a month to 50,000 a month and I take people that are now making any sales, struggling with Shopify to scaling up, massively crushing it and schedule a one-on-one call with our team.

Would the second link in the description if you’re interested in mentoring directly with me and actually applying my system to you, keep learning how to do drop shipping education and if you want to learn that the top top products that you need to sell right now. If you want to make a profit drop shipping in applied these tweaks that I told you, check out the video right here and there’s going to be a video right here. Subscribe to the channel. Hit that notification bell. If that leg bone have you liked it, check out that video right there and you’ll absolutely love it. Check out our video. Schedule a call with us with the second link in the description.

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