4 Dropshipping Products That Will Make 6 Figures | Shopify Dropshipping Winning Products 2020

In this video, I’m going to show you four products that are about to make. Six figures are about to explode and they’re untapped. They’re not an any spy tools, unsaturated products you can sell right now in your drop shipping store to absolutely crush Q four and 2020 let’s find out, Hey, what is up it drop field here and I’m going to show you four massive products that are going to explode very soon. These stores, I’ve already made quite a lot of money from them, but they’re still on tap. There’s still a massive market out there. They’re not million dollar products, but they’re likely to make a lot of money if you capitalize very fast on them. And also I want to announce the giveaway of a full training that I did for my mentoring program, how to go from zero to over $5,000 a day with Facebook ads, with step by step instructions.

I’m going to give it away to one person in this video. If you want to win, you’ve got a comment, secrets, secrets, subscribe, hit that notification about and that light one. And I’ll pick one person from the video. And if you want to learn exactly how to grow your store from where it is right now to more than 10,000 a month profitably and consistently, I prepared a free training in the first link in the description. No fluff, I’m not going to sell you anything. It’s not a pitch. It’s a real step by step instruction training. All right, for the first product right here, you can see this little little glue or little screen fixer. It’s called a glass repair kit or glass correct or kit. And what it does, essentially it corrects glass and I think this is going to be massive specially for screens of phones.

The iPhone 11 just came out, screen protectors are massive products and this particular ad in two weeks, I told you I’m going to show you new ads, not old, about six months, a year ago, I’m gonna show real new untapped ads in two weeks that has 1.1 million viewers with a really nice engagement. And this particular one is called ultra motherliness. Here you can see the actual product page on Salesforce. They’re making around 16,000 to 32,000 a month, this store, so it’s not a huge store. They’re not making millions. It’s not a supersaturated product. It’s still a product that you can sell and anally express. If we check up a product like this one screen protectors for phone sell massively. I have a friend selling about 30 to 40,000 a month just from screen protectors. And if you look at AliExpress, eight hundred three thousand three thousand one thousand fifty thousand sixty eight thousand five thousand it’s a massive market. We look at Amazon as the same exact thing.

2000 reviews, 6,200 here in the bottom, thirteen thousand nineteen thousand so it’s a massive, massive product that people buy again and again and again. And this particular product is special because the iPhone 11 pro just came out. If somebody breaks their iPhone 11 pro screen, you bet that they’re going to pay for a repair kit or just to get them repaired somewhere. And that costs around maybe 50 to 70 Euro I had to or $70 I had to repair my phone. The screen in the front and it costs me around $50 and this particular kit costs only around 17 Euro. In this case, which for USD, that would be around $20 so this is a massive, massive bargain that you can start selling and capitalize on. This trend right now for the second product is this lint remover here and it’s from gadget cap. Gadget cap is known for just promoting a ton of products.

They test like a product a day or three products a date at this point. This particular one started a bout a week ago at 689,000 views already on this video. The engagement is low, which is they’re just probably creating multiple ads with the same video. That’s probably what they’re making or doing and this particular one is the one that they’re scaling up the most in terms of video views, so they’re getting a lot of video views for this one. If you look at gadget cap, they absolutely smash it with products. Just like this one. It’s a little lint remover that you can use for all your clothes and you can get out the lint and also for people that own pets. This is a massive product. They can just take out the little fur and that’s it and it’s not that expensive. It’s about, and I’ll pull it up here, USD again, I, and it’s taken the the out to reviewers and I’ll pull up the USD right here.

So it’s about 1799 per product, which is not that bad. And if we look at Salesforce right here, if you want to get it, the link is in the description to Salesforce. We’ll analyze the store, see how much gadget cab is making. There are no for making eight ton a ton of money. They make a million to $2 million per month testing multiple products. If you go down to the bottom to recently uploaded products, they upload a product or they upload multiple products every single day, an hour ago, an hour ago, three hours, seven hours, eight hours a day. All of these are uploaded yesterday. They all be like nine or 10 products every single day. They’re constantly testing, constantly doing more and more. Facebook got tests and this is one of the ones that is doing the best for them right now, so I think it’s going to be massive. They’re testing it very well.

When you see a successful store, they have a lot of products uploading a lot of products. Now they have a new one that’s doing well, that’s an on top one that you can take advantage of. Before we go on, I do want to congratulate Christian Darrious for winning the step-by-step special module on how to grow your Facebook ads from zero to 5,000 a month. If you’re interested in winning for this particular video, Kristin, one for the last video, if you’re interested in winning for this video kind of secrets, so describe that notification about in the like button and I’ll pick a winner for the third product. Right here are these little lights and you probably have seen this video, probably not. It’s been running about a month and it’s these little lights that you can put pretty much everywhere. I think now that in the us and Canada specifically, it’s gotta be winter, it’s gonna be massively cold and also it’s gonna be massively dark.

It’s the sun doesn’t come up for like three or four hours a day. And these slides are really good to just lighten up the whole house. The garage, a lot of people have garages in the U S it’s been running for about a month with almost a million views at this point. 904,000. The engagement is quite good, but again, they might be running the video in multiple different ads and this particular one just takes care of all the lighting right here. It’s also, um, it’s saying in the bottom room or Hasad, this slide is the best invention since sliced bread. Let’s look at the particular store. It’s called deal Golem. And this right here, the leading, universal adaptable and most versatile light. I love how they put this particular product as the best light ever, although they’re just drop shipping at. And also they put a particular TM name. I wouldn’t recommend doing ATM unless you do have a TM or a trademark.

But I do recommend branding your product. So if your particular product that you want to brand, putting a name like this, like Starbrite, it’s really good to differentiate your store from anybody else. So it’s like this one and they show the little video, they put the lights and boom, they light up and it’s going to be very dark in the U S and Canada, especially in the Northern States. It’s going to be super dark, does a great product if we go to analyze store to see how much this store is making. Let’s look at that. And this particular one is making on 3000 to 6,000 a month. So it’s not a huge, it’s not a huge store, but this particular product, they’re advertising it a lot and most of that revenue comes from that product. Again, these are untapped products that you can take massive advantage of. They’re about to trend or they’re about to explode.

Take advantage of it as much as you can for the fourth product is this little painting your dog as a paint by numbers. So you can see the person takes a picture of the dog and then the dog is basically a painting. They’re going to show it right now. I’m just going to show the video here and you can paint your dog in the canvas right there, like a picture that you just took of the dog. I think this product is going to be massive, especially going towards black Friday, cyber Monday, and then Christmas as a gift to pet lovers, pet owners. This gift is amazing. It has in about two months, so it’s been running for a little bit more as 5.3 million views. So it’s been highly scaled up there. There’s still a massive market for it, specially coming down to Christmas since you can give it as a gift.

So it’s gonna be a massive product. And also the engagement is very, very high. If we go to the product and if you want to do a product just like this one where you have to upload a product, you can either ask them to email you the product right after they buy or you can use an app like up a loader it, I’m going to pull it up right here because there’s been a lot of people interested in doing a store like this one, like a customized product store where somebody uploads a picture and then they get something customized. This is a really cool app to do that. I’m not sponsored by them, I just think it’s a great app. A bunch of my students use it to make personalized product pictures and you can see you have the, the a photo right here. Then you had the painting and you can actually paint it for Christmas to be massive.

If you go out sell stores and we click analyze store, and I’m also going to talk about products just like this one and ads and how to run products like this in the special free training. So if you’re interested in just taking your business to the next level on Shopify, take the first link in the description. This one in particular had been running for five months, 6,000 to 12,000 so again, it’s not a massive product. It is going to be a massive and they’re already scaling it up pretty fast. You can take advantage of it and start selling a product just like this one, personalized and absolutely crushing it. Dark selling products just like this one. If you’re interested in taking your Shopify dropshipping business to the next level or growing a non-existent Shopify business, I invite you to watch the link in the first, in the first link in the description, the training step-by-step training.

I’m going to show you how my students go from zero or some sales all the way up to 10 to 50,000 a month and exact step by step instructions. I’m not going to pitch you anything. There’s nothing for sale. You don’t have to pull out your card. If you’re interested in a free one on one call with me or my team, you can check the second link in the description. Schedule your free one-on-one call, talk to somebody one on one to actually get your struggles in line. See what you need to do to start scaling and growing your Shopify store and taking control of your business right now. And if you’re interested in learning how I find these particular products and how are fine any of my products and my best selling products, check out the video of Reiki. I’m going to show you the secret method to finding winning products right now and for 2020 as well. So check the video right there. Step by step instructions on how I find my videos, how you can find or how I find my Facebook ads, how I find my best, best products, and how you can do it yourself. Subscribe that notification about that leg bone of you liked it. Comment secrets down below for the giveaway and check out the free training and the first link in the description.

Best, Rafael Cintron (Your Shopify Dropshipping Mentor)

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