$631,810 Per Month Dropshipping With A NEW Method Shopify Dropshipping 2019/2020

In this video, I’m going to show you how this store is doing more than $600,000 a month. Drop shipping on Shopify with products that cost like $1 $5 and selling them for 80 a hundred even $200 on their store with the Clara strategy nobody is talking about and you being replicated yourself and start making as much money as them. Let’s find out, Hey, it’s, I feel here and in this video I’m going to go over how this store is absolutely smashing it. 600,000 or more every single month with products that you can go and source yourself from China, Ali express and get onto your store and sell them the way they’re doing. They have a particular theme and a particular look to their site that makes their products look very look, sure, IOUs and very high value. That’s why they can get away with selling them very, very expensive.

But before we start, make sure to schedule a call with the first thing in the description. Talk to somebody one on one, whether me or somebody on my team to actually take your business. To the next level. Don’t watch another webinar. Don’t watch another course trying to tell you how to get rich quick. Talk to somebody one on one that can actually look at your problems, see you are doing wrong in your business and actually improve and get results now in quarter four 2019 2020 and beyond. Schedule call with the first link and if you want an exclusive list of 10 winning products that I release for our mentoring program only if you comment secrets, secrets subscribing, then notification about and hit that thumbs up. I’ll pick one winner, 10 exclusive products that I released. Crime mentoring. People have paid money to be mentored by me.

You’ll get that list for free and I’ll pick one winner from this video. Let’s get onto the video right now. This is a store, it’s called Arctic Turk and you might’ve seen them. They’re running a lot of Facebook ads in this particular store. For example, it’s selling different sets of home because they’re focusing more on the home decor side. So for example, they have dining, they have rugs, they have lighting, bath here and then bedroom. If we go, for example, in the dining ones, which is one of the best sellers. If we click on analyze store here on sales source, we click on analyze store. They’re making in about a year 300,000 to $627,000 per month, absolutely insane. And they’re drop shipping. They’re using this theme called [inaudible], which I think is a theme that allows you to make your store look way more luxurious and way more high value than it actually is.

So let’s look at the demo here. So if you look at the store, the first impression is it looks like it’s custom made, right? Your, your products are all very well laid out. It has those custom, when you check it out and twists like that, then you have the join us newsletter there and then it has those little features that really, really high end websites and websites that I actually got custom made by developers. They costs thousands of dollars with these themes. You can actually get them, I don’t use it myself. I do have students, they use it very profitably and I think it’s a theme that makes the store look like really expensive and really look curious, which is actually a pretty cool, if you look here, the the images just pop like that and then it stays like that. It’s actually very luxurious. I think it’s pretty cool.

It’s a little bit expensive though, so I don’t suggest it for a beginner. I suggested if you’re already getting sales and you just want to take it up a notch a little bit more, it’s $180 if I’m not mistaken. Let’s look at the price here. Yeah, 180 bucks off of the Shopify theme store, but let’s go into the actual strategy that they’re using. You can see the best selling products, the London fork. Now let’s look at the actual London fork here and you might be thinking, Oh, these forks are all like custom made. They maybe have a supplier in the United States in the UK that makes them specially custom made for them. You can’t sell these Ali express. Right? And if you look at the product page, it does look like that. It looks like a very, very expensive fork. They’re selling it for about 23 bucks for a seven piece set and then a $19 four piece set.

And they do look very expensive. It says all it should be washed by hand to maintain the integrity of the plating. They’re putting it up as if it weren’t the most luxurious form you’ll ever use. Avoid using steamers, dishwashers, and then it sends a 100% played it seamless steel. And then on the top here, let’s go through all the things, and it doesn’t have reviews in this case, but this is their main bestseller. If you look at AliExpress and we’d go to the alley express type here, this is the fancy plates. You might just look up colored fork or um, colored fancy Ford pulls work. If you look at the colored fork, you find the exact same product and Ali express for $8 a dollar right here. You find it for a dollar and $72 26 here, find these ones for like seven bucks for a little bit more expensive.

And if you look at stainless steel and you have it right here, it’s in my surf stainless steel color fourth, we look at the exact results that appear on AliExpress. Boom, you have $1 here, a dollar a no, this one, these ones are actually more expensive. These aren’t as chipper one 43 this one is one 70 98 cents and we keep going to 60 like these forms are actually very cheap and they’re sourced from Ali express and this store is matching it, making it seem like these products are actually very, very luxurious and very just expensive. And it hits people that like that luxury in their home. People that have money. Home decor is an insanely profitable niche. One of my students doing $1 million a year with home decor absolutely crush it. So they take these products, they make them look actually the luxurious, and this isn’t a strategy that anyone, anyone teaches.

It isn’t a strategy of taking a product with a very low perceived value and then making the store a high perceived value and actually selling the product for very expensive. This store looks like it costs a ton of money. Like if you look to the main page, it’s beautiful. It looks like that and it’s all from the theme. But also they put a lot of effort into how the store looks. Obviously it’s not just input of the theme in your story is amazing. It’s actually putting effort into how the products look. For example, this one right here, it’s $219 a cost of this product. And you can see here, um, I don’t like, like here this stunning lamp even comes with a builtin note. EDM, Bluetooth speaker. Just pair your device to the lamp and play your favorite music wirelessly. They make it sound solely Julius.

So nice. And then your features, smooth touch control, wireless phone charger. And then at the bottom it says, um, it says in addition to base of the land, also has an integrated wireless charging pad. So it’s like they’re selling you an amazing product that’s super expensive. Super awesome. And then we’d go ahead and look at Ali express before we go on and make sure to schedule a call with the first link in the description. There is no joke. This call will literally change your perception on Shopify and drop shipping and everything. We have students absolutely questioning it. Like this one right here hit $8,000 7,000 euros in her second month of drop shipping with my mentoring and helping her. So this call is literally going to transform your life. Talk to somebody one on one. Don’t just watch another webinar, another scores, actually talk to somebody and get your results.

Now schedule a call with that first lane. Keep watching the video and we can look at the, let me pull up the saved ones I have here and I’ll actually pull it up. The speaker table, wireless chartered desk. This one right here, and I’ll pull up some of their products that I’ve found here. There’s one of the other products that they’re selling and then these a speaker table. This one right here. They have just the one. Yeah, there we go. For $85 on Ali express there sources yet directly from China, 80 bucks. And then they’re selling it for about $220 on their store and making it seem an extremely luxurious product that not everybody can buy it. And you might think about this store and you look at their ads and you think, Oh, this is probably custom made. I can’t get these products for myself.

Well you can, right? So it’s a new strategy. I haven’t seen that many people using it. I haven’t seen anybody teaching it for sure. It’s not any courses, not at anything. And I think it’s a very good strategy for someone that doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Somebody that doesn’t want to go and get custom products. You can get cheaper products from Ali express or from China, use an agent for it and then make your store look absolutely insanely good. So this is a great strategy. You’re gonna use products that might just be normal. They’re saturated. Everybody buys forks, everybody buys lamps. But not everybody buys high luxury high and less so. It’s absolutely insane. If you go to their ads library right here, we’re going to see some of the ads that they’re running so you can see right here. Um, they put kickstarted the fall season with a one of a kind than dining cutlery sets.

So it’s like one of a kind for your luxury. It’s very over the top and then for example it says the perfect feel on your feet. Audaciously designed that’s, that’s pretty bold. They show sleek design and it says meet the Euclid rug. Probably we’ll find Allie express for like 10 bucks and then we’d go superior designs were usable at tensile, consume responsibly meet the salt straw. So they were really, really, really good. I’m making it seem like an extremely high quality store and extremely high quality products. And they also have this speaker table, which you can find. I haven’t found this one. There’s some products that I can’t find that might be there searching it another weight, not just for somebody and China. Maybe they’re sourcing it by theirselves in the U S or in the UK. There are some products like that, but they’re best sellers, all sorts from China.

I am going to give them credit cause their store looks absolutely insanely good and makes it look extremely luxurious. And also they probably take their own images. If you look at the images, they look extremely good. Like it’s not, you know, they’re, they’re not just pulling images from Ali express with a white background, making them look really dirty and not really high quality and trying to sell it. No, they actually put a lot of effort into making the page look extremely high quality. For example, if you look at this Moonlight right here, like the picture looks very high, quality is in front of a screen there. Then you see the other side. And then with two hands, I can’t find these pictures on Ali express at all. And if you try and find them, you can’t really find images like that. You have to take these images yourself.

So make sure if you want to make your store look a lot more high quality, a lot more just better than your competition. Take the images yourself, order the product from Amazon or the try to from Ali express with express shipping and take pictures of yourself or have somebody professional, have an influencer or somebody that can take pictures. It’ll save you a lot of money in wasted ad spend that people don’t trust your site. And that’s also going to increase your ver your conversions massively right here. Beautiful picture, beautiful picture. Again, just the pictures look absolutely insane. The store is doing an amazing job and if you go through their apps or copywriting is amazing. So if it goes down here, incredibly soft, comfortable and modern betting designs will have you and everybody else wanting to get into bed. That copywriting is amazing. So make sure like really when you’re creating a Shopify store, it’s not just putting some random products from Ali express, putting some random images and hoping that it works.

That’s not everybody do. You really have to go the extra mile, make your store look high end, make your store look really high quality, high value. You’re not just solving some trash, you’re selling very high quality, very good products that people can feel that quality of them. You can see this one, it’s all you can get it as well. Um, all on one day with charge all your devices while alluminating the perfect amount of light. Really when advertising your products. Think of it as if you’re really so proud of your products, you’re proud of them and you’re going to show that in the ad copy, in your ads and all of your marketing. That is the key to absolutely crushing it just like this store is doing. This store is absolutely smashing it out of the park with every single product they’re killing it. Multiple six figures are probably going to get to a million a month very quickly.

Home decor is an insanely profitable niche and niche that if you don’t really know where to go, it is a niche that can also take you to the high ticket level so you can start small and then go high ticket. That’s about it for the store. If you want the exact list of 10 winning products to sell right now and you want to know the top end products to sell in your Shopify store and specifically drop shipping, check out the video right there. Check out that video. Schedule a call with me in the or me and my team in the first link in the description. First thing in the description, click that link. Click that like button. If you liked this video, subscribe that notification bell and I’ll see you on the next one.

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