6 Figure Winning Products in Minutes! NEW Product Research Tool for Shopify Dropshipping Products

Hey, it’s Rafael Cintron here in this video, I’m going to show you a new product research tool that I’ve been using for a couple of days to find some really good winning products to sell on a Shopify store. I definitely want to share with you all the features of the tool. It is very cheap and very inexpensive, even for a beginner. Let’s go now, before we start, if you’re interested in scaling your existing Shopify business or starting a new Shopify business with the right information, make sure to join our five day live training, starting up in a couple of weeks from now, you can join with the first link down in the description. We will teach you absolutely everything that you need to get your Shopify store up and running profitable. And if you already have a Shopify store, how to scale it up with the right strategy, the products, everything you need down the first link into the script, all for free.

Now to show you the tool it is called dropispy spy. And what it basically is, it is a Facebook ads, a search tool, similar to drop points, which I’ve talked about here on the channel drop point is $5 per month. This one is $15 per month. I’ve been using it. The actual owner of the tool reached out to me a couple of months ago and he said, Hey, I got this new tool. Please check it out. I didn’t really take it seriously. I just thought it was a new product research tool didn’t really care. Then I started actually using it, checking it out. A few people were talking about it and I thought, okay, let me actually give it a try. So how it works is you’ve got to dropispy . comand you basically have a lot of different Facebook ads, Facebook ads, Facebook ads, Facebook ads.

Now, what you can do is if you’re selling products on a Shopify store, if you’re selling products drop shipping, well, you can do is go to the filters section here and say either drop shipping last seen winning products or higher engagement. So you can do drop shipping if you want drop shipping specifically, or that their algorithm recognizes as a drop shipping product. While you can also do is do last seen winning products, which will pull up a lot of different products here. And for example, you have this product. What I would recommend you do is you go to the other filter section here, and you have a lot of different things that you can choose from the tool to actually give you a way to search for the products and search for the ads. So here in the text search section, you can pick whether you’re looking for a particular keyword, let’s say you’re looking for baby products, doc products, whatever it is it’s going to show you ads, particularly for that keyword like baby or dog.

Then you can also look at post creation dates. If you want add somewhere creative, let’s say from July to September, but you don’t want to add to before that or after that, you can also pick that the media type is image, video, album, carousel, or multi. If you’re looking at carousel ads, maybe you’re doing a retargeting campaign. That could be pretty helpful. I would choose just video here. If you’re trying to find a winning product or just trying to find good ads, you can also do page names, whatever the name of the page of the person that is advertising first seen date lasting date. Wouldn’t recommend picking those just because it’s based on their own algorithm. The algorithm actually picks, you know, when the ad is seen and of these tools, aren’t that accurate that they can know exactly when an ad was launched or where an ad was seen.

So I wouldn’t recommend doing that. United States would be for the country, or you can pick whatever country you want. If you’re looking for French ads in the French market, definitely you can pick that language. I would just choose English sex. You can look at male or female. So if you’re looking to target, let’s say women, then I would put female here. Or if you’re looking to target men only, then you would put male age. Doesn’t really matter. You can put a particular age trench. If you’re looking to target, let’s say grandparents or somebody more older, you can put that domain. That is way too specific. Wouldn’t recommend picking that. And then since we clicked on the winning products, the latest winning products at the econ platform automatically pulls up Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. In this case, I would take out Magento and WooCommerce just because we’re looking for Shopify source that we can model and look like and try to find the products that they’re advertising the shop, the CTA button, which is the call to action on their ads.

We can look at shop now, buy now, get offer, learn more. I would actually take out, learn more and get offer, just shop now, buy now. And then the reactions you can pick how many you want. So if you want at least 1000 lights or at least 200 likes, whatever it is. So let’s search for that. And let’s try to find a really good product here. And we have a lot of different ads that fit into that filter. What I would do is try to look at the ones that have a lot of reactions here on the bottom. So for example, here we have from April 11, post creation last on scene, September 21, that’s a pretty good one, 11,000 lights here. Let’s check it out in the detail section. And here we have rated as the most accurate ruler in 2020, you can click shop now and go to the actual store here.

And then you have DIY circle pro Lu ruler. I’ve actually seen this product running for a little bit, and this is the product page. Product page looks actually really good for this store. Yeah, pretty well written product page. Before I move on, I quickly went congratulate Calum from the UK for winning our Ciro to $315,000 case study that I did with my student. He absolutely crushed and made $300,000 on his store. We show you the ads, the strategy and everything that it takes to get him to that point. If you want to win that case study, just like Callum, make sure to comment down below the country or the city where you’re watching us from subscribe to that notification about, and that’ll like button and I’ll pick a winner from this video. So what we got also look at is the actual ad, how they write the ad, copy how they do everything.

And then what I would do, like I always do with other tools. I don’t just go and trust it a hundred percent and think, Hey, this product, because it’s from the spy tool, it’s amazing. I’m going to go and sell it. What I do is I cross check always these products with Ali express, or let’s say Amazon, another seller and marketplace. You can see how much volume, how many sales something is getting. So let’s say this is DIY or actually no it’s called accurate ruler. Let’s say, or world’s most accurate ruler. Let’s see if we’re going to find the actual name, the most accurate ruler in the world. You can see the other Facebook ads that this particular store has. So they’re running a lot of different Facebook ads for this September 21 actually today is September 21. So September 21, June 12th. So this is the ad that they’re running right now.

It’s been running for about four months. So from April to September, actually five months. So that gives you an indication that this product could be doing extremely well. So what I do is I then take that and then I go to Ali express and then I do let’s say accurate ruler or most accurate ruler. And then I try to find the product. You can do orders and sort by the one that has the most orders and then try to find a pretty similar product to it. It doesn’t really look like that. See what it looks like,

This looks similar 74 sold, ah, let’s see most accurate ruler. Let’s see if we can pull that up sort of by orders. No, it didn’t search anything. So let’s try just ruler and then sort of by orders. And now we have some rulers that have 1,700 sold. They have 1000, 200, this one looks pretty similar. This one looks like it could be it, but we don’t find any that look actually like this one, it looks like it’s a rectangle. If it’s not showing up an alley express like this, this is the method that I always go to. I look at a product research tool. Then I see if it’s actually selling on Ali express or something like that. It doesn’t look like it is. So what I can also do is I can take the image of the actual product. So let’s say I’m just going to go with the traditional one, right.

Angle or right angle ruler. That could be good. Let’s see if we can find that way. Right? Angle ruler sort by orders again. Okay. 400, 400. Okay. So pretty much not the highest selling product ever could be a good one to sell. If we find the actual exact one, what I can also do is I can go to another website called tin. It’s a reverse image search on the internet. So if you can’t find the product on AliExpress, you can always just screenshot the product that you have or the actual picture that you have here and then save it to your desktop here. And then you can go to 10. I upload that image and see if tin, I find set image anywhere else on the internet, on Alibaba, on Ali express, whatever. So let’s see if they actually find this one and you can go in and do this process.

I don’t want to bore you here, but you can do this process with every single image, every single product that you find, it pulls up zero results. So I don’t really think this product could be a good one. Even though it has a lot of clicks. It has a lot of, uh, a lot of likes, a lot of engagement here, maybe not a good one, start selling on our Shopify store so we can keep looking. You can also see the countries, the age, the sex, which is they’re targeting just mail here, and age seems to be 50 to 60. So that’s pretty interesting. So let’s go back to ads and then the filter is already populated for you. So we can go and find another product. Let’s see here. We have these little beds seeing a September 21 race card. This particular body is pretty saturated. Now, literally pillow. Don’t let lower back pains. This one doesn’t have that many sales or clicks, vacuum food sealer. This one was a good one last seen yesterday. Let’s click on that. Living Facebook, GA flower, backroom food sealer, interesting product. Okay. Let’s try to type this particular product on Ali express. See if we can find it.
Oh, vacuum food sealer. So by orders,

Even though the exact product is not showing up the actual bag that you put in a block set, you’d do out some ideas of some products that you can sell. Other vacuum food sealers started doing well. They’re running on Facebook ads and a similar product to them is running on this tool. Let’s keep looking for products, try to find a winner here. This particular one is doing extremely well. I’ve also seen this product. I’m not really sure what this is. You can play the ads before you actually check them. Okay? So it’s basically just a knife. I wouldn’t recommend selling. Chef’s nice. Like this can get banned on Facebook. Let’s look at this one. Cause I know this one is a winner. It’s called a plant growing ball last seen yesterday, 52,000 lights. It’s pretty crazy. It’s basically a ball that you put on your garden.

It can help you grow your plants better. So let’s look at details and then this root growing box is a game changer. Now you can clone more mature plants faster. Let’s look at that, leaving Facebook. And now we’re going to do again the same thing on alley express, plant root growing ball, or plant growing ball. Let’s check that plant growing plant, growing ball, sort of by orders. And now we found a good one. That’s selling 2,700, 2,600. This particular product. One of my students is doing extremely well with it done over $10,000 with this particular product. So we finally found one that could do extremely well. We found the exact ad that is running and also the store that is running. So another thing that I want to show you instead of drop is by you can go to shops right here and then put the particular domain of the store that you want to check.

So for example, the filter, you can go to domain here and put gardenia.earth. So this is the product that we found gardena.earth then would go to filters, domain, click on that and then search. And now it’s found the particular domain. We’re going to click on it. And now it’s actually going to show you all of the Facebook ads that this particular store is running actually like this feature and why it’s very different from other product research. So it’s mainly for this feature and that it can show you all of the ads that are running for it. So this one is the only particular ad that is running for this product. The only Shopify product that is pulling up. But if you were to look at another product or another store, Sati like inspire uplift, for example, and we put that here we go to shops, filter, and then put the domain here, search, and then it will show us the Alexa rank.

Alexa rank is basically how it ranks against other websites on the internet. I don’t really care that much about that. You can also look at the engagement section, which can show you the bounce rate of the store. If your bounce rate is around 80%, 90%, pretty much everybody is leaving out of the store. Once they hit the page, that’s obviously a problem. So you want to see how your competitors are doing in terms of bounce rate or how they are doing on their stores. You can also see the pages that are most visited. So for example, this page seems to be very, very visited and you can go straight to it. So these modular touch lights are selling pretty well. I know they’re running YouTube ads to this one, so that’s why it’s showing up as one of the top ones. You can see the website preview here, and then you can see the particular Facebook ad. So they’re running a ton. There’s 31 options here to check all of the Facebook ads that they’re running or that they have run before. That’s it for this review of a new product research tool called drop aspire. Let me know down in the comments. If you’re going to try it, if you don’t, if you have a better tool, if you don’t want to bother using any of these tools or going through any product research methods and you want just the products that you should sell for your store,
I made a list of the top 40 40 products

To sell on your Shopify store. All you got to do to access that as click the video, that’s going to pop up right here, top 40 products to sell on your Shopify drop shipping store. Make sure to click on that. Subscribe, hit that notification bell and I like button and I will see you on the next video


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Facebook Ads Dynamic Creative The Ultimate Hack To Improve Your FB Ads Performance

In this video I’m going to teach you about dynamic creative Facebook ads. The new method that Facebook rolled out this year, barely anybody’s talking about it. There’s no real training on it. I’m going to teach you exactly how to test multiple ads without having to create multiple ads and how to get an edge over your competition or right now 2020 and beyond and the ultimate hack to win at Facebook ads. Let’s find out.

Hey, what is up? In this video I’m going to teach you about dynamic creative Facebook ads, which is something that I’ve gotten a lot of questions of in my channel and I’m teaching my mentoring students how to do properly. I thought it’s also worth to share it. You’re on YouTube and have you test against your current Facebook ads so you can get that extra edge and that hack to your Facebook ads right now in your drop shipping store or in any business that you have now. Before we move on. I’m happy to say that the e-comm secret mentoring program directly with me, you get mentoring to take your business to the next level is open, but you have to apply by scheduling a free call in the first link in the description right there. You can schedule a fully free no cuss call with me or my team and start mentoring directly with me and lasting.

I’m opening up the one on one call giveaway, so if you want to win a one hour call directly with me for a whole hour looking at your business, analyzing every single part of your business to improve it. Take it to the next level. Make sure to comment secrets, comments, secrets down below, subscribe, hit that notification about, I’ll be checking if you’re subscribed. I’ll pick one person from this video to have a one on one call directly with me to analyze your whole business. Take it to the next level. All right, now I’m going to show you dynamic, creative, and this is dynamic creative demo right here. I’m going to show you how to actually create dynamic creative ads, that I’m a creative campaigns and how to analyze them and how to actually get that extra edge over everybody else. So when it comes to creating a campaign, you’re just going to go through the whole process again.

So you just create a whole new campaign here. I have a demo of it and you’re going to click either conversions or engagement. Wherever you’re going for, I suggest it’s conversions. So let’s say you do conversions and we’re going to put dynamic, creative YouTube, and I’m going to teach you how you set it up and how you do it all. So you click continue. You can either set it up as CBO, campaign budget optimization. If you don’t know what CBO is, check the link in the description. There’s a video on how to do that type of campaign. So let’s say we want to pick, um, let’s do view content. For example, just for illustration purposes. Here you will see right below where you choose your pixel. So let’s say this, the pixel, then you choose a pixel event. You will have dynamic creative, the option to turn it off on or leave it off here we’ll see provide assets such as images, headlines, and automatically generated optimized creative combinations of your assets.

So what essentially Facebook is going to do is you’re going to give it multiple videos, multiple ads, multiple headlines, descriptions, even called the action buttons. And they’re going to create variations or ads based on what you offer Facebook, maybe you say here’s three videos, test them as best as you can. Maybe Facebook is even going to choose the best video that’s gonna perform for you and they’re going to test those creatives for you in different ad variations. So lets click on right there and it’s gonna ask you to confirm that you want dynamic creative on and now you’re going to set everything else the same way. So the audience is set the same way. Let’s just leave it at that. Then we’re going to put here interested in cats. For example, just as an example, we’re just going to pick something general interested in cats.

Then in the bottom it’s just going to tell you absolutely everything, the same placements, cost caps, everything is going to be the same. When you go into the ad, this is where things change. So see the format here. Let’s pick a page. So let’s pick the new page that we’re testing on the demo. And now you’re going to see in the bottom it’s going to say primary text ad, other option, headline, ad, other option description at other option as well as in the top it’s going to say shoes up to 10 images or videos. So you can choose, let’s say you get five videos done for your particular product. Maybe you have a business where you have multiple different designs or variants of a particular product. You can get an image of each design and then put them all up in dynamic creative. So let’s say we want to put four different images in this case.

So we add image and are we going to pick all of these four images right here and they’re all going to be picked. And now those will be part of the dynamic creative app. So if we want to do four different ads, same hat light, same primary text, same description, same URL and same call to action, which you can also change. We want to do a variation for each image or each video, whatever you want to test. So you can do, for example, four images, two texts. So this is the primary text, the one that shows up on the top of your ad. And I’m just going to put a URL here so you know what I’m talking about and you can see the preview on the right side. So let’s put that there and you’ll see what I mean with different primary texts, different headlines.

The primary texts is the actual ad copy test that goes on the bottom. So let’s say I write here the best products ever and I’m going to take that out and it’s going to show up on the top. So that’s your top ad copy. Let’s wait a little bit until it shows up. Then the headline as well. So let’s say today, 50% off and see the best products ever shows up on the top today, 50% off shows up on the bottom. So you can test multiple ad copies, multiple headlines. So let’s create another option. Say the best products ever. Get yours here. So this is your first, uh, ad copy on the top, and then you put the link right there and then you create another one. Let’s say you want to test like five different ad copies. You don’t have to create a whole different ad for each ad copy.

You don’t have to go ahead and test five different ad sets, five different ads. You can just put five different ad copies right into the dynamic creative and even test at different dynamic creative for the image or video. And then a different creative for the actual ad copy. So let’s say here it’s, we’re selling out. Get yours here. Obviously think these through. Don’t write them off like this. Like actually think about the ad copy. Analyze your audience. If you want to learn how to create great ad copy, check out the video, how to create viral Facebook ads. So get yours here in the link and then you can add up to 10 right there. And then also in the headline section you can put today or sewing out for example, just as an example. And now all of those will be tested by Facebook. They’re going to pick different combinations off of those.

So maybe they’d pick image one with headline two and with primary texts or with primary texts to headline one and then even call the actions. You can change it so you can add another option. Learn more shop. Now if you have a different type of business, maybe you want to test out the different, um, call to actions right here on the bottom. The best way to do it though, this is a presentation for my mentoring program called technical optimization for Facebook ads. I make presentations like this every one or two weeks. And this one in particular is about dynamic creative and technical optimization. How to scale past 1,003 thousand per month, per day. Sorry, an ad spin and the best best practices for dynamic creative art. Two videos, two headlines, two ad copies, leave the call to action and the URL the same. So you’re testing two different videos, two different primary ad copies and then two different headlines on the bottom of your ad.

If dynamic creative is profitable over three or more days, let’s say that dynamic creative ad is giving you results is being profitable, then you can test the variations separately after. But I’m going to show you how to analyze exactly what variation is doing the best. So let’s say you put in four images, two primary texts, two T, two hotlines to call to action. What is working, what variation is doing best cause you have no idea. Facebook is just choosing random variations. Which one is actually working the best for you? And the Mo in the bottom here, I do want to emphasize if you want to make it change or you want to make the test to insisting that on a creative change, one thing, don’t start changing up two videos. The headline was changed. You got them all up because you won’t know what actually works unless you test.

Well, one thing, see the result, then test another thing. See the result. So how to analyze your results. Go to ad sets under ads. So let’s go back to the ads manager. Here. You’ll see dynamic creative demo. Go into the campaign. You have your campaigns, your ad sets, and your ads go into the campaign. Here you will have your ad set, go into breakdown on the right hand side, and then click by dynamic creative ad set. You’ll see that usually it shows up time delivery action. This where you can choose gender, country, every single thing. Action. You can choose the device, the type, the video view type, every single thing, and then you will see dynamic creative asset. Only if the campaign has spent and it’s dynamic creative campaign, it will show this. So maybe we want to see which image or which video is doing the best.

We just click on that. Now we see that we have four images that we added from before and they all have different reach, different frequency. They both got to result in this case is just a demo. It’s not actually a performing campaign, but let’s say you want to analyze which one is getting you purchases the least, which one is getting you purchases for the lowest cost, which one is performing the best, or which one is getting most of the spends. So in this case, we have four images here. These ones have all the same frequency and this one on the top is actually getting most of the reach. That could be that Facebook is analyzing that particular image or that video as the best performing video. You can also see the actual costs. So this one, the cost is pretty high and this one the causes lower.

So you want to analyze, okay, maybe this image or this video or this headline variation is the best for me. You can also check by check by text. So here you have two of the texts that we put. This one is getting all the results. There’s one hasn’t gotten any results and this one actually has spent a lot less. So if you see that one variation spent a lot less than the other one, you can test that one alone by itself. Then headline as well. This headline is getting all the results and then also call the actions descriptions. Every single thing about dynamic creative, you can just click on there, see the performance, see every single thing about it. And if you click on columns and then go ahead and do, for example, you’re running video, you want to see which headline is getting you more video views or which video is getting you more video views.

So let’s say you’re running three videos, you want to see exactly which one people are watching the most, which one is performing better for you? So back to the presentation, it’s going to show performance per variation exactly like that. Just like it’s showing performance between two ads under the same ad set. So it’s going to show it across all the variations that you have. It’s going to show you that performance and then leave at least three to four days, or at least 15 to $25 per variation to choose a winner. So let’s say you’re testing, like I said, two different videos, two different headlines, two different ad copies. Then you have all of those variations and one of them is overperforming everything else. Let it spend a least 15 to 25 or three to four days or more so that you can choose, okay, this is the best one.

This is the one that I’m going to choose and alone by itself. So then you want to take your top headline, your top text, your top image or video and test it all alone by itself in just a regular app. And then you can see right here you should find it. If you’re running at dynamic creative expense, then you should find that. If you don’t leave it down in the comments, I’m pretty sure you will find it. So that’s pretty much how you analyze your dynamic creative. This is an extra hack over everybody else. Nobody’s teaching this and this is absolutely going to crush everybody else and it’s going to push your results up as the ultimate hack. You don’t have to create a bunch of different ads of bunch of different videos. This is all right there in one single ad. You can analyze the performance and also Facebook is favoring dynamic creative moving forward.

It was just introduced a couple of weeks or a couple of months ago. Now they’re really pushing for it and everybody that uses it is going to have more performance than people that are just using regular ads. Do want to invite you to schedule a call with the first link in the description completely for free, no cost call, and if you schedule a call and you show up for the call, you get a private module from my mentoring program that I created only for my mentoree students. It will absolutely blow your mind on how to scale your business, your eCommerce store to the next level. You’ll get that completely for free. If you schedule a call right now and you show up for the call, make sure it’s scheduled right now. You don’t lose anything and let’s start crushing it. So that’s Facebook ads, dynamic creative, tests it out for yourself. Let me know how you go down in the comments.

If you want to learn how to create viral Facebook ads, how to create viral ad copy, viral videos, how to actually turn a dollar into three to $4 or more in profit. Check out the video right there. How to create viral Facebook ads. You’re going to see it right here. You can take the lessons from this video and then apply them into dynamic, creative and just absolutely blow up your results. Check the video right there. Subscribe to that notification bell. Schedule a call with me or my team down in the first link in the description. I’ll see you on the next one.

2 DAY SHIPPING for SHOPIFY How to Use Shipbob Fulfillment Service 3PL Warehouse for Shopify Store – Rafael Cintron

By Rafael Cintron:

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can get two day shipping for your products in e-commerce for your Shopify store and the exact process that you need to follow and the different options that you have, depending on your skill. Maybe you’re an intermediate, maybe you’re just beginning, or maybe you’re already advanced making five figures, six figures, how you can take advantage of this strategy to really ship app solutely faster than anybody else and build a brand that consumers love. Let’s go. Now, before we start, if you want to learn all the strategies that you need to take your Shopify store to the next level or start your Shopify store in 2020 and 2021 and beyond, we are holding a five day live Shopify training coming up in a couple of days for now. All you gotta do to take part in that it’s all for free, completely for free.

I’m going to be teaching you everything about ads, products, store, everything that your store needs to look like and have in order to get the results that my students are getting that are popping up here on the screen. All you gotta do is click that first link down in the description and sign up for free for the five day Shopify training. All right, the strategy I’m about to show you involves a three P L company, which basically is a warehousing company and shipping company sort of an intermediary from the person, and that makes your products to the actual customer. So you send it from your manufacturer to a factory that a factory then packages it, picks it up and sent it over to your customer in about two to three days, sometimes 24 hour shipping. So the best three PL companies are the best companies are shipped products out to customers in two days or so are first of all, shipped Bob.

I’ve talked about them for a few times and a lot of my students have used them very profitably. What you can do is when you start scaling up, or maybe even in the beginning, you can order, let’s say a thousand units, 2000 units, 5,000 units, 10,000 units of your product, depending on how big your store already is and how much capital you have to invest in your business, you can go and send it to one of their warehouses, which they have multiple warehouses all over them, the world, actually. So for example, in the U S it’s the biggest market. So you’ll have the most warehouses. You have six or seven all around the U S you have in Florida, you have in the East, in the West coast, just in case you’re shipping a lot of products over there. You also have in the East coast, you also have in Canada.

So if you’re shipping products in Canada and Canada’s a big market for you, you can definitely take advantage of the Ottawa one. And if you’re shipping products in Europe, you also have the Ireland one. So if you want a warehouse somewhere in the middle of your customer base, unfortunately if you have an Australian customer base, then you’re going to have to get at 3:00 PM in Australia. If you want to do that really profitably over in Australia, or you can just keep drop shipping normally to your customers in Australia and focus on your customers in the U S Canada and the end Europe section, or the Europe region through the three PL company ship up. Now, what they do is they basically ship your products in about two to three days directly from their warehouse. So you send them the products directly to their warehouse. They store them there, and then they go in this ship them to your customers.

As you can see, on many, many, many of these instances, people will look for the faster shipping option, the easiest shipping option, the thing that’s going to get them the product, the fastest to their door. And for example, ship Bob works with Google in this case to put free two day shipping on all their Google ads. So if you’re running Google ads and you’re wanting to really get an advantage over everybody else and advantage over all these big brands out there that are competing for the same keywords, then you can put that free two day shipping on the top of your listing, and absolutely get that extra click through rate from people that want a faster shipping time. This also applies to your product page. You can just put free two day shipping or fast two day shipping on your product page. It’ll really increase conversions and help you get that extra boost of sales that you need.

Now, let’s say you don’t want to use ship bop, and maybe you’ve tried them before. They weren’t really that good, or you just want other options. There’s also red stack fulfillment. Those companies that I’m about to show you are either companies that I personally use, or I know somebody personally, or a friend that I’ve known for a long while. I know how much money they’re making. And I know that they’ve used one of these companies profitably and they have good things to say about them. So red stack I’ve also talked about them as well. They were named the best fulfillment service of 2020 by fit small business.com. So that tells you something, they have a less warehouses than ship up. They are more focused on the U S market, but if you want a different option, not just ship up and another company that also has less clients and less bigger clients and ship.

Shipbob is more of a multi nine figure funded company. Red stag is more of helping smaller businesses and people like you and me that are not selling nine figures, 10 figures of products, they’re selling six figures, seven figures, maybe of products. And you can use breath cycle from on to help you with that. They basically do the exact same thing. Order fulfillment, eCommerce fulfillment, three PL service, which basically means they are a third party right there on the warehouse. You send them the product, they send them over to your customers. You can also custom package, custom discount code, custom, anything that you want on your products. And like I says, right here, they have two warehouses. So it reaches 97% of Americans within one to two days and 99% of Americans, depending on the region. So 97% of people that order from your store in the U S are going to get that product within one to two days.

Imagine the advantage that that’s going to give you over. Other people that are shipping in two weeks, three weeks, four weeks. So if you are a person that is already an intermediate already getting sales on your Shopify store, you’re already making money. The best thing you can possibly do now to scale up your brand and really get an advantage is to get a through peel company and then get those products extremely fast over to your customers. The next company that you can use, we have ship bop. We have red stag. There is also Shipwire Shipwire is they have a global network of different partners and different people that are shipping all over the world. I haven’t personally, you ship wire. I know it through a friend that told me it’s pretty good. It’s also like Shipbob that has a lot of funding and a lot of different sources and different resources around the world.

So you can definitely use them as well. The exact same thing. They ship your products, they take your products, and we’re going to click here, explore the platform, powerful fulfillment technology. And you can see they have a video here. So for example, they have all the countries that you have on the backend. They also have just the same backend as ship Bob would have with the returns and receiving all the tracking information is obviously there on the backend. So if you want to try out ship up, that will be the first one that I recommend, then bread stack. And then if you want to try sort of a third one for just to try it out, just to see how it works against ship up and red stack, then ship wire. Would it be the next one? And then the last one is fright pros.

Freight pros is more of just national in the U S so selling products, just in the U S or if you’re wanting to sell products in one to two days or ship them in one to two days, then you can definitely use a fright post. They focus on the U S market exclusively. So if you are shipping, let’s say to Canada or to the UK or to Europe, then you might not want to use them. You might want, you might want to use a ship Bob or red stack. So fried press also really good one. They’re really good on Trustpilot and they are the best freight broker on fit, small business.com. And what they do is they just fright just basically means shipping or taking a product somewhere to somewhere. So you basically do the exact same thing, send them a bulk order. These stored there, then they go and they send it to your customers extremely quickly.

The process is also pretty seamless on the backend. You can connect it, especially the ship, Bob and red stack. You can connect it to your Shopify store and then all your order information goes straight to ship up, for example. So when somebody puts in their order or their order address on your Shopify store, you don’t then have to copy, paste it back into Shabaab, and then do it again, like many trivial companies outside of these four that you need to copy paste it, send them a CSV file in a Google sheet and so on. So this is straight from the Shopify store. The address that the customer puts onto the ship bop backend. So you can then send it over before I move on. I just want to congratulate for winning our Siro to $300,000 case study that I did with my student. Johnny, we show you the ads, the whole strategy that it took to get them from zero to 300 grand on a Shopify store.

If you want to win the case study for this video, all you gotta do is comment down below the city or country where you’re watching me from subscribe, hit that notification bell and smash that like button down below and make sure to join us for the five day live training. I’ll pick a winner from this week now that you know what the top three PL companies have you actually order from your supplier from your let’s say Ali express or Alibaba or whatever company you’re using. What I recommend is you use one of the trusted suppliers that I talk about here does not have to be this one. I’m not paying by them. I’m just telling you from my experience and from customers’ experience that worked with me from clients that work with me, and we help scale up your Shopify stores, which ones help them the most.

So the first one is source inbox. I’ve talked about them a lot, the offer extremely fast, a drop shipping or shipping straight from them onto your customers in about seven days 10 sometimes. So if you want to get that extra edge and actually send it through a three PL company like ship up, what you would do is go here on the source inbox page. They have two options. You can either be a drop shipper or a wholesaler. So a drop shipper is somebody that sends straight from source inbox over to the customers. And a wholesaler is somebody that sends a big, big order from source inbox to a three PL company. So basically they work with two kinds of people. Now let’s say that you want to sell this particular product, this windscreen, snow protector in winter, it is going to sell a lot. It has sold for me in the past.

So let’s say I want it to sell a thousand orders or even 500 orders or a small ball order of a hundred products. And I want to then go and send it to ship up. So ship up and then send it to my customers and one or two days. So what I do is I take this product here, I’m in the dropshipper section right now, and then I’m going to go onto the wholesaler section. And now I’m here on the wholesaler section. You’re going to have the wholesale marketplace. So the managed products, the wholesale orders, my wallet settings, and so on. You’re just going to have a bunch of random products that aren’t really selling. So let’s say we’re going to sell this particular one that we just talked about. What you’re going to do is you’re going to make sure that the URL on the top, you can either ask your agent at source inbox to do this for you and make it kind of step by step, and then put a lot of things in the middle.

Or you can just go to the street link. So how do you go to that link is you just go to app that source and box.com/wholesaler/product details slash wholesaler slash product details, and then the ID of the product. So when we were in the drop shipper section here of the product page, this is the product page on the drop shipping section. I can go and order it, or the one by one or two by two or five by five. If I want to go and make a wholesale order, then I make sure to have the ID of the product, which in this case is one, one nine, two, three, blah, blah, blah. I go and take that. And then I make sure that the new URL that I’m using is app that source inbox slash wholesaler slash product details, and then the ID. And this is how you do a bulk order, or this is how you do the bulk link.

So then in order to make the order, what I would do here is for example, let’s say we’re ordering a thousand units of this product. And in this case it’s doing a C chipping. So I don’t want to do sea shipping. And let’s see if we can do a 400 orders, the best thing to do, or actually this product doesn’t owe shipping method, DHL, the cost will be too high. Let me see 100 for everything, different product. It depends. Okay. So for 100, it is going to ship it, you know, in a reasonable timeframe with one of the, uh, one of the services that we actually recommend. So for example, see any preferential is pretty good. See any express, echo, anything CNE tends to be really good for my students. So in this case, I’m just going to choose C any express echo. What you can do with your agent on source inbox is ask them exactly how many orders you need.

So in this case, let’s say I need a thousand and I need them all shipped with CNE. They can then go and should them to your two or three BL with CNE. So they don’t have to be like all two different addresses. They have to be to the three PL address with any, in this case, I’m just going to click at the cart here, success. Then I go onto my cart and here I have another product that I put there, but let’s say, I just want to do this one at this particular product, a hundred units that I want to do. I click on that. Then I go submit. And now you put the address of the three PL so when you go in order, let’s say a hundred units or a thousand units from source and bucks, you’re going to order them through chip up or to red cycle filament or to fright prose or wherever it is that you’re ordering this.

And then sourcing bucks is going to sell it as a wholesale unit or as a wholesale order to your three PL and then from 3:00 PM, you’re going to send it over to your customers. You do have to tell the company, like, for example, let’s say you’re sending a thousand orders to ship up. You do have to tell the ship up that you’re sending this. You can’t just randomly send it to their warehouse. So when you set up a ship off account and you go through the process, they’ll appoint you an agent or a manager of your account. You can then tell him, Hey, I’m sending a thousand orders from China over to your three PL in California in the next seven to 10 days. And here’s the tracking number. Here’s all the information. And then you can then send it to your ship up address, and then from ship up, send it over to your customers.

If you don’t want to use source inbox or one of these agents, or one of these fulfillment companies, the process is pretty much the same, ordering a wholesale order doing this process. So that’s why I wanted to show you through a source of max. You can also do it through Alibaba. So let’s say I want to sell this a windshield cover for snow on Alibaba. I can then go and find the product. And it’s pretty much this one it’s on Alibaba. It’s basically like Ali express it. If you’ve never heard of this company, which I’m pretty sure you have. Um, it’s basically like Ali express, but for bulk orders. So for many, many products, so let’s say I want to sell 10,000 of this or 1000 of this, just a as a, as an example, I can then go and say three to six per piece, 50 pieces per order.

And here it says, if it’s 500 to 3000, then you can get an estimated 20 day shipping time, which seems pretty good. I would be careful with C shipping. If they’re sending it by sea, it can take longer than advertised. So they might tell you that it’s going to take 20 days, but actually it takes 34 days or 36 days. So be careful with sea shipping. Remember, you’re sending it from China over with you through BL. So this is not to your customers. This is to the warehouse. And then from that warehouse, let’s say ship up, you’re sending it in one to two days to your customers. And that way you can then go and say, Hey, I want to just contact the supplier. And I want to order straight up some suppliers let you just order from their page. And then you can order a thousand or 2000 units.

Some suppliers you will need to chat with them so you can click the chat. Now button, you can talk to them. What I would always recommend to do is if they tell you, send me a wire transfer, just pay me through this random payment method that you’ve never heard before. I do not recommend that. I recommend two ways of paying you, either pay with Alibaba assured or Alibaba protection, or you pay by PayPal as a product you’re paying for a product or service. So this is for protecting yourself. It doesn’t matter how good the supplier is on Alibaba. If they’ve been doing it for years, they might still scam you or try to rip you off. So you always want to make sure that you’re protected and your payment is protected. So make sure that you’re paying with protection on Alibaba or on PayPal, what you want to do to make sure you choose a proper supplier or a good supplier on Alibaba is for example, you would look at here, you can look at the supplier types, trade assurance.

So this is what I meant with the actual protection of your product. So you can click trade assurance right there. It’s going to show you only with trade assurance. Then you can see how long they’ve been in business. So this one in particular has been in one year of operation. This one has been one year as well. This one, one year, one year, one year, they’ve all been one year could be the same, no different suppliers. One year in trade, three years. So this is one is actually better. I prefer suppliers that have been doing this for a longer timeframe. Some of them have been like five years, six years and so on. You can also see the transaction amount. So $40,000 in 26 strand sections. That is awesome. I also want to look at the response rate. If it’s a good response rate, let’s say, uh, you can also sort by response rate, if you’re interested in getting a better response rate or a faster response rate, but in this case, the legisla look for, again, that one that was three years here, 85% response rate.

That’s pretty good. They get a lot of messages from beginners and people that are actually going to buy from them. So an 85% response rate is pretty good. We receive a response within 24 hours, five stars, seven people told them that it was fast service or one of them told them. So they have five stars. Let’s go click on that. We can go check the reviews of them. They have seven reviews, very satisfied, five stars, five stars, September, July, June, may, March. These are pitting you very pleased with the presentation of my custom design. Okay? So that’s good. So what you want to do is do very, very good and deep due diligence on every single supplier that you will use on Alibaba. There’s many different people. There’s a lot of people that are out there to rip you off. There’s a lot of people that are out there to scam you.

And if you are not protected with PayPal or trade assurance, you at least want to make sure that your supplier is amazing. So take one that has been in the business for longer than one year, three years, five years, the longer, the better, and also go and check the reviews, check the response rate, actually messaged them directly to see the rate and how long it’s going to take to ship. You. You can even ask for tracking numbers for, uh, for checking. If the orders that they send before actually arrived in the timeframe that they wanted to, or that they promise. And also you can check these little. So you want to make sure that every supplier that you use has the gold, a sticker here has the trade assurance. And then you also have what they call the SOP index, which doesn’t really make sense on a general level, but it’s more of an Alibaba standard for all the suppliers that they have.

So if you click on here, says supplier online performance index SOP, I, and basically what it means is for every supplier, you can go and check, or here you can check the level that they are in side of the Alibaba sent in the Alibaba market marketplace of all the different suppliers that they are. So they ranked them by presentation, quality, product, popularity, transaction volume, and service quality. The more little diamonds they have, the better it is. And if they have a gray diamond or no diamonds at all, that means they’re a level zero. So they might not have been that long time in the platform. Maybe not many transactions, maybe they’re not that good. So you’ll see a lot of different suppliers that have this. So for example, they have one, one, one, zero, or gray one, one, and you’ll find many, depending on the product, you’ll find some that have the five, you’ll find some that have three and four.

So you also want to take that into consideration again, not to get scammed or schemed. Now you get a really, really good supplier, highly recommend you do a lot of research on this. Awesome. That is how you can get one to two day shipping by ordering from let’s say, source inbox as a wholesaler, or from Alibaba directly, making sure that you do your due diligence. Then you go and send it to a three PL like ship bop, and then you go and send it to your customers. If you want to know what products to sell so you can get great results, five figure results, six figure results. So you can get to this point and start ordering and wholesale and really get the best results for your business. You can check the seven winning products that I shared here in the past couple of days, the top seven products sell in October, November, and all through Q4, 2020, go and check them out and make sure to join the five day training down in the first thing in the description, subscribe hit that notification bell. I liked the video for more videos, just like this. I will see you on the next one

Top 3 Winning Products for May – Shopify Dropshipping / Rafael Cintron Review

Alibaba Supplier Message for Bulk Orders

Greetings <name of supplier>,

I’m a Shopify store owner currently selling about 20-30 orders per day of the Portable Handheld Mini Nebulizer and I would like to order a bulk order to process via a fulfillment center called Shipbob.

How long would the shipping take currently for 100 orders and do you have stock available to send now?

Also, are you willing to negotiate on price? I’m expecting 50-70 orders a day soon and would like to keep doing business with you if the first batch works well.

Thank you and let me know !

Best regards,

<Your Name>

Facebook Ads Copy Template – Rafael Cintron

Example Product: Magic Broom X

Highlight dream/fix problem: Say goodbye to dirty inefficient brooms for GOOD!

Bigger vision than the product: Our exclusive MagicBroomX is changing how homeowners take care of spillovers and pet hair!

Social proof: See how 1,000s of busy moms and pops are cutting their cleaning time in HALF > LINK 

Example Product: Fireworks Diffuser

Highlight dream/fix problem: Relaxation time is just one button away 💆‍♂️

Bigger vision than the product: The Fireworks Diffuser is taking the aromatherapy industry by storm! 

Social proof: See how 1,000s of stressed professionals are finally relaxing here > LINK 

Ad Copies for Subscribers – Rafael Cintron Ecommerce

Magic Broom X

Highlight dream/fix problem: Say goodbye to dirty inefficient brooms for GOOD!

Bigger vision than the product: Our exclusive MagicBroomX is changing how homeowners take care of spillovers and pet hair!

Social proof: See how 1,000s of busy moms and pops are cutting their cleaning time in HALF > LINK 

Fireworks Diffuser

Highlight dream/fix problem: Relaxation time is just one button away 💆‍♂️

Bigger vision than the product: The Fireworks Diffuser is taking the aromatherapy industry by storm! 
Social proof: See how 1,000s of stressed professionals are finally relaxing here > LINK 

Watch the full video here:

Orders Pending Template – Coronavirus and Dropshipping

Dear valued customer, 

This is <Your Name> from <Your Store>. 

Due to the current amount of orders and volume we are getting in the past 2 weeks, we will be experiencing slight delays on our product shipments. 

We are committed to working with our logistics department to provide you the fastest possible service and ship your order in the next 7-8 days. 

We will keep you updated at all times on the status of your order and any further delays through this email. 

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your business. 

With love, 

<Your Store>

CORONAVIRUS AND DROPSHIPPING: How to Find US Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Shopify Store in 2020

The Chinese Corona virus keeps growing a lot more. People are getting infected and in multiple parts of the world, especially China who is currently in quarantine and workers are not allowed to go back to their factories, to the manufacturers until a couple more days after Chinese new year. So it is going to affect the whole e-commerce world. Shopify drop shipping, everybody getting products from China, selling them anywhere else. It is going to affect our business even slightly. So I want to keep you updated and also I want to show you how to find product suppliers in the United States and all over the world so that you’ve do not have to rely on China exclusively. I want you to build a better business with faster shipping, better products, and also have options if things like this happen in China and we deal with a lot of delays, you can also use the U S suppliers and a lot of options that you can use to find them and build a better Shopify store.

Let’s find out now before we start, I’m bringing back the Shopify storage giveaway, so make sure to comment down below. Automate, automate and teach people how to automate their Shopify business. Subscribe if that notification about, and I like one if you want to participate in getting a full free Shopify store built for you and optimize to get sales and I’m happy to announce the free one on one strategy calls with me and my team directly. Yes, I am taking calls myself. Evie are interested in working with a mentor and a guide to help you scale and automate your store to six figures and beyond. They should have stayed until the end of the video and click that second link in the description to schedule a strategy call with me or my team. All right, so first of all, the update on the [inaudible] virus. As you can see here, 6,000 people have been infected.

So the last time I made a video it was around a thousand something, 2000 and I was jumped up pretty high. Also, there’s been more and more people dying from this and a lot more countries, almost 20 countries at this point, a couple of Europe, Dubai, us and Canada, all over Asia and Australia. So a lot of people all over the world are spreading this virus, especially if people are coming from China. When it comes to concerns of getting the virus or spreading the virus through your products. Let’s say you sell product from China and the person gets the product and opens it, they are not going to get the virus. The red shirt research says they basically can only last in that package. The virus can only last in the package for a couple of hours, maximum two to three days. Even if the person that packaged that in China is infected so they cough, sneeze or whatever into the package, they send it over to United States.

It can only last two to three days and it won’t ship that fast. So don’t worry about giving your customers the virus. That’s not going to happen. But there are some concerns out there of customers that are worried that that would happen. I would suggest just inform, educate your customers that that isn’t the case and that viruses only live a couple of hours on the package. Now when it comes to the about delays about people getting back to work in China and about delaying the actual opening of the factories and so on. As you can see here, my private agents supplier, I’ve been working with him for more than a year in China is basically saying, Hey, just saw your bit about Corona virus. First of all, it cannot live on the package for more than a date. So you’re sure that even Chinese people are aware of that. And also the only problem that he sees is the migration.

Migration basically means when people come back from Chinese new year and from being with their families, they might get this virus and carry it through. So there are going to be a lot of checkpoints throughout that point throughout getting to the actual factories, getting back to work, a lot of check points, a lot of delays and just people having a hard trouble to get back to work. So there might be other slight delays coming, but it should be all normal around February 10 which is when factories reopen. So you shouldn’t have any issues going forward through there. But I’m still going to show you these suppliers that you should use for us in order to avoid this whole thing. Now for the first way to find us and international suppliers, it’s really easy. It’s going here to AliExpress and usually how we find Chinese suppliers through AliExpress, but we’re going to do it with us international supplier, so if you are in the United States, Canada or any country surrounding that area or close to North America, when you’ll look for a product, let’s say you’re selling a dog bed for example, you’re going to type in dark bed on AliExpress.

It will show you all of the products in that particular keyword, so obviously all of the different dog beds that are available, and then there’s going to be this option of chips from shipped from this country and you’re going to click on ship from and then it’s going to show you United States, Turkey and China. So you can pick exactly from what countries you want the product to come from. It doesn’t have to be China. It can be, for example, in this case United States, all you have to do is click on the United States and it’ll show you all the suppliers that are available to ship from the United States to the United States. So it’ll show you all the ALEKS for suppliers that have warehouses, have products available in the United States. You can then ship them to your customers in the U S and Canada and so on, and you can just click on it.

Obviously that will have less orders. Typically there will be a little bit more expensive just because it is a us base or U S warehouse and they have the products in the U S it’s going to cost a little bit more, but there are a lot of them here that have a lot of orders. For example, this one is selling mostly from China and coming from China. Now that there is this problem, you can just click on ships from the United States and it will ship to the U S and very, very quickly in around four to seven days right here. So to actually ship via U PS and the shipping is a little bit more expensive. The product cost is going to be a little bit more, but now that we have this virus problem, then just going to help shipping from the U S making sure customers are happy. You might spend a little bit more, you might have to hassle a little bit more, but it is worth it for the success of your Shopify store.

So basically do this with any product that you like. Just type in the actual product that you want. So let’s say you’re selling like a snoring clip or something like that. There is this little snoring polit for people to stop snoring. You can just click on ships from and then put United States and I will show you only warehouses or manufacturers or suppliers that have possibility of shipping from the U S it also shows Turkey here, which is pretty interesting. Also Turkey and if you’re in Europe, for example, right now, I mean Greece, so I can change my location using a VPN here and I can just reload it. If you’re anywhere in Europe or anywhere around the world, you can just type in again ships from reset and it will show you all of the countries that it’s available to ship from. So in this case, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Germany, Turkey, and obviously China.

So if you’re in Europe, it’s going to show all these countries all these different possibilities. So you can definitely do it. If you’re not in Europe and you want to use a European supplier, I have to do is get a VPN or a proxy and just change it to like you’re in Europe. And then if you want to ship from the U S or Canada, do the exact same thing, show that you’re in the U S or Canada and then pick us from the shifts from, and you can find a lot of products on AliExpress that ship from the United States to the United States very, very quickly. Now, the second way, a more reliable way of finding us suppliers and really professional us suppliers is by using sail who you can get an account. There is a $67 payment per year to join sail mu and when you basically we can do is get an account and on suppliers you can look for, for example, like I was typing in, let’s type in product and then do dog a bed here and do a search here, do a search for this product.

And then we do a search for a dog bed. Let’s say that’s what I’m selling here. They’re going to basically put all of the different products that show up when you put dog beds. So it’s just sewing a lot of different products. I’m not sure why this search, um, is pulling up dog shirts. So let’s just type in suppliers and do dog bed again or dog on the suppliers part. It’s a little bit hard to use, a little bit complicated, but you’ll find very, very high quality suppliers and it tells you from where they shipped. So here the Chinese flag China from here in the U S flag, the United States. And what you can do is go to the actual supplier page and it doesn’t work like AliExpress where you can just import the product and use Oberlo or you Prolo to just import it and sell it straight away.

You do have to contact the supplier directly and set up a drop ship base agreement between you to then set up the drop shipping connection and then you can start selling their product. So it’s very professional. You do have to go through a lot of steps. The very entry is very high, but if you’re serious about your business, if you don’t want to scale up your products with more quality, it’s better shipping. Just really us made products then it’s going to be a lot better for you. In the long term you’re going to crush everybody else just selling cheap stuff from China and although it’s harder to get into, it’s harder to get to be structuring agreements. It is a lot better for you long term, so if you want to get into it, it basically tells you what supplier type they are. So usually just look for drop shippers on the system, on sale, do look for manufacturers or suppliers here that are dropshippers and then contact them, contact.

And then I would recommend if you are in the U S called them, call them up and say, Hey I am John and I want to sell your products on my drop shipping website. I’m looking to form a drop shipping agreement. Am looking to build a relationship between us. They tell you, okay these are the products that I have available, these are the prices. And then you can set up the integration with them. This is way more professional. It takes a lot more time to get a rolling and like it says here typically replies within three business days so it save more time. There’s a lot better quality, a lot better products that you can ship to your customers. So if you want to do it that way. And also it tells you how many years have been in business sale, who actually checks all of the suppliers for you.

So they vet and they make sure I build legitimate. And also some of these suppliers require a tax ID or an LLC. So this would only apply for us entrepreneurs, Canadian intrepreneurs that are more serious and they want to scale up really high. Then you can use some of these suppliers. Some just start off by working with you directly without any LLC, without any tax ID. So they make it easier for you. But if you, let’s say are looking to scale up your products and really build more quality, build a much more quality store, you can go on here, suppliers. And then let’s say you’re selling yoga products, just search on yoga, look for the suppliers on here, call them, tell them you want to build a drop shipping, uh, agreement or relationship. And then you can start selling their products on your store. This one sells from Poland, so also European suppliers, us like this one through a yoga LLC.

And usually the products will be either stuck in the U S or even made in the U S so the quality will be a lot, lot higher. Go and start finding your us or international supplier. If you want to go more in depth and you actually mouth my direct help and my guidance to help you find the best suppliers and obviously scale and automate your Shopify store in 2020 and beyond. Make sure to schedule a strategy call with the second link in the description I do take calls myself so you can talk to me directly. We can see if you’re a good fit to work with us directly and it will obviously tell you the details about it. Only schedule a call if you are serious about your business and you want to actually invest in a mentor and get somebody to help you scale and automate your business as much as possible.

Make sure to comment, automate down below to participate in our free giveaway. And if you want to learn more about how to scale and automate your store, make sure to watch this video right here. What I show you how mana one of my students was able to grow from zero all the way up to 20,000 per month with her Shopify store. And my mentoring and my training. So make sure to check it out right there. Schedule a strategy session with the second link in the description, like the video if you liked it, and I will see you on the next one.

6 FIGURE FACEBOOK ADS Strategy for 2020: Facebook Ads Course for Shopify Stores

In this video, I’m going to show you my entire six figure Facebook ads, a launch strategy that has created amazing results for my students here, here, here, and here. Amazing, amazing sales and most importantly profit from my own students started from scratch. Even people who are already intermediate or advanced from getting really good results and success with what I’m about to teach you. By the end of this video, you will know exactly how to launch a product, get sales and scale a product with Facebook ads to more than $10,000 per month. Let’s go. Oh, and also quick note, I got married so I’m feeling happy and I’m offering a free, complete Shopify store. In this video, we’re going to do another Shopify store giveaway in the next two to three weeks, I’ll be giving away eight fully built optimized store to run on Facebook ads.

So this stuff works really, really well, not how to test products most effectively on Facebook. There’s a lot of different strategies out there. A lot of people saying you should test this way and this way and this type of campaign. The best that really works for us and works for my students is one Facebook ad campaign per product, one to two products at a time. So let’s say you want to start with one specific product that you found through your product research strategies or you found here on the channel, whatever that is, you test one campaign per product and then you do four to five audiences of that product by either choosing brands, magazines, or celebrities in the niche of the product. So let’s say you have a product in the pet niche, then you’re going to go with brands, magazines, or celebrities in that niche and putting four to five audiences in this case ad sets in one campaign and don’t spend more.

Just to note here, don’t spend more than 50 or 75 on a product without analyzing the results to make a decision based on those results. So the way you’re going to do that testing, not that we cleared up the basics, is a CBO campaign budget optimization campaign with a maximum six audiences. I said four to five but maximum six at 25 to $35 per date. What that essentially means is you’re going to go to your ads manager right here and you’re going to click create a campaign on the left hand side. Always choose conversions. Some different people say you should choose traffic engagement, reach conversions, but the really the campaign that drives the main amount of results is always going to be conversions. Traffic campaigns just give you people that click but never buy engagement. It drives some video views, some engagement to your, to your ads, some clicks, some maybe some sales, but the one that’s really going to drive it home and actually going to make a lot of profit for you is always going to be conversions.

We’re going to click that and then you can just give the campaign and name. So let’s do campaign one in this case or product number one, and then the daily budget here. We’re going to set it to 25 to $35 per day, in this case, $25 per day. Make sure it campaign budget optimization. Essentially what it means is that it’s going to set the campaign budget at the overarching structure, not at the ad set level or audience level. So you put that as on and then you continue and now you’re off to create your actual ad sets right there for testing. One important note, always keep the minimum spend per ad set or audience. In this case, at $5 per day. What that means is if you have six audiences, minimum $5 per audience per day, you’re going to set that campaign at $30 a day.

So in this particular case, we set it at 25 so we’re going to set a maximum of five audiences so that each one has a minimum of $5 per day. And also don’t set a CBO or a campaign budget, add only one audience because it will probably not spend that much. So we’re going to do now is you’re going to go to your ads manager, create that campaign. Always choose to purchase pixel. In this case, a brand new account, but we’re always going to choose a purchase right here and in this case it’s probably going to be red or gray if you haven’t used it in a long time or it’s your first time creating ads, but it’s completely okay. Just set it to purchase and then you’re going to go down in the bottom and choose your audiences. In this case location, you can only set it to the United States.

If you want. My targeting exact targeting strategy, you can click the link somewhere here. It’s going to pop up my Facebook ads targeting strategy and we’re just going to choose again to take out Ukraine, but United States and always what I suggest in the recent tests that I’ve done in my students, I’ve done targeting 23 plus. Unless it’s a product that fits very young people targeting 23 plus tends to have much more results or better results because people tend to have more money to buy or outside income and they tend to buy products online more and 23 to 65 plus always seems to be good. Let’s say we’re doing a pet product. In this case I’m going to target a brand for pets. In this case I’m going to choose pet co, which is a great big brand for pets. I’m just going to type in Petco right here and Petco pops up and this particular audience is 6.6 million, which is a little bit bigger than what I want normally to choose and for specific targeting measures, I want to be between 1 million, 3 million and so on, but 6 million for this test is completely OIC kit for the edit placement sections.

What I want to do here is only do Facebook newsfeed and Instagram newsfeed, not the other ones, so you can remove them by removing Instagram here, messenger audience network, and then removing Facebook marketplace video views. Vito feeds right column, removing stories in stream search and then making sure that in article as well as removed and then just adding on Instagram feed and then just having Facebook news feed and Instagram feed. Those tend to do really well. No need to touch anything else. Continue and now we’re actually going to create the ad I’m going to show you in just a little bit. Also, one important thing is setting a daily access spend limit and every audience to prevent CBO or obliteration. Essentially what some people say is CBO is campaign budget optimization or complete budget obliteration because that is what sometimes these campaigns do is you’ll actually set multiple audiences inside the same campaign and then one audience will just spend all of your money and the other audiences won’t do anything.

So in order to prevent that, you’re going to go to your ads manager inside the ad set section ad set right here, you have campaign ad set, an ad inside the ad set section. You’re going to go to the optimization and spending controls. If you have a brand new ads account, this is what it’s going to look like. If you don’t, it’s all going to be opened up. You’re essentially going to click on show more options at set spend limit right there at the spend limit and you’re going to set that to what we talked about with five, the minimum of five per ad set. That’s where it comes in. You add a spend limit, minimum five maximum. It’s okay to not set a maximum cause we’re only setting this rule per ad set, so every ad set, every audience is going to have a $5 daily budget so that it can at least spend and one audience doesn’t just obliterate the budget and take other budget from our CBO campaign.

So let’s go back to the presentation right here. Compared to that optimization, Nope. Even if your testing budget is very high, I always recommend starting small at 25 to 35 per day just because it does tend to do a lot better. If you start slow, you get some results, then you go up and up and up. Even if you have, let’s say $10,000 for testing on Facebook, I’ve seen a lot of people that have like $5,000 and they start out with like 200 a day, 500 a day, and then they just killed their budget because the account is new. It tends to not perform that well in the first couple of days. It tends to do well after you’ve gone some events, some sales, and you start to get better. So even if you have a big budget, just start small 25 35 per day and then scale up really, really hard, especially if your account is new.

So now how did test creatives and ad variations? What I would do, or what I recommend my students to do is to start with dynamic creative with one to two videos. What I recommend is scroll stoppers. Scroll stopper is essentially an introduction to your video. The first three to five seconds is scroll stopper is just to get the audience to stop scrolling. Essentially the same exact thing, two headlines and two ad copies. How do you do that and how you do dynamic creative. You. Let’s go back to the ads account here and you’ll see on top or below actually the optimization control. You’ll see dynamic, creative, provide individual assets like images and headlines and automatically generate optimized creative combinations for your audience. I’ve seen the best, best results when you test would then am a creative and you turn that into on and it basically says you can now upload individual things like images and headlines and then automatically generate combinations.

We’re going to set that to [inaudible] and now when you go to your ad in this section, you’re going to see here in the primary tech section, the headline section description. You’re always going to see add another option, add another option. What that allows you to do is for example, set one ad copy and then set another ad copy and then third ad copy and fourth ad copy. I don’t recommend going crazy on this and adding like 10 ad copies, 10 headlines because it’s just not going to work that well and there’s too many variations. So what I suggest, which is what I just talked about here, one to two videos or two different videos, just a different intro, different first five seconds and then two headlines and two ad copies, so it’ll be two primary texts, two headlines, and then on the top when you add your videos to different videos or the same video, just a different intro on the top.

Why do we do dynamic creative and why essentially is this the best type of thing to do after three to five days? The goal really would dynamic creative is just to test different variations that we have. It’s not to really scale up the dynamic creative because the problem with it is that it doesn’t pull social proof. What that essentially means is that if you put all of those different dynamic creative combinations, you aren’t going to get a bunch of lights or a bunch of comments or a bunch of shares on that dynamic creative ad because it’s constantly changing. What we want to do is get 10 or more sales with that dynamic creative and then build a master ad which is the ad that actually is going to pull a social proof and then from the master at it we’re going to create different testing campaigns and scale it up from there.

So then I’m a creative, it’s just a pasta. So we follow to choose our best combinations of ad copy, of video, of headline and everything. So we have a master at an ad that is ready to scale and do the best from that master at the way that you’re going to take those different ad copies and everything. You’re going to combine them and do them. We’re going to talk about in just two minutes, but I want to take you through how to create good ad copy and then how to create great videos for your Facebook app. Before we go on, I do want to congratulate my student Diishan who you will see on this video is making $500 per day with $250 in profit per day. If you want to become a student just like him, stay until the end of this video to schedule a free one on one strategy call with their meat or somebody on my team.

It’s going to be the second link in the description. The details will be at the end of the video and to illustrate this, I’m going to show you three ad copies that work and I’ve scaled up to let’s say one $10,000 and have massive social proof on the bottom here. As you can see, many mys on the left hand side, they’re basically selling a little children carrier or a baby carrier on the top and it’s a particular brand because it was made by a dad and he created this product so that the parents can put their baby on the back of their neck and carry the baby easily if they’re absolutely crushing it, making six figures a month in this particular ad, how it starts out, it starts out when we became parents, we wanted to create the best seed for our children to explore the world.

Tell Johnson, no region that and founder of many mice. That is how the ad copy starts. Then it starts talking about minimize is an award winning shoulder carrier. Putting your children first and then talking about a little bit about the features of the particular product shows a video and then it says buy or minimize today and start your inventions tomorrow. So the way that this app is crafted is by starting out with a statement from the owner, which I think is huge. If you don’t want to put yourself out there and actually talk like the owner of your business, you can also put a review on the top. It’s just something that a person is saying about your brand. If you’re doing a particular statement as an owner, for example, you, let’s say you create a travel brand and you can put on the top as an avid traveler, as a frequent traveler, I wanted to create this or as an expert traveler, I wanted to showcase this and then you show off the product.

Even though it’s drop ship, even though it’s a private label brand, maybe you can still do this with any type of product as long as it’s relevant to your audience and to the people that you’re targeting. In this case, it’s an owner statement. You can also do a review. For example, in the case study that I was showing from zero to 50,000 per month, there were a lot of testimonials of people saying this is the best pet bed that they would buy. It’s essentially a little bed for a dog and they were saying, my dog loves this bed. It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought for my dog. I had the best $40 I ever spent for my dog, and so on. Starting with a statement of a person really makes you stop scrolling. Look at what they’re talking about and then just read through their whole ad copy.

You descend the page and then potentially buy. So just a statement or a view of a person or an owner statement really makes a huge, huge impact on the person that is scrolling and seeing your ad. The second one here, outdoor pros, which you’ve probably seen again and again and again, this ad has targeted me like 10 times already. They’re basically selling a night vision scope for hunting. And what it says is hunting at night has never been easier. One, two third feature, 60% off. So the way you can do this for your particular product is take the audience or the particular thing that they’re using your product for. Maybe it’s a cleaning product, cleaning this has never been easier. Or taking care of your baby has never been easier, or cooking has never been easier and action or the thing that your audience is doing with the product.

So think about what is your product, what are people using it for? And then just add in has never been easier, simpler, better, more straight forward, whatever that thing is that the product does or the solution that the product provides. In this case, this night, vision scope makes people hunt at night and it makes it easier for them to catch the thing that they’re hunting. So in that way you can just start out with, let’s say you want to clean your kitchen, cleaning your kitchen has never been faster and easier. One to third feature, get it here. That’s also a great ad copy belt works in the bottom, it’s just the name of the product. And then the third ad copy that I wanted to show you here is wish you could have this hope you could that. And then it’s basically just a wish or a dream in the future, which you could just skate on snow skis, key skates do just that.

So what is the thing that your audience wants? Then you say, Oh, this thing can help you do it. So these three ad copies are really, really adamant to your audience. It’s not just taking a template and copying it over as actually analyzing your audience. What do they want, what are they going to use your product for? And then creating the ad copy based on that. In the bottom is just the next Olympic winter sport, which is a really good copy right there in the headline part where you can just add, you know, let’s say cleaning just became 10 times easier if it’s a cleaning product. And so on. These three ad copies I’ve seen do again and again and again, I’ve seen these patterns on a lot of different shipping stores and they tend to do really, really well so you can replicate them yourself as well.

Now for the second important thing where to get Facebook ads videos, and I know how to write your ad copy or at least three great examples of ad copy, how do you actually get your face to get to videos? There are services like Upwork, Fiverr and bands of ads who do great, great videos for about 50 to $60 are awesome and I know the owner of fans of ads and it’s great videos, but really the way you should be doing it is by going to Instagram, finding influencers and then having them do the videos for you, whether that be a testimonial video or an actual recorded video for you. We’ve seen that just natural videos are amateur videos tend to do really, really well. What you can do is go to Instagram and just type in hashtag and then the owner of that product, or at least something that a person would put on their page if they are your audience.

So for example, in this case, let’s say we’re selling a doc product or a pet related product, what we can do is type in dog a mom just like I found here. Then I found a really nice picture with about a thousand likes. I went to the page and it’s called mr Kevin doodle right here and it has 26.9 K followers. In this case, what we’re trying to do is stay below a hundredK or even 50K so that the price doesn’t have to be huge. What we can do is send them a free product on Instagram and obviously talk to them, inbox them on Instagram, then send them the free product. They’ll probably charge you maybe 25 $50 so essentially the same as these different services is just a great way to differentiate yourself basically for some product, especially saturated products, a lot of people use the same clips on Facebook.

You’ll see this again and again, the same Facebook ad video again and again, so it’s a great way to basically use different clips that are more natural, more amateur from people directly or in this case, influencers or [inaudible] full answers that you send them a message, you send them a free product, they record the video, and then you use that video or you can use it just as a testimonial like, Hey, I bought this dog bed for mr Kevin Doolittle and I absolutely loved it. It’s an amazing bed and now you can use that video for your Facebook ads really, really well. We’ve seen that using videos like this more natural, more amateur tends to give better results, especially in product testing, but you can just default to the services down below which are amazing as well, and you can just pay them about $50 get a really nice video and just go straight forward without having to send the product or anything.

Just wanted to show you all the options out there. So now that we’ve known how to create ad copy, how to create videos, how to launch the campaign, and how to actually do everything that has to do with creating the campaign, setting the budget, setting all of the creative, we’re going to do dynamic creative and then we’re going to analyze the results of our dynamic creative. So I remember I told you, you create that on a creative as two ad copies, two headlines and then one or two videos or the same video, two different introductions or two different school stoppers. You can go to ad sets under ads manager, just go to the ATS up level and click on breakdown. Right here you see a little tab called breakdown and when you click on breakdown there’s going to be by dynamic creative asset. What you do is you click there and then you can see exactly what image or video, what, what at what texts and what headline is doing better for you so you can know exactly and pinpoint what is doing better in each particular ad that you’re running.

Let’s say you’re running two videos and you want to know which one is providing more sales or more profit or has a better CTR, a better click through rate. Then you can just click on video there and it will show you which one of the two is better and what you can do there is essentially view performance per variation. Just like if you were showing two different ads under one ad set, it’s just a much straight forward way to do it. A way easier way to do it. You don’t need to duplicate a bunch of ad sets or create a bunch of different variations. You can just put them under dynamic, creative and view the performance of each variation. What I would recommend is a leaf for at least three to four days before you decide which variation is better. That is why I stated that you need to start with a lower budget first so that you leave it for a longer time running and then you can choose a winner.

Obviously based on your budget. If you have more budget and you can just go and spend more money on it, but I recommend 20 to 25 for at least three days, check the performance and then create your master ad based on the results that you’re getting from dynamic creative. Then you create your master ad, which is your little piece of creative from to dynamic creative. That is the best of all. Taking the best combinations, creating a master best ad, and then I’m a creative, like I mentioned before, don’t pull social proof, which is really essential for scale and longterm profitability. You need to have those likes, those chairs. Those comments. It creates a lot of trust and it just gets you better conversions. So then I’m a creative, allows you to choose from those multiple variations. Take which one performs the best. Take the top video, top headline, top ad copy and create an ad that is the best out of all of those that you can use in future campaigns.

Scaling that master at what you’re going to do is you’re going to take that master app, essentially the best ad from that dynamic creative testing and run it on a scaling campaign. Now we’re going to focus on creating more profit and more sales with that scaling campaign, five to 10 audiences that you can include, the audiences that you tested from the dynamic creative. Remember those four or five that you did before to see how it performs at a higher scale of audiences for an app or a product. In this case, to be properly scaled, it needs to be profitable on multiple audiences, not just one audience, and it’s amazing. Has a really high rule was it has to be replicable across many. If you want to get that product to 10,000 or more in sales and profit and the once the 200 limit from lookalikes.

What that essentially means is when you have 200 of each conversion event, in this case view content add to cart and purchase. Once you have 200 of each event, you can then create a look alike, which I explained a little bit more and test the master ad with lookalikes as well for CBO campaigns to scale. Remember we’re talking about scaling now, scaling that master ad always keep them minimum per ad set. Spend at $10 per audience. So in this case, in the testing, I told you $5 per audience, we set it. If you’re doing five audiences, it needs to be minimum 25 per day. Now if you’re doing five audiences, it needs to be minimum of 50 just like it says here. The number of audiences is five minimum campaign budget has to be 50 so in the CBO when you’re setting your budget, you need to set it to 50 the number of audiences you’re testing and that scaling campaign is 10 you need to set at a hundred so just to make sure it’s minimum 10 on that scaling with that master app and for lookalike campaigns, always separate lookalike audiences in different campaigns.

Then the cold targeting audiences, a lot of people just put them all together and they have different performance, different metrics. Facebook favors lookalikes more often than cold targeting, so always those are going to get better results and the cold is just going to be, they’re not really doing well in that CBO, so I would suggest separating them and actually getting better results on both of them. Now in order to take your master ad to more than $10,000 in sale or potentially $10,000 in profit, it’s important to note that the master out will only last so long. When you do that anomic creative tests, you get an app that scaled up, it will potentially go down. Sometimes some ads can last six months, a year or two years even, but most of the ads go down in a couple of weeks, so it’s important to keep that testing of four to five audiences.

With that, I’m a creative creating a master at it again and again because it’s important to always have fresh new master ads to test. Just the note there. When scaling audiences and look alike, specially look alike audiences, duplicate CBO campaigns, for example, that 10 audience, $100 a day CDO that I did here in the scaling, I can then take that, duplicate it into a $200 CBO and then scale it up right there, so actually duplicating it. Instead of raising the original one that $100 a day, I’m just going to leave it at $100 a day. What I can do is duplicate that into a new campaign and scale with duplicated one pro hack right here. If you see your results drop over one to two days. What you can do is create a custom audience of everybody that has engaged with your ads in the past 365 days.

Essentially everybody that has seen or at least touched one of your ads and exclude them from your cold and your look alike audiences and you’ll see that you have a dip or a very strong inconsistency with your ads or you can do is just exclude everybody that has engaged with your ads and now you have a purely, purely cold audience, not retargeting people that have already seen the ad again and again. We’ve seen those words multiple times in our campaign, so I highly recommend it to you. Also, if the scaling 50 to a hundred dollars CBO campaigns are profitable, what you can do is take the best audiences and like I talked about, duplicate them into a $200 per day campaign. Remember only take your best, best audiences that are profitable, don’t just because the whole campaign in general is doing well, don’t just duplicate it into a higher budget.

That tends to skew the results a little bit because there are some audiences that are not profitable, so only take the best, most profitable audiences, duplicate them into another CBO at $200 a day. What I would recommend is not go above 400 to $500 a day per campaign, per CBO, and as you scaled through this process of getting your campaigns higher and higher, what you’ll see is you’ll have multiple campaigns of cold and warm targeting, specially warm, which is look alike audiences at let’s say a hundred or $200 a day, which can potentially get you to a thousand or 2000 or even $5,000 per day. We’ve just scaled up campaigns just like this with CBO again and again and again up to 500 a thousand dollars per day in spent consistently over the course of a couple of weeks or you can do as well as create a retargeting campaign to compliment the scaling process.

While you scale with cold and lookalikes, you can create a retargeting. What I suggest is doing the same testing procedure as before that we did for cold one audience, four to five at one campaign, four to five audiences inside that campaign and this case you can just tag, take your master at the best little ad and do it as a retargeting or test and your retargeting ad copies. The important thing is for retargeting audiences per campaign in a new separate CBO campaign. If lookalike audiences are more profitable, remember to focus on them most of the time, but do not forget to keep testing cold traffic, so if you’re cold, your lookalike audiences are actually performing way better than anything else. You might be thinking, well, let me just scale my look alike audiences to the moon and make $10,000 per day with look like with profit.

But those will eventually go down and you’ll turn unprofitable if you don’t run cold because the lookalikes develop from cold traffic and they need it to actually develop and remain profitable and gain more data to get you better results. Now that you know my exact testing process and blueprint for taking products, creating dynamic creatives, ad copies, videos, combining them together and then scaling them up potentially to $1,000 per day. What to do now schedule a strategy call for free with me or somebody in my team. I am taking calls on myself so you can get the opportunity to talk directly with me, but only if you are serious. This is an application so you will have to fill out some questions and if we pick you then you’ll get a call for free with us for my automated drop shipping program. If you’re interested in working directly with me and my team to take your store to 10,000 per month in profit or more, we have students absolutely crushing it, so make sure to click that second link down in the description.

Second link down in the description, you’ll see it work with me and my team and there’s going to be the link right there. Second link in the description. Schedule a call, apply, and I will see you on that call if you want to see how my own student ever went from zero to over $20,000 in sales per month with $4,000 per month in profit. Check out the video right here. There’s going to be a video that pops up in a square right here. However, the $20,000 per month and is doing that consistently and you can replicate the results yourself. Make sure to comment, automate, automate down below for a free store converting store giveaway, like the video. Subscribe. Hit that notification bell and like the video and I will see you on the next one.

ONE-DAY SHIPPING for SHOPIFY IN 2020 How to Use Shipbob for Shopify Store Aliexpress Alternative (Rafael Cintron Review)

How to ship your products in one to two days and compete with the big guys, Amazon, those billion dollar brands that are competing against you online, how you can compete against them, build a massive brand loyalty, brand satisfaction, and build a multimillion dollar business by shipping your products extremely quickly and completely destroy your competition. Let’s find out. Hey, it’s Rafael Cintron here in this video you’re going to learn one software that I’ve been using since 2016 to actually ship products in one to two days. In some countries internationally, you can ship three to four days. This is the next level of eCommerce. How to take your business from doing okay, making maybe six figures up to the seven figures shipping and seven to 10 days all the way up to a massive, very successful brand shipping in two to three days and just completely destroy your competition everywhere.

There’s nobody that can compete with you. If you send orders, add that speed and before I show you how to do it, I want to remind you that in 2020 I’m giving away a full Shopify store to one lucky winner. If you want to be part of that giveaway and wind that store and make sure to comment down below. Automate. We teach people how to automate their Shopify business. Come in, automate, subscribe, hit that notification bell and that like button and I’ll choose somebody in the next two weeks. Also, I’m happy to announce that the free one-on-one consult for my automated drop shipping program is open. If you want to find out more and automate your business, take your business to the next level, stay until the end of the video to find out. I’ll write the service that you need for this is called ship up here.

I created an account to show you how to set everything up and how it works is called ship bop and if you go to their main page basically says offer two day shipping with a mother eCommerce fulfillment provider and they basically store your product, students send them products and then they ship them out to your customers very easily. This is kind of a next level. Once you have your business doing really well with drop shipping with your fulfillment agent with everything, they didn’t want to take it up a notch or you have a winning product that’s making you five figures, six figures, and you want to take it up to the next level, then you can send it over to ship up and just completely dominate your market for that particular product. Just some proof that I’ve been using them for years at this point.

It’s not some software that paid me a bunch of money for this video. They didn’t even pay me anything. I’m not getting any compensation from this video, but in 2016 you can see here it says Rockville central and I was messaging Luke was, which was their sales guy or their sales rep back then, doesn’t even work for them anymore. Here you can see Friday, July, 2016 three and a half years ago, we were doing our a thousand shipments per month, per month. So basically a thousand orders per month of a supplement. I remember when we were selling brain enhancing supplements around three and a half years ago, and here I’m saying like I’ll be using Shopify as the eCommerce platform. Didn’t know that much about Shopify. It was one of my businesses. And then we’ll start shipping starting November 16 and November, 2016 and here’s another email from the same thread here.

Shipbob inquiry, July 15 2016 from the look, the same guy. Thank you for contacting me ship Bob. Our packages range thought it. So this is the first time that I found out about them. We’ve been using them since then and it’s kind of a software that really is for people that are already making money on how to scale it. That’s why I don’t talk too much about it. Since a lot of beginners watch my content, I don’t want to tell you, Hey, go and buy a bunch of products from a supplier, send them to chip bop because you don’t have the skills yet to do that. But if you do, Shabaab is a great option. Where you can do is set up a very easy account. You can basically set it up as an app on your Shopify store here. It’s called Shopbop and you just connect it to your Shopify store pretty easy.

So our Shopify store is connected to this, to this dummy account, and we can click ice. We’ll find a product here. So we have the, I am N-type anti-skid ice grip or tool, and we can basically just click on it and choose that one. And now it’s right there. So quantity descent, I can pick a hundred or 200 or 500 whatever I’m going to send. And in order to buy these particular products, you can either go directly to the supplier that you already have for the product which you’re selling or I recommend going to Ali Baba. So this is what we did for one of our last stores that we recently took to 10,000 a month and profit and it’s absolutely crushing it. I’m going to make a case study for that store in the next couple of weeks. Here you can see that we ordered around, this was around a hundred orders of our particular product for 2,500 Euro and you basically pay 50% upfront, 50% after you get the product.

So we paid 2,500 year old before we got the product. Then we paid 2,500 euros more and it was basically to sell for a Christmas special and also a black Friday special. So all you have to do is click here on the product that you’re looking for. Maybe your style, like a phone case, let’s say iPhone 11 phone case right here, and it’ll show you different suppliers and it basically works as you order in bulk, you order a lot of these products, you send them over to ship up and basically ship up those arrests, they warehousing for you, and then in order to ship them and just to tell you how much it costs and it costs you a lot less to order a lot more products. So here for example, if you’re ordering maybe one product from Ali express, it’s maybe $2 here. If you’re ordering 10 it’s $1 50 if you’re ordering more than 500 it’s $1 37 so it really benefits you in ordering bigger.

Like I said, that this has to be for a proven product that you already have. Then you go to Alibaba, order a ton of them, then you send them over to ship up. Bob can then ship them and I’ll show you the shipping times here. So basically it’s that general transit time. If you want expended it. That’s when you can ship in two to four business days, domestic and in four to 12 business days. So you can ship in four days internationally. That’s insane. That’s basically the same as Amazon. Amazon can ship overnight or maybe in one or two days. Here you can ship in two to three days, which is insane. You can build such a huge brand loyalty by just shipping in a couple of days and you can do it by using ship bop. Obviously it’s going to cost you a little bit more. And then in the bottom you can see here for us shipments on a one pound, one pound, it’s eh, it’s pretty big.

So you’re not going to have over that. And then if you want priority, they can ship in one to three business days. So if you order on Tuesday, they can ship it all the way on Wednesday or Thursday, which is huge. Nobody is doing that in the drop shipping industry. Then here you can fill out basically everything that you need to send your package over to ship up. Also here you can see your pricing. So, for example, if you have here and here you can see your maps, the maps, um, of Shabaab and those Sones or Shabaab, that’s not really relevant. And then here you can see like destination country, we put domestic and the units of measurement, we put ounces standard, and then here you can see all what it takes you to ship those products. So for example, one to eight ounces, which is what most of your products will wait, what that, that’s what they’re going to weight is basically going to cost you $5 five, five, five here at six, six and 16 to 16.

You can just hire a VA to do it for you in that way. And also con, uh, control your inventory here. So once the package arrives at Shabaab, then you will have all of the products here on the back end of Shabaab. So you can send that over. And here you can see all the inventory. Obviously it says on hand zero because they don’t have them there. But we can also add products and since it’s sinked to our Shopify store, it’s super easy to add any product or just send products over to them. Go ahead and take your business to the next level which ship up. If you’re interested in automating your Shopify business and taking it to the absolute next level and getting real results. Like my student Dylan right here, $10,000 per month. A guy that didn’t know anything about drop shipping of a Shopify was able to make 10,000 per month with my help with our automated drop shipping program is my flagship program into my life’s work.

If you’re interested in that, make sure to go to the link down in the description and schedule a free call with me or somebody in my team is completed for free. You can go on the call, find out if the program is right for you, only schedule a session. If you’re really serious about your business and you’re looking to work with me and my team, if you just want to talk to me, have a conversation with me. The Facebook group is down in the description as well. You can ask for advice, Shopify store review, whatever you need. You can go to Facebook group if you’re serious, go and schedule a strategy session, and if you want to find out the top 20 winning products to sell in 2020 make sure to click that video right there. Top 20 products for 2020 that you can sell right now and make money out of. Make sure to subscribe if that notification bell, that light button, if you enjoy this video and I will see you in the next one.